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dholbachgood morning06:52
s-foxHello everyone09:33
s-foxping jcastro09:33
czajkowskis-fox: wrong timezone anything anyone else can help with ?09:34
s-foxHello czajkowski , how are you? Yes I know he is in a US timezone. I was hoping he would see the ping and reply later.09:34
s-foxczajkowski,  Possibly, do you know the status on the hdds that have been ordered for the ubuntu forums?09:35
czajkowskis-fox: I don't but if you have a RT number I can go and find out for you if you want09:36
s-foxThe last update I saw was several weeks ago, where sourcing them was proving to be problematic.09:37
s-foxUnfortunately i do not have the rt number.09:37
czajkowskis-fox: ok09:46
czajkowskis-fox: hopefully he;ll see the ping but I think he's at a conference today09:49
s-foxNo worries czajkowski =)09:52
czajkowskiso happy tis friday this week has dagged09:54
s-foxOh? Long week? It has been rather quick here to be honest.09:56
s-foxAny plans for the weekend czajkowski  ?09:56
czajkowskifamily dinner tonight with my cousins, tomorrow heading off to Galway with my mum, and then Sunday I fly back to London09:56
czajkowskiSunday I move house09:57
s-foxI remember last time I moved. It was really stressful09:57
czajkowskiam going to do a bit each evening this week and then move in from sunday week09:58
czajkowskithen a week in london and then UDS09:58
czajkowskibusy :)09:58
s-foxSounds like a good plan to me. Hope the move goes okay for you.10:01
czajkowskiaye shouldnt be too bad tbh10:01
czajkowskihopefully :)10:01
s-foxlol, just realised my iphone is looping the same song.  Thought I had heard sally cinammon a few times this morning already. :)10:03
czajkowskihave a online radio on when I work no adds and no talking10:04
czajkowskirather handy10:04
s-foxczajkowski,  That sounds alright, the guys in my dept listen to radio 2 alot - which i cannot stand. haha10:07
czajkowskis-fox: http://www.defjay.com/player/default.asp?bw=hi&pl=swf  or else absolute 80's but that has talking and adds10:09
czajkowskidpm: would you mind having a look at some stage today at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/19415410:10
s-foxThanks, i'll take a look.10:10
dpmhi czajkowski, unfortunately, this is not something I can solve. I'd suggest contacting an LP developer10:18
czajkowskidpm: no worries just confused as to the issue as well10:18
dpmczajkowski, np :)10:26
czajkowskithe hiding of the address is just confusin10:26
czajkowskiworking on it now10:26
dpmok, cool10:55
* jussi waves11:10
czajkowskiherrro jussi11:10
jussigood afternoon czajkowski11:11
jussiDid we all notice the nice little quote about ubuntu from Linus?13:08
jussiThat kind of senseless user hostility is something that we’ve generally come away from (and some kernel people tend to dismiss Ubuntu, but I really think that Ubuntu has generally had the right approach, and been very user-centric).13:08
popeyyeah, seems to have spread on the socials13:10
mhall119it's like he's famous13:18
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jonodholbach, dpm, jcastro, mhall119, balloons demo day15:00
balloonsohh sweet! a balloons demo?15:01
jonomhall119, you there?15:04
cjohnstonjcastro: summit has markup15:17
mhall119cjohnston: \o/15:23
dholbachalright my friends - it seems I have to run - I have a rock band from Luxembourg I need to eat tasty tasty burgers with16:34
dholbachhave a great weekend everyone16:34
dholbachbig hugs16:34
pangolinI have an issue with the Big Up Ubuntu add on facebook16:37
pangolinWhy does the main add say "steal it" when the terms and conditions clearly state the work must be original16:37
pangolinthis is sensationalism in advertising and I find it disappointing that Canonical would be a party to it.16:38
pangolinWork so hard a making something free for all but then advertise that it is ok to steal.16:39
pangolinif anybody can explain this reasoning I would appreciate it16:39
mhall119pangolin: link?17:02
mhall119pangolin: ah, I believe that was meant more in jest than literal17:04
mhall119like, if you re-purpose a meme for ubuntu, you "stole" it17:05
mhall119so "Ubuntu ALL OF THE THINGS!", as an example17:05
pangolinmhall119, jokes about theft from a company that is based on open source are not funny17:05
dpmhave a nice weekend everyone!17:05
pangolinyou too dpm17:05
mhall119it wasn't a joke about theft, it's slang that maybe doesn't translate well17:06
pangolinmhall119, I get the slang and I do understand how it was meant to be playful and not to encourage theft. What I am saying is that there are way better methods to entice and get people to participate.17:07
pangolinGuess the whole ac/dc thing got forgotten :)17:10
pangolinmost people won't bother to take the time to get permission to use others works and they will post them to Canonical FB page.17:10
nlsthznthis is the nature of the new social media explosion17:11
balloonspangolin, I think whomever wrote that page is using "steal" in a non-literal sense17:14
balloonsI myself invert the true meaning of words all the time, and within the context of the audience I'm speaking to they may understand it.. It's best avoided when speaking to a broad audience, as in this case17:15
pangolinUbuntu is international, used by many non native English speakers, will the sarcasm translate? will they get that is is a joke?17:15
pangolinthe wording is poorly chosen.17:16
jonopangolin, it was a joke17:24
jonoI don't think people will misinterpret it17:24
jonoin terms of an international audience, all jokes can be read in a way in which the humor doesn't work17:25
jonobut then we would have pretty dry marketing material, and that would suck17:25
pangolinbikini clad women in advertising is acceptable and common in some countries.17:26
jonopangolin, indeed17:27
pangolinI know I am taking it to an extreme there.17:27
jonoand different people have different views17:27
jonoas an example, I personally have no issue with bikini clad women in ads, but some people do take offense at that17:27
jonoeveryone has their own view of what is considered appropriate17:27
jonoI think we just need a good balance17:28
jonopangolin, I do agree though that some sarcasm might not translate well17:28
pangolinyou honestly believe that "steal it" fell on the good side of the scale?17:28
jonopangolin, I think it was a joke that most people will see as a joke17:29
jono*everything* can be read multiple ways17:29
jonoUbuntu is Linux for Human Beings...that could be interpreted as being patronizing to people17:29
pangolinI'll leave the business side to the business people and continue doing what I can for the community, but I really think the business people should have a read at the philosophy of the community.17:30
popeypangolin: you're overthinking it ☺17:30
jonopangolin, I think you are reading too much into this17:30
pangolinprobably am :)17:30
jonoit was a joke...not a reflection on our philosophy17:30
popeyi frequently steal jonos jokes17:31
popeyand bury them in the garden so nobody else has to hear them17:31
pangolinjono says things that are funny?17:31
popeyyeah, unintentionally17:31
jonowhich says a lot about popey, that is some slim pickings17:31
popeythats the nicest thing you've ever said near me!17:31
* jono hugs popey17:31
* nlsthzn files this all under Random17:32
popeyby the way17:32
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jussihi there czajkowski21:49
czajkowskijussi: herrro21:51
* jussi has just returned to KDE - its nice to be back, but there were some things about Unity I really appreciated :=)21:52
pleia2I added some new keybindings to Xfce after using Unity on my laptop for a while ;)21:53
jussihttp://wstaw.org/m/2012/04/20/plasma-desktopkm3346.png ;=)21:53
pleia2well that's just an abomination21:54
czajkowskijussi: see this is nice http://twitter.com/#!/czajkowski/status/193447412881301504/photo/121:55
jussibut... but... I like it?21:55
jussiczajkowski: err, what did that have to do with this conversation? (I see a 5 year old bouncng on a trampoline...)21:56
czajkowskijussi: a nice link to look at :/21:56
czajkowskijussi: not a patch on your pics mind21:57
jussioh :D21:57
czajkowskilittle one is looking rather cute21:57
jussiyeah, isnt she.21:57
* jussi is a proud daddy21:57
jussiczajkowski: she has been real smiley the last week or so21:58
jussiits nice :)21:59
jussimind, I think she might be getting a tooth already21:59
tsimpsonjussi: I agree with czajkowski, your desktop is an abomination :p22:04
jussitsimpson: well good thing Im the one that needs to use it22:05
jussiit works for me...22:05
czajkowskitsimpson: wasnt me who said it :)22:06
czajkowskiI get blamed enough for saying the wrong thing! :)22:06
tsimpsonright, it was pleia222:06
tsimpsonso it turns out those folks at unity didn't need to write a whole new UI, they could have just switched to KDE?22:06
tsimpsonjussi: credit where credit is due :)22:07
jussitsimpson: pretty much22:07
pleia2the favorite moment in my 12.04 talk on tuesday was when one guy finishes playing with my system and ends with "that's very nice, but I want the button thing on the bottom"22:08
pleia2there's always one!22:08
jussitsimpson: mind I did do this when they first made unity...but they ignored me... ;P https://twitter.com/#!/jussi01/status/6831953584077209622:09
mhall119jussi: if I can't switch directly to an app with super+[0-9] then it ain't Unity :P22:10
tsimpsonwell then there's just no excuse :)22:11
mhall119If I can't aggregate search results from near and far into the Dash, then it ain't Unity22:11
jussimhall119: I can do that in krunner already22:13
jussiand its pluginable22:13
mhall119jussi: is there a plugin for chicken curry recipes?22:15
mhall119if not, then it ain't Unity ;)22:15
jussimhall119: meh :P just cause someone hasnt made a plugin yet... :P22:15
jussimhall119: mind, as you know, I wouldnt mind if someone got the unity 2d dash running as a plasmoid...22:19
mhall119jussi: it *is* Qt22:20
jussimhall119: I asked some people about it, but it seems its a rather large undertaking. I do want to talk to arelien about it though.22:22
mhall119have you asked mhr3?22:23
mhall119or, greyback might be better, I think he's worked on the -2d dash22:23
mhall119personally, I'd *love* to see lenses and scopes become a cross-desktop standard22:24
jussididnt aurelien woek on 2d also?22:25
jussimeh, I should sleep its almost 2am...22:27
doctormonakgraner: Did you say you were going to email me?22:51
akgranerdoctormon, I am as soon as I think of something witty to say :-P22:52
akgranerother than make a desktop for me22:52
akgranerI love the images you did for Tara and Jason those are awesome22:52
doctormonLol, thought it might be a question/request, but a show of wit is always appreciated :-) what kind of desktop?22:52
akgranerrequest would be a wallpaper for me  or me22:53
akgranerfor me of me  - I meant to say22:53
akgranerdoctormon, you call see all my pics on FB :-) so if you could create something from those that would be the most awesome-est thing in the world22:54
akgranerdang it - can't freakin type ever it seems - s/call/can22:55
akgranerdoctormon, I'll think of something witty and send you a more formal request :-)  but for now I have to run.. talk to you soon!22:57

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