craigbass1976Is there a way to disable guest sessions?  I didn't realize they were there, and found when I got home that the babysitter had fired up my laptop today00:06
craigbass1976Sounds like it caused problems in 11.10, so I wondered if it was no longer an issue in 12.0400:06
Bender_K4R0L15, i did it!00:07
Bender_K4R0L15, I typed in a terminal: sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx fglrx_* fglrx-amdcccle* fglrx-dev*00:07
Bender_then i installed the driver with the --install --force option, and not --build dpkg.00:08
Bender_Now the driver works perfect and I have no more warning in the software update :)00:08
craigbass1976Will sudo apt-get remove gdm-guest-session do it?00:10
Bender_K4R0L15, thanx for your suppor. Bye00:13
physically_fitwho's using Firefox 11 in ubuntu 12.04 here and can do me this favor? In this webpage http://www.reddit.com/r/GuessTheMovie what do you see in the 4th entry next to the word "Laura Palmer"?00:16
Daekdroom'Identified' ?00:16
physically_fitDaekdroom, exactly. thanks. you are supposed to see a check mark, like everybody else (Win users included), or as in Chromium, but I see "Identified" too. Thanks!00:17
physically_fiti thought i was the only one.00:18
physically_fiti'm telling the mods of that subreddit00:18
craigbass1976physically_fit, I too see identified.00:24
craigbass1976and happy pills00:24
physically_fitcraigbass1976, thank you for the feedback. and... why happy pills?00:25
craigbass1976physically_fit, no idea, but I see identified by that one too00:25
physically_fitcraigbass1976, oh. yes happy pills too. i told the mods. thanks again.00:27
craigbass1976Is there a way to disable guest sessions?  I didn't realize they were there, and found when I got home that the babysitter had fired up my laptop today.  Sounds like it caused problems in 11.10, so I wondered if it was no longer an issue in 12.04.  Will sudo apt-get remove gdm-guest-session do it?00:28
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jeremiah_why do i keep getting a black screen in minecraft00:43
MrChrisDruifIs there a native Minecraft version for Ubuntu? Or is it running in Wine?00:45
GraemeLionMrChrisDruif: Java.00:45
MrChrisDruifUgh, java...00:46
* MrChrisDruif didn't know (nor cared) if Minecraft was a Windows game or not ^_^00:46
jeremiah_true, but i like linux better then windows00:47
fishcookeris there any cool apps for monitoring from cli?00:57
MrChrisDruiffishcooker; monitoring what?01:04
fishcookerlocal resource mrchrisdruif01:04
MrChrisDruiffishcooker; you might want something like htop or even regular top01:04
MrChrisDruifCPU/RAM right?01:05
fishcookeris there any logging for that or statistical like goaccess for apache monitoring01:05
CyberWorldany idea on how long tell release?01:07
caravelCyberWorld: 26 it should be, later if delayed :)01:07
caravelhi all01:08
fishcookerhi caravel01:08
jeremiah_so can anyone help me?01:10
jbichaCyberWorld: the channel topic has a link to the schedule01:10
caravelhi jeremiah_: if anyone can, you'll get an answer, be patient this is IRC01:12
fishcookerfree Web based server monitoring app .. any link for this product01:12
jeremiah_caravel, ya, but two people said that it is not meant for linux, which i knew it was not originaly designed for, but works, and then that was it01:13
caraveljeremiah_: not read the start of your conversation, just popped in sorry :)01:13
caraveljeremiah_: (so, I don't know what "it" means)01:14
jeremiah_caravel, when i try to open minecraft, after i log in, i get a black screen. how do i fix?01:14
jeremiah_caravel, now you do.01:14
caraveljeremiah_: thanks :) I don't know how to fix this (never even touched minecraft..)01:15
jeremiah_caravel, thats sad. you should try it out sometime...01:16
jeremiah_So does anyone know how to fix the black screen problem in minecraft?01:18
caraveljeremiah_: as I said, be patient this is IRC. Good practice is to wait half an hour at least before repeating question01:19
* caravel ...01:19
jeremiah_the half an hour just started...01:19
caravelHere is mine -- hi everybody. Are there any specifics about running x11vnc over 12.04 beta2... livecd itself ? I tried and failed with some « channel 4: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused  » as soon as I attempt to remote login (via ssh tunnel, if it matters).01:21
caravel( nb. x11vnc -once is what I generally use to assist 10.04 users )01:22
caravel2) A user trying 12.04 beta LiveCD is having a crash shown in Apport (if I understand this right, Apport is the equivalent of ABRT here). Is there some way to reopen the submission wizard after it was closed ?01:25
GraemeLioncaravel:  Has he run an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade?01:26
caravel(I do have the crash report, got it over ssh, willing to submit it myself manually otherwise -- happens systematically at boot, just after session has been open)01:26
GraemeLionThere's a chance this is probably fixed01:26
caravelGraemeLion: no, this is a LiveCD (!!)01:26
GraemeLionStraight off the beta2 CD I had a persistant crash that's gone away01:26
caravel(that's beta2 iso)01:26
caravelGraemeLion: fair enough, maybe it's not worth the effort I guess01:27
GraemeLionIt might be.. next time it happens, ask him to go ahead and report it.01:27
GraemeLionIt'll respond if it's been reported already01:27
caravelGraemeLion: bet I did ask her already :)01:27
GraemeLionher :D01:27
GraemeLionMy apologies.01:28
caravelGraemeLion: still I was wondering, can Apport be accessed afterwards to resubmit ? eg. if there were no connexion in the first place, after connecting to the internet..01:29
GraemeLionI don't know.. honestly have never tried it01:37
caravelGraemeLion: no worries, thanks anyway01:37
trismcaravel: the crash report should be in /var/crash/, you can use: ubuntu-bug /path/to/file.crash01:42
caraveltrism: yes thanks, as I wrote I do have it already01:42
caraveltrism: and cool, thanks for the cli tip01:42
trismcaravel: sorry missed that part01:43
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nyquist333In 12.04 what is the cipher mode setup by the alternate installer when enabling full disk encryption? Is it AES-XTS? Do I need to setup LVM and dm-crypt by hand to use AES-XTS?01:52
caraveltrism: there were a lot to read , *I* am sorry :)01:53
craigbass1976Is there a way to disable guest sessions?  I didn't realize they were there, and found when I got home that the babysitter had fired up my laptop today.  Sounds like it caused problems in 11.10, so I wondered if it was no longer an issue in 12.04.  Will sudo apt-get remove gdm-guest-session do it?01:58
skelanyone able to get dock extension working in gnome 3.4 ?02:02
jbichacraigbass1976: see http://askubuntu.com/q/62564/157902:03
craigbass1976jbicha, thanks02:06
PatrickChow do i go straight from 11.10 to 12.04 without doing a full uninstall/reinstall?02:31
tsimpsonPatrickC: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades02:33
tsimpsonor just wait a few days, when it's released anyway02:33
PatrickCtsimpson, when is the release date?02:36
jbichaPatrickC: the schedule is in the channel topic02:37
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lotuspsychjeanyone tested gnome classic yet?05:59
bluefrogwhat for?06:02
lotuspsychjejust was curious if it ran smooth on precise06:04
lotuspsychjei never liked unity 2d06:07
_tasslehoff_Installed Ubuntu AMD64 from the Alternate CD on a PC with UEFI, but I just can't make it find anything to boot from. It seems to install grub-efi, and I've set aside a 1MiB BIOS Boot Area at the beginning of my SSD.06:30
_tasslehoff_Booted into rescue mode and reinstalled grub, but on boot it just asks me to "insert a bootable medium"06:30
etphaving problem with private repo on upgrade, 11.10 -> 12.04 works fine but 10.04.4 -> 12.04 complains W: Failed to fetch bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/..._Packages Hash Sum mismatch, any clues?06:56
lotuspsychje!info kazam07:04
ubottukazam (source: kazam): Easy to use application for recording on-screen action. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 94 kB, installed size 824 kB07:04
tshelton1232can anyone help me install minecraft on ubuntu 12.04??07:09
tshelton1232can anyone help me install minecraft on ubuntu 12.04??07:11
lotuspsychjeplayonlinux package07:11
lotuspsychjemaybe that will help?07:11
tshelton1232i do not understand07:12
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:12
lotuspsychjeplayonlinux is a handy app for games on ubuntu07:12
EvilResistancelotuspsychje:  won't help07:12
EvilResistancetshelton1232:  you need to install Oracle Java07:12
EvilResistanceMinecraft's .jar for linux doesn't work without Oracle Java (aka "Sun Java")07:13
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.07:13
vega-anyone else having strange colors in youtube videos with nvidia binary drivers in precise?07:15
_tasslehoff_Does "booting the install cd in efi mode" make sense?07:55
brendand_tasslehoff_, i think so07:56
brendand_tasslehoff_, although i never use cd's. but i have an option in my bios to boot in efi mode07:57
_tasslehoff_brendand: I think the installer is booted in efi mode on my pc (with an asus motherboard), cause it installs grub-efi. And since I haven't created an efi boot partition, nothing works.07:58
_tasslehoff_is it possible to choose the type of partition table in the installer?08:12
brendand_tasslehoff_, unfortunately i don't know. you want #ubuntu-installer08:13
_tasslehoff_brendand: ah. thanks08:14
krey_hello, when I try to install skype apt gives me a huuuge list (240) of dependencies (mostly i386 libs). is this normal? (precise pangolin)08:24
EvilResistancekrey_:  i dont think skype has a 64bit version08:26
EvilResistance(in the repos)08:26
EvilResistanceif so, that'd explain the huge number of i386 stuff08:27
EvilResistance(now you know why I boycotted Skype)08:27
lotuspsychjeskype does work for 64 bit08:27
hifibut skype doesn't have 64 bit client08:28
krey_http://hpaste.org/67318 this was supposed to fix it, but skype package is no longer even found08:29
krey_EvilResistance: boycotting skype is not an option for me, but i'm interested. what's the best alternative?08:33
krey_I allowed the partner repos (for oneiric and precise) and that reduced the number of extra pkgs08:38
mcdonc_wow, it's amazingly painful to try to figure out what's stored in dconf and what's stored in gconf08:48
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tokinwhitemanHey I have the weather indicator app installed and it force closed upon coming back from hibernate/sleep mode. ideas?08:57
tokinwhiteman*force closes08:57
autoditachi. is there a problem with network-manager in current precise? it lost all its submenus like wifi selection and vpn connection initialization.09:01
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Guest1595hi,i have a question:compiz is suitable with ubuntu 12.04?09:42
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andrew_cooperHey.  Loving most of 12.04 LTS.  Lots of cool stuff.  I've only got 1 problem.  If I get disconnected from wifi for any reason (ie I restart the router or the router drops me) I can't reconnect.  I have to restart the computer in order to reconnect.  Has anyone else seen this problem and is there a way to fix it?10:15
jmarahi there :) anyone tried 12.04 on a HP DL320/360?10:27
rwathi guys - any idea why the unity dock thing has disappeared in 12.04? Is it a bug or me?10:32
pangolinI've been having some weird display issues, GUI freezing to the point I need to reboot and such10:35
pangolinfor the past 3-4 days or so10:36
pangolinI'm thinking it is nvidia related10:36
rwatpangolin - do you have the thing where you login the first time and you can't click on any old windows?10:36
rwatI get that and if I restart lightdm it goes away10:37
pangolinno, but I don't reload the previous session10:37
rwatlooks like it was something odd about my user - another user can login ok10:43
rwatand sees the menu10:43
bartolonihi, what date for the RC? (thx)11:04
jtruckslook at the release schedule in the /topic11:05
ubottuA schedule of Precise Pangolin (12.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PreciseReleaseSchedule11:05
SidewinderI believe it's April 24th.11:05
bartolonithx sidewinder11:11
nbubuntuanyone know whether the latest ubuntu 12.04 support z77 board ?11:26
linuxuz3rcan you upgrade 11.10 to 12.04?11:49
pangolinlinuxuz3r, yes, wait for the official release and the update manager will offer to upgrade for you.11:51
pangolin6 days or so left11:52
PatrickCim doing my upgrade now :)11:52
PatrickCjust cause i really want to run 12.04 lol11:52
RobinJ1995Seriously, is there some kind of tradition saying that the new release of Ubuntu has to be pumped full of bugs a week before release, every time?12:03
comunistucompiz is compatible with 12.04?12:04
RobinJ1995I've used it without much problems for weeks. Now I have no sound, it removed my drivers, the software center is broken, it takes minutes to shut down the system or log out, ...12:04
RobinJ1995oh yeah, and I forgot: every so often a window becomes unresponsive, making me unable to click anything (including the f*cking close button)12:14
RobinJ1995or a save button >.>12:14
RobinJ1995driving me nuts12:14
snadgeinstalling 12.04 on an imac hehe12:15
pangolinRobinJ1995, if you need to star out a word or character in the word, don't use the word.12:15
RobinJ1995at the current point there isn't a single decent operating system. they all care more about looks than stability12:17
* Sidewinder Shouldn't say this in "+1" but I'm an LTS guy (10.04) and it runs better than stable. :)12:24
g0bl1nIs there any kind of support to login on laptops with Yubikey's OTP ?12:37
_tasslehoff_Up and running on 12.04 with proprietary nvidia drivers. My GTX 650 TI doesn13:13
_tasslehoff_'t give out anything sensible on hdmi, though13:13
_tasslehoff_ubuntu detects the display, but the display says "no cable connected". have tried hdmi and dvi out from the pc, neither works.13:15
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topyligrr my system is well broken14:08
maexwellhow i find terminal (running on live dvd 12.04 beta2), my grub broke during the installation (i overwrited the exiting ubuntu) I tried typing terminal to dash14:34
raynethat should have done it really but there's always the shortcut keys ctrl + alt + T14:36
eagles0513875im very happy with the kubuntu improvements over 11.1014:36
eagles0513875kde 4.8 is so much quicker then the version in 11.10 on a netbook with 2gb of ram and an ssd14:36
LintKDE is slow on 2GB RAM machine? LOL14:41
eagles0513875Lint: no its not far from it its not slow 12.04 is faster then 11.10 versions of kde14:46
eagles0513875and im talking about a netbook with an intel atom and a solid state drive and 2gb of ram14:46
snadgedamn.. 12.04 wont install on a friends imac14:49
snadgejust locks up during install.. whilst downloading updates.. if you unplug the network, it gets as far as installing grub.. then fails14:49
eagles0513875first time i didnt have issues upgrading form one release to the next :D14:50
murlidharjeez. :( http://pastebin.com/gQW3KQLN14:55
murlidharcan anyone help me with the repository errors ?14:55
Dubacox crashes often15:02
genii-aroundmurlidhar: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf && sudo apt-get update15:04
murlidhargenii-around: what does it actually do ?15:07
genii-aroundmurlidhar: It removes the corrupt/bad lists then goes and grabs the current ones which then repopulates those directories15:08
murlidhargenii-around: but it still is not working .... still errors coming15:08
genii-aroundmurlidhar: Please pastebin the error(s) which you are now getting15:09
murlidhargenii-around: http://pastebin.com/vBC2u6kF15:10
murlidhargenii-around: the software center or the update manager don't open ( they crash soon as they open )15:12
genii-aroundmurlidhar: For the GPG error: http://askubuntu.com/questions/86424/how-to-fix-gpg-error-for-extras-ubuntu-com-oneiric-release  shows how to fix that. I'm not sure there is yet a 12.04 backports repository, you may want to comment out the entry for that one in the /etc/apt/sources.list15:14
roastedhi there15:27
roastedI thought I could report a bug directly to launchpad?15:27
roastedclicking report a bug takes me to an ubuntu wiki where I have to run it from the OS itself15:27
roastedIf I do it through Ubuntu itself it requires I put in a PID or report it against an application, but my issue is certain Fn keys.15:29
roastedso of course, it fails because I did not specify an application15:29
DebolazXI guess its a bit of a stretch to ask here, but anyone know the url to the github repo with fixed keyboard layouts for the norwegian apple keyboard?15:53
DebolazXNevermind, found it.15:53
DebolazXThat's the one thing I do hate about ubuntu, having to manually install the correct keyboard layout every time I install the system. :-P15:54
ironhalikDebolazX: You probably should file a bug about this. If it's a common problem, it probably will get into the repositories.15:56
DebolazXironhalik: Bug reports has existed for a long time, it affects several languages.15:56
PiciDebolazX: do you have the bug #?15:57
DebolazXNot on hand.15:57
DebolazX(I'm at the office now)15:57
DebolazXhttps://raw.github.com/socketpuppet/Ubuntu-MacBook-Norwegian-keyboard/master/no is the file I use to get a working keyboard layout anyhow.16:02
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Dubacohow to file a bug against xserve?16:16
wyldeDubaco: 'ubuntu-bug xorg'16:22
vebulousHi everyone16:38
vebulousI can almost hear crickets.16:39
vebulousI was wondering if anyone can help me.16:42
neco198hi all16:44
neco198I have this problem with gnome-shell 3.4.1 http://i39.tinypic.com/2heftaa.png16:45
justdavelooks pretty, what's the problem?16:45
justdave(icons look a bit shoved together to me though)16:46
genii-aroundjustdave: Previous to the upgrade, were you using a proprietary video driver, like nvidia or fglrx ?16:47
justdavegenii-around: it was.  nvidia16:47
neco198and when enable user theme extension i got that16:48
neco198on disable work normal16:48
MerwinHi! I've got a strange behavior : the text in the top bar is blurred16:49
justdaveI'm not getting the low graphics warning or anything it looks like it just doesn't bother to try starting X11. boots to a console prompt16:49
yudshello, repartitioning my disk for 12.04 beta. I have a 20gig/ 8gig swap and then rest is /home. installer warns me that I need a reserved bios area. I created a 5mb partition before all three partitions. still getting the warning16:49
MerwinI don't know why, it has been like this since I installed the beta.16:49
justdavewhat's the service name for the login chooser in precise? (seems like it's not gdm anymore)16:51
drusselljustdave: lightdm?16:51
vebulousAfter upgrade to 12.04 (from 11.10) grub can't find my partition. It simply states "error: no such partition" for the new and all of my previous kernel entries. How can I remidy this?16:52
justdavehmm, so maybe it does start and then quits without doing anything16:53
justdaveI just did "start lightdm" and it found it, and claimed it started, but nothing happened.16:53
justdaveit showed up in the process list for about 10 or 15 seconds, then disappeared16:53
neco198Can you explain a little more detail for boot on comand promt16:54
justdaveI don't have a monitor on this box, if it's trying to be smart or something.  It normally runs headless and I VNC into it.16:55
justdavemaybe it sees that there's no monitor and thinks it shouldn't bother starting. :)16:55
justdaveyeah, I bet that's what's going on.  If I start an old-style vnc server that runs a separate desktop session that seems to work fine17:02
justdaveer, maybe not.  things seem a bit crashy. :|17:04
justdavebox was upgraded directly from lucis, if it matters17:04
vebulousSorry to just intrude, but I was hoping I can get a quick pointer. My upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 beta2 has somehow messed up. with grub17:07
vebulousnone of my kernel entries work. they all say "error: no such partition"17:07
justdavevebulous: did you resize partitions or anything prior to the install?17:08
justdavedevice order might have changed or something17:08
vebulousno. I simply issed the update-manager -d command (or something like that)17:09
vebulousIt's an upgrade from Onric to Precise17:09
justdaveI know there's a way within grub to get a grub shell and explore the hard drive a bit17:09
justdavebut I forget how off the top of my head17:09
natmananyone using kubuntu 12.04? hows it shaping up?17:09
genii-aroundnatman: I'm pretty happy with it so far.17:10
vebulousI could have probably fixed this with legacy-grub. I never fully go the thang of grub217:10
natmangenii-around: whats the default IM client and package man?17:10
genii-aroundnatman: Muon is the default package manager. Not sure what the default IM client is, probably Kopete. I'm using Quassel mainly for the IRC17:12
eagles0513875fyi in kde4 konversation is back genii-around just not installed by default17:12
genii-aroundeagles0513875: I prefer Quassel but thanks17:12
natmangenii-around: cool, Kopete is getting old, was hoping for telepathy to be ready. Quassel is great17:12
natmanKvirc is also nice17:13
eagles0513875i like kvirc alot17:13
eagles0513875im on latest master branch compile but i think im due for a newer recompile17:13
eagles0513875genii-around: do you feel kde as a whole has gotten faster with kde 4.817:14
eagles0513875to me on my netbook it seems a hell of alot quicker17:15
natmani have an older ( 1.6 GHz centrino, 2GB ram, very small Nvida gfx card ), what *buntu would be best, it currently has Xubuntu - but i really dont see any preformance benifits for the xfce desktop17:15
genii-aroundeagles0513875: Not really for me, it seems relatively the same. But far less buggy apps and crashing etc17:18
eagles0513875genii-around: and wwhat im really happy about is more control over akonadi17:20
eagles0513875and nepomuk17:20
cypher-neoI was just wondering if there were any major differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit Precise ISO images.17:24
cypher-neoI remember back on 10.04 and 10.10 that Preview mode only worked on 32-bit.17:26
cypher-neoHas this been fixed?17:26
cypher-neoCan 64-bit users use an Ubuntu 64-bit Precise disc and Try Out the software before installing?17:26
trismcypher-neo: amd64 live usbs work here17:29
cypher-neoGood :D17:30
cypher-neoI'm glad amd64 Live Preview has been fixed. I have a 64-bit user I'm converting to Ubuntu today. :)17:31
Arnoldcypher-neo, starting from Ubuntu 12.04, the default ISO you'll be downloading will be 64-bit anyway17:33
jbichacypher-neo: I've never had a problem with Live mode on 64-bit and I've been using Ubuntu for years17:33
jbichaArnold: that's not been confirmed, I believe 32-bit will still be default because it works most everywhere17:34
Arnoldjbicha, so they are backing up from the early proposition? I just read a few days ago that they are still going to set the 64-bit being the default release for download17:35
jbichaArnold: but did you read that from an official source?17:38
Arnoldjbicha, no, it was not from an official source17:38
cucohi all, my laptop has one of those dual GPU thingies.  I have two problems: no HW acceleration is available for X, and the HDMI connection is not working.17:38
cucofor all i care - if only the intel card will work and the nvidia will not - I am happy17:39
aantoonhi, will 12.04 alternate support ssd+trim+luks out of the box or do I have to do some tweaking?17:44
aantoonknock knock17:49
cucossd should out of the box.17:51
cucowhat is trim and lucks?17:51
aantoonsorry mean TRIM and luks17:52
eagles0513875Trim and luks???17:52
eagles0513875whats that if you guys dont mind me asking im on 12.04 on an SSD on my netbook and kubuntu is super zippy and happy17:53
aantoonabout TRIM on 11.04 it lost my partition table after 1/2 year probably do TRIM17:56
aantoonthat is why i ask if 12.04 and the kernel 3(up) will support it17:57
cucoaantoon: sorry, no idea :(17:59
eagles0513875aantoon: that drive encryption or home directory encryption18:00
eagles0513875aantoon: there is a kernel channel, that youk about that18:00
hechuhi, is there anybody interesting in a M$ office clone (deep compatible with M$) in Ubuntu Linux ? it is not open source, but free. produced by a Chinese company.18:00
aboSamoorHi, can someone help me with this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/986321?18:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 986321 in linux (Ubuntu) "READ/Write FPDMA QUEUED failures" [Undecided,Incomplete]18:00
hechuhere is the wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingsoft_Office18:01
aantoondrive incryption18:01
eagles0513875ahh im no help with that18:02
eagles0513875i did have issues with home directory encryption18:02
cypher-neohechu, LibreOffice is also free and it's included with Precise18:02
eagles0513875cypher-neo: its based on the Open office code base but a million times better18:03
eagles0513875libreoffice is maintained by the document foundation and development is so fast :) and tons of improvements with each new version18:03
cypher-neoeagles0513875, I know that. I use Libre every day.18:03
hechucypher-neo, yes thank you. I know. but ,,,  LibreOffice or OpenOffice are not good enough in compatible,18:04
cypher-neohechu, Yes, they are! They can export and import from hundreds of office file formats.18:04
eagles0513875cypher-neo: im actually working on the android port the UI for it :D18:05
hechuhttp://www.kingsoftstore.com/  this is the home page of the Kingsoft Offic ( only Windows version), now they are developing linux version, and released it's alpha3 version.18:05
aantooneagles0513875: thanks for trying18:05
cypher-neohechu, I've heard of people have issues with Open and LibreOffice before, but compatibility has never been an issue.18:05
eagles0513875cypher-neo: the codebase has diverged quite a bit compared to the OOo.org codebase18:07
hechucypher-neo, oh. I see. some times I have to exchange some office file with M$ users. it's sometimes a big problem in compatible issues. especially when I have to do some modification on their document.18:08
eagles0513875hechu: they are constantly improving compatability with microsoft formats. The biggest problem is microsoft not following the ODF standards18:08
cypher-neohechu, Then you need to convert your friends to Linux. lol18:08
eagles0513875cypher-neo: not necessarily even if he converts them to libreoffice its a start18:09
hechucypher-neo, yeah, I am trying convert my friends an my families.18:09
cypher-neoGood job hechu!18:10
eagles0513875hechu: kubuntu is the best to get them on if they want something that is very similar to windows18:10
hechucypher-neo, I want to say is this Chinese company, they have a contact with M$ in early of 90s. they have M$ format legally.18:11
hechu* contract *18:11
hechuactually, I am a community member of that company, a alpha tester of linux version office software.18:13
Lintno. the reason is that ´community´ is either lazy or incompetent and cannot implement a format properly.18:14
cypher-neoI'm going with greedy and incompetent.18:14
hechuoh, sorry my bad English, maybe you got misunderstanding me.18:15
hexa-I'm trying to build wine 1.5.2 on 64-bit precise but I cannot resolve the 32-bit xlib development dependency the configure script complains about18:16
hexa-configure: error: X 32-bit development files not found. Wine will be built without X support, which probably isn't what you want. You will need to install 32-bit development packages of Xlib/Xfree86 at the very least.18:16
eagles0513875hexa-: you would need the ia32-libs installed18:16
hexa-I have18:17
eagles0513875O_o i dunno then never compiled wine from source18:17
eagles0513875hexa-: have you tried asking in the winehq channel18:17
hexa-they told me wine on 64 bit needs multiarch support to be built18:17
hexa-multiarch-support was already installed, ia32-libs too18:18
cypher-neoI don't understand why you're building it. 1.5.2 was released on the PPA source yesterday I think...18:18
jtaylorto build you likely need more stuff18:18
jtaylorapt-get build-dep wine should help18:18
hexa-need to add a custom patch to make diablo 3 downloader working18:19
jtaylorthough not all may be coinstallable18:19
cypher-neohexa-, Oh, I see.18:19
essobiMy touchpad doesn't disable while I'm typing.... Hmm.18:19
eagles0513875cypher-neo: he coudl also download the source package18:19
cypher-neoeagles0513875, Also, that. :)18:19
eagles0513875hexa-: you tried apt-get source wine package to get it from the source repo18:19
hexa-I did try apt-get source wine first, then downloadaed the source packages - doesn't make a difference18:19
hexa-using the wine ppa18:20
eagles0513875thats not right O_O18:20
eagles0513875hexa-: try sudo apt-get build-dep wine18:20
hexa-doesn't make a difference as in they both complain about missing x 32 bit dev libs18:20
eagles0513875dev libs for what18:20
hexa-already did18:20
hexa-"32-bit development packages of Xlib/Xfree86"18:20
essobiAnyone have an idea why my mousepad doesn't disable?18:20
jtaylorhexa-: check the debian/rules on how its built18:21
hechuI HAVE TO exchange some office document with my friends and business partner ( my client). they are usually M$ user. even LibreOffice/OpenOffice can open M$ Office document, but it's still many different between each other. The Chinese company, because the legally have file format of M$ offcie document, so they produced a M$ file deep compatible office software, called Kingsoft Office. now, they are developing Linux version. I have a alpha package of installa18:21
essobis/mousepad/trackpad/ :D18:21
hechution file. I found the KSOffice can solve the problem of me (compatible with M$ document).18:21
essobihechu: .... Okay?18:21
trismhexa-: bug 944321 (see the comments)18:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 944321 in wine1.4 (Ubuntu) "apt-get build-dep script for wine missing xorg and " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94432118:22
hexa-jtaylor: it seems they're building with --enable-win64, but that does not create 32-bit executables unforunatelay18:22
hexa-trism thx18:22
hechuessobi, excuse me.18:22
jtaylorhexa-: so wine in the repository is 64 bit only? I doubt it18:22
jtaylorsimplest is just to do quilt import your-patch and build the package18:23
hexa-it isn't18:23
hexa-thats what I was wondering about18:23
hexa-jtaylor with dpkg-buildpackage I suppose?18:24
jtaylor-us -uc if you have no gpg key18:24
hexa-alright, thanks. I'll try that now.18:24
mykrobinsonafternoon. Need some help with Download Helper giving me conversion failed errors, whether I use ffmpeg or mencoder.18:25
jtayloryou probably have to do QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches quilt import18:25
jtaylormake sure it lands in debian/patches18:25
trismI don't think it is that simple, see the comments from the wine maintainer on that bug18:25
hechuessobi, my HP laptop touchpad can stop by "synclient touchpadoff=1"18:25
essobihechu: I don't have a synclient compat touchpad.18:26
essobiIt's a MacBookPro 8,3.18:26
tiox0I have been using an AT&T wireless dongle since Ubuntu 9,04, and I know it works in Ubuntu 11.10, but in 12.04 I cannot get it to work.19:14
tiox0Network Manager isn't even recognizing it. I tested on a Windows machine with ACM installed and it works.19:14
tiox0Is there a way to downgrade the Network Manager to get things working, or do I have to install a previous-version kernel?19:15
jinjorgedoes it make sense to downgrade to 11.10 from 12.04 then do a do-release-upgrade to test the upgrade process?19:18
trismtiox0: might be useful to see what sort of errors you get in /var/log/kern.log and /var/log/syslog when plugging it in19:19
glosolihmm anyone has an idea hot to mame context menu not so full of everything, to edit it somehow ?19:19
glosolihow to"19:20
tiox0rNevermind, a connection was found, lol19:24
jack_^What's up with the NVIDIA drivers for 12.04? 173 appears to be broken atm... both in repo and upstream. is this something that can be fixed, or are the older cards not supported?19:25
MisterThave you ever tried to install 12.04 on a macbook?19:34
bazhangMisterT, whats the issue, please describe clearly19:34
MisterTit can't start up.  mostly Input/output errors19:35
bazhangMisterT, did you md5 the iso before burning it to cd? do the disk integrity check? burn at very low speed?19:35
MisterTi have no idea how to put the input into a file unless i type it into a text editor as it's trying (and failing) to boot, but it goes too fast19:35
MisterTeh, no19:36
bazhangthats always the first step19:36
jesfre@mistert: how old is the mac?19:36
bazhang!md5 | MisterT19:36
ubottuMisterT: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:36
MisterTyep, the md5 hashes are not the same19:42
bazhangthat would be the issue then19:43
MisterTi thought that corruption of files was impossible over TCP19:45
guntbertMisterT: that is a big error :)19:46
MisterTi thought that TCP was created so that would not happen.  Though i suppose it happens less than UDP19:47
guntbertMisterT: don't confuse these protocols - they have nothing to do with the integrity of a download19:48
MisterTyep, this one's not corrupted19:52
bazhangso burn at low speed, do the disk integrity check, and try again19:53
MisterTtoo bad i had to waste a good CDR learning that the hard way19:53
bazhangMisterT, next time use a usb stick19:53
MisterTi don't think this version of imac will boot from usb19:53
MisterTand as a reward, here's a kick-ass track19:56
bazhangMisterT, this is not place to post such things19:57
MisterTwhy not?19:57
bazhangMisterT, its a support channel19:57
MisterTbut, whilest one is supporting, it can be boring without some good tuneage19:58
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic for the tuneage19:59
MisterTI got X20:13
jack_^What's up with the NVIDIA drivers for 12.04? 173 appears to be broken atm... both in repo and upstream. is this something that can be fixed, or are the older cards not supported?20:29
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FernandoMiguelboua noute20:37
Tasmaniahey elky.20:43
bazhangTasmania, support issue?20:44
TasmaniaNo, I just need to talk about something.20:45
bazhangTasmania, /join #ubuntu-ops20:45
MrKeunerhello, how can I create a desktop launcher in Gnome3?21:28
neco198Hi all21:51
neco198i have this problem21:51
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syddrafI'm trying to start the bluetooth manager in 12.04, but I am getting thishttp://paste.ubuntu.com/938974/ Can anyone help?22:41
inflexhiya folks... jus installed 12.04 on top of 11.10... some hiccups but the big one is that window moving on my desktop is now really sluggish :(  OpenBox + lxpanel with an ATi  HD4350 card,  no binary driver installed.22:44
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inflexstrangely, in-application redraws are fast and desktop switching is fast, but it's just window moving that's dog slow22:45
samuraidoes anyone have a link to a procedure to get adium themes working with Empathy 3.4.1 on Ubuntu 12.04?22:51
dreamwavehey guys .. whats the easiest way to upgrade from 11.10 to the latest (12.04 I assume)22:57
inflexdreamwave: update-manager -d      ( As root )22:58
inflexor I suppose it'll ask you for credentials any how when it launches22:58
dreamwaveok.. if I dont come back  in 10 minutes.. dont do sh*t22:59
dreamwaveso .. after using update-manager -d to upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 .. it started downloading packages and started installing them23:15
dreamwavethen it said "your system may be in an unusable state"23:16
dreamwaveand stopped updating23:16
dreamwavenow Im not sure if I should restart ..23:16
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