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oarcheris there any pbs with charm store ? With every attempt, juju deploy says "Error processing 'cs:precise/glance': entry not found"09:08
hazmatmrevell, hello09:09
hazmatoarcher, it doesn't appear glance is 'blessed' in the 'official' charm namespace.. ie.. been through review... you can deploy it from the user/ppa namespace via juju deploy cs:~charmers/precise/glance09:12
oarcherthank's, hazmat . And is it true for all other charm cited here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuCloudInfrastructure  ? ( glance keystone nova-cloud-controller nova-compute nova-volume openstack-dashboard rabbitmq-server )09:15
hazmatoarcher, i couldn't say offhand without checking each individually, but yes that prefix will work regardless.09:16
oarcherI've got on error with the last:  $juju deploy cs:~charmers/precise/rabbitmq-server give ERROR09:17
oarcherWhat is strange is that lp give an error while trying to browse the code here: https://code.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/rabbitmq-server/trunk09:18
hazmatoarcher, intesting that is a bug09:18
hazmatreally odd09:19
oarcheris it a bug from launchpad, or a bug from juju ?09:20
* hazmat checks the charm09:20
hazmatoarcher, imo its a juju bug, trying to identify the reason atm09:21
hazmatoh.. the charm name doesn't match the charm name in its metadata09:21
hazmatstill seems odd09:21
hazmathuh.. its still referencing ensemble: formula09:22
hazmatsomething is very wrong in denmark with this charm09:22
_mup_juju/rabbitmq-server r18 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com09:23
_mup_update metadata09:23
hazmatseems to work if its local in a dir but deploying from the charm store it looks like there is an additional sanity check09:24
oarcherseem to work in local, exept rabbitmq-server, because i c'ant get the branch. (So I've try with an old oneiric branch for rabbitmq)09:26
hazmatoarcher, ack.. that should be okay.. branch is bzr branch lp:charms/rabbitmq-server09:26
hazmatthere's automation around local dir/repo pulls with charm-tools pkg09:27
oarcherok, i've got the branch09:27
hazmati've pushed a fix upstream, but the charm store has a delay of 1m09:27
hazmater.. 15m09:27
hazmatbedtime... back in 6h09:28
oarcherYou mean that the charm store wiil be up in 15m ?09:28
hazmatoarcher, the change i just committed will be reflected in a new charm store packaging of that charm in 15m09:28
oarcherok, thanks. coffe time for me09:29
* flepied is trying to experiment with subordinate charms without success :-(12:18
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fwereade_flepied, I'm about as far from being an expert as I can be, but perhaps I can help?12:34
flepiedfwereade_, is it supposed to work as documented ? or are there tricks to know ?12:35
fwereade_flepied, it *should* work as documented, but there's something that I recall being less obvious (about writing them) that I'm racking my brains about12:36
fwereade_flepied, what are you trying to do exactly?12:36
flepiedjust experimenting so nothing real. I took the example of rsyslog and trying to implement it12:37
fwereade_flepied, you never know: if you pastebin the config.yaml I *might* notice something12:39
flepiedfwereade_, http://pastebin.com/iRgHXVCY12:41
fwereade_flepied, I think you need may need a "requires: juju-info" in there; and I'm not sure you want the provides: to be scope: container12:45
fwereade_flepied, on the basis that an rsyslog client will surely be providing the log data to an rsyslog-server somewhere, which is surely not in the same container12:45
flepiedfwereade_, what is juju-info ?12:46
fwereade_flepied, it's an interface provided implicitly by all charms12:47
fwereade_flepied, https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/drafts/implicit-relations.html12:47
flepiedfwereade_, I had a requires previously for the remote rsyslog connection but I removed it to see if it was causing troubles12:47
flepiedfwereade_, ok I'll try with juju-info12:49
fwereade_flepied, gl, let me know how it goes :)12:49
flepiedfwereade_, still the same: it creates a real vm not a subordinates. perhaps it doesn't work in local (lxc) ?12:58
fwereade_flepied, hmm, sorry, I missed something else: you need "subordinate: true" at the top level13:00
fwereade_flepied, scope:container is still meaningful for non-subordinates so they can communicate with subordinates13:01
flepiedI didn't see this in the doc, sorry13:01
fwereade_flepied, for example, declaring a logging-directory interface (which is ofc only meaningful to something that can see the directory by virtue of being in the container)13:01
fwereade_flepied, haha no worries, I didn't spot it in your charm ;p13:02
fwereade_flepied, and nor did I spot it while rereading the docs just now :)13:02
flepiedI'll try it with it and tell you13:02
fwereade_flepied, we should probably have a subordinate example charm really13:02
fwereade_flepied, gl again :)13:03
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fwereade_flepied, any joy?13:33
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flepiedfwereade_, sorry I was in meeting, I try asap13:35
fwereade_flepied, np at all, no rush; just wanted to check you weren't silently cursing us ;p13:35
flepiedfwereade_, much better now ! thx !13:37
fwereade_flepied, awesome :D13:37
fwereade_flepied, a pleasure13:38
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flepiedfwereade_, I have another pb now the subordinates got attached to the 2 sides while I want it to be attached only on one side. it makes my rsylog server sending logs to itself in a loop :-(15:08
fwereade_heya flepied15:09
fwereade_flepied, would you pastebin me the config please?15:09
fwereade_flepied, config*s* I guess ;)15:09
flepiedfwereade_, http://pastebin.com/7k9nm6j115:11
flepiedfwereade_, I wanted to remove line 14 but I have an error if I do it15:14
fwereade_flepied, hmm, would you pastebin me a transcript of what you deployed as well please?15:14
flepiedfwereade_, you mean juju status output ?15:15
fwereade_flepeid, that would probably cover everything I need, yeah :)15:15
flepiedfwereade_, http://pastebin.com/YMWRuYYD15:17
flepiedin fact I don't want a subordinates between rsyslog-server and rsyslog-client and I get one...15:18
fwereade_flepied, yeah, it does look like it's all tied to line 14, what was the error?15:18
flepiedfwereade_, labeled subordinate but lacking scope:container `requires` relation',15:22
fwereade_flepied, aha, yes, I think the provides/requires are the wrong way round15:24
fwereade_flepied, switch them in rsyslog-client and propagate the changes through the others15:24
flepiedfwereade_, ok I try15:25
m_3fwereade_: yeah, we're working on that15:25
fwereade_m_3, awesome :)15:26
m_3flepied: so looking at your metadata files, I'm seeing more explicit relations that I would expect just offhand15:26
* m_3 checking out the raw charms15:26
fwereade_flepied, listen to this man, he knows more about writing charms than I ever will probably ;)15:27
flepiedfwereade_, ok :)15:27
m_3fwereade_: dunno man... I'm thinking the opposite actually :)15:27
fwereade_m_3, I'm good at some things, but writing charms? I'd concede before we even started :)15:28
m_3flepied: one point of subordinates were that we didn't wanna specify _every_ possible subordinate relation in each charm (every charm in the repo would have logger, monitor, nfs-client, etc)15:28
flepiedm_3, yes I understand, I just wanted to experiment15:29
m_3flepied: I'm looking for a good example of it running... I know clint's got a few15:30
m_3he's probably at the airport today though15:31
flepiedm_3, don't worry that's not a big deal15:31
flepiedjust learning15:31
m_3flepied: me too!15:31
m_3flepied: perhaps remove 'logging' from haproxy as a start, then I'm wondering about the "container" scope in the rsyslog-client's syslog-server relation15:33
flepiedm_3: yes that's what I tried first but I got an error if I remove it15:34
m_3flepied: I found clint's versions...15:35
m_3it's using the 'juju-info' sort of anonymous relation15:36
m_3rsyslog-forwarder's README shows usage15:37
m_3I think this is one of the first real subordinates anywhere in the repo... nothing in the store yet15:37
flepiedm_3, there is no scope: container in the syslog relation. that's what I wanted to do15:39
m_3flepied: so you want haproxy/rsyslog-client on one instance... then rsyslog-server also on the same instance or on a dedicated rsyslog-server instance?15:40
flepiedrsyslog-server on a dedicated instance15:41
flepiedI wanted to implement a central log server15:41
m_3flepied: ok, then I think that this setup should do that15:42
flepiedyes I will try his files15:42
m_3the "aggregator" relation (using the "syslog" interface) is the rsyslog-forwarder talking to the rsyslog server on another machine... this is an ordinary juju relation15:44
marcoceppim_3: I don't understand the juju-info interface15:44
marcoceppierr, relation15:44
m_3the scope:container relation is the "juju-info" one that's getting the rsyslog-forwarder talking to haproxy locally15:44
m_3marcoceppi: I haven't caught up on all the docs, but I think it's juju's version of an anonymous interface that's used when a subordinate is glommed onto a primary service15:45
m_3as far as I understand15:45
marcoceppim_3: but how does the sub-ordinate know which service to attach to? it just does juju deploy "subordinate" from what I see15:46
m_3marcoceppi: I think there's only a single primary possible on a given service unit... then it talks 'juju-info' with any attached subordinates15:47
* m_3 has gotta rtfm about it this weekend15:47
marcoceppias do I, I'd like to setup a wordpress site -> wordpress -> nginx subordinate chain thing soon15:48
m_3I gotta get the charmtester as jenkins-master talking to jenkins-slave with subordinate charmtester15:48
m_3marcoceppi: pretty sure the thinking was that I just can't glom on subs to a primary... they've got to be _related_ as far as juju is concerned... juju-info is that "internal" relation15:50
marcoceppiso, when you deploy...it doesn't actually do anything until  you relate it?15:50
fwereade_marcoceppi, that's right15:51
m_3marcoceppi: I doubt any info goes over that relation... or that we can even hook against it15:51
marcoceppiOH, there's this key in the metadata: subordinate: true15:51
marcoceppiI was like OMG HOW DOES JUJU KNOW?!?15:51
m_3marcoceppi: but I'm actually sad about that field... I really wanted to do something like a single "rsyslog" that'd just be either a standalone server or a forwarder depending on context15:52
bcsallerno deployment could happen till we knew where to put things and that comes from having a relation15:52
marcoceppim_3: like a juju deploy --subordinate=servicecurrentlydeployed rsyslog15:53
m_3bcsaller: thanks btw!  very excited to read up and convert a bunch of stuff over to subs soon15:53
m_3marcoceppi: some variation yeah15:53
bcsallerm_3: :)15:53
marcoceppithis way makes sense now, I was very confused earlier. However, what happens if subordinates need to communicate to their parent services?15:54
flepiedm_3, his version works but I still don't understand why mine doesn't :-(15:54
m_3marcoceppi: dunno yet15:54
bcsallermarcoceppi: they can do that over the relation they establish (the container relation) or via a traditional relation15:54
bcsallermarcoceppi: in many use cases the principal doesn't know about the subordinate and won't have anything special prepared to tell it15:55
bcsallerso we can use juju-info then15:55
bcsallerbut if they do, the relation works as normal15:55
m_3flepied: rsyslog-client's rsyslog-server interface doesn't make sense as container scope15:56
m_3bcsaller: does it ever make sense to impl juju-info-relation-xxx hooks?15:57
bcsallerm_3: what would go in them that a) isn't implicit in all interfaces already and b) wouldn't be better covered by a more specific interface?15:57
m_3bcsaller: nothing... that's why I was thinking juju-info wouldn't be hookable15:58
bcsallerm_3: logically maybe, but the subordinate could do things on its join side, just knowing its properly connected to the principal at that point15:59
bcsallersometimes presence is enough15:59
m_3bcsaller: right16:00
* m_3 still trying to come up with a clever term for the opposite of hookable16:00
m_3bcsaller: I could see a case where a primary would maybe be _super_ careful and do things like restart a service (like apache) every time any subordinate connected... but that's still a pretty out-there example I guess16:04
bcsalleryeah, some sub's might be related to things like the apache and others might be related to things like logging or other container related things.  I don't think you'd want to react blindly like that16:06
m_3although bouncing apache is to lamp stacks as rebooting is to windows16:07
bcsallerfixes everything :)16:07
m_3magic even16:07
m_3hazmat: btw, rabbit's lp aliases are screwed up... been waiting for adam to finish with ods, then we'll fix them16:13
marcoceppiWhat is ODS?16:15
m_3marcoceppi: something like openstack design(?) summit16:16
marcoceppiAh, gotchya16:16
m_3marcoceppi: big juju/maas demos... went reall well from what I heard16:17
SpamapSm_3: the juju+maas demo went great, and so did charm school16:21
SpamapSI felt like we had a really interesting discussion in charm school about what juju does and why it is relevant.16:21
m_3SpamapS: awesome!16:31
SpamapSas usual.. a few things went wrong.. aws fail rate has been high in us-east-1 .. I think I'll start using us-west-2 all the time now16:34
SpamapSnetwork partitioned for a while so zk was timing out16:34
m_3SpamapS: yeah, I can totally feel when east-coast primetime starts just about every day16:38
SpamapSThis was subtle. debug-log just stopped16:40
m_3SpamapS: hey, do you know of a way to remove the lp alias from a branch w/o deleting the whole branch?16:40
SpamapSm_3: no16:40
SpamapSm_3: thats the way, IIRC16:40
* m_3 sad face16:40
SpamapSm_3: branch it, delete it, put it back16:40
SpamapSm_3: the LP API may have a way to unpromulgate16:41
SpamapSin fact we need that command16:41
m_3gotta fix the openstack branches16:41
SpamapSm_3: are they super messed up?16:41
m_3there're several stacked branches, so I can't delete willynilly16:41
m_3and it's sorta... um... rude :)16:42
m_3SpamapS: just note for next time that we gotta be more careful with existing dev branches when bumping series16:42
m_3SpamapS: oh, btw... I'm thinking two separate blueprints: juju-intelligent-infrastructure and juju-integration16:43
SpamapSm_3: hm?16:44
m_3for Q16:44
m_3you're putting out a juju-release-process or something equiv right?16:44
SpamapSm_3: yes, there's a charm store release process blueprint already16:59
m_3SpamapS: cool16:59
m_3let's hang monday and go over others we want?  be thinking about it in the mean time17:01
SpamapSm_3: I think we should probably spark up the discussion on the mailing list first.17:08
SpamapSm_3: Lets get our positions in order so the face to face time is spent resolving the differences rather than articulating them.17:08
m_3SpamapS: sure... does it hurt to just submit blueprints?  I assume they can be rejected or not approved without any hassle17:12
SpamapSm_3: its fine, in fact its a good idea to submit it, then send a link to the list to invite discussion17:16
m_3SpamapS: doh... sent already... I'll add them this afternoon17:19
SpamapSm_3: doesn't really matter what the sequence is :)17:28
SpamapSJust that we make sure we use the time at UDS wisely17:28
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marcoceppiis it normal for output from the hook to be labled as @ERROR ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/938714/18:56
bkerensajcastro: these Juju shirts are pretty darn cool19:00
ninjixjcastro: I got my t-shirt yesterday. Thanks! very cool19:05
marcoceppianyone around for a review?19:17
_mup_Bug #985894: Charm needed: Shelr.tv <new-charm> <Juju Charms Collection:Fix Committed by marcoceppi> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/985894 >19:19
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m_3marcoceppi: that is normal, yes... guess it's pumping to stderr for some reason.20:01
m_3think there's a bug for that... prob low priority tho20:01
m_3marcoceppi: bug #95520920:03
_mup_Bug #955209: charm.log uses 'Error' for all stderr messages <juju:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/955209 >20:03
m_3marcoceppi: got a dangling mongodb-relation-changed in addition to the db-relation-changed20:08
m_3marcoceppi: shelr.tv reviewed20:18
marcoceppim_3: what's a dangling mongodb-relation?20:30
marcoceppiOH, you mean a file that doesn't need to be there20:30
marcoceppiAlso, in my experience in running locally, sudo was needed for about all the commands :\20:30
marcoceppim_3: thanks for the review!20:58
marcoceppiI'm guessing this is bad? http://paste.ubuntu.com/938872/21:04
marcoceppiOr does it take a while for a promulgated charm to appears in the cs?21:04
m_3marcoceppi: hmmm21:06
m_3ok, so there's a problem21:06
m_3the charm store is looking at precise now21:06
m_3I bet it's looking for .../precise/shelr.tv/trunk21:06
m_3so... try pushing explicitly to lp:~charmers/charms/oneiric/shelr.tv/trunk21:07
m_3marcoceppi: ^21:07
marcoceppim_3: I've pushed to both <321:08
marcoceppiI hope it's not the stupid .21:09
m_3marcoceppi: no, that looks good... so lp:charms/shelr.tv aliases to lp:~charmers/charms/precise/shelr.tv/trunk21:11
m_3and then lp:~charmers/charms/oneiric/shelr.tv/trunk is there21:11
m_3marcoceppi: so try a 'juju deploy cs:oneiric/shelr.tv'21:11
m_3once we verify that works, then it's time to test out the precise version on precise since it's already in the precise store21:12
SpamapSalso consider trying 'bzr push lp:charms/oneiric/shelr.tv'21:31
SpamapSwe may need a --series argument for charm promulgate21:32
spidersdddDoes anyone know if a REST API is going to be used/developed/being developed for juju?21:39
m_3spidersddd: it's been proposed... don't know when it's slated to be developed.  We'll know more after the Ubuntu Developer Summit in two weeks (where we plan out what'll be in 12.10)21:47
SpamapSspidersddd: I can get you a bug # to subscribe to ...21:54
SpamapSspidersddd: bug #80428421:54
_mup_Bug #804284: REST API for managing ensemble environments, aka expose cli as ensemble daemon <juju:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/804284 >21:54
* SpamapS retitles... ensemble...21:55
SpamapSMan, we need to do that21:55
SpamapSwe can get rid of the problem where you have to share environments.yaml21:55
SpamapSJust know the address of the juju server and off you go21:56

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