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DomasoFan562hi all15:54
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DomasoFanwill the HUD be accessible in the final version of ubuntu 12.04?15:58
tsimpsonDomasoFan: what is available now is what will be available on release, we're already long past feature freeze16:37
DomasoFantsimpson: ah ok.16:48
AlanBellDomasoFan: it might be, andyrock was working on it today18:08
AlanBellunity3d launcher and dash started talking again for the first time since beta118:09
AlanBelltsimpson: accessibility generally gets some attention after final freeze18:10
AlanBellwould be nice if it was a bit more testable before final freeze, but hey here we are again with stuff being fixed in the last week18:11
DomasoFanAlanBell: cool. guess they might not put in new orca and at-spi though but yeah. looks quite good currently with the newest updates.18:21
DomasoFanAlanBell: installed it here on a 2 ghz 2 gb ram 100 gb hd laptop. very responsive.18:22
AlanBellDomasoFan: this ppa has unity3d that works somewhat https://code.launchpad.net/~andyrock/+archive/unity-a11y18:23
AlanBelldash icons are not spoken and the hud doesn't really work18:24
DomasoFanAlanBell: hmm. the hud also has issues in 2d currently. but let's see what we are getting in the final release which is dated on the 26th.18:25
DomasoFanbut its cool how good accessibility got from 11.10 and up. when i just remember the accessibility in pre 11.10. ;-)18:26
AlanBellthere might be some stuff in the final release and some stuff in 0day SRU updates on the 27th18:28
DomasoFanAlanBell: that sounds interesting. have you also seen that the language selection thing in the system settings is not accessible? it seems not talking when you go there.18:30
AlanBellyes, I think there is a bug about that18:31
DomasoFanis there a work around to install language packs? in the login screen i saw there in the indicator menu you can select the language too.18:32
DomasoFanah found there is a section pn packages.ubuntu.com where language packs are listed.18:36
DomasoFanah no. those are just for libre office and other tools.18:37
DomasoFanah found it now. seems to be that: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/translations/18:38
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DomasoFanseems not to work. same if you change the language in the user's settings.18:49
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kendellhi all22:29
AlanBellhi kendell 22:57
kendellAlanBell:  hi22:57
kendellhave been testing the latest precise daily build. It works great but either unity, nautilous or some accessibility component is very sluggish, because nautilus is extremely sluggish. I'm not sure how to determine which22:58
kendellyay, successfully compiled orca on precise, I've never done  that before, I kept getting errors23:00

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