dholbachgood morning06:52
Tm_Tczajkowski: hi, any news about the reapproval? haven't got response after my last comment on the bug10:44
czajkowskiTm_T: the others are all travelling 10:45
czajkowskitheyll get it maybe over the weekend 10:46
Tm_Tthanks, enough information to calm our loco people (:11:01
czajkowskiwell it was late coming in :) 11:08
czajkowskisorry we usually have a fast turn around just folks are travelling this week 11:08
czajkowskithey have been poked and reminded 11:08
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YoBoYhi, someone know where to find the official artwork of the ubuntu 12.04 CD wallet ?12:26
rajucprofitt:  Hi16:47
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YoBoYthanks popey :D19:09
YoBoYjust in time to work on it this week end :)19:09
koustavsuny2009yo 20:19
koustavsuny2009hey 20:34
popeyYoBoY: yay20:50
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