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dholbachgood morning06:52
iulianMorning dholbach.07:38
dholbachhey iulian07:38
ajmitchhi dholbach, iulian08:05
dholbachhi ajmitch08:17
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jokerdinowe are still doing the fix it friday right?09:34
dholbachjokerdino, at least I didn't prepare anything, but if you still have something important you want to fix, please do it :-)09:45
jokerdinonothing important, was just checking if there is anything to grab09:46
jokerdinohmm, libcvs perl 0.07-4 builds here09:47
micahgjokerdino: where is that from?09:48
jokerdinoi pulled it from debian09:48
jokerdinothe rc bugs09:49
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Laneytumbleweed: do you know why this would happen: http://paste.debian.net/163957/ ?13:56
Laneyoops, remove the last src:13:56
LaneyI'm an idiot13:57
LaneyI thought specifying a src: would give me build-depends, but it gives reverse-depends of all binary packages, doesn't it?13:58
Laneyalso, any chance of Debian data? :-)14:01
tumbleweedit's there14:02
tumbleweed-r sid14:02
Laneycan it be defaulted to on Debian?14:02
tumbleweedit is on debian14:03
tumbleweedso DEB_VENDOR=Debian should od the trick14:03
Laneyso my amazing directory switching stuff should dtrt14:04
Laneygood work batman14:05
Laneycarry on14:05
cmars232DONE: Jenkins-CI EC2 instance up and running. Building binaries. Development toward fixing SSL issues with PyCURL.14:19
cmars232INPROGRESS: Test & commit PyCURL branch, replace cron scripted builds with Jenkins PPA push, merge in alpha2 licensing development.14:19
cmars232BLOCKERS: None14:19
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s9iper1any body have time that he can tell me that how to upload the PGP key to the ubuntu servers.. is there we need to add finger print in PGP  while uploading it because if there is no fingerprint than how the launchpad will retrive it from the ubuntu servers.. can any body help my provious key become inactive i dont know why14:48
wookeycjwatson: I've filed a dpkg-cross update to fix a couple more packages which I'm hoping we can slip in to precise as it's just config: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg-cross/+bug/98622616:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 986226 in dpkg-cross (Ubuntu) "Cache variable update to fix cross-builds for coreutils, util-linux" [Undecided,New]16:04
cjwatsonwookey: get it uploaded and we can review it on #ubuntu-release16:04
cjwatsonunless you're asking me to sponsor :)16:04
wookeydo I need to do special extra things like fill in SRU template?16:04
cjwatsons'not an sru if it's pre-release16:05
wookeyI can;t upload anything to ubuntu directly, so yes I guess I'm asking for sponsorage16:05
cjwatsonOK, I'll take care of it, thanks16:05
wookeyI actually have a pile more dpkg-cross changes, which are probably a good thing, but wonder if it's wise to bung them all in at this stage?16:06
cjwatsonprobably not16:06
cjwatsonsimple and obvious wins a week before release16:06
wookeythat's what I decided and just left it as above16:06
wookeyOK. cheers.16:07
wookeywow, that was quick :-)16:10
wookeyI just realised I fogot to fill in the LP: #bugnumber for automatic closing. So will need manual update. Sorry about that16:11
wookeybtw do you understand why some packages set $PACKAGE and some $PACKAGE_NAME. I tried wading through the autoconf and automake manuals but it was hard to work out what is currently favoured and what is 'old fashioned'.16:12
wookeyI plan to ask the list to get chapter and verse16:13
cjwatsonwookey: I dealt with the bug number by hand16:28
cjwatsonwookey: PACKAGE vs. PACKAGE_NAME - different things, PACKAGE is the actual source package name and PACKAGE_NAME is what's set as the package name in configure.ac16:29
cjwatsonoh, actually not16:30
cjwatsonwookey: PACKAGE is emitted by AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.  It is set to either the first arg if the deprecated three-arg form is used, or to PACKAGE_TARNAME from AC_INIT otherwise.  PACKAGE_NAME is set by AC_INIT to the first arg passed to AC_INIT.16:34
cjwatsonwookey: I suspect really the modern form would be PACKAGE_TARNAME, because that's more likely to correspond to the machine-readable name of the package (e.g. "tar") rather than the human-readable description (e.g. "GNU tar").16:35
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aantoonhi, will 12.04 alternate support ssd+trim+luks out of the box or do I have to do some tweaking18:02
aantoonknock knock18:10
aantoonI would love an answer18:33
arandaantoon: #ubuntu+1 might know18:36
aantoonnah, they sent me here18:36
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shadeslayeraantoon: one sec19:06
shadeslayeraantoon: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2012-April/013554.html19:10
aantoonshadeslayer: thanks, nice reading :)19:15
aantoonshadeslayer: interesting reading indeed but it did not answer the question it just added more questions to it....19:33
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