head_victimcaryb: you going to be able to make it down to the Kedron park for the release party?05:28
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blahdeblahhead_victim: When's the party again?05:53
* blahdeblah hasn't had time to scratch himself lately05:53
head_victimhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-au/1618/detail/ 05:53
head_victimSunday 6th May.05:53
head_victimThere will be $10 lunch meals :)05:54
blahdeblahcaryb: I'm based up at Caloundra now, so maybe we could carpool for some of the way...05:55
head_victimI've posted it to the HUMBUG as well. One of them has requested to post it elsewhere as well so there may be a few new faces.05:55
blahdeblahhead_victim: Got any team business cards still?  I'd like to give out a few at QUT when i'm there for classes.05:55
head_victimblahdeblah: indeed I do05:56
head_victimAnd I think I'll be a QUT student myself soon. I'm basically all but signed up to an MBA at gardens point05:56
blahdeblahYou're a stronger man than i.05:56
blahdeblahI'm doing Grad Cert IT, probably leading to Masters eventually.05:57
head_victimLooking at HR majors and a minor in corporate governance.05:57
blahdeblahEeek!  You'll be an untouchable! :-P05:57
head_victimHaha means I'll be very busy :/05:57
head_victimI looked into IT but just counldn't find an easy ay in from where I am.05:58
head_victimSo I've decided to just go hardcore on the corporate management and get up as high as I can there.05:58
blahdeblahDon't you have a bachelor's in something?05:59
head_victimBehavioural Science (Psychology)05:59
head_victimBasically that's a long way of saying "people skills"05:59
blahdeblahQUT Grad Cert/Masters in IT doesn't require IT as your undergrad discipline.06:00
head_victimYeah but I don't really know enough about IT to get too far into it :/ I'm tempted to try and add in some Project Management stuffs to see if I can get that way.06:00
blahdeblahbah - you'd do fine!06:01
head_victimI'm looking at advancing my wage more than anything. It's only a bonus if I like it.06:02
blahdeblahIf you say so.  Personally, i think there's no point in the former if you can't have the latter.06:03
* blahdeblah has to go - have a good one folks06:03
head_victimYeah but I'm actually a little excited looking at some of the HR and leadership topics06:03
head_victimCheerio mate :)06:03
sagacisydney release party tomorrow09:03
head_victimsagaci: looks like a few going :)09:05
head_victimjellyware is in -chat and he's heading in apparently09:05
blahdeblahhead_victim: Thou protesteth too much - you would do fine in IT.09:05
head_victimblahdeblah: yeah, but the time to learn enough to get to a position I can support the mortgage is the downer.09:07
head_victimI'm not the sort of person who likes working contracts.09:07
blahdeblahFair enough09:07
blahdeblahI understand09:07
head_victimI was hoping I can squeeze in some project management into the electives and have a look at that.09:07
head_victimCome in a bit higher up in the chain then.09:08
blahdeblahI'm in the position where i will probably have to go back to working for the man pretty soon just to support the family09:08
head_victimBut when I started looking at courses, I really found the leadership and hr stuff interesting as well.09:08
head_victimYeah I like working for the man, it means steady income. It's less freedom but I am the sort of person that suits.09:08
head_victimWell I hope you can make it down for the release party, I have to head off for a bit but it would be nice to catch up09:13
blahdeblahTake it easy, head_victim09:22
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