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Merwin_Is it possible to push with colo-branch in a specific branch ?08:11
NachtschattenI'm getting "Error 2" (apparently, some file couldn't be found) when I try to push to a github repository. Is there someone who could help me with that?09:01
jelmerNachtschatten: is this on windows?09:23
NachtschattenYes, it is09:23
jelmerNachtschatten: it's probably unable to find ssh09:23
Nachtschattenah, interesting.09:24
NachtschattenI have putty installed here, I'll try that.09:28
jelmerit looks for something called ssh IIRC09:39
NachtschattenWhat do you mean?09:40
NachtschattenOk, I followed the instructions on using Puttygen/Pageant as closely as I could09:41
jelmerI doubt putty will work, unless you rename plink.exe to ssh.exe and it is in your PATH09:41
jamjelmer: how's it going today?09:41
jelmerhey jam09:41
jamNachtschatten: you should be able to set "BZR_SSH=" the full path to plink.exe09:41
jelmerjam: I'm doing alright, how are you?09:41
jelmerjam: that won't work for dulwich (yet) though09:42
jamjelmer: pretty good, getting ready to have a weekend off09:42
jamjelmer: ah, dulwich09:42
jammissed that part09:42
Nachtschattenhehe, I'll try renaming it then. ;)09:43
jelmerjam: ah, taking a trip somewhere?09:43
jamjelmer: my mom is in town for a couple of weeks. This weekend is going to Keukenhoff09:43
jelmerjam: sounds like fun. I hope the weather gets a bit better :-/09:44
jamyeah, forecast looks like rain all week. I'm hoping it at least stays above 10C while we're there09:45
jamthe afternoons have been decent here09:45
jambut 5C in the morning is pretty cold09:45
fullermdBoy, that sounds nice...09:48
fullermdWe've been playing with the low 80's for a month.09:49
jamfullermd: 80C, I feel very sorry for you :)09:51
Nachtschattenok, copy+rename worked, I can now push to github. Wow, thanks for the help :)09:51
fullermdI wouldn't have to mow the lawn near as often if it were 80C   :p09:51
jamNachtschatten: just be a little careful with plink, it doesn't always work just like an ssh. Like it isn't able to prompt for a password on the command line, etc.09:52
jamIt works, but not quite as well as say installing mingw ssh, or cygwin.09:52
jamIf it is working for you, though. Great09:52
NachtschattenOkay, I'll keep that in mind.09:53
NachtschattenWell, can you change the error message so it clearly says it can't find ssh?09:53
NachtschattenAnyway, bye everyone, and thanks again.10:08
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Merwin_Is it possible to push with colo-branch in a specific branch ?14:03
jelmerMerwin_: do you mean colo-branch from the colo plugin?14:04
jelmerah, I'm not sure in that case14:08
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* nDuff glares at the "bzr log -p" instance running against one of his SVN working trees (currently taking >6GB of RSS and swapping heavily)17:23
jelmernDuff: iuf you have big trees you probably want to use a native bzr branch17:26
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