cerrHi everyone!00:58
cerrQuick question, what version of libusb is built into the kernel of the current 11.10 version of Kubuntu? Anyone?00:58
cerr(running kernel 3.0.0-12)00:59
Darkwingin 11.10?01:01
cerrDarkwing: yes01:01
Darkwingcerr: I'm running a higher kernal but, on google it looks like both libusb 0.1-4 [2:0.1.12-18] an libusb 1.0-0 are in ubuntus 3.0.0-12. Lemme check another couple sources01:03
Darkwingcerr: I know I answered in PM but, here it is here for ref. http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libusb&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all01:09
Servertxhi all01:47
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bigbrovarHi guys, anyone here running kde 4.8 backport on Kubuntu 11.10 has been able to get the new kde password manager kde secret service (or something like that)  to work ? I can even seem to find it in the repository :/06:38
coder2Hello. Please help me with resolv.conf - it becomes empty after boot. I've specified dns-nameservers in the /etc/network/interfaces. After ifdown eth0/ifup eth0 resolv.conf become normal, but why it is empty right after boot? My OS version is 11.10. Network manager is not installed.06:41
irancpluspluswinde doen't work in Kubuntu07:04
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amichairwill kernel 3.3 or later be available in precise?10:18
Angelforgetno is kernel 3.2.010:21
amichairwill it be upgraded at some point? or will remain 3.2 for the next 6 months?10:34
Tm_Tamichair: will remain, that's the idea of stable release, they stay stable10:35
szalamichair: not only for the next 6 months, but for the next 5 years ;)10:53
eagles0513875hey guys :)10:56
eagles0513875hey guys i am trying to connect to my desktop pc's windows drive what is the best way to connect to it. the pc is on my lan and has a static ip11:10
OxymoronWhy doesnt this work? konsole --noclose --new-tab --workdir $PWD -e "$f" I get file not found.11:10
OxymoronThe files where $f is the same as the working dir my bash script is in.11:10
eagles0513875hey Oxymoron11:11
Oxymoroneagles0513875: hi :)11:11
eagles0513875im no help there Oxymoron11:11
eagles0513875havvent been in this channel in ages :)11:13
SunTsueagles0513875: looks like you are looking for samba11:14
eagles0513875humm ok let me try something11:14
SunTsuOxymoron: what does $f contain?11:14
OxymoronSunTsu: "client" or "server"11:15
OxymoronSunTsu: http://pastie.org/382208211:15
eagles0513875bah have try this after i finish upgrading to 12.0411:15
OxymoronSunTsu: I am using it to run server first and then client in same konsole window, but different tabs. Thats when I do running from Kdevelop11:16
SunTsuOxymoron: what are server and client? Scripts, binaries?11:20
OxymoronSunTsu: Binaries11:20
zk_moun software center is broken11:20
SunTsuOxymoron: in your example above you don't run it with "./" prepended, in your pastey you do. Without it you need to add "." to $PATH, which is a bad idea11:25
OxymoronSunTsu: So how to do it properly then?11:28
SunTsuOxymoron: "./$f"11:28
SunTsulike the way you do it in your pastey11:28
OxymoronSunTsu: Which do not work ...11:33
OxymoronSunTsu: The error I get is Warning: Could not find '/ home/joel/Dropbox/KTH/HI1026 - Project, Internet Technology / Project / build / client'. Starts '/ bin / bash' instead. Check your profile settings.11:33
SunTsuOxymoron: Er, you may think really hard why that won't work11:34
SunTsuwhat the heck is that path name?11:35
BluesKajHiyas all11:37
OxymoronSunTsu: Absolute path to binary? Is there any chars in my directory name that is illegal?11:38
SunTsuOxymoron: at least here it looks as if that path name is fubar, lots of stray spaces11:39
SunTsu"/ home"? " Project / build / client"?11:39
OxymoronSunTsu: Ah sorry, no it is not spaces between, I did google translate :D11:40
SunTsuOxymoron: still, how can "./client" end up with a fully qualified path name? You are not telling us everything. Please, paste everything you are doing exactly like you do it and do the same with the results11:42
SunTsuOxymoron: else we're running aroung inside a huge fog11:43
OxymoronSunTsu: This is exactly what I do at the moment http://pastie.org/382221911:44
SunTsuOxymoron: Then konsole doesn't like that path, try it with something more sane11:47
OxymoronSunTsu: Why should it be different than other ones? Just want the freaking binaries to run parallell in two different processes in whatever bash that will run it.11:48
SunTsuOxymoron: Well, I asked you to paste stuff, and you did only paste part of it, I offer you something to try, which you don't want to. Good luck from here11:49
OxymoronSunTsu: No I paste ALL of it ;) I tried different things, nothing works.11:50
OxymoronKonsole is bugging11:50
SunTsuOxymoron: No, I asked you to paste everything you do, which you didn't, you only pasted that script. I asked you to paste the results exactly the way they are, which you didn't. I addition you argue with me. As I said, good luck, I don't want to put more effort in helping you than you do in helping me help you.11:53
BluesKajOxymoron, maybe you should stick with one chat instead of posting in 2 , that's bad behaviour11:54
Oxymoronseriously ...11:54
BluesKajSunTsu, he's busy trying get answers in 2 chats at once11:55
OxymoronI pasted evrything, both error result and bash script.11:55
SunTsuOxymoron: Welcome to my ignore list, have a nice stay11:56
OxymoronBoth my pasties get same end result, so please no difference.11:56
BluesKaj!COC | Oxymoron11:56
ubottuOxymoron: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct11:56
BluesKajSunTsu, he was posting in #kde as well ...he fianlly admitted he was try to run the script from kdevelop12:06
SunTsuBluesKaj: I don't care. I don't people who don't want to work with me resolving their problem12:07
SunTsuer, put a "help" wherever you see fit in above sentence ;)12:07
BluesKajhe's the type , "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"...bites off way more than he can handle , then expects us to get him out of his jams ...he's been doing this for yrs ...never properly researches his probs or projexts , tthen he expects us to hold his hand12:10
lethutalking about Stallman by any hazard?12:11
BluesKajnope ..12:12
lethuoh, k12:12
lethuI see12:14
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MrWobzHello does anybody have experiance sharing an internet connection ?12:17
lethuHello MrWobz12:17
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing12:17
SunTsuMrWobz: ask what you want to know or state your issue12:18
MrWobzI need server a to let server b use the internet feed from the nic1 while giving out on nic212:18
MrWobzBasically I have a server colocated, I want to colocate another but dont want to buy a switch12:18
MrWobzI am only allowed one internet feed, both servers have two nics12:19
MrWobzbasically Im pretty sure it can be done via /network/interfaces12:20
pangolinMrWobz, see what ubottu just said12:21
MrWobzyes thats an iptables method12:21
BluesKajMrWobz,  this is not an exact example of what you're looking for , but it might help http://nixcraft.com/networking-firewalls-security/17041-how-configure-2-nics-one-lan-other-internet.html12:36
eagles0513875wowie :D12:36
eagles051387512.04 is zippy12:37
eagles0513875on my netbook12:37
eagles0513875BluesKaj: there is also untangled which is debian based and has an easy to manage webinterface for all sorts of aspects12:37
eagles0513875you need 2 nic's with it one for the external interface and one for internal interface12:38
MrWobzBluesKaj that is what I want, I have static ip routing for eth0 (internet) but in regards to eth1 the ip addresses and broadcast info...  will that be the new ips that ive been allocated? also gateway? Do I use what gateway they have set up for me or do I configure a gateway and dns server on of the servers ?12:40
BluesKajMrWobz, if you are using static IP on LAN then list those in /etc/hosts.allow , and the dns nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf ...if you have a  /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d file might overwrite the resolv.conf file so you have to list the dns nameservers there12:47
BluesKajeagles0513875, it's not me who's trying to configure 2 nics12:48
eagles0513875ok im just saying if you want to relay the message12:48
MrWobzOkay, If somebody can help me out via PM I will donate to a charity of their choice... im in a bit of a rush and this is a first time deal for me12:49
BluesKajMrWobz, I have no experience with 2 nics connected to the same gateway ...I use a router12:50
eagles0513875MrWobz: are you trying to setup some sort of security or something?12:50
MrWobzno im trying to colocate my second server but ive just been told im only allowed one internet feed12:51
BluesKajI was hoping that URL wouls answer you questions12:51
BluesKajcolocate ..what's that mean?12:51
MrWobzputting a server into a datacentre12:51
BluesKajI understand co-locate but in terms of connections?12:52
BluesKajMrWobz, too bad you can't find a router somewhere12:55
MrWobzBluesKaj paying for a switch is an extra £20 a month,12:55
BluesKajor a hub12:55
BluesKajwithout modem12:56
MrWobzI dont think you understand what Im trying to do, I have 1x 100mb line12:56
MrWobzonly allowed one cable,12:56
MrWobzso I need to have server one share internet with server two so server two has its own outbound ips12:57
MrWobzI need one nic to work like a switch12:58
BluesKajI suppose I don't ..I picture 3 pcs connected to a router which then feeds the internet modem12:58
BluesKajI think I get it , but my experience with configuring server nics is nil13:00
BluesKajMrWobz, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/basic-kubuntu-router-dhcp-functioning-what-about-internet-accessk-887816/13:10
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velayoHi there15:10
velayoI'm new to kubuntu and need some help.15:11
jessieWhat's up?15:11
BluesKajvelayo, just ask your question15:12
velayoI installed precise on my laptop and although its working perfectly, it wont let me set my secondary desktop to : left of15:12
velayothe main laptop screen15:12
velayoI can't change the absolute value from the laptops lvds.  My laptop is an HP G62 Ati Vision gpu15:13
BluesKajsecondary desktop ?15:16
jessieSo you have 2 screens?15:16
BluesKajor virtual desktop?15:18
velayoyes secondary15:19
velayovga output15:19
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jessieAnd you are attempting to do this with the system settings option?15:26
velayo@jessie yes with the system option15:33
jessieInteresting. I've never used that to configure my dual screens, so I am not going to be of much help.15:34
velayowhat do you use?15:35
velayo@jessie do you mind telling me how do you configure it?  Is it fidling with xorg settings?15:37
jessieI use the nvidia-settings tool.15:38
jessieI use the proprietary Nvidia driver, so the tool works well for me.15:39
unknown__This ubuntu is pretty cool (Y)15:40
ct529hi everybody .... I do not seem to be able to migrate all my old emails from 474 to 482 .... when I launch kontact it keeps crashing15:42
velayo@jessie I tried using the ati config thing but it messes the system's ability to wake from sleep.  The comp actually thinks that there are two monitors conected regardless15:44
ct529it has started happening since I migrated from 11.04 to 11.10 (kubuntu 11.10 64bit with kde 482 now)15:45
ubottuError: KDE bug 482 could not be found15:45
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XabsterAnyone else have problems with skype crashing (stops to respond and needs to be restarted via kill -9 PID) ?15:56
dewarhello hello. i have a sata hardrive plugged into kde and os is not seeing it when i fdisk -l15:57
BluesKaj!kmail | ct52915:57
BluesKaj!info kmail | ct52915:58
ubottuct529: kmail (source: kdepim): full featured graphical email client. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.4+git111222-0ubuntu0.1 (oneiric), package size 1007 kB, installed size 3868 kB15:58
genii-aroundhttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Final/Kubuntu/Kmail2 has some stuff to try15:58
BluesKajhmmm, there used to be a factoid about upgrading kmail and the problems with migratng contacts and eails15:59
DarkwingXabster: Are you using skype from the site or, repositories?15:59
ct529BluesKaj: thanks but .... wher eis the information? :-)16:00
ct529Xabster: I solved it by installing the package static16:01
ct529Xabster: it seems to work16:01
XabsterDarkwing, i honestly forgot...16:01
Xabsterct529, package static? what is that?16:02
ct529Xabster: go to the skype website and download the package that uses the static libraries, not the shared libraries16:02
DarkwingI've just enabled canonical partners and installed it via apt16:03
BluesKajct529, use genii-around's post above and scroll down to Failed Migration16:04
ct529BluesKaj: genii-around: yes, this is what I am doing at the moment .... :-)16:06
Xabsterct529, okay, got it - do you know how i make the extracted executable "look like" it has been installed so that my launcher recognizes it?16:07
henry_anybody here16:10
BluesKajguess not :)16:13
HelenBHow do I find the Window ID of a program?16:29
hispeed88someone here :)?16:33
tsimpsonHelenB: open a terminal, type "xwininfo", then click the window you want to know the ID of16:34
lethuhello hispeed8816:34
lethuhispeed88, just go on about your question if you have any16:34
hispeed88no questions yet lethu will begin with using Linux this weekend -> Linux winn :)16:35
lethuhispeed88, nice, good luck!16:36
hispeed88thanks yes it will be a long way. After 15 years windows. I have tried once Archlinux but this was a little bit confusing to start-up and now I thought about this step another few years and yesterday I just said.. yes now it's time to begin a switch/move16:37
HelenBtsimpson: thanks for the reminder :316:38
lethuhispeed88, never too late to make the switch ;)16:38
lethuhispeed88, I suggest you try the livecd environment before installing, one never knows16:40
hispeed88yes that was my idea i found a good installation guide on a german website (i'm swiss)16:40
HelenBtsimpson: that's funny though...16:41
HelenBI got the ID right.16:41
HelenBI set up the Window behaviour of Quassel to start up minimized. lol16:41
HelenBand it starts up16:41
HelenBbut not minimized16:41
HelenBthere are no settings for it within quassel.16:41
hispeed88today i can't start because maybe i have to use this laptop ;=) for streaming a movie on my TV ^^ women visit :D you never know16:42
lethuHelenB, the id you are supposed to use is "Quassel" not the number series16:42
lethuhispeed88, :)16:42
HelenBlethu: I didn't use the number16:42
HelenBI used Quassel IRC16:42
lethuHelenB, try just "Quassel"16:43
* HelenB sighs16:43
HelenBlethu: is window behaviour case sensative.16:44
HelenBthe Window class decapitalized.16:44
hispeed88lethu from where are you?16:44
HelenBokay brb16:45
hispeed88HelenB back in town16:49
HelenBhispeed88: Eh?16:50
hispeed88just said that youre welcome back16:51
hispeed88we used to say that when we were younger :D16:51
hispeed88my last irc chat is a few years ago16:51
HelenBIt's annoying that everytime I log in KDE needs access to the kwallet.16:52
hispeed88what is kwallet?16:52
tsimpsonso set the password to blank16:52
HelenBIt set it to my login pass.16:53
HelenBHow do I blank it?16:53
tsimpsongo into the wallet manager, right-click the wallet, change password16:53
tsimpsonjust press OK16:53
HelenBhispeed88: It's that things that you put your money in! :316:54
tsimpsonand as for quassel, you can right-click the window title, or press Alt-F3, then go to Advanced -> Special Application Settings16:54
hispeed88first.. i'm guy and i'm not blonde :D i will see it when i have installed kubuntu16:54
tsimpsonthen Size & Position, and check the "Minimized" box, and choose "Apply Initially", and press OK16:55
HelenBI know16:55
HelenBI know I know16:55
HelenBI did that ages ago16:55
FloodBotK1HelenB: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:55
tsimpsonhispeed88: It's the secure information storage system used in KDE, for passwords, WiFi keys etc16:55
HelenBFloodBotK1: Ignored.16:55
tsimpsonHelenB: it's a bad idea to ignore the bots16:55
HelenBtsimpson: They keep highlighting me and it's annoying.16:56
tsimpsonthen stop flooding...16:56
BluesKajshe has a habit ..addicted to the enter key17:00
HelenBIt failed again :(17:02
BluesKajyou're ddicted to enter key17:02
BluesKajaddicted rather17:02
BluesKajpoor rekonq it's a mess on 1920x108017:04
ct529BluesKaj: why?17:05
ct529BluesKaj: genii-around: it seems to be migrating btw17:05
genii-aroundct529: Good!17:05
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hispeed88can't wait to install kubuntu :D17:35
DarthFrogNo reason to wait.17:41
hispeed88I do have one17:41
copaceticI am running Kubuntu 12.04, I just did an update today and restarted my system, I get to the log in screen, but after logging in rather than booting my desktop I just get a black screen, all I can see is my mouse pointer, and it just hangs like that, can someone tell me how to best debug this problem17:42
ScottyKGreetings! Is there a way for Dolphin to search for files with only a lower case extension (.jpg) instead of upper case (.JPG)?17:49
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HelenBWhy wont Kopete work?17:54
HelenBI click add user and nothing happens.17:54
lethuHelenB, what protocol are you wishing to use?17:55
HelenBlethu, IRC if possible. lol17:56
lethudon't you have XChat or Quassel already for that?17:57
HelenBlethu, it's annoying17:57
HelenBon my netbook17:57
HelenBjust tell me17:57
HelenBhow do I add a user?17:57
FloodBotK1HelenB: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:57
lethuHelenB, I have never tried using irc on kopete, sorry :s17:58
lethufurthermore, Kopete isn't that stable to my knowledge17:58
HelenBhmm okay :317:58
HelenBlethu, I'm trying to use a client that is supported by the notification indicator.17:59
HelenBQuassel was annoying17:59
HelenBand so is Konversation17:59
lethuHelenB, you might want to try Pidgin then17:59
tsimpsonwill you please just lay off the enter key17:59
tsimpsonuse a comma, it's much easier to read18:00
HelenBlethu, It uses channel tabs but I want channel lists.18:00
HelenBAlso pidgin isn't supported by message indicator.18:01
lethuHelenB, it is18:02
HelenBIt doesn't say it.18:02
HelenBI don't want tabs for my channels.18:02
lethuit shows KDE notifications for me18:02
lethuHelenB, you could try IRSSI18:03
HelenBlethu, No because I want lists for the channels.18:03
HelenBIrssi is an ass to set up.18:03
HelenBAlso when someone highlights me KDE wont notify me.18:04
BluesKajmust be tqlking about the irssi gui version18:06
HelenBlethu, Does pidgin support facebook chat? :o18:14
lethuHelenB, let me check18:20
lethuHelenB, yes it does18:21
bazhangpidgin-facebookchat   HelenB is the package18:28
HelenBbazhang, Why would I need to install that when I can just install pidgin and configure a facebook account in there?18:33
brad__random comuter trouble shoot here... people in youtube videos have blue skin, even after restarting the brwser, ideas?19:05
Picibrad__: right click on the video to get to the flash preferences, and then toggle hardware acceleration.19:06
PiciYou might need to go to fullscreen to do that.19:07
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brad__pici; i disabled hardware acceleration and it worked! what is that btw?19:09
saviohey i'm having problem while loading opengl driver in desktop effects19:09
savioanyone help?19:09
Picibrad__: Has to do with how flash talks to your graphics card.  I haven researched the bugfix myself though, just have seen others get things fixed with that solution.19:09
brad__pici any reason i should need to turn it back on that you're aware of?19:10
Picibrad__: Unless you're having really bad problems with dropped frames, you shouldn't need it.19:11
brad__thanks a lot19:11
waetercan anyone tell me why i have, or more importantly how to fix the fact that in my grub i'm only showing 3 recovery kernels and a windows partition? :(20:39
Xabsterskype can't figure out my mic because of pulseaudio - anything i need to know?20:49
AngelforgetKubuntu 4.12 Beta 2 is great compliment to all the staff21:00
jessieYeah, so far I am loving it. After the few bugs I had got straightened out, life is now good.21:01
Angelforgetjessie, say that with the latest updates and no bugs then there are only 5 days to official release21:04
graftso, how do i map a shell command to a keyboard shortcut?21:28
grafti thought this would be a pizza cake, but i'm drowning in confusing menus21:28
lethugraft, go to Settings21:32
lethusystem settings*21:32
lethuthen "Shortcuts and Gestures"21:32
graftyou mean the input actions stuff, yeah, i found it21:33
graftterrible design21:33
graftand i mean TERRIBLE21:33
lethugraft, well I didn't have any problem with it21:33
graftyou can use it, sure... it is just really badly designed21:33
lethumight be a question of taste or something along those lines21:33
graftlike why is the first tab when you click on something "Comment"?21:34
graftmakes no sense21:34
graftyou can call it taste, but to some extent it is just objectively bad21:34
lethugraft, be glad you have the option to set shortcuts at all21:34
lethuif you were under Windows for instance you wouldn't even dream of that21:34
lethu>custom shortcuts21:35
graftwhat's your point? that things could be worse?21:35
lethugraft, exactly21:35
graftmy point is things could be better, so, i guess that's just a difference between us21:35
lethugraft, then post a suggestion on the KDE community message board and try to contribute21:36
lethubesides, one can't really complain about *free* stuff...21:37
lethulet alone free stuff which you can modify or influence21:37
graftsure, i can do that, and i often do if i feel it would be useful21:44
graftstill, i feel like i have the right to complain if i feel like it... just because it's free doesn't mean i can't have an opinion about it21:44
jessieHow else would it be improved if no one complained?21:45
lethuwell, I have obviously made a mistake, I called your behavior "complaining" whereas it actually was bitching21:46
grafti guess lethu's point is, complaint is only useful (and therefore allowed) if it's in a forum where it can result in change21:46
macohey folks, lets keep it civil21:46
macoand less with the swearing, yeesh21:47
macoby which i mean: no swearing21:47
lethuyeah, well it wasn't me who used such means as HYPERBOLE and redundancy first as if I was touched in my dignity or who knows what else....21:49
lethuand yes graft, you guessed it right21:49
lethuyou aren't going to make things progress by complaining here21:49
lethu*here* is merely a support place21:49
lethunot a feedback collecting one21:50
jussigraft: bugs.kde.org is th place, preferably with a description of how it should be done.21:50
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit23:05
markburberry32good morning.  Wonder if anyone's about to help me with something - i'm housesitting for a friend, he's let me use his computer which is running something called 12.04 LTS - something just popped up on his machine, I don't know what it is, and I don't want to press it in case I break something.23:33
markburberry32I should mention, I don't normally use KDE - my own machine at my house runs on Debian 6.0.423:33
markburberry32The thing is in the system tray on his taskbar, and it looks like a cogwheel with an arrow pointing downwards in it.23:34

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