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scientesanybody have a static armel coreutils? i only need chroot05:41
infinityscientes: busybox-static should have chroot built in.05:42
scientesinfinity, i've got a guy in #debian-arm where debootstrap from lenny arm fails05:43
scienteswith invalid instruction05:43
twbscientes: is he using qemu arm cpu emu?05:44
twbThere was a memory initialization bug in pre-2.0 qemu05:45
scientestwb, no he is using the NSLU205:45
scienteswith 2.6.3205:45
twbpre 1.0 I meant, but OK05:45
scienteshe is doing a armel chroot05:45
scientesdoes he need a newer kernel for EABI support?05:46
twbIs it a recent ubuntu armel chroot?  You know recent ubuntu is v7 only right?05:46
scientesno its squeeze05:46
scientesubuntu wouldn't work05:47
infinityIt's been a LONG time since I played with OABI, but aren't there kernel config differences between OABI and EABI-supporting kernels?05:47
scientesinfinity, every syscall is differn't05:47
scientesbut the new kernels support the old arch05:47
infinityThat would be a "yes". :P05:47
scientesi just dont know which version05:47
infinitySure, but does he have a new kernel?05:48
infinityI'd assume not.05:48
scientesthe EABI syscalls are 0x90000000something+05:48
scientesguess he needs to upgrade that first05:48
scientesi mean "new" relatively05:48
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ogra_hmm http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTA4NjA09:03
lilstevieogra_: it doesn't do a great deal yet09:06
ogra_sure sure09:06
lilsteviebut a great start09:06
ogra_but it seems to do more than just xfbdev09:06
marvin24needs xf86-video-modeset driver09:09
marvin24I'll hackup an upstream kernel after the next iteration09:11
marvin24let's see how far it will come ;-)09:11
lilsteviewe have an almost working nv-tegra branched kernel running on the transformer prime :D09:14
twb"if it compiles it's great if it boots ship it" ?09:19
twblinus said that09:23
lilstevieit boots09:23
lilsteviewell, unless I build it with the cross compiler in the ubuntu repo09:33
twbA mere detail09:34
* twb waves hand dismissively09:34
LetoThe2ndjedi hand move? ;)09:35
twbmore like politician09:35
nimesh_accenturewhat does this error mean? sh: cannot create /dev/null: Permission denied ? i get it on the chrooted ubuntu-core on android09:56
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vstehlenimesh_accenture: looks like you have an empty /dev directory. Try to 'mount -o bind /dev chroot/dev' before you chroot.10:38
nimesh_accenturevstehle: :-) did that and it worked10:40
nimesh_accentureAlso, I wanted to check the stability of my chroot, so is are there a set of tests that I can run on ubuntu shell to check if all the basic things like audio/framebuffer/wifi/ethernet etc. are in order?10:42
vstehlenimesh_accenture: for fb, you can always 'cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb0' :)10:49
vstehlefor audio, aplay comes to mind10:49
vstehlefor wifi, try an iwconfig first10:50
vstehlefor ethernet, a ping is a good start10:50
ogra_infinity, i guess you dont need to wait for the compiz stuff, the branch and the package have diverged (unuploaded changes in the branch), so i cant produce a sane patch that wouldnt cause havoc between package and branch (once again) ... unless i upload whats in the branch ... it seems that didrocks is on vacation and i dont want to blindly upload bits i dont know about...10:53
infinityogra_: Gah.10:54
infinityogra_: Tell me there's a hope we can fix it for release?10:54
infinity(But I guess 0-ish day SRUs will be "okay"...)10:54
ogra_i dont think so, we would have to update the patch after each commit10:54
infinityogra_: Mon/Tue would still be fine, if we can manage.10:54
ogra_this will be a mess for five years though ... i dont see a clean solution (apart from the above which surely is a fulltime job)10:55
nimesh_accenturevstehle: thx10:57
infinityogra_: Well, I would hope unity isn't getting major updates post-release.10:58
nimesh_accenturevstehle:  but is there a test suit that does this for us? something similar to cts in android10:58
ogra_infinity, hahaha10:58
infinityogra_: LET ME HAVE MY FANTASY.10:58
vstehlenimesh_accenture: a test suite? There is a "Linux test project" and a Phoronix test suite, I think. But I did not run them.10:59
* ogra_ grins10:59
nimesh_accenturevstehle:  ok...cool! i'll take a look thx again!11:00
rsalvetiogra_: do you have the new package or patch done locally already? I can also help testing it if you want12:20
ogra_rsalveti, alf_, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/compiz/12:26
vstehleogra_: thanks! it works on omap5 :)12:37
nimesh_accentureguys i'm  getting this error on ubuntu-core 11.10 chrooted on Android ICS :  Temporary failure resolving 'ports.ubuntu.com' . is this a DNS issue? i changed /etc/resolve.conf with my local DNS ip add... the ubuntu-server version 11.10 works fine...12:41
ogra_rsalveti, alf_, any news ?13:01
rsalvetiogra_: updating/upgrading13:03
rsalvetiwant to make sure it works with the latest stuff13:04
infinitynimesh_accenture: Either you got resolv.conf wrong, or your DNS server is/was upset.  There's not a whole lot else that can go wrong there.13:38
infinitynimesh_accenture: (Well, or your system isn't connected to the internets)13:38
nimesh_accentureinfinity: hmmm the same DNS works for my desktop ubuntu ... is there a possibility that some ports are blocked? because i'm behind a corporate network , which has some restrictions13:42
infinitynimesh_accenture: I have no idea how your network or your android system are configured.13:43
infinitynimesh_accenture: All I can tell you is that setting resolv.conf in the chroot is all you need to do.  If that doesn't work, it's the host system or the network.13:43
nimesh_accenturehmmm ...ok...thx infinity...i'll try and talk to the network team to find out whats going on13:45
infinitynimesh_accenture: It's more likely to be your android setup than the network team's fault.  But they may have some handy tips.13:45
nimesh_accentureinfinity: The README of pandaboard says "Ethernet networking is hardcoded to use and DNS."  , but should that affect the chrooted Ubuntu?13:47
ndecnimesh_accenture: if you are behind firewall, you need to configure your proxy in the chroot as well. as your config outside of the chroot isn't visible13:57
nimesh_accenturendec:  but I didn't have to configure http_proxy  on my desktop ubuntu, however /cat /etc/resolv.config on my desktop shows me the DNS ip's14:04
ndecnimesh_accenture: well, if you are behind proxy, you must have some configuration somewhere, no?14:06
nimesh_accentureI dont know what the networking team has done , but we dont have to configure any proxy... our ip addresses are like 10.211.xx.xx14:08
nimesh_accenturendec: thx man...gtg ...have a happy weekend guys14:09
rsalvetiogra_: working nicely!14:37
rsalvetialf_: and it's actually usable!14:37
ndeccool, from the archive?14:38
rsalvetindec: yup14:39
rsalvetindec: but with the latest package from ogra, that just starts gtw-window-decorator automatically14:39
rsalvetithat should hit the archive soon14:39
ndecrsalveti: nice. i am running a minimal system atm, what's the simplest way to install unity3d? ubuntu-desktop?14:39
rsalvetialf_: the only thing I noticed that's a bit slow, is when you're using dash in full screen14:40
rsalvetindec: if you have to install ubuntu-desktop I'd probably recommend you to install the pre-installed image from scratch14:40
rsalvetiit takes so much time to update/install the packages14:40
rsalvetithat it's just faster to flash a new one :-)14:40
ndecrsalveti: from usb it's usually not to bad...14:41
alf_rsalveti: ogra_: Great! Actually I missed the ping... Ricardo can you please ping me as the second name to test something14:41
ndeci have lots of things on my /, i don't really want to flash something else ;-)14:41
rsalvetindec: so I believe installing ubuntu-desktop will probably do the work14:42
rsalvetialf_: the dash with the default size sounds ok, but with full screen it feels quite slow14:42
alf_rsalveti: I think the full-screen active blur is too much for the sgx, when I disable the dash blur it's much better14:57
rsalvetialf_: makes sense14:57
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ppisatiguys, rootstock is not supported anymore, right?15:07
ppisatiwhat should i use instead of it?15:07
ogra_rsalveti, alf_ awesome, committed and pushed, the rest has to happen once didrocks is back from vacation15:09
ndecppisati: ubuntu-core15:12
ogra_ppisati, depends, there is no 1:1 replacement15:14
kenwsHi there, Does anyone know what eglibc options are used on ARM (in terms of option-groups.config)?15:17
* kenws is looking at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/2.15-0ubuntu2/+build/319966715:19
kenwshm, probably just the defaults (everything enabled)15:20
ppisatindec: ogra_ so, what do i use to roll an ubuntu filesystem in a tarball?15:21
ndecppisati: i don't understand the question...15:22
ogra_you can use -core but need to do all configuration15:22
ndecand i wrote that a while ago : http://omapedia.org/wiki/OMAP_Ubuntu_Core15:22
ogra_yeah, i guess i will steal from it for the ubuntu wiki :)15:22
* ppisati goes to read15:23
ndecogra_: omappedia, says this "Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.." so you should be fine ;-)15:24
ndecjust say my name, and how nice i am..15:24
ogra_and bring some bribing money ?15:25
ndecthat could do it15:25
ndecrsalveti: apt-get install ubuntu-desktop took less than 15 mins ;-)15:26
rsalvetindec: nice :-)15:27
AdebarAnyone knows a ubuntu compatible notebook (ARM) with bigger screnn than Toshiba AC100 or Genesi Efika MX Smartbook?15:35
steevthere isn't one15:36
steevwell, maybe the macbook air15:36
steevoh wait, you said ARM15:36
steevthere still isn't one15:36
steevthat said, you could get either the AC100 or the Smartbook and replace the screen, there is a 10" 1280x720 screen that is compatible (disclaimer: i work for Genesi)15:37
Adebarmhm... perhaps another one knows such a device. Sry if I asked three times in ten minutes, looked like it didn't work.15:39
alf_vstehle: How does unity feel on OMAP4 performance-wise?15:42
alf_vstehle: oops, OMAP515:42
vstehlealf_: it does not work so well...15:43
alf_vstehle: Do you think (or guess!) this is a driver issue or a compiz/unity issue?15:45
ndecalf_: i am trying to setup a panda with the same driver.15:45
vstehlealf_: issue is probably on my side, between keyboard and chair :)15:46
ndecin fact we are now using the new xf86-video-omap driver, which rsalveti is also trying to bring up for next LEB15:46
ndecfor now we have driver issues.15:46
alf_vstehle: lol15:46
alf_ndec: ok, thanks15:46
ndecvstehle: on panda, i have the black screen issue... i guess our PPA does not have the latest fixes from robclark?15:47
vstehlendec: I don't know... I have not tested on OMAP4 since a week or two.15:48
prpplaguersalveti: http://tincantools.com/product.php?productid=16158&cat=0&page=1&featured16:55
prpplaguersalveti: kits will be ready on monday16:55
ogra_alf_, rsalveti, compiz is now in precise-proposed, would be good to give the packages in the archives another test once they built to make sure everything is fine and i didnt make any mistakes17:01
alf_ogra_: great, thanks!17:23
rsalvetiprpplague: awesome!18:17
rsalvetiogra_: will do, thanks18:17
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gdanei recompile my kernel and i need ipkg-utils 1.6 r2119:12
gdanecan some one say me wherr i can find it?19:13
gdaneall the time bitbake try to compile it, it says that it cant go to cvs handheld.com19:14
gdanehendheld isnt work now19:14
gdaneso i thought may be some one help me19:14
gdanei asked google before, but it shows only misstakes and not solving of this problem19:15
jeinorhi! I was redirect here from #ubuntu-devel because I had arm-related questions to getting Ubuntu Core up and running on a ARM-system.22:13
jeinorI got an error message trying to boot a 3.3.1 kernel about "VFS: Cannot open root device "mmcblk0p2" or unknown-block(0,0)"22:15
jeinorthe kernel command line is from a older kernel (2.6), I'm not really sure what command line to use with the 3.3.1 kernel22:16
jeinorgrateful for any assistance22:16
rcn-eejeinor, it's probally either, your bootargs don't match your partition layout, or... you don't have the necessary drives to access the drive..22:27
jeinorthanks for answering . I think the drivers are there, I got the kernel configuration from a forum thread where this user (which does not respond back) said he got it up and running with that configuration.22:34
jeinorit's probably the bootargs, and me not knowing how to set them in u-boot22:34
jeinorI tried editing the script /boot/boot.scr by hand (vim), but whenever I do it seems to break the boot process completely (even if I just add the --verbose flag)22:35
jeinorrcn-ee, ok I figured out how to change kernel command line args. Apparently I can't just change the args directly in boot.scr, I had to regenerate it using mkimage :)22:52
jeinorrcn-ee, did you just reenter?22:55
jeinorah, I missed your quit notice there22:56
jeinorI'll repost my last message: rcn-ee, ok I figured out how to change kernel command line args. Apparently I can't just change the args directly in boot.scr, I had to regenerate it using mkimage :)22:56
rcn-eeyeah, you can't edit that directly, take a look into your u-boot printenv, it might also support "uEnv.txt" files, which are raw text files.. so nice to edit..22:57
jeinorok, thanks. I think I'll go with the method I found for now, just running the mkimage-command22:58
jeinorstill no luck in finding that root partition though22:58
rcn-eethen it might be either a missing driver for the interface, or even misssing support for that file system.. and assuming you've ran 'fdisk -l' on it so you know it's correct..22:59
jeinorit's a dd copy to a new sd card from the stock one sent with the cubox, so I think it's correct. I'll check the filesystem though, as I replaced a 2.6 kernel with 3.3.1 perhaps the default support for ext2 is dropped23:01
jeinorthanks for the tips23:01
rcn-eehumm, if it's ext2, i've never seen anyone disable that by default..23:03
jeinoryou're right, checked with "make menuconfig" and it's enabled (you can see I'm pretty new with this)23:04
jeinorthis makes me believe the driver is there: "mmc0: SDHCI controller on sdhci-dove.0 [sdhci-dove.0] using DMA"23:08
jeinor(I'm trying to boot from a sdcard)23:08

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