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ramsramboUnable to install Ubuntu beta 12 need help07:54
EvilResistanceramsrambo:  #ubuntu+107:54
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trijntjeHi all, I want to report a regression of fn-keys for precise, what package should I file the bug against?12:11
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ersitrijntje: It's probably specific to your brand of laptop13:33
ersidon't take my word for it though13:33
trijntjei'll try asking again tonight, see if people from another timezone know ;)13:34
s9iper1anybody help me in signing the pgp key my previous key is inactive i have created a new key from passwords and keys  now i dont know what to do how to send it to server14:12
err-orhi, installed precise beta 2 and have a issue with my keyboard. if i like to type some text almost everytime the first few key hits are not recognized. often there is only 'udo' 'do' or something, really annyoing for passphrases... please fix... :)19:08
hggdherr-or: thank you, but I see some problems: (1) we are now on pre-release, not beta2. Lots of changes; (2) there is nothing for us to fix, given that there is no hard data. Please open a bug19:14
hggdhfor me it is CNR, my seven keyboards all work nice on precise19:15
cwillu_at_workanyone know anything about debootstrap --variant=fakechroot?19:23
cwillu_at_work(fails with "Failed getting release file ...")19:24
err-orhggdh: sorry, i installed beta2 but dist-upgraded also ;)19:25
err-ori'll file a bug19:26
hggdherr-or: still, you should open a bug on it: as I stated above, none of my KBs suffer from this, so I think it may be hardware-related19:26
* hggdh is too late... :-)19:26
hggdhcwillu_at_work: it all hangs on what type of failure it had trying to reach the release file. OTOH, there are many images being rebuilt right now19:28
cwillu_at_workhggdh, no, see the previous error19:28
cwillu_at_workhggdh, had a couple http_proxy environment vars which shouldn't have been there19:29
hggdhI hear you, right now I have 5 different proxies running, plus my local squid-deb-proxy19:29
hggdhI am getting really confused19:30
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