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deper29hey, I'm having trouble. if i try to ssh to my desktop, it doesn't let me ssh the hostname, I have to ssh its IP address. Looking in my router settings, the hostname doesn't show up. any idea why that might be?02:04
tsimpsonunless you want to set up a DNS server, your best bet is to just edit your /etc/hosts file and add the host manually02:07
tsimpsonor, if you have avahi working, try appending .local to the hostname02:08
tsimpsonso ssh somehost.local02:08
Unit193You can also setup your ~/.ssh/config file if you'd like.02:09
deper29tsimpson, thanks for replying. If I open my /etc/hosts file on my desktop(what I want to ssh to) I see that is localhost, and is fermat(name of computer)02:09
deper29or are you saying to add the host to my laptop and throw the ip as
tsimpsonexactly, just add the hostname for the desktop and put in the IP address02:10
deper29perfect. did that and it works beautifully :) so i'd have to do that for all computers on my LAN?02:12
tsimpsongenerally, that's the easiest way02:12
tsimpsonas long as all the computers get the same IPs02:12
deper29gotcha. unless I hard reset my router, I'm good02:13
tsimpsonfor other Ubuntu boxes, or even Mac, you should be able to use the avahi-style hosts02:13
deper29i'm not familiar with avahi02:13
tsimpsonavahi/bonjour/zeroconf is a network with "zero" configuration, each machine broadcasts what services they offer, and their IPs, over the network. avahi is the software that deals with that02:15
deper29ah, I see. just reading up on it now :)02:16
deper29 I don't seem to have a config in .ssh02:16
tsimpsonwell, you don't need one there02:17
deper29but I could set one up?02:18
tsimpsonyou could put a ssh config there, if you wanted. but I don't really know why you'd need to02:18
deper29fair enough :P02:19
deper29well thanks again for helping with that! my vpn is finally set up the way I want it :)02:19
tsimpsonsure, the default config in /etc/ssh are sane enough for most02:20
deper29I could add something to that though instead?02:20
tsimpsonsure, but make sure you read the documentation02:21
deper29of course :)02:21
tsimpsonhttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/en/man5/ssh_config.5.html should tell you what to put in ~/.ssh/config02:21
deper29thanks for this too02:22
tsimpsonno problem :)02:23
deper29now that my hours of procrastination are up though, I must go study finally. thanks a bunch again! the ubuntu community has been great to me02:24
tsimpsonglad you're enjoying the community :)02:25
OutOfControlAfternoon all05:31
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r4yI want to know if Ubuntu 12.04 is considered stable and worth using compared to 10.04 which I guess all sepends on what it is used for. I mean should I wait till some next release of 12.04 to come out. I don't want to be a tester.09:59
r4yIs it offical?09:59
r4yI mean for Desktop.10:00
bioterrorwait couple of weeks after 12.04 is officially released10:00
bioterrorand then hit the upgrade10:00
r4yOK, thank you, I am sorry I had to ask.10:00
bioterrorusually .1 releases are the stable ones10:00
bioterroryou know like 12.04.1 ;)10:00
r4yOK, I didn't know10:00
geirhaThere's always some "child illness" the betas didn't catch, the first few weeks10:00
r4yAwesome, TY :)10:01
bioterrortheres like 10.04.01 10.04.02 and 10.04.03 at least ;)10:01
r4ychild illness?10:01
geirhaBad translation I supposee10:01
bioterrorr4y, small problems10:01
bioterrorbut nothing like Suddent infant death syndromes ,)10:02
r4yI remember once getting 10.04.01 which I thought was labelled as 10.04.1 but I guess I am wrong10:02
r4yGot it. Thank you guys.10:02
r4yI wasn't sure, so then 12.04 for testing is ready.10:03
r4yTY you for the help.10:04
bioterroratleast lubuntu 12.04 works smoothly10:04
bioterrorI have had 0 problems, actually10:04
r4yCool. I've never tried lubuntu10:05
r4yI have much I want to try in the future10:05
andrewhiggsHello everyone.10:06
r4yTake care :)10:07
andrewhiggsI am struggling to get tomcat (6.0.35) to work well on an Ubuntu Server currently testing on 12.04 but got same result on 11.04 and 11.10). The same application is running on a hosted solution with much better performance. I notice that the CPU does not appear to be being used (top shows %us to range between 5 and 15%) as much as the hosted solution (top show %us to be between 80 and 90%). How do I go about trouble shooting why the cpu is not being10:08
oCeanandrewhiggs: please don't crosspost messages10:15
oCeanalso, for all 12.04 issues, /join #ubuntu+1 channel, it's offtopic for the regular channels10:15
andrewhiggsHi oCean. The problem is also on 11.04 and 11.10.10:20
SidewinderAlphaGuyy, Mornin'.12:53
AlphaGuyyI have a question relatn to partition editor12:54
AlphaGuyyIs it possible to partition a drive without formatn12:54
SidewinderAlphaGuyy, I don't see why not; just create a new partition and don't format it; that space will just be allocated but not used. Don't know why you'd want to do that unless you're reserving space for future use.12:56
AlphaGuyyYes i have an 80gig. 35gigs used. Want to create a partition 4 new o.s12:57
AlphaGuyyRuning live cd 9.0412:59
SidewinderAlphaGuyy, Which 'new OS'?12:59
IAmNotThatGuyAlphaGuyy, You can use gParted12:59
AlphaGuyyHow do i go about it im new to linux12:59
IAmNotThatGuyLet me find a good link to help you13:00
IAmNotThatGuyone min13:00
Sidewinder9.04 is End of Life. Why not use 10.04? It'll be supported until April 2013.13:00
AlphaGuyyIm usn old live cd to rescue data.13:00
SidewinderAlphaGuyy, This should get you up and runnin', in no time: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index13:01
SidewinderIAmNotThatGuy, Beat 'ya. :-)13:01
IAmNotThatGuySidewinder, I am trying to read 4 links to hfind which one is easy for him to proceed :P13:02
SidewinderIAmNotThatGuy, Just kiddin'..13:02
IAmNotThatGuyAlphaGuyy, Just try looking at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/larry/resize/resizing.htm for editing the partition13:03
IAmNotThatGuyyou should be careful when you are doing that13:03
IAmNotThatGuyAlphaGuyy, Better one is http://partedmagic.com/doku.php?id=using_gparted13:03
SidewinderIAmNotThatGuy, The psychocats link is the one that I used, back in 2007, when I was brand new to ubuntu. I found it to be beyond helpful.13:03
IAmNotThatGuyYeah. Theirs is forever green :)13:04
raubvogelI setup an interface to use static IP (lines 3-9 in http://pastie.org/private/mamcbwyzohmmrkfezhnw).13:12
raubvogelThe network has a bind/dchp server in which will give ips to dchp clients starting at 10013:12
raubvogelWhy is it giving me a dhcp ip (lines 13-21 in http://pastie.org/private/mamcbwyzohmmrkfezhnw)?13:12
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angelsanyone here to help?18:44
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:47
bioterrorUnit193 is here to help18:47
philipballew_Unit193, is my cousin18:47
bioterrorhe got a shine new cloak18:48
bioterrorit's his duty18:48
philipballew_angels, whats your question?18:52
SidewinderGlad someone's spelling is worse than mine. :-)18:55
IAmNotThatGuybioterror, you sure that Unit193 will help? ;D18:55
bioterrorofcourse not, he got his cloak18:56
bioterrorhe has no reason anymore :D18:56
* Unit193 hasn't seen a question, other than the sanity of philipballew_ 18:56
IAmNotThatGuybioterror, you know what, Unit193 came forward to buy me a Canon 5D Mark III new after getting the membership :D18:57
bioterrorand still uses those celeron computers? :D18:57
bioterrorweird guy18:57
Unit193bioterror: P4! (Just one celeron....)18:58
IAmNotThatGuybioterror, I heard that the bot is running in a 40 year old machine which is making him sleep outside the house xP18:59
bioterrorpeople wants help, but then doesn tell us how to help19:06
philipballew_Unit193, maybe im just a bot to19:09
angelsphilipballew_ - Why when I go thru the Linux installer, why is an error telling me I need to make a Root?19:22
angelsI used GParted to create GPT table, then 400GB ext4 (out of total 1TB blank drive). Is there another step I'm missing?19:22
philipballew_angels, what distro?19:23
philipballew_you can just install, the on screen install does all that for you19:23
angelsI am clicking thru it, but it is stopping due to the error19:23
angelsIt wants me to create a root from the "Partition Menu" but I don't see one19:24
angelsI highlighted the 400GB partition, and the options are to add or change...?19:25
WindowsToLinuxanybody here?19:26
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:27
WindowsToLinuxi'm new here, first time, question is... i have a wifi laptop and a wired pc both on ubuntu 11.10, how can i connect both computers and browse/share files19:28
philipballew_theres a few ways. do you want to use a file browser I assume or say the terminal?19:29
WindowsToLinuxfile browser preferable, very green with linux and terminal scares me!19:30
philipballew_scares you how so?19:30
philipballew_lack of knowledge or afraid you'll mess something up?19:31
WindowsToLinuxbecause I don't know the commands to use, terminal reminds me of DOS19:31
WindowsToLinuxcombination of lack of knowledge and messing up19:32
philipballew_you could try this http://askubuntu.com/questions/16104/share-between-ubuntu-machines19:33
philipballew_try the ssh method maybe?19:33
philipballew_or nfs shares19:34
Unit193You want to connect the desktop to the laptop via CAT5/ethernet cable, right?19:34
Unit193IIRC, you'd need a "crossover" cable to do that.19:34
philipballew_Unit193, he/she might have them at other ends of the house19:34
WindowsToLinuxdesktop is connected to router, laptop is connected to router via wifi19:35
philipballew_hum, alright. try the ssh method. you can even connect via ssh on a browser from away from the house via the laptop19:35
bioterrordont you windows kids use powershell? :D19:36
WindowsToLinuxi've picke the ssh method from the link you sent, cheers :-)19:36
philipballew_i had to use power shell at work last week. its... okay maybe?19:37
bioterrorWindowsToLinux, you should use samba19:38
bioterrorWindowsToLinux, as windows computers understands that too, with explorer19:38
bioterrorssh uses more cpu and is slower than samba19:38
bioterroronly nfs is superior to samba, if compared19:39
WindowsToLinuxi don't have windows anymore, both pc's are linux19:39
philipballew_im not sure he/she has any windows computers apparently?19:39
philipballew_why the switch?19:39
WindowsToLinux<-- is a he, wanted to try it out, also, the desktop pc is a bit slugish with windows, fancied something leaner19:40
philipballew_so you like ubuntu?19:44
WindowsToLinuxand ssh works on both machines :-)19:50
WindowsToLinuxyeah @ philipballew, i don't use a multitude of different programs/software, the stuff on linux is more than enough for my needs and it will get more and more popular19:51
WindowsToLinuxthanks for the help folks19:52
philipballew_this person seems nice19:58
bodhi_zazentime to update firefox again21:18
philipballew_bodhi_zazen, do you compile ff?21:26
bodhi_zazenNot if I can avoid it21:27
bodhi_zazenI had to once for support of a media I needed to work with21:27
philipballew_it takes days to compile ff bodhi_zazen21:29
bodhi_zazenIt takes about 6-7 hours to compile firefox on my netbook in gentoo21:30
bodhi_zazenThat is the biggest problem with gentoo, takes a long time to update21:30
philipballew_gentoo is fun to install though21:35

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