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sheenaHi all.. anyone around?05:06
sheenaI've got what I think is a bug in PCManFM, and I was trying to look it up to see if anyone else has had a similar issue.. but google seems convinced i mean PACMAN and isn't giving me anything useful. Any idea where I should look?05:07
sheenaWhen I open my SD card in PCManFM, it shows as having no photo files. in Nautilus, it shows normally, and most of the time, if I pkill and restart pcman, the files display05:08
sheenabioterror: any idea?05:11
bioterrorcan you reproduce that?05:14
sheenai think so, yeah05:14
bioterrorwith another sd card for example05:14
sheenai just have the one..05:14
sheenai could format it, i guess05:14
bioterrorif so, then I would suggest to make a bug report about it05:14
sheenaright. i was gonna search the existing bug reports to see if anyone else has ever had a similar issue.. where are they for lubuntu?05:15
sheenaor are they just in the general ubuntu bugs?05:15
bioterrorlubuntu is part of the ubuntu family05:16
bioterrorlaunchpad is the place05:16
rabbitearwell I better start opening up all these packages now05:20
bioterrorrabbitear, howdy :D05:20
rabbitearlike ships in the night05:21
JohnDoe_71Ruslubutnu 12.04. Can't unplug network share rosources from gui05:27
rabbitearArch linux does it05:30
rabbitearlubuntu is built on Arch Linux05:30
Tm_Trabbitear: hi, something we can help you with?05:36
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samuel19running the latest lubuntu. i opted to encrypt home folder. some forums claimed that my swap is encrypted automatically as well. is this true? how can i verify that?12:11
gordonjcpsamuel19: is your computer excruciatingly slow, especially when it starts swapping?12:17
samuel19gordonjcp: are you suggesting that would confirm that swap is encrypted?12:17
gordonjcpit would certainly be an indicator12:18
gordonjcpmore practically you could try running strings on your swap partition and see if anything readable pops out12:18
samuel19gordonjcp: thanks for the help, but it would be helpful to find another way to confirm this12:20
gordonjcpsamuel19: a quick google for "confirm encrypted swap" suggests that you could look at /proc/swaps12:21
gordonjcpand cryptsetup status12:23
samuel19gordonjcp: if you refer to the ubuntuwiki page for ubuntu 5-6, i'm not sure if that is valid for the current version, since cryptsetup is not used to my understanding to implement home folder encryption12:34
samuel19ls -l /dev/mapper shows: "12:37
samuel19cryptstap1 -> ../dm-012:37
samuel19sorry for multiple lines. "cryptswap1 -> ../dm-0" that sounds good, can anybody comment this?12:38
gordonjcpseems reasonable12:43
gordonjcpI don't use encrypted fs or swap though12:43
gordonjcpI can have a play when I get home if you want12:43
samuel19to answer my own question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/53242/check-if-partition-is-encrypted12:44
samuel19if there are devs online i humbly request that the future lubuntu+openbox would be configured by default with a button or key to lock the session12:53
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A_Ji would like to enable this : http://askubuntu.com/questions/87642/no-touchpad-settings15:54
bioterrorA_J, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#Disable_touchpad_while_typing15:58
* A_J looks15:59
A_Jumm this would disable my shift scrollin for hilighting bioterror ?16:00
A_J@syndaemon -d -t16:04
A_JNo command '@syndaemon' found, did you mean: Command 'syndaemon' from package 'xserver-xorg-input-synaptics' (main)16:04
A_J@syndaemon: command not found16:05
Unit193You didn't follow that right, that was to be added into the file, not terminjal.16:05
A_Joh okie.16:05
A_Jlets hope it works16:07
A_Jthankyou bioterror and Unit19316:15
JohnDoe_71RusThere are still modes of work with a clipboard except parcellite?17:43
JohnDoe_71RusThe buffer of the last copied is necessary simply. If the application to close, contents are lost17:44
hectorlopezhi there, anyone have instaled under lubuntu, razor-qt? i have installed and wont start i search in google but not have results, https://github.com/Razor-qt/razor-qt/issues/15417:49
nenaHi. How do I make Lubuntu to start with a login screen? I added a user, but everytime I reboot it automatically logs in as the main user17:55
bioterrorI was just going to reply17:57
smile4everbioterror: well that's a shame ;)17:58
Unit193They can't wait, not our problem. :P17:59
bioterrorhi leszek18:10
smile4everbye :)18:31
pgbhi all18:35
pgbgilir: re Bug #945603, is there anything I could help with?18:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 945603 in lxkeymap (Ubuntu) "lxkeymap crashed with IndexError in finish_initializing(): list index out of range" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94560318:36
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pgbsleap time ;)19:01
tbrownhello new to lubuntu20:28
tbrownam here20:33
daryl0ci sta qualcuno?21:00
daryl0good evening21:00
daryl0help me21:00
Angelforgetsi dimmi pure21:00
gordonjcpdaryl0: don't ask to ask21:01
Angelforgetyou speak italian ?21:01
daryl0ho un amico che sta per lavoro in Algeria21:13
daryl0e gli avevo montato su un acer AOA110 lubuntu per recuperarglielo21:13
Angelforgetdimmi che problema hai21:13
daryl0ora ha combinato un pasticcio21:13
Angelforget16 g di ssd21:13
daryl0non vede piu la barra sotto21:13
daryl0mi dispiace non poterlo aiutare. usa il pc x contattare la sua famiglia qui in italia21:14
Angelforgetok allora ascolta ma non e che la fatta diventare a scomparsa la barra21:15
daryl0se gli faccio digitare lxpanel gli dice che รจ attiva21:15
daryl0le icone che gli avevo messo sul desktop le vede21:16
daryl0non penso che si a scomparsa21:16
Angelforgetallora fai cosi sul pc gli devi far premere il tasto con il sinbolo win21:17
Angelforgete si dovrebbe aprire il menu21:17
daryl0aspe lo provo io in virtuale21:20
Angelforgete poi da li va a vedere le impostazioni delle finestre e anche della barra21:20
daryl0mo lo mando su evernote queste dritte che mi hai dato e gliele rigiro per sms21:21
Angelforgetma sei italiano daryl0 ?21:22
daryl0si son italiano Angel21:22
daryl0pure tu?21:22
daryl0pure tu?+21:23
Angelforgetanche io cmq se hai problemi vieni pure su questo chan ci saremo sempre ad aiutarti . che vers. di Lubuntu gli hai messo ?21:23
daryl0la 11.0421:23
Angelforgetumm... ascolta era molto meglio la 11.1021:24
daryl0io uso kubuntu per lavoro oltre a win721:24
Angelforgetanche io21:24
daryl0avevo scaricato solo quella21:24
Angelforgetcmq tra 5 giorni esce la 12.0421:24
daryl0lo so21:24
Angelforgetper kubuntu e lubuntu sono gia beta 221:25
daryl0tra 5 giorno salgo a Milano dai miei famigliari li ci sta la fibra ottica21:25
daryl0da quando mi son sposato vivo in basilicata21:25
daryl0tu dove sei situato?21:27
Angelforgetma sei anche nel chan di kubuntu ?21:27
daryl0azz vicini21:28
daryl0io son al confine lucano calabro pensa te21:28
Angelforgetdi dove di preciso21:29
Angelforgetdai io sono vicino a te sai21:29
daryl0hai visto21:30
daryl0Laino Mormanno Morano Castrovillari o dove21:31
Angelforgetasp. spostiamoci qui che se no intasiamo il chan #lubuntu-offtopic21:32
Angelforgetper entrare daryl0  vai sul link che ho scritto  tasto destro e clik entra21:33

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