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bazhangusing debian packages with ubuntu: sometimes works. great.02:34
bazhangrant overload in -ot03:49
bazhangit may well bring down freenode03:49
daxnah, freenode brings down itself without needing any help >.>04:01
elkyit's funny cos it's true07:07
Tm_Telky: ?07:08
elky<bazhang> it may well bring down freenode07:15
elky<dax> nah, freenode brings down itself without needing any help >.>07:15
elkythat what?07:29
Tm_Tthat I'm blind, thanks (:07:30
* Tm_T should wake up07:30
* dax pours Tm_T some coffee07:31
* elky pours some coffee on Tm_T07:32
* Fuchs brings bazhang down09:46
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mneptokYou're telling' me that you some big hero.15:01
mneptokThere goes my uptime to runlevel zero.15:02
mneptokDon't bring down. No no no no no. oo-WOO-hoo!15:02
mneptokI'll tell you once more before runlevel four.15:02
mneptokDon't bring down.15:02
mneptokugh. i'll have that song in my head all day now. thanks ba_zhang.15:03
mneptokloppy: is there something you need from the ops team?15:12
Piciloppy: can we help you?15:12
mneptokloppy: with ... ?15:14
loppylet me be server too... because everyone is but me15:15
mneptokloppy: Freenode ircd?15:16
mneptokloppy: or an Ubuntu op?15:16
knomeloppy, what do you need help with from the operator team?15:16
loppyjust let me be server and i will explain15:17
loppywhy not???15:17
mneptokloppy: i cannnot do anything about a topic i do not understand. are you talking about Freenode ircd or Ubuntu ops?15:17
mneptokloppy: "let me be server" is wholly uninformative.15:17
oCeanmneptok: he's forwarded frm #x-ot (ban)15:18
loppyKurt von Fick! let me be server15:18
knomeloppy, unless you start making sense, please leave the channel15:19
mneptokloppy: you seem intent n not answering my simple questions. i'm done.15:19
knomemneptok, you're not on -team?15:20
loppyo forget it15:20
mneptokknome: screen and brain real estate issues.15:20
mneptokknome: last i knew, there was no official business there i would miss. so ...15:21
knomemneptok, mm-hmm. anyway, as i said there, until i will remove the ban, or anybody else, please make sure he listens15:21
knomewell, it's a good channel to discuss happenings in -ops15:21
mneptoki consider -ops a better place for that. ;)15:21
oCeanknome: Myrtti's comments on loppy seem more serious than just making sure he listens15:22
knomeoCean, yeah, but please remember i don't know the history on #ubuntu*15:23
knomeonly #xubuntu*15:23
knomeit's very possible he will earn a ban in #xubuntu today, i'm afraid15:24
Piciikonia is talking to him in -irc now.15:24
Unit193He was in #x-ot when Myrtti was and asking where she lived and such.15:25
PiciAnd I think we need one person to talk to him here, too many and it gets confusing.15:25
MyrttiI don't mind him asking where I live as I can totally not tell him15:25
knomeUnit193, ah, well, i didn't read that discussion too closely15:25
Myrttiwhat I don't appreciate is the death threats15:25
knomePM's me15:26
mneptokdeath threats? :O15:26
knomeno, just "you there?"15:26
Fuchsdon't kill our Myrtti :(15:26
Myrttimneptok: when I banned him from #ubuntu15:27
mneptokappears he's closest to me geographically. but i'm close to the top of the "ops whose homes you do not want to visit uninvited" list.15:27
Piciit was something like 'tell me where you live so I can kill you'15:27
Myrttiit always puts relationships under such stress when you do that15:27
MyrttiPici: nope, "tell me where you live so I can visit you"15:28
Myrttithe death threats were before that15:28
Myrttibut it was fairly benign in comparison to some death threats I've gotten, wasn't graphical at all15:28
mneptokMyrtti: tell them about the compulsory military service in Finland, and how since the Winter War every family must own a rifle or carbine for each member.15:29
knometold him to resolve the issue here to get unbanned15:30
mneptoklopy: what now?15:30
Myrttimneptok: nah, scaring people off isn't my thing nor do I recommend it to others15:31
mneptokMyrtti: that's why it's a silly lie. humor is best.15:31
lopyi just wanted to tell you that i am sorry how i was acting .15:31
mneptoklopy: it's going to take more than that to make up for actual death threats.15:32
mneptoklopy: and i think if the roles were reversed, you'd do the same.15:32
lopyhow do i make it up to you?15:33
mneptoklopy: death threats are the last resort of small minds.15:33
mneptoklopy: read these15:33
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct15:33
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:33
mneptoklopy: follow those for a few weeks or months. play nice with other users and ops. come back here after a minimum of 4 weeks and your bans can be discussed.15:34
mneptoklopy: for extra credit, an apology to Myrtti would be good.15:34
mneptoklopy: let's make that "sincere apology"15:35
lopysorry Myrtti.15:35
mneptoklopy: think about if it was your sister or mother being threatened the way you threatened Myrtti. she's someone's daughter/sister/etc.15:36
mneptoklopy: for now, please /part this channel. idle as much as you wish in any #*ubuntu-* channels you wish. follow the CoC and IRC Guidelines and things will probably start to change. come back here in 4 weeks.15:37
lopyi will remember this for a long time and i won't forget it, thanks for reminding me that mneptok....good bye15:38
* mneptok pokes the Myrttitummy and goes for more caffiene15:39
* Fuchs hands Myrtti cupcakes with pink icing15:41
jussiFuchs: bribes are against the rules.  :P16:03
FuchsI see no advantage that could ever bring me, so it's not a bribe :(16:03
jussiFuchs: it pays to be nice to Myrtti ;) - then you might not get EMP'd16:04
FuchsI was a bit of an idiot today, so being nice is the least I can do. Anyway, heading home, have a nice evening :)16:05
jussilaters :D16:06
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Barnabas said: !ubottu is a sexy animal17:31
AlanBellBarnabas is inaccurate17:39
knomejussi, Unit193 is now a ubuntu member, can you get him a bot cloak?18:14
knomejussi, i mean, we all know he is a bot, right?18:15
pangolinhe should join -irc and request a cloak like everybody else.18:15
pangolinjust because he is a bot does not make him special :P18:15
knomepangolin, can one get a bot cloak there?18:15
jussiis a very small shell script even classed as a bot? :P18:17
* Pici replaces jussi with a very small shell script18:19
bazhangdoes Kubuntu not fall under the paid support rubric?19:03
bazhangin regard to angels comment in #ubuntu19:03
PiciI'm not sure.19:03
PiciI know that Canonical isn't sponsoring development of Kubuntu anymore, but another company has stepped in to take car of that.19:04
* genii-around sips and ponders the Kubuntu future19:04
PiciLjL: I'm not sure its at that level though, like 'how to install'19:06
LjLi wouldn't know19:06
LjLit's probably not the way to go about learning basic stuff, anyway19:07
pangolinactually I think it does19:07
LjLbut to each one his own19:07
pangolinbut yeah, paying for that seems silly19:07
mneptokAFAIR, releases are supported. not derivatives. Canonical should offer support for Kubuntu 10.04.19:35
popeyKubuntu is a 'flavo{u}r' not a 'derivative'19:36
popeymint is a pile^W^W^W^Wderivative19:36
bioterrorfour w's means you deleted all the words19:37
bazhangstrangeworld is a rather unpleasant troll19:37
guntberthi, wouldn't it be a good idea ™ to discourage the nick unbuntu in #ubuntu?19:56
guntberthi bazhang :)19:57
bazhangguntbert, its the live cd default iirc19:57
guntbertbazhang: true - so we will have to live with that - or we can get the right persons to change that19:58
PiciThen we'll spend 20 minutes telling each person how to choose a nick, which will of course be used, so they'll end up with a guest nick and it will be  amess19:59
bazhangguntbert, that would be great imo, not sure who to contact about that19:59
PiciI don't think its feasible to change it.20:00
guntbertPici: yes, bazhang already convinced me, my next idea was to have the default nick changed20:00
Piciguntbert: no, thats what I don't think is feasible.20:00
guntbertPici: why not?20:00
Piciguntbert: What would you propose?20:00
guntbertPici: ubulive20:01
Piciguntbert: And what would that acheive?20:02
Jordan_UPici: "/lastlog ubulive" would be much more concise than "/lastlog ubuntu" :)20:03
guntbertPici: it was maybe only my personal view that it is slightly difficult to talk to them in the channel20:03
guntbertand to follow their discussions20:03
Unit193Someone could group "Ubuntu" if they use nick protection so that "Ubuntu" gets switched to Guest87423.20:04
daxI think you're probably better off figuring out how to divert folks away from (I assume) empathy and towards webchat for IRC, since webchat is a far better IRC client :P20:04
Pici'ubuntu' is registered to the IRCC account.20:04
daxand that account has nick protection enabled, so if the nick weren't expired, it would be enforced :P20:06
dax(I do not claim this would or wouldn't be a good thing, just pointing out mechanics)20:07
guntbertit might have been the reason for registering and protecting that nick20:08
guntbertwell it is not *that* important - was just an idea I wanted to voice - have a nice time - thank you for your ongoing service to the community :-)20:12
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, MisterT said: ubottu is just a program.  You are providing input to that program.  There is nothing good or bad about hearing from it.20:16
mneptok"just a program." how insensitive.20:20
* mneptok pets the pythonpile20:20
bazhangoh plz put idoru in -ot20:22
daxidoru prevents flooding, not idiocy :P20:22
bazhangcheck out hemicuda-flood20:23
bazhang<hemicuda> so im here to troll20:31
bazhangat least he's honest, I guess20:32
Myrttiah, it was *him*20:39
Myrttino the person someone reported in -irc earlier20:40
Myrttistalker  : az, azWhereIsMike, hemicuda.20:40
Myrtti/last Guest4149320:41
bazhangoh right scrolled up20:41
bazhangTasmania, whats the issue20:45
TasmaniaI just need to talk about something.20:45
bazhangTasmania, ask here. dont target one person20:46
TasmaniaWell, the thing is, It's only supposed to be with the person I20:46
TasmaniaWell, the thing is, It's only supposed to be with the person I'm targeting*20:46
bazhangTasmania, this has to with Ubuntu how?20:47
TasmaniaI just need to talk to elky about something, that's all.20:47
bazhangTasmania, ask me. no need to target anyone, as that is very unwelcome20:47
TasmaniaYou don't get it.20:48
TasmaniaIt's just only for elky.20:48
TasmaniaNo one else.20:48
Myrttiyou are aware this channel is logged?20:48
Myrttiand you have all of us ops here watching too?20:48
Myrttiand you can't exactly stop anyone from talking to you here either?20:48
TasmaniaI know, what does that has to do with anything, I just want to talk to elky.20:49
PiciTasmania: I don't know whats going on here, but I don't like it.  I think it would be best if you left.20:49
Tasmaniasure. :D20:49
* dax raises an eyebrow20:49
bazhang* [tylerthecreator] (~df@ wangs   PM spammer23:53
daxbazhang: for which channel?23:55
bazhangdax, we only share the one channel #ubuntu23:55
daxbazhang: I know. What are they spamming?23:55
bazhangtylerthecreator> join #dongforce23:56

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