frankbanmorning gmb08:33
gmbHi frankban08:33
frankbangmb: how did you know that I was going to create an MP for for bug 985338? ;-)08:35
_mup_Bug #985338: lp.testing.tests.test_pgsql.TestPgTestSetupTuning.testOptimization fails intermittently in parallel tests with ProgrammingError <paralleltest> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by frankban> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/985338 >08:35
gmbfrankban, :D. Lucky oops-I-got-the-wrong-card guess.08:35
gmbfrankban, Let me know when it's ready and I'll review it.08:36
frankbancool gmb08:36
frankbangmb: it's ready: https://code.launchpad.net/~frankban/launchpad/bug-985338-programming-error/+merge/10281508:38
gmbfrankban, Okay, will look presently.08:39
gmbfrankban, Approved.08:41
frankbanthanks gmb08:41
gmbfrankban, Can you give https://code.launchpad.net/~gmb/launchpad/bug-984312/+merge/102812 a once-over please? (Raphael is your mentor, right?)08:54
frankbangmb: yes, but we will start the next month, he is now busy with Maas08:54
gmbfrankban, Okay. Well, take a look anyway, and I'll self-review / mentor; I just want someone else to glance at it for me.08:55
frankbanok gmb, this instead is just a formality: https://code.launchpad.net/~frankban/launchpad/setuplxc-install-subunit/+merge/10281708:56
frankbangmb: your changed seem good to me09:05
gmbfrankban, Thanks.09:05
gmbOh, spectacular - connection problems a-go-go.11:06
* gmb lunches, hopes they resolve themselves.11:06
gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb who is not here IIRC, call asap12:11
gmbI'm here...12:12
benjiI'm looking over the go tour for a few more minutes and then I'm going to figure out what to take up next.13:02
gary_posterbenji, I'd like to work with you on the buildbot results card, if that's of interest to you.13:15
gary_posterwe need to merge jml's branch to our subunit one13:16
gary_posteradd that to our ppa13:16
gary_posterverify it all works13:16
bac_gary_poster: were those results of any value?13:16
gary_posterwell, verify it works13:16
bac_(I'm not really here)13:16
gary_posterbac_, yes, did you see my reply to you (mistakenly) and then the list?13:16
gary_posterthe results showed things are actually working as we'd hoped13:16
bac_No, haven't seen email this morn13:17
benjigary_poster: sounds good13:17
gary_posterthank you bac_13:17
gary_posterbenji, then we should modify the buidbot config13:17
gary_posterto do the stuff we've talked about13:17
gary_postershould be kinda fun, I think :-)13:17
gary_posterand probably pretty easy13:18
benjigary_poster: let me make some coffee and I'll ping you when that's ready13:18
gary_posterbenji, I also moved your "add worker ID tagging to testrepository" card to Done-done13:19
gary_posterbecause it has been merged13:19
gary_postercool benji sounds good13:19
gary_posterI'll restart my system post-update during that time.  biab13:19
benjigary_poster: shall we?13:27
gary_posterbenji, cool, I'm already in https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/_/extras/canonical.com/goldenhorde13:27
benjigary_poster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/938374/15:00
gary_posterbenji, how goes it?17:18
benjigary_poster: I only have a few unread emails left.  In other words I got distracted. :)17:19
gary_posterbenji, heh17:21
gary_posterbenji. I beat you on the emails.  I'm going to try jono's branch really quickly...17:21
gary_postermaybe we should move the bug card back, if it works17:21
benjigary_poster: I'm confused.  I thought the leakage was fixed on the trunk.  If not, what branch are you referring to?17:23
benjispecifically, lp:~jml/testtools/tag-leakage has been merged to trunk17:23
gary_posterbenji, oh, cool!17:23
gary_posteroh no benji17:23
gary_posterthis is the subunit thing17:23
gary_posterin jml's subunit branch17:24
gary_posternot reviewed or merged17:24
benjiso we need to merge his branch into our subunit/latest17:24
gary_posterbenji, it works17:24
gary_posterfor me17:24
benjiI'm merging now17:24
benjito see if it works for me17:24
gary_posterbenji, I undid the previous merge to latest and merged fresh17:26
gary_postermay have been a bad idea17:26
gary_posterbut so afaik now we have to resolve the fact that the recipe run failed17:26
gary_posterbenji, agree that I'll push card for bug 974617 back to tasks?17:27
_mup_Bug #974617: test_operational_view_integration fails intermittently in parallel tests <paralleltest> <qa-untestable> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> <Python PGBouncer:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/974617 >17:27
benjigary_poster: yep17:27
benjiI get the same bad behavior with the updated subunit.17:28
gary_posterbenji, really!  weird17:29
benjiI wonder what I'm doing wrong.17:29
benjiah! I figured it out.  I was accedentally running the system subunit, not the checkout.17:30
benjiit works for me now17:30
gary_poster--without-tag works for me too17:30
gary_postercat ~/Downloads/testrepo-0.txt | env PYTHONPATH=python ./filters/subunit-filter -s --with-tag='worker-1' --without-tag="zope:layer" | subunit-ls17:31
gary_posterthat does exactly what I think we want17:31
gary_posterwell, except for the occasional "Running in a subprocess."17:32
benjigary_poster: you can use --no-passthrough and non-subunit bits will be elided17:33
gary_posterbenji, not in my experience.17:33
gary_posterjust tried this:17:33
gary_poster$ cat ~/Downloads/testrepo-0.txt | env PYTHONPATH=python ./filters/subunit-filter -s --with-tag='worker-1' --without-tag="zope:layer" --no-passthrough | subunit-ls | grep 'subprocess'17:34
gary_poster20 instances of "Running in a subprocess."17:34
benjishould we file a bug report and run away?17:34
gary_poster+1 for running away.  I don't think it will bite us.  Of course, it's not clear where the bug report should go.  Is this subunit, for not sufficiently handling extra bits? Or or zope.testing fork, for not outputting the right stuff?17:35
gary_postertest: Running in a subprocess.17:36
gary_posterin fact:17:37
gary_postertest: Running in a subprocess.17:37
gary_postertime: 2012-04-19 21:43:50.769725Z17:37
gary_postertags: zope:info_suboptimal worker-417:37
gary_postersuccessful: Running in a subprocess. [ multipart17:37
gary_posterfrom the original output17:37
gary_poster(from testrepository)17:37
gary_postermaybe --without-tag zope:info_suboptimal is sufficient17:38
gary_posterThis does the trick, benji:17:39
gary_postercat ~/Downloads/testrepo-0.txt | env PYTHONPATH=python ./filters/subunit-filter -s --with-tag='worker-1' --without-tag="zope:layer" --without-tag="zope:info_suboptimal" --no-passthrough | subunit-ls17:39
benjiyeah the "test: Running in a subprocess." bit seems like a bug, that's not really a test.  We do lie about tests a lot because subunit doesn't have a general "something bad happened" channel17:41
gary_posterbenji, this is interesting, I think: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/938615/17:42
gary_postercounts of each worker17:42
gary_postersuspicious for a round-robin test assignment17:42
benjiaren't we now keeping info for better balancing in subsequent runs?17:43
gary_posterbenji, yes, but bac's file name implied that it was the first run17:43
gary_posterno balancing info available17:43
benjihmm, if so it is very suspicious17:43
gary_posterwe should keep an eye on this :-/17:43
gary_posterThe last test in worker 3 is lp.testing.tests.test_zope_test_in_subprocess.TestZopeTestInSubProcess.test17:45
benjigary_poster: shall we consider our card unblocked and resume working on it?17:52
gary_posterbenji, yes.  This is another interesting "test"17:53
gary_postertest: replicated-development/launchpad.conf17:53
gary_postertime: 2012-04-19 21:40:58.711127Z17:53
gary_postertags: worker-217:53
gary_postersuccessful: replicated-development/launchpad.conf [ multipart17:53
gary_posternot sure what that means17:53
benjiheh, yeah; that doesn't make much sense to me17:53
gary_posterI was trying to find reasons why worker-2 would have more tests17:54
benjior why worker 3 has so many fewer17:56
gary_posterbenji > http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/938635/ ?17:56
gary_posterworker 3, yeah.  one hypothesis is that the last test kills the process for some reason17:56
gary_posterthat's why I noted the last test in worker 3, above17:57
gary_posterin case we see that again.17:57
gary_posterbenji, I need to prepare17:57
benjithat's odd, but it does suggest a hypothesis: the list of tests were reasonably ballanced, but the number of non-test tests for each run differed (layers, and those other things you found)17:57
benjime too, back in a minute17:57
gary_postercould be17:57
benjiI think I figured out the sigogglin test distribution.18:15
benji(I just learned that new word a week or to ago.  It's a beaut.)18:16
* gary_poster looks it up18:17
benjithe numbers at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/938615/ filter too much out, we don't want to remove tests as tagged in the zope layer or those with the other crazy tags18:17
benjiwe do, however want to remove tests with *names* that end with :setUp or :tearDown18:18
gary_posterbenji, I think/hope you are wrong18:18
gary_posterwhy do you think so?18:18
benjishall we hangout?18:18
gary_postergood idea18:18
* gary_poster hangs18:19
benjigary_poster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/938680/18:29

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