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MrChrisDruifHello everyone, can someone help me acquire an Ubuntu IRC cloak? I've just become member, but already registered on launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~chrisdruif00:36
daxalanbell, topyli, funkyhat, Pici: ^^^^00:37
daxMrChrisDruif: looks like you're eligible, just need to wait for an IRC Council person to show up and confirm it :)00:37
dax(congrats, btw)00:37
MrChrisDruifdax; the usual suspects? ;-)00:37
MrChrisDruifThanks dax ^_^00:37
dax(they're also not around right now for > 1h, so we probably get to wait)00:38
MrChrisDruifI'm probably of to bed as well, it's already past my "bed-time"00:39
daxalrighty. It'll presumably be ubuntu/member/mrchrisdruif, I presume that's okay?00:42
daxor maybe ubuntu/member/chrisdruif, I forget if they go by LP ID or nickserv accountname this week00:42
MrChrisDruifdax; I think my current cloak is unaffiliated/chrisdruif or something like that00:42
MrChrisDruifSo yeah, the second one I presume00:43
daxoh, right, that's your accountname anyway. so yes, the second one00:43
MrChrisDruifYeah, I added the Mr because people were failing tab-completion on chanserv and me00:43
PiciMrChrisDruif: congrats00:55
Picidax: could you do the honors?00:55
MrChrisDruifThanks Pici ^_^00:55
daxMrChrisDruif: you're now cloaked ubuntu/member/chrisdruif00:55
Picidax: thanks :)00:55
MrChrisDruifThanks ^_^00:56
MrChrisDruifYup "ubuntu/member/chrisdruif :is now your hidden host (set by services.)"00:56
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cndtsimpson, I now have full access on #ubuntu-touch03:50
cndwhat next?03:51
cnd(for other's reference, I'm trying to get ubottu on #ubuntu-touch)03:51
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bobweaverHi there there is some jack-wagon over on the Ubuntu channel saying that he is scanning people with nmap right now13:06
bobweaver<Guest41493> attie im scanning your ip with nmap13:06
bobweaver<Guest41493> lol13:06
bobweavertime was 9:0213:07
bobweaverand is 9:07 now for me13:07
bobweaverso 5 min ago13:07
bobweaverno cool at all13:07
bobweaver<Guest41493> bobweaver, fuck you13:08
Myrttiand then he left13:08
bobweaver<Guest41493> bobweaver, you dumb bitch13:08
Myrttijust when I was about to kick him13:08
bobweaverflippin kiddies13:08
bobweaverthanks for your time You all do a great job keep up the good work13:09
MkaysiThere are always some people who do that or worse things if they see IPs. That is why we have cloaks and firewalls13:10
MkaysiAbout firewalls, I haven't ever understood why UFW is disabled by default, but it probably belongs to another channel.13:10
bobweaveroh gezz I got honeypots and ipcop ect but ....13:14
* Mkaysi misread ipcop as ircop :D13:15
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JanCMkaysi: blocking people's incoming bittorrent connections and such by default is likely to result in lots of support questions from angry/frustrated users...   ;)13:45
MkaysiBut there could be GUFW and mentioning about firewall somewhere13:46
JanCgufw is a bad ufw frontend13:46
JanCit doesn't allow the user to use most ufw features and actually duplicates some functionality that is in ufw already, plus it's not really useful for "normal" users who don't know how a firewall works13:49
topylii don't know why i would want a firewall, by default or otherwise13:49
MkaysiWhy to include a firewall if it's not used?13:57
Myrttibecause it's impossible to remove iptables?13:57
Myrttiwell, you could, but it makes no sense13:58
Myrttiand people to still ask for a firewall13:58
topyliufw costs something like 60k on the installation, so it's not such a big deal. and it's probably better to include ufw than have people find their own 'solutions'13:58
topyli(no i don't actually know how big/small ufw is)13:59
Mkaysi!info ufw14:00
ubottuufw (source: ufw): program for managing a Netfilter firewall. In component main, is standard. Version 0.30.1-2ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 128 kB, installed size 820 kB14:00
* Mkaysi is talking about ufw, not iptables14:00
MkaysiI would say 820kB :)14:01
Fuchsyes, hi15:14
loppyis there any way i can get unbanned from the Xubuntu-offtopic?15:22
ikonialoppy: you need to stop talking and listen15:22
Fuchsspeaking to the operators who banned you is usually working well15:23
ikonialoppy: you where being resolved in #ubuntu-ops, you chose to storm out, so until you stop and listen, you're not getting unbanned from anywhere.15:23
ikoniaClear ?15:23
loppywhat do you mean Clear?15:23
ikonialoppy: "is that clear to you"15:23
ikonia"do you understand"15:23
ikoniagreat - so stop asking in every other channel, leave them, and join #ubuntu-ops and listen to what the people who have the power to unban you are telling you15:24
MkaysiHi, whoever manages http://ubottu.com/supydocs/plugins/User.html, there is a mistake. The first command is "hostmask add" and not "addhostmask"16:59
tsimpsonblame supybot, because I downloaded the doc from them17:02
MkaysiI don't think so, because that doc is better than the Supybot one.17:04
MkaysiYou can find the Supybot one from source/doc or docs17:04
tsimpsonno, I wget'd it before they took the site down17:05
tsimpsonI think those docs were created before they added the ability to create command sub-classes17:07
tsimpsonbut the doc is only really there because it's no longer available anywhere else17:07
MkaysiDo you happen to have backup of the rest of supybot.com?17:08
* Mkaysi has heard that they had nice plugin collection17:08
tsimpsonsorry, I was only interested in the documentation17:08
cndtsimpson, ping17:21
tsimpsoncnd: hello17:21
cndtsimpson, hi, I have +F on #ubuntu-touch now17:22
cndwhat do I need to do to get ubottu?17:22
tsimpsoncnd: hold on please17:23
tsimpsoncnd: I'm just going through the process, I'll get back to you soon17:27
AlanBellcnd: hello17:45
cndAlanBell, hi17:45
AlanBellyou want a bot in #ubuntu-touch for bugs and factoids?17:46
AlanBellyou now have lubotu3 there17:47
cndAlanBell, lubotu left :(17:51
AlanBellcnd: yeah, but ubot5 is there, I got the wrong one17:51
cndit's odd to think that there are different bots17:51
cndlike they have different personalities :)17:52
AlanBellyou don't want to get on the wrong side of lubotu217:52
* Mkaysi probably wants to stay on same side as lubotu317:57
AlanBellUnit193: hey we need to sort out a cloak!18:06
Unit193Yeah, I was waiting for knome, he said he was going to do something. :D18:07
AlanBellwhat kind of something?18:18
Unit193https://launchpad.net/~unit193 That be me.18:21
Unit193I'm sure you already know, but figured it'd still be asked for.18:21
AlanBellyeah, good to have it in the logs18:21
AlanBellstaff can we get an ubuntu/member/unit193 cloak please18:22
FuchsUnit193: you want that?18:22
Unit193Fuchs: Sure.18:22
Fuchsyour cloak is now set, enjoy18:22
AlanBellthanks Fuchs18:22
FuchsYou're welcome, have a nice weekend18:22
Fuchsoh, and congratulations :)18:23
Unit193Heh, thanks for that as well.18:23
pangolinUnit193, Congrats :)18:25
Unit193Danke, pangolin.18:26

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