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dholbachgood morning06:52
SilverLiongood morning07:38
SilverLionphilipballew ping08:16
bkerensadholbach: hi08:47
dholbachhi bkerensa08:51
bkerensadholbach: does Germany still have the Love Parade?08:51
SilverLiondholbach & bkerensa good morning from north-rhine westfalia ;)08:52
bkerensaSilverLion:Good Morning Indeed (1:53am here in wet Oregon)08:53
dholbachSilverLion, whereabouts in NRW are you?08:53
SilverLionbkerensa: and you are still up?08:53
bkerensaSilverLion: Only for a short bit more then to sleep :)08:54
* bkerensa is watching some Paul Oakenfold videos08:54
dholbachbkerensa, in 2010 we had the last one and it turned into http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Parade_disaster08:54
SilverLiondholbach: seems like there will be one in Berlin this year08:55
dholbachSilverLion, aha - I didn't hear about it elsewhere08:58
SilverLiondholbach: btw. did you get a g+ message from a guy called HarryLweber ?08:59
SilverLiondholbach: http://www.b-parade.de/projekt.html ;)09:00
dholbachSilverLion, I don't recall09:00
* SilverLion is happy to know a bit more then dholbach09:00
JanChttp://techcrunch.com/2012/04/19/an-interview-with-millenium-technology-prize-finalist-linus-torvalds/ --> small nice thing from Linus about Ubuntu about 2/3rd into there  ☺18:38

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