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BluesKajHiyas all11:37
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BluesKajkmail keeps crahing , but I'm sure a bug has been posted ...i haven't checked yet12:07
BluesKajer crashing12:07
Tm_TBluesKaj: hmmm, in what situation it do crash?12:13
BluesKajTm_T, usually when trying to open an email in the inbox12:15
Tm_Tsome particular mail? or any kind of mail?12:16
BluesKajI prefer opening in a separate page , so usually double click , that's when it crashes12:17
Tm_Tbut any kind of mail? html or plaintext?12:20
Tm_Tso no crashes with plaintext mails? interesting12:31
Tm_Tplease report it with drkonqi12:31
rbelemRiddell, if you remove kubuntu-default-settings from KDEDIRS for kubuntu-active it starts much faster12:47
Riddellrbelem: hmm interesting12:48
Riddellbut too late for 12.04 I think12:48
Riddellkeep it in mind for future, we can target next release to get the tech preview label off12:48
rbelemRiddell, oki12:53
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Riddellhmm what to put in this week's release team meeting report?13:23
d__edGreat job on precise guys! I just upgraded my laptop, and it feels soo much faster - even though I was running 4.8.2 from backports before.13:34
d__edNo idea how you've managed it, just wanted to say "Well done!"13:34
Riddellwell when you're as tallented as the Kubuntu contributors these things come naturally :)13:35
Riddellof course the rest of ubuntu may take some credit too, plenty of changes under the GUI level13:36
d__edno, just take the compliment already.13:37
Riddelltrue true, we're a collection of geneuses13:38
Riddellor is that spelt geniuses?13:38
d__edgeniuses. 13:39
d__edor possibly "genii"13:39
d__edarguably a genius would know.13:39
Riddellah pseudo latin plurals, a certain way to make people think you're clever13:39
d__eddid it work?13:40
Riddellbound to, it can be our slogan for next cycle "Kubuntu: made by genii"13:40
d__ed+1 from me.13:41
Riddellit works for my canoe club, the motto is in nonsense pseudo latin and we're been winning medals for the last 80 years :)13:41
d__edI'm rather excited by 12.10, it'll have loads of my stuff breaking it.13:41
Riddelltelepathy?  lightdm?13:42
d__edand yep :)13:42
vprintsanybody here using at least one of "ÖÕÜÄ" letters daily in their alphabet ?13:42
Riddelljussi speaks Finish?13:42
Riddellgermans like their umlouts but I don't know if they use them for capitals13:43
vprintsfinnish and german should match, yes13:43
BluesKajRiddell, with a name like jussi , I would expect him to speak Finnish13:43
vprintsi have this strange thing happening when installing 12.04 and writing user's name then theses letters do not display correctly13:44
vprintsÄÖÕÜ letters13:44
Riddelldisplay where?13:45
BluesKajjohn=jussi , with Canadians of Finnish descent at least13:45
vprintsin ubiquity13:46
Riddellvprints: so on the user account setup page you can't type capitol letters with umlouts?13:46
vprintsdosen't matter if capital or small13:47
vprintsi will make a screenshot13:47
Riddellwhat's the keyboard setting?13:47
Riddelland can you type those letters elsewhere?  (it is a problem with the keyboard layout?)13:48
vprintsit is during install, where else should i type them ?13:51
Riddellon a live CD you can press alt-f2 and run any programme such as Kate13:51
vprintsor you mean that i should start the live mode, then start the installer, not installer directly13:52
vprintsok, will try that13:52
Riddellthat would allow for more testing yes13:52
shadeslayerhow interesting, rekonq grew Google Bookmark support13:52
vprintscool, thanks13:52
BluesKajshadeslayer, do you mean chromium13:55
shadeslayerno, I mean rekonq13:55
BluesKajgoogle bookmark ?13:56
shadeslayerthey had a sync API in the 0.9 release, was a matter of time someone did the Google Bookmarks support13:56
shadeslayerBluesKaj: yes13:56
shadeslayerit can now save bookmarks in Google's cloud13:56
shadeslayerafaik you can access Google Bookmarks using their docs api13:56
BluesKajwhat google bookmarks ...where they located?13:56
shadeslayerBluesKaj: uh, say if you bookmark a page, it gets sync'd to Google Docs, and then you can retrieve them when you sign into another browser somewhere else13:57
BluesKajshadeslayer, ok , never used google bookmarks , ok thanks13:59
shadeslayerWas specific to Google Chrome/Chromium14:00
BluesKajjust bookmarks in chromium imported from FF14:00
agateaurbelem: late ping, new lightdm-kde is in universe, in case you missed it :)14:09
Riddellagateau: and looking good too, no more plasma bugs on the line edits14:11
agateauRiddell: really? I still have them :/14:11
agateauRiddell: which theme are you using14:12
Riddellagateau: um dunno, how do I find out?14:13
agateauRiddell: from the kcm14:14
agateauRiddell: does it show two line edits or user faces?14:14
Riddelltwo line edits14:14
Riddellno blue bars on them14:14
agateauah right, this one is fixed14:14
agateaubut I still have some blurry borders14:14
agateaumaybe more visible with the "userbar" theme14:15
agateauor maybe it's just me not having 4.8.2 installed yet (just started a dist-upgrade)14:15
david__agateau: we need to update "User List" to Plasma Components at some point too14:16
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d_edI'll sort out "Classic"14:16
agateaud_ed: indeed, I have been neglecting it for a while. Need to finish it.14:16
agateaud_ed: you may want to get the version of TextField I have in "User Bar": it fixes keyboard handling14:17
* agateau needs to file review requests to get the fixes back in plasma14:17
d_edyeah, I saw you were overriding them.14:17
d_edonAccepted was fixed in 4.8.114:17
d_edthough plasma components in general need a bit of a kick.14:17
d_edwould be good to get this all fixed for 4.9, so we don't need hacks14:18
agateauhave you seen the fixes I did on ToolButton as well14:18
d_edis there any component you didn't have to fix.14:18
rbelemthanks agateau :-)14:18
agateaud_ed: FrameSvgItem :)14:19
agateaurbelem: you're welcome14:19
d_edthough that's not a component, that's in PlasmaCore...14:20
d_edso... all of them (except Label perhaps)14:20
jussiRiddell: whats up? I know some finnish, and Tm_T is around also I guess16:05
Darkwingagateau: ping16:08
shadeslayerISO downloading at 6 KBps16:47
BluesKajwhoa , rekonq needs some work ...it's a mess on a large monitor , not adapting well to 1920x108016:53
jussishadeslayer: ouch17:09
* Darkwing cheers17:10
shadeslayerjussi: better now, about 80 KBps17:10
DarkwingI'm getting new servers :D17:10
jussiDarkwing: congrats17:10
DarkwingBuddy of mine is upgrading the servers at work. They were going to toss the old two but, he is donating them to me instead.17:11
shadeslayerDarkwing: specs?17:11
DarkwingDon't know yet.17:11
shadeslayerI lost my local server recently :P17:12
DarkwingI should know today.17:12
ryanakcaWith a split inside of align, is there any way to align the eqno with the top line of split instead of with the middle of the split environment?17:54
ryanakcaOoops, wrong channel17:54
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* jussi hugs ryanakca17:59
mterryHello!  Is the KDE session file /usr/share/xsessions/kde.desktop or kde-plasma.desktop?18:16
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tsimpsonmterry: kde-plasma.desktop18:19
mterrytsimpson, yar, and I just found out on packages.ubuntu.com that kde.desktop doesn't seem to have been used recently.  :-/  unity-greeter was looking for kde.desktop for some reason.  will fix18:20
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shadeslayerScottK: ping19:01
shadeslayerScottK: I was looking at the kcometen4 armhf FTBFS19:01
shadeslayerwhat I don't understand is this : http://packages.debian.org/sid/armhf/kcometen419:02
shadeslayerThe version is 1.0.7-1+b1 ... and I don't see any way to download that version19:02
* ryanakca hugs jussi back19:21
Tm_Tjussi: what about finnish?19:22
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skaetRiddell, ScottK, and others interested... ;)  New Kubuntu images are emerging on the tracker20:24
jussibah, does the spacer have to be visible? :/ 20:36
sneleGuys I hope you are aware of this bug on precise: http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?58340-Yellow-light-bulb-icon-Bug-light20:48
ScottKskaet: Thanks.  Will try to have a look tonight.21:07
ScottKshadeslayer: +b1 is a binNMU version.  Take the +b1 off and that's the source version you want.21:07
skaetScottK,  can you spread the word not to do update testing with these images though.  we just found a regression on the updates from oneiric.21:08
skaetfix is being worked on and tested now.21:08
jussidid oxygen style disappear or am I just missing something? 21:09
Angelforget Kubuntu 4.12 Beta 2 is great compliment to all the staff21:10
Angelforgetsorry kubuntu 12.0421:11

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