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svwilliamsquick question for anyone on ... ISO Testing01:07
svwilliamswhat is the URL for the hardware profile we're supposed to enter01:07
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mvojibel: hi, later today when my latest upload was build I would like to test lucid->precise with the upgrader in https://launchpad.net/~mvo/+archive/release-upgrader-apt/+packages - is that ok with you? I merged the latest fixes from trunk most notably a potential endless loop fi09:32
jibelmvo, hi. no problem.09:38
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patdk-wkhmm, rebuilt wait :(14:14
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patdk-wkstill rebuilding :(16:58
aantoonhi, will 12.04 alternate support ssd+trim+luks out of the box or do I have to do some tweaking18:16
aantoonknock knock18:24
aantoonI would love an answer18:33
roadmraantoon: did you ask in #ubuntu? or askubuntu.com18:43
aantoonyou mean, you don't know the answer? this is ubuntu testing, not?18:45
roadmraantoon: I mean: someone in #ubuntu or the askubuntu.com website may know. I don't mean that I don't know the answer, though indeed I don't, but I thought pointing you to places where more people are likely to know was more useful than saying "I don't know"18:49
aantooni did google for it and did not get a clear answer, yes i was on askubuntu.com18:50
roadmraantoon: I found this, it refers to 10.10 so it's a bit outdated but may be a useful starting point (looks like there's some tweaking to be done): http://askubuntu.com/questions/18903/how-to-enable-trim18:51
roadmraantoon: how to activate trim on luks encrypted partitions: http://worldsmostsecret.blogspot.ca/2012/04/how-to-activate-trim-on-luks-encrypted.html18:52
aantoonon this http://askubuntu.com/questions/115823/trim-on-an-encrypted-ssd they say it is not enabled by default.... but thanks....i just wondered if it was fully supported....guess the answer is no18:58
patdk-wkaantoon, it won't be19:06
patdk-wkthe dm-.... layer doesn't passthou trim support19:06
patdk-wkand if it did, you wouldn't want to for encryption anyways, it would unprotect you if you did, and make the encryption not as worth as much19:06
patdk-wkoh, it looks like they are adding support19:07
patdk-wkwould still give you less protecton if you use it19:07
aantoonpatdk-wk: do you advise to use the old hdd? that means i spent lots of money to get a ssd that i can use?19:08
aantoonpatdk-wk: what do you mean by adding support....where did you get that info19:09
aantoonI have a new computer that has an Intel SSD. I have some questions about using Ubuntu with an SSD that I hope ubuntu developers can answer for me. I've researched online but do not know how best to proceed as there seems to be differing advice. I see it mentioned online that I should mount with DISCARD. But an article from OpenSUSE says DISCARD is not good to use.19:38
aantoon http://opensuse.14.n6.nabble.com/SSD-detection-when-creating-first-time-fstab-td3313048.html19:38
aantoon Here are my questions19:38
aantoon 1.) are there any issues I should be aware of if using ubuntu on an SSD? Is ubuntu primarily intended to be used on HDD and not recommended for SSD?19:38
aantoon 2.) do you recommend TRIM be used for SSD with ubuntu?19:39
aantoon 3.) If you do recommend TRIM be used, how should TRIM be setup? Automatic wiping, or manual wiping? FITRIM, FSTRIM, or DISCARD?19:39
aantoon I really don't understand any of this in depth, so I'm very thankful for any direction/guidance you can provide19:39
aantoon i copyed this from archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss and it is the same questions i have19:39
aantoon the mail was not answered so i thought i'll ask it here19:39
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