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Darkwingjbicha: ping15:54
jbichaDarkwing: aloha16:12
Darkwingjbicha: RE the 12.04.1 release... am I the David named in that email? :P16:12
jbichaDarkwing: no, sorry, that's dpm16:13
Darkwingjbicha: But we should talk about the 12.04.1 doc schedule...16:13
jbichaI forgot there were two David's, he is in the To: line though16:14
Darkwingso that translators have a bit more time.16:14
Darkwingit's cool16:14
jbichayeah, feel free to chime in, I thought dpm would be the one to propose the schedule since he's handled that in previous cycles16:14
DarkwingYou guys have a finished package for english only or, are you including any translations?16:15
DarkwingI just packaged up english for the point release. 12.04.1 will hold translations.16:16
jbichaubuntu-docs includes the translations, which get stripped out and added to the language packs16:18
jbichait should do the same for kubuntu-docs though, shouldn't it?16:18
DarkwingIn a sense... except nothing on our wnd got translated...16:19
jbichaI thought it was automatic for -main packages, and opt-in for -universe packages16:19
jbichamdke: how do you build the installation-guide html?18:27

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