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oarcheris there any pbs with charm store ? With every attempt, juju deploy says "Error processing 'cs:precise/glance': entry not found"08:47
wgrantoarcher: You probably want the juju support channel.08:48
wgrantoarcher: Launchpad just hosts the branches, like any project.08:48
oarcheroups, I'm sorry. This was the juju side. but there is an lp side:09:07
oarcherIf I "Browse the code" from https://code.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/rabbitmq-server/trunk  on lp give 404, and 'bzr branch lp:charms/rabbitmq' give bzr: ERROR: Not a branch.   Is something wrong ?09:08
lifelessoarcher: the branch content has been deleted09:24
lifelessoarcher: whether that means something is wrong is up to the juju folk, sorry.09:24
lifelessoarcher: I don't know wnough to say more09:24
wgrantlifeless: Do you know who ran branch-distro, and if they checked its logs?09:24
lifelesswgrant: #launchpad-dev backlog may know09:25
maxbI'm pretty sure it was mentioned, actually10:40
maxb23:03 < m_3> clint ran some branch-distro script and now it points to lp:~charmers/charms/precise/mongodb/precise10:42
maxbwgrant: ^10:42
huzefhi i wanted to have stridetransform plugin10:48
huzefwhich package i need to get for it10:48
huzefplease anyone can help on this10:48
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s9iper1any body have time that he can tell me that how to upload the PGP key to the ubuntu servers.. is there we need to add finger print in PGP  while uploading it because if there is no fingerprint than how the launchpad will retrive it from the ubuntu servers.. can any body help my provious key become inactive i dont know why14:41
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dobeyhow do i remove "Maverick" from the list of distribution series in a recipe, now that it's been EOLed?19:08
jelmerdobey: there should be a list of checkboxes with distroseries the recipe is built for19:14
dobeyjelmer: yes, and Maverick has been removed from that list, as it's EOL now19:15
dobeyjelmer: however, it still shows on the recipe page as being built for Maverick, even if it isn't/can't19:15
jelmerdobey: hmm, that's odd indeed19:17
dobeyjelmer: if you can see the page, here is an example: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-hackers/+recipe/devtools-dailies19:18
jelmerdobey: hmm, I can reproduce it on https://code.launchpad.net/~bzr/+recipe/bzr-daily-maverick19:19
jelmerthough in that case I can just remove the recipe19:20
abentleydobey: Sorry, I guess that's my bug.  I think you can fix this over the API, though.  https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/devel.html#source_package_recipe19:22
dobeyabentley: ah, maybe, but i'd have to write a script to do it i guess :) would be happy to just have it go away like it did in the list of checkboxes19:25
abentleydobey: No, you don't have to write a script: http://code.mumak.net/2011/08/launchpadlib-helper.html19:28
abentleydobey: I'm not sure whether having it go away for everyone would be the right choice.  Especially since that would mean they wouldn't be able to re-enable it.19:29
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dobeyabentley: but enabling it is useless, since any attempt to build against it will result in error anyway19:38
dobeyA build against this distro is not allowed.19:38
abentleydobey: Then yes, I agree we should have disabled Maverick builds on all SPRs.19:39
dobeyi guess i need to modify lpharness to point at a different version of the API19:41
dobeyto be able to tweak the distroseries from it, anyway19:42
dobeydistroseries: You tried to modify a read-only attribute.19:42
dobeyoh well19:44

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