lifelesswho was it that has trouble getting operating-system-less hp's ?00:31
lifelesshttp://www.canonical.com/content/ubuntu-1204-lts-server-be-certified-supported-hp-proliant-systems may interest them00:38
ojwbwasn't the issue getting the in NZ?00:41
ojwbibeardslee had managed to get ascent to do some models on request, at least at one point00:41
lifelessah yes ibeardslee00:42
lifelessso, nz/worldwide, not so different :P00:42
ojwbi may have misunderstood, but I thought it was already possible to get them without windows elsewhere more easily00:43
ojwbat least for some values of elsewhere00:43
ojwbi've not been totally impressed with the linux support for the hardware on my hp laptop TBH00:43
ojwbthe wifi card crashes the kernel fairly quickly, at least in 64 bit mode00:44
lifelessojwb: preinstalled linux, or after-purchase install ?00:47
lifelessI ask, because the ubuntu certified stuff usually has had those bugs ironed out during the certification process00:47
lifeless(and the fixes rolled into the next Ubuntu release)00:47
ojwbwell, this one I bought with windows sadly. as I needed a machine quickly00:54
ojwbbut bdale says hp are meant to test with linux internally, so I was kind of surprised00:54
ojwba friend in the UK has the same model, but it has a different wifi chipset and works fine00:54
ojwbi wonder if the issue is that the driver is fine with a 32 bit kernel00:55
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ojwboh, and it came with a USB DVB-T stick, which sometimes fails to initialise for a recording, but maybe that's a mythtv issue01:07
hadsmythtv does have issues.01:08
ojwbhads: ideas welcome - the log just says something like "failed to initialise" which isn't much help01:08
hadsNo ideas sorry, I just know it has issues :)01:09
ojwbi'm going to update to precise soonish, and I might try to debug a big harder then01:10
ojwbolly: enjoy your trip?01:10
ibeardsleelifeless: getting the proliant servers etc without Windows is easy02:20
ibeardsleemost servers go that way02:20
ibeardsleethe workstations and laptops is the hard thing to get sorted02:21
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