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airurandohi zmoylan14:55
airurandoment to ask14:55
airurandowhy the addition of the Z?14:55
zmoylanin a chat room where one person kept sending messages to other person when he meant me and to me when he meant the other.  both our handles started with mo.  so by adding z it eliminated the problem14:56
zmoylanand as the person is 50 i could have a sly dig at his age with helping the aged.  :-)14:56
airurandothanks for the clarification14:58
czajkowskikeep 6/7 october free folks15:01
czajkowskiconfernece in Limerick happening15:01
czajkowskimore details coming early next week15:01
czajkowskispecial guest speaker15:01
czajkowskiMark shuttleworth15:01
airurandowell done you15:02
zmoylansounds like we need a road trip :-)15:03
airurandoand for once I'm actually scheduled off work on 6/7 October15:03
airurandohope top make it15:03
tdr112hey airurando15:04
airurandoroadtrip indeed zmoylan15:04
airurandohi tdr11215:04
tdr112czajkowski: he will talk any where there is an airport15:04
czajkowskinope he wont :)15:06
ebelfancy pants15:11

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