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pittiGood morning04:28
thumperI've just done a fresh install of precise on my server05:03
thumper(hard disk failure)05:03
thumperbut I want to set a static IP address05:03
thumperyes... still IPv405:03
thumperwhat is the minimal bits I need to change?05:04
pittithumper: hey05:04
pittithumper: ah, you've come to the right place for UI-less servers ;-)05:04
pittithumper: more seriously, do you want to edit conffiles or do you have GNOME/network-manager on this box?05:05
thumperpitti: hey... I have it running unity :)05:05
pittioh, heh: )05:05
thumperpitti: it is a desktop05:05
thumperbut I treat it as a server05:05
thumpermy media server05:05
pittiso, network indicator -> edit connections -> cable based -> add05:05
thumperadd, not edit?05:06
pitticreate a new connection, siwtch to the "IPv4 settings" tab, change from "DHCP" to "Manual", and enter teh data05:06
pittithumper: if you have an existing connection, sure, editing will do05:06
thumperwhen I just tried this, it wouldn't allow me to save05:06
pittiI don't have any (using Wifi)05:06
thumperah... hang on, that time save enabled...05:07
thumperlets see if it works05:07
pittithumper: the save button only becomes active if you add an IP05:07
pitti(or switch to "Auto")05:07
thumperideally I didn't want to specify dns05:08
thumperbut it seems without it...05:08
thumperit won't find anything :)05:08
pittifor more flexibility you can also just edit /etc/network/interfaces05:08
pittisomething like05:09
pittiauto eth005:09
pittiiface eth0 inet dhcp05:09
pittithat should suffice05:09
pittierr, no, not "dhcp", but "static"05:09
pittiand add "address" and "netmask", see man interfaces05:09
thumperway... adding the DNS servers made it happy :)05:15
thumpernow to install sshd05:15
SweetsharkMorning everyone!05:30
pittihey Sweetshark05:31
pittiRAOF: hey Chris, how are you?05:45
RAOFI think I may be closing in on why two-finger scrolling sometimes stops working until you reload psmouse.05:46
pittiRAOF: are you up for some SRU training wrt. handling kernel uploads? There's something I want to try05:46
pitti(not necessarily right now, in a few hours is fine as well)05:46
RAOFYeah, I can do that.05:46
RAOFYou know I can't copy to -updates due to LP bugs, though, right?05:47
pittiRAOF: why not?05:47
pittipermission issues?05:47
RAOFBecause the copy times out.05:47
pittiRAOF: ah, not any more05:47
pittithere is never a reason to go to cocoplum any more to release SRUs05:47
pittiRAOF: sru-release was changed from the synchronous copyPackage (which often timed out) to the async syncPackage()05:48
RAOFpitti: That's not quite true though, right?  There's the handful of packages which still need manual tweaking with shell access to do (debian-installer & update-manager are the ones I remember offhand)?05:49
pittiRAOF: so you can release kernels just as any other SRU, except that most kernels also go to -security and thus you need the -s flag05:49
pittiRAOF: right, that's correct05:49
RAOFGood, just keeping up :)05:49
pittiRAOF: releaseing kernels is easy now, though05:49
pittiRAOF: copying kernels to -proposed which do NOT  bump API (i. e. don't require a new linux-meta) is also easy05:49
pittijust run the copy-package script on pending-sru.html, and you are good05:50
pittiRAOF: the tricky part is copying kernel abi bumps, as the new packages routinely land in universe and need to be promoted05:50
RAOFYay bugs.05:50
RAOFI have the permissions to fix that up though, don't I?05:50
pittiRAOF: I usually run copy-proposed-kernel, then ssh cocoplum and move them to main05:50
pittibut I wanted to try something05:50
pittiRAOF: do you have a bookmark for "pending kernel SRU tasks"?05:51
pittiRAOF: we just have one task right now05:52
RAOFI do not, but there's the "open bugs" button on the pending-sru page, rigth?05:52
pittiRAOF: that doesn't help for the kernel tasks05:52
pittithe kernel SRU workflow is a bit different; we don't actually run sru-accept for kernels05:52
pittiRAOF: so I would like to run that one task with you, and try something05:52
pittilet's switch to /msg to not spam the channel05:53
micahgpitti: what's the proper upstream name for gsettings-desktop-schemas (Capitalization wise)06:31
pittimicahg: hm, I think it's just that06:33
* micahg was going to use GSettings desktop schemas (not sure about the last 2 words, but the first is like that in the README06:33
pittimicahg: looks fine06:36
tkamppeterpitti, hi07:14
pittihey tkamppeter07:14
tkamppeterpitti, did you get mail from OdyX?07:14
pittitkamppeter: yes, I added him to the project last night and told him, he just pinged bck07:15
tkamppeterpitti, OdyX has uploaded a new cups-filters package to Debian as it seems that Debian has no libtiff5 any more.07:15
tkamppeterpitti, up to nowthere is no new commit by OdyX.07:16
pittitkamppeter: yes, he said he'd push "later tonight"07:16
pittibonjour seb12807:46
seb128pitti, guten tag! wie geht's?07:46
seb128pitti, happy friday ;-)07:46
pittije suis bien, merci!07:46
pittiand to you07:46
pittiI need to file the release team report, stuck in bug triage..07:46
seb128I'm good thanks07:47
seb128well, now is a good time for bug triage07:47
seb128I've been triaged mostly this week, iso testing as well today I guess07:47
pittiI spent all day on hackign pygobject yesterday, that was a nice diversion07:48
* pitti sighs at http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-desktop-team.html and will just do a mass dropping07:51
seb128seems RAOF own most of the remining ones07:53
seb1285 todo and 1 in progress07:53
pittithere are about 30 left07:54
seb128and Luke has 607:54
seb128pitti, well most of others are 1 by people and mostly not-so-precise-related items07:55
seb128like rickspencer3 has 207:55
seb128rickspencer3, update your work items! ;-)07:55
seb128pitti, I just handled my 2 remaining ones07:56
pitti[mvo] backport apt-clone to lucid (lp:~mvo/apt-clone/lucid-backport): INPROGRESS07:59
pittimvo: ^ this looks DONE? or is there more to it?07:59
mvopitti: uh, last time I looked at this  iirc there was a missing dh_python2 in lucid08:01
micahgmissing as in has not been backported yet?08:02
mvoiirc yes08:02
micahgthis is true :)08:02
micahgBug #78852408:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 788524 in python-defaults "backport dh_python2 to lucid (and maverick if appropriate)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78852408:03
pittimvo: ah, ok08:07
seb128mvo, hey, how are you?08:07
mvohey seb12808:07
mvogood, busy, good, release time!08:07
mvopitti: I guess I could simply convert, let me look at the code again08:07
seb128mvo, ;-) for me release time is quiet time ;-)08:08
seb128they wouldn't let me get fixes in now, so I can sleep :p08:08
pittimvo: I'm fine with "postponed", too, I'm just running through the remaining ones to check that we don't drop something urgent/important08:08
mvoseb128: haha08:08
pitti-proposed is wide open!08:08
mvopitti: ok, if you have it in front of you, just set it to postponed, otherwise I will do that08:08
mvo(but need to hunt the blueprint first ;)08:09
pittimvo: doing08:09
pittimvo: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-p-lts-upgrades FYI08:09
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* pitti hugs apt08:49
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:03
BigWhaleHow can this make it into Ubuntu? https://github.com/engla/keybinder/tree/keybinder-3.009:12
BigWhalekeybinder that is now included is Gtk2 only09:12
RAOFBigWhale: You know, the ideal way to get that into Ubuntu is to have GTK suck it up.09:27
RAOFBigWhale: It's *still* stupid that GTK doesn't have an API for that :)09:27
BigWhaleI know.09:27
RAOFJust as long as we're on the same page :)09:28
RAOFIncidentally, I didn't know that code had got itself libraryised.09:28
RAOFI should probably rip out the copy in Do an depend on that instead.09:28
RAOFOh.  GPL?  Really?09:29
BigWhaleI never bothered to research a bit more into this. If I did, I'd probably repackage keybinder for Precise ... Crap.09:31
RAOFOooh, there's exactly one rdepend of the existing libkeybinder0.09:34
BigWhaleRAOF, what is it?09:50
RAOFBigWhale: The xfce volume daemon.09:51
RAOF(As in: sound volume)09:51
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, how are you?09:51
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, good thanks. although, my daughter is not too well today09:52
chrisccoulsonhow are you?09:52
seb128chrisccoulson, oh? she got a cold or something?09:53
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm good thanks09:53
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, she's just got a cold09:53
chrisccoulsonhttps://twitter.com/#!/chrisccoulson/status/193067610122887168/photo/1/large ;)09:53
seb128chrisccoulson, I should subscribe to twitter and follow you ;-)09:54
RAOFGood to see that the prime directive of the internet is still in effect :)09:55
chrisccoulsonheh :)09:55
seb128hey RAOF, how are you?09:55
RAOFHey seb128.  Good!09:55
chrisccoulsonseb128, you like cats don't you?09:55
seb128chrisccoulson, I love cats!09:55
seb128nice picture ;-)09:56
chrisccoulsonit seems one of ours decided to sleep in a an old flower pot ;)09:56
chrisccoulsonheh :)09:56
chrisccoulsoni've just noticed from that photo that he's lost his collar!09:56
chrisccoulsonhe keeps doing that09:57
seb128why do you put him a collar?09:58
chrisccoulsonso people don't think he's a stray. and the bell also frightens the birds away, to stop him from sneaking up on them ;)09:59
chrisccoulsonwe end up with dead brids all over the garden when he hasn't got a collar on ;)09:59
seb128poor cat, can't even get a bird for lunch?09:59
chrisccoulsonwe do feed him09:59
ogra_is didrocks on vacation today ?10:50
* ogra_ has a compiz change he would need to upload, but there are un-uploaded changes in the branch 10:51
pittiogra_: yes11:00
ogra_k :(11:00
seb128pitti, he swapper his easter monday for today11:03
seb128ogra_, ^11:03
pittiITYM ogra11:03
seb128pitti, indeed ;-)11:04
ogra_well, thanks, i'll talk to the release team if monday is still ok for a 0 day SRU11:04
ogra_i just dont want to upload stuff he didnt nod off11:05
seb128ogra_, yeah, you will be up for a rant again about wth you guys are doing coming so late in the cycle with non working stuff11:05
ogra_seb128, it would have worked without that werid branch stuff :P11:06
seb128it would have worked if had landed 3 months earlier11:06
ogra_well, i was promised that patch for opening of precise ...11:06
ogra_somehow there was some kind of a slight slowdown :)11:07
ogra_(though i also was promised the same patch for the opening of oneiric ... dunno what made me hope for it to be ready when 12.04 opens :P )11:08
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Chipacaanybody here able to give a hand with an issue i'm seeing in a scope?11:15
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vuntzchrisccoulson: hey, just wondering if you updated the patch in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=608402 to fix my comments?12:16
ubot2Gnome bug 608402 in general "Add support for delaying autostart applications" [Enhancement,New]12:16
tkamppeterpitti, I got a fix for bug 980673 in cups-filters.12:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 980673 in cups-filters "pdftopdf crashed with SIGSEGV" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98067312:21
tkamppeterpitti, probably now it should go as SRU. I will put cups-filters 1.0.17 onto the Debian BZR, can the SRU also be 1.0.17 or should it have the fix in debian/patches (1.0.17 differs from 1.0.16 only by this patch)?12:23
pittitkamppeter: no, it can also be 1.0.1712:25
pittitkamppeter: right, just upload to -proposed12:25
tkamppeterpitti, OK, it is on its way now.12:35
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tkamppeterpitti, fix for bug 980673 is uploaded to -proposed for an SRU now. It is also committed to the Debian BZR.13:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 980673 in cups-filters "pdftopdf crashed with SIGSEGV" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98067313:03
desrthappy friday13:23
seb128desrt, hey, happy friday! how are you?13:28
desrtus usual, i'll be able to tell after coffee :)13:28
nessitahello everyone! would you please remind me which is the proper channel to report unity issues?13:45
kenvandinenessita, #ubuntu-unity13:45
nessitakenvandine: thanks!13:46
dobeydpm: ping14:00
dobeydpm: n/m14:03
desrtmterry: apparently you've been naughty?14:10
seb128desrt, is that the autostart delay stuff?14:23
seb128desrt, it was a "let's assume GNOME doesn't have reason to reject that simple patch and not go through a temporary name and transition"14:24
seb128if you want the reason to use X-GNOME-14:24
seb128but the patch has been sitting in bugzilla and never went it14:24
mterrydesrt, hello.  I have?!14:25
seb128mterry, in fact chrisccoulson had14:25
seb128desrt, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=608402 for the record14:25
ubot2Gnome bug 608402 in general "Add support for delaying autostart applications" [Enhancement,New]14:25
mterryphew  :)14:25
seb128or vuntz had14:25
seb128desrt, "Vincent Untz [gnome-session developer] 2010-01-29 01:03:03 UTC14:25
seb128Please prefix the key name with X-GNOME"14:25
* mterry doesn't want to ruin his Christmas haul14:25
desrtseb128: on the assumption that the patch would go upstream that makes sense14:26
seb128desrt, I think it's not fair to blame us to do what upstream asked on the bug review14:26
desrtseb128: nobody is blaming14:26
seb128desrt, "<mclasen_> what I most strongly dislike is the use of X-GNOME for something that is not, in fact, a gnome thing"14:27
seb128desrt, but well, let's not argue on details ;-)14:27
desrtwell, that part is true :)14:27
desrtit's clear what happened, though14:27
desrtyou took the patch on assumption that it would one day make it upstream14:27
seb128I think they is no bad willing there14:27
desrtit never did14:27
desrti agree14:27
vuntzfor reference, it would help to have the latest version of the patch in the bug :-)14:27
seb128vuntz, I can do that ;-)14:28
vuntzsince the X-GNOME thing was requested in the last review, and there's no patch uploaded after that14:28
vuntzbonus point if everything mentioned in the review is fixed14:28
desrtthen the solution is that gnome takes the patch and everyone is happy14:29
seb128well mclasen didn't seem so happy about GNOME taking that patch14:29
desrtseb128: i'm not thrilled about the approach myself14:29
seb128better suggestions that work today or would work with reasonable efforts are welcome ;-)14:30
* vuntz is not thrilled but doesn't care enough to argue against or for :-)14:30
desrtseb128: 'take the patch' ;)14:30
seb128"let's do nothing until we fix that will in 3 years" not so good ;-)14:30
dpmdobey, sorry, I was on the phone. Is there anything I can still help with?14:39
dpmif it's the bug with untranslated Yes/No/Cancel, I'm talking about it with mandel14:39
dobeydpm: it was that bug, yes14:40
seb128vuntz, I've attached the current version, chrisccoulson should still update it to address your review comments though ;-)14:42
chrisccoulsonoh, that one again ;)14:42
chrisccoulsonperhaps i should do non-firefox desktop work for a cycle :)14:42
kenvandinechrisccoulson, when we switch to midori you can :)14:44
dobeykenvandine: what, are we going to just ship elementary now?14:50
desrtseb128: (looking over bug mails) the nfs/ecryptfs homedir thing is what causes the crashes in refresh()15:08
desrtseb128: the segv one is the one that i think is happening on logout15:08
seb128desrt, did I comment asking on the wrong one? ;-)15:08
desrtseb128: i already asked it on the other one15:09
desrtand the reporter confirmed that they have ecryptfs15:09
seb128desrt, oh ok, I got confused, thanks ;-)15:09
seb128desrt, how does ecryptfs lead to that issue?15:09
desrtseb128: mmap on ecryptfs seems unreliable15:09
seb128never got an issue here15:10
desrtfor the same reason that it's unreliable on nfs, i guess15:10
desrtya... not will-always-fail15:10
desrtjust not totally reliable15:10
desrtenough that we get a few bugs about it...15:10
seb128ok, I'm a bit surprised still, but if you are confident it's that ;-)15:11
desrtanyway... it's sort of an interesting point.  we may want to treat fuse-based filesystems in the same way we will treat nfs file systems (ie: don't trust that they will work properly)15:11
desrti guessed, and had my guess confirmed15:11
desrtso i'm not sure, but i'm fairly happy with that explanation15:11
desrtthe fix to this problem is very very simple: we really need XDG_RUNTIME_DIR15:12
seb128that's not a "fix" for ecryptfs not being reliable15:12
seb128I'm not sure I want to store my datas on a non reliable fs15:12
seb128i.e that raise questions out of that bug ;-)15:12
seb128it's a bit of a disturbing situation15:13
desrtit's not the data that's the problem15:13
desrtit's the shm file (ie: a one-byte signaling mechanism we use for synchronising the service and the apps)15:13
seb128well, how many programs will have the same issue15:13
desrtanything that tries to create shared memory handles using the home directory as a backing store?15:14
desrtthis is exactly the reason that XDG_RUNTIME_DIR was invented and why we are trying to use it for all things like this15:14
desrtwe need a reliable local native fs (like ext3, ext4, btrfs, tmpfs, etc)15:15
desrtnot 'fake' filesystems like ecryptfs/fuse or nfs15:15
seb128I'm still unsure why shm file on ecryptfs are unreliable15:15
seb128and why we think that's ok ;-)15:15
desrtbecause it's impossible for it to be 100% perfect15:15
desrtthe hardware doesn't notify the kernel on every single write15:16
desrtso the data can't be pushed down into userspace on every single write either15:16
desrtalso: it has the classical use-after-delete thing going on15:16
desrtand the underlying file in the unecrypted filesystem disappears15:16
desrtif the data gets pushed out of the cache in the meantime then when it comes time to refetch the backing store, it's already gone15:16
seb128hum, alright15:17
seb128but yeah, agreed, we really need the xdg_runtime_dir next cycle15:17
desrtit seems a few things are starting to use it15:18
seb128udisks2 do user mounts there right?15:19
pittino, I don't think it does15:19
pittiNEWS:       Avoid using $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/media for now15:19
pittiNEWS:       Use /run/media/$USER for mounting15:19
pittiNEWS:       Prefer mounting in /run/user/$USER/media instead of /media15:20
seb128pitti, ok, ok15:20
seb128"This is because of security concerns - it is way too dangerous to let a system-daemon such as udisks manage directories in a user-controlled location such as $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR. So now udisks2 is using /run/media/$USER instead, see http://cgit.freedesktop.org/udisks/commit/?id=aa02e5fc53efdeaf66047d2ad437ed543178965b"15:21
seb128that's from the corresponding gvfs commit15:21
tkamppeterpitti, the pdftopdf bug is verified ...16:02
pittitkamppeter: with the packages from -proposed?16:02
tkamppeterpitti, I think so.16:03
pittitkamppeter: cool, I'll copy it into precise release then16:04
tkamppeterpitti, can you have a look at bug 982675?16:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 982675 in cups-filters "pdftops crashed with SIGABRT in __libc_message()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98267516:36
tkamppeterpitti, there happens a segfault and I do not understand why. There is a call 'numvalues = sscanf(resolution, "%dx%d", &xres, &yres)' with xres and yres being integer variables and resolution being a static char[128] array containing "4800CQ". The sscanf should set xres to 4800, numvalues to 1 and leave yres untouched.16:39
pittitkamppeter: it's not a segfault, it's an assertion failure16:42
pittilooks like double-free16:43
pittisscanf (string=0x7fff072e67a0 "4800CQ", format=0x7f509f1c168b "%dx%d", args=0x7fff072e2168) at iovsscanf.c:4516:43
pittinow, that indeed does not match16:43
tkamppeterpitti, but also strange, why should this simple sscanf cause a double free?16:44
pittiwell, something went wrong in memory management, not necessraily double free16:44
pittitkamppeter: but yes, sscanf should just stop scanning at the 'x'16:44
tkamppeterThe "4800" matches the first %d, so it should go into xres then the "CQ" does not match "x" which should make sscanf stop, wuith the counter on 1 and yres untouched.16:45
pittiyes, indeed16:45
tkamppeterpitti, so it is not a bug of cups-filters. To which package I should assign that?16:45
pittitkamppeter: well, it most likely is16:46
pittithere might be some memory corruption happening before this16:46
pittiwhich just blows up in sscanf16:46
tkamppeterpitti, but the traceback shows that the input parameters are still OK.16:47
pittiright, but memory state might not be16:47
pittitkamppeter: you could write a small C program with just this sscanf and see whether it works16:47
pittitkamppeter: or disable parts of the code until you don't get the crash any more, and then see what causes it16:47
pittigood night everyone, have a nice weekend!16:54
seb128pitti, 'night16:58
seb128 5539 seb128    20   0 1308m 551m  36m S    2 15.9  65:50.91 firefox17:25
seb128could firefox stop being a dog? ;-)17:25
jbichamterry: any idea why I only get a while circle instead of the Kubuntu logo for the KDE session in unity-greeter?18:11
mterryjbicha, there is a kde_badge.png installed...18:12
jbichayes, how long has that badge been there, because I've always seen the white circle instead18:13
mterryjbicha, for quite a while.  hold on, let me see what the kde session is called, maybe there's a mismatch18:13
mterryjbicha, what do you have in your /usr/share/xsessions/ ?18:14
mterryjbicha, ah...  that's why.  unity-greeter is expecting just kde18:15
mterryjbicha, did that change or is unity-greeter just being dumb?18:15
jbichawe should probably ask in #kubuntu-devel or something to make sure, I don't use the kubuntu-desktop metapackage but pick and choose parts of KDE18:15
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mterryjbicha, seems kde.desktop doesn't exist in oneiric or precise.  I'll patch to add kde-plasma18:19
jbichamterry: thanks18:20
jbichaI just renamed kde-plasma.desktop to kde.desktop to test it, & the logo looks nice18:20
mterryseb128, are we done with uploads?18:42
mterrypitti, ^  I'm not clear on when the no-respin cutoff is18:46
jbichamterry: is Kubuntu the only official Ubuntu flavor that's not using lightdm for 12.04?18:47
desrtseb128: i'm done with hud-service scoring bugs18:47
mterryjbicha, I don't know18:47
desrtit's impossible to make everyone happy18:48
kenvandinedesrt, if it makes you feel better, i am happy :)18:48
desrtand users expecting to type 2 letters "sh" to match "show only glyphs..." without wanting to type the extra 'o' is pretty.... low on my pity list :p18:48
desrtkenvandine: it does :D18:49
kenvandineglad to help :)18:49
desrtkenvandine: as the distro packager of this stuff maybe you can comment on the bug that you feel that the current algorithms are producing good results for 99% of cases and that it's not worth risking the change at this point18:49
kenvandinedesrt, actually i haven't really looked very closely at the relevance of the results, i've just been trying hard to remember to attempt to use the hud :)18:50
kenvandinehard to teach an old dog new tricks :)18:51
kenvandinei do feel it is too late to risk change...18:51
desrtkenvandine: your "i am happy" comment no longer makes me feel better :p18:51
desrtyou're only happy because you never use it :)18:52
kenvandinei use it at least a couple times per day :)18:52
kenvandinejust not really looking closely at the scoring18:53
kenvandineit just seems to work :)18:53
seb128desrt, heh, that description is not an accurate one ;-)18:58
seb128desrt, I would have closed it otherwise :p18:58
seb128desrt, it does match "indicator > shutdown" before "view > show", when "sh" is an exact mathing of 2 letters for each ;-)18:59
desrtquoting you: "sh" lists "Device > Shutdown" first and then "View > Show only19:00
seb128desrt, oh, just read your comment, the different is the trailing string length19:00
desrtglyphs..." from gucharmap19:00
desrtwe had to do that for "savE" to come before "save as" and "save all documents"19:00
desrt"only glyphs..."19:01
seb128like they both have a perfect start match19:01
desrtthere is a penalty for the extra words19:01
desrtthat's what makes "save" match "save" better than "save as"19:01
* desrt loves the ambiguity in that sentence19:02
seb128desrt, ok, fair enough, I was unsure if the "extra char" penalty was on a word or on the sentend19:02
desrtseb128: it used to be only on the word19:03
seb128desrt, in fact I was close to just mark the bug fix released before john came with an example19:03
desrti had to add it for extra words as well, for the 'save as' case19:03
seb128desrt, works for me, I did assing to you to have your opinion but I didn't suspect that it was a tradeoff situation19:03
seb128i.e that "fixing" it would break other cases19:04
seb128and you can tell it's friday night and I just came back from dinner with a drink ;-)19:04
seb128that said time to call it a week!19:04
desrtseb128: see you monday19:05
desrtgood w/e19:05
seb128desrt, don't work to much it's friday afternoon, and have a good w.e ;-)19:05
seb128thanks ;-)19:05
chrisccoulsonmmmm, beer19:12
kenvandinechrisccoulson, show off :)19:15
chrisccoulsonit seems that everyone got me beer for my birthday19:16
BigWhalechrisccoulson, my brother got 30 different brand of beers for his 30th birthday.19:19
BigWhalenot sure what the rules were for drinking it19:19
brycehBigWhale, "None must remain by the end of today"?19:19
chrisccoulsonBigWhale, yeah, i got quite a few different beers, but all from the same brewery19:20
chrisccoulsonand they're all really nice :)19:20
BigWhaleI find it somewhat fascinating how man managed to turn almost every plant into an alcoholic drink and if that didn't work, man smoked it.19:22
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dobeyBigWhale: you left out direct injection20:00
BigWhaledobey, :))20:03
dobeyi love how a disproportionate number of questions on askubuntu, are not questions at all20:04
brycehdobey, isn't the rule that 90% of anything is bullpucky?20:07
kenvandineBigWhale, ok, keybinder-3.0 packaged, i'll upload to the ppa as soon as i test it in pbuilder20:31
BigWhalekenvandine, Awesome!20:31
kenvandineBigWhale, keybinder-3.0 uploaded to the ppa20:38
BigWhalethe amount of beers I'll be buying at UDS will probably account for a record of some sort20:40
kenvandinei'll settle for just a couple :)20:40
kenvandineBigWhale, it is completely untested, so let me know if it doesn't work :)20:41
BigWhaleok, sure20:42
popeykenvandine: we'll need to do as we did in florida, find a local store and buy a few cases20:51
kenvandinepopey, we always do :)21:00
JanCah well, we only have somewhere between 2000 and 4000 different beers here in Belgium...  ;)21:03
JanCand I'm pretty sure I drank/sampled at least > 1000 of them  :P21:03
kenvandineJanC, that is awesome :)21:04
JanCthis just reminds me I should go to the "Hopduvel" again some day...21:05
JanC(which is sort of a beer warehouse in Ghent)21:06

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