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bschaeferthomi, hey, I think I have a fix for all the ibus ap tests!05:48
thomiSorry I wasn't online - my INternet crapped ut05:48
thomibschaefer: so, what was the problem, and what's the fix?05:49
bschaeferso the addCleanup for the self.deactivate gets executed kinda oddly, executing it explicitly seems to fix it05:49
bschaeferand no worries, got back like an hour ago and now im doing some testing to make sure it works05:49
bschaeferbecause what happens is sometimes deactivate gets called AFTER the engines gets reset, so it gets back to false05:50
bschaeferI should have a branch up soon ish05:50
thomithat shouldn't happen, but if it helps I'm happy05:51
bschaeferhmm one sec i need to relog05:52
jokerdinohey, how do i find what unity-2d version i am currently using?05:53
bschaeferthomi, ok im push a branch right now,05:54
bschaeferwould you be able to run them?05:54
thomibschaefer: sure05:55
bschaefersweet, I just want to double check05:55
thomijokerdino: apt-cache policy unity-2d05:55
thomijokerdino: or, if you prefer: dpkg -l unity-2d05:55
jokerdinothanks thomi.05:55
bschaeferthomi, also another thing we can change is the im context getting reset so often, as that really doesn't ever happen that often05:56
bschaeferonly have it reset when we switch from pinyin to anthy05:56
thomibschaefer: I actually looked into that05:56
thomiit's tricker than I thought05:56
bschaeferhmm really? I was going to start looking into that05:56
bschaeferwe could have an self.active_engine for the IBus class05:57
bschaeferand then check what engine is in the current list of active engines (should only be 1)05:57
thomibschaefer: yeah, and where are you going to call it from? Remember that after the tests are finished you need to set ibus back to how it was before the tests started05:57
bschaefercan't you edit the activate_input_engine_or_skip function05:58
thomithat's the hard part - we need to restore the system to the same state we found it in05:58
bschaeferto check05:58
thomibschaefer: :)05:58
thomithere may be a way... hmmmm05:58
* thomi checks something05:58
thomigot it05:59
bschaeferawesome! What did you do?05:59
thomibschaefer: don't call set_engine in 'setUp', call it in 'setUpClass'05:59
thomithat second method only gets called once for each test class.05:59
bschaeferhaha nice05:59
bschaeferthat is a good way :)06:00
thomithere's also tearDownClass06:00
thomibschaefer: you want to add that to your branch as well?06:00
bschaeferyeah I can06:00
bschaeferis the function actually called setUpClass? or just setUp for each pinyin,anthy and hangul?06:02
thomino, it's really called setUpClass06:05
thomisetUp gets called before each every test method06:05
thomisetUpClass gets called once before running any tests in a particular class06:05
thomitearDown and tearDownClass follow a similar pattern, except obviously they happen after tests are run, not before06:05
bschaefero nice06:05
thomiI don't think there's any equivilent of 'addCleanup' for the whole class.... that seems like an oversight to me.06:06
bschaeferTypeError: unbound method setUpClass() must be called with IBusTestsPinyin instance as first argument (got nothing instead)06:06
bschaeferI have the def setUpClass06:07
bschaeferI have the def setUpClass(self):06:07
bschaeferand it gives me that error :(06:07
* thomi tries quickly06:07
thomiahh, it's a classmethod06:08
thomiso you need to put @classmethod06:08
thomion the line before it06:08
thomiand also, instead of 'self', use 'cls'06:08
bschaeferhmm that is weird06:08
thomilike this:06:08
thomi    def setUpClass(cls):06:08
bschaeferI have it working now :)06:08
bschaeferThe only reason I know python is because of this ap test haha06:09
bschaeferso I havn't heard of classmethod before haha06:09
thomiit's like a static method, except you get the class object passed to the function06:09
thomithere's also @staticmethod BTW, and that doesn't get passed anything06:09
bschaeferhmm so if it is static how am i going to call another funciton?06:10
bschaeferwith out self06:10
bschaeferie. to call activate_input_engine_or_skip("Pinyin")06:10
thomibschaefer: you can't, unless it's also static or classmethod06:10
thomibschaefer: you may have to make that a module-level function06:10
* bschaefer looks that up06:11
thomior make it a classmethod as well - I'm not sure if it stores anything?06:11
thomibrb, gotta get some dinner going06:12
bschaeferalright, Ill mess around with this :)06:12
bschaeferfun learning06:12
thomibschaefer: yep :)06:27
bschaeferhmm it's having problems using skipTest, also the _old_engines is also use hmm06:31
bschaeferyou were right when this was not as straight forward as it seems haha, I should be able to figure something out! back to digging06:32
bschaeferthomi, im reading this: http://docs.python.org/dev/library/unittest.html#class-and-module-fixtures.07:02
bschaeferand im trying to figure out how to correctly07:02
bschaeferskip a test07:02
* thomi looks07:03
bschaeferin a methodclass, im trying to figure out how to raise the exception as a SkipTest07:03
bschaeferinstead of an assert fail07:03
thomibschaefer: so you want to skip a test from the setUpClass method?07:05
bschaeferwould be nice, but I can have activate_input_engine_or_skip return true and false07:06
bschaeferto have it done in the setUpClass method07:06
bschaeferthomi, let me pastebin what I have so far, as it is working but I need to figure out how to skip it correctly07:07
thomibschaefer: I don't think you want skipTest07:08
* thomi looks at how setUpTest is called07:08
bschaeferthomi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/937925/07:08
bschaeferI cut out the  other hangul anthy test for readablity07:09
bschaeferso im still able to save the _old_engines around correctly and reset them07:09
thomisure, as a class-level attribute. you just need a way to skip the tests07:10
bschaeferit says if the exception is a SkipTest then it will skip it in the setUpClass but im not sure how to raise a SkipTest expectation07:11
thomioh ok07:11
bschaeferin a classmethod, I see how to do it regularly07:12
thomiok, let me do some digging07:12
bschaeferalright, Ill do the same :)07:13
thomigot it:07:13
thomiraise TestCase.skipException("reason to skip")07:13
bschaefersweet, let me try that :)07:14
bschaeferI also get a weird ibus deamon error though doing stuff this way :(07:14
bschaefer(ibus-daemon:5488): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: unknown control message type 1:207:15
thomihmmm, dunno what that's all about07:15
bschaeferim not sure what is causing it and a quick google search doesn't give much but I can look into that once I have this ibus test working07:16
thomibut it's only a WARNING, right? We can probably ignore it :P07:16
bschaeferit doesn't seem to fix anything07:16
bschaeferi mean mess anything up07:16
bschaeferidk why I said fix haha07:16
bschaeferthomi, NameError: global name 'TestCase' is not defined, ill start looking for the import07:18
bschaeferbut you might now it off the top of your head07:18
thomibschaefer: sorry, you should be able to use AutopilotTestCase07:18
thomiI forgot that we subclass it :)07:18
bschaeferso raise AutopilotTestCase.TestCase.skipException("reason to skip")?07:19
bschaeferno worries :)07:19
bschaeferhmm that doesn't work07:19
bschaeferthomi, AttributeError: type object 'AutopilotTestCase' has no attribute 'TestCase'07:20
thomiraise AutopilotTestCase.skipException("Reason to skip")07:20
bschaeferI went to __init__.py and just saw the import TestCase haha07:21
thomiyeah - all our test classes eventually derive from TestCase07:22
bschaeferyeah, I was like ugg what am I doing wrong!! Ok let me run this from the start and see if it goes well :)07:23
bschaeferthomi, sweet they all passed for me, let me check the diff and ill push the changes07:30
bschaeferif you had a chance to run them07:30
thomibschaefer: can you ping me when there's a MP up?07:31
bschaeferthomi, https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/ibus-ap-fixes/+merge/10280307:44
* thomi looks07:44
bschaeferopps the diff is still updating07:45
bschaeferthere is a 2325 coming in...ugg this diff is insanely slow...07:46
bschaeferthomi, diff is done updating, and I just got done running the ap test again and all of them passed :)07:55
thomibschaefer: why is tearDownCLass in the diff twice?07:57
bschaeferthat should be setUpClass07:57
thomibschaefer: I thought so. How did it work without that?07:58
bschaeferwell it wasn't None07:58
bschaeferIt might have messed up my ibus active list07:58
bschaeferbut that is all that code really does07:58
bschaeferthomi, yeah it messed up my active engine list :(, but push the changes07:59
thomibschaefer: I have a suggestion08:02
thomihave only one setUpClass method, in the IBus test case base class, and have it use 'cls.engine_name'.08:03
thomiThen, in each of the derived IBus classes, you can do 'engine_name' = 'pinyin'08:03
bschaeferyou mean under setUp08:04
bschaeferhow will it do that for each different engine though? Wont it only run once?08:04
bschaeferor does it run Once per subclass08:04
thomiumm, let me show you :)08:05
bschaeferthomi, hmm that is odd my setClassUp in the base class doesn't want to work08:11
thomibschaefer: grab this: lp:~thomir/unity/ibus-ap-fixes08:12
bschaeferI had it set up slightly different before to test the ibus engine active list were get put back and thought this way would check for no engines08:12
* bschaefer grabing08:12
thomisorry, it was too hard to explain, that branch shows what I mnean08:12
thomiTHat should work08:12
bschaeferalright! Looking08:13
bschaeferthomi, that is why I was asking if setUpClass for the base class get called for each sub class08:14
thomibschaefer: no, I don't think it does08:14
thomiI'm not sure though08:14
bschaeferso the base class will only set the engine once?08:14
thomiYes, I'm pretty sure :)08:15
bschaeferthomi, hmm it works, so when it switches from IBusTestPinyin to IBusTestsHangul it calls setUpClass each time08:17
thomiyes, because it's a new class (it just has the same base class(es))08:18
bschaeferthat is what I was trying to ask08:18
bschaeferI think I was asking it wrong though haha08:18
bschaeferand now that makes sense..08:18
bschaeferhahaa ugg im getting tired08:18
bschaeferdo you want to propose your branch?08:19
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bschaeferthomi, ^08:19
bschaeferit'll be easier haha08:19
thomiI'll override your MP08:20
bschaeferalright sounds good :)08:20
bschaefersweet, hopefully that will stop all the ibus failing :)08:20
thomibschaefer: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/unity/ibus-ap-fixes/+merge/10280808:20
thomiwe may as well both approve it...08:20
bschaeferthomi, yeah haha; looks good though :)08:21
bschaeferthomi, cool, well im off to bed. Have a good weekend!08:23
thomiyou too08:23
bschaeferthanks for sticking around so late on your Friday :P08:23
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andyrockAlanBell, can you try this branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~andyrock/unity/fix-94944811:46
andyrockit should unmute the screen-reader11:47
AlanBellandyrock: how do I do that?11:57
andyrockAlanBell, i'll try to create a ppa12:00
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andyrockAlanBell, are you on Precise right?12:05
bobweaverHello there I would first like to take the time to say thanks for reading this and all that you all have done. Here is my question. Will the unity doc ever be able to be moved to say the right hand part of the screen or the bottom ect. I know that this would not happen over night but just wondering if there is a shot at all in the next 5 to 10 years? Thanks agaon12:08
AlanBellandyrock: yes, I have done a bzr branch of your branch12:12
AlanBellandyrock: do I have to build all of unity?12:12
AlanBellppa would be great12:13
bobweaverAlanBell,  I am looking at his files and that would be a hard build12:14
bobweaverso many depends and postinst scripts would be crazy also12:15
bobweaverthey would all have to be in different packages that is alot work12:16
bobweaverAlanBell,  check to see what is installed and read the INSTALL file12:17
bobweavermake sure depedencys are not gettig mashed togeather so to say12:18
andyrockAlanBell, not sure but it should work https://code.launchpad.net/~andyrock/+archive/unity-a11y12:32
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AlanBellthanks andyrock, installing it now12:47
AlanBellbobweaver: the launcher goes on the left by design, except for right to left languages where it does go on the right12:48
AlanBellbobweaver: it would be great if it was on the left on the left screen and on the right on the right screen for dual monitor setups, but I don't think that will happen12:48
bobweaverYes I12:48
bobweaverthat would be awesome !12:49
AlanBellandyrock: looks like it hasn't finished building in the ppa yet12:49
bobweaverAlanBell,  is there a place where I can find bluprints or like work tables12:49
bobweaverI looked on LP but there is nothing that I can see12:50
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andyrockAlanBell, try now12:58
AlanBellalready installing it13:01
AlanBellright, lets see what happens with a unity --replace . . .13:16
AlanBellhmm, not much different, lets try restarting13:19
andyrockAlanBell, it's not perfect but now the screen reader should not be mute13:19
AlanBellandyrock: yup it is speaking a bit \o/13:27
AlanBellit doesn't read the application names in the dash13:28
AlanBellor lens names13:28
andyrockAlanBell, regarding the application names in the dash...13:29
andyrockit works intermittently13:29
AlanBellHUD is about the same as it is in unity2d, it speaks that you are in the HUD pane, but doesn't speak the options that it is presenting13:30
AlanBellmaybe gord will leap into action to fix that :)13:30
bobweaverHud is a massive improvement it is awesome I use all the time13:31
AlanBellgenerally this seems nearly as good as it was just before beta 113:31
andyrockAlanBell, yeah I just fixed the regressions...13:31
AlanBellbobweaver: I am guessing you have functional eyes13:31
AlanBellnow we just need a couple of more months before the release to get the smaller bugs fixed :)13:32
jokerdinoa couple more months would be nice.13:33
mhall119AlanBell: you've got 6.5 months, how much more do you want?13:33
jokerdinoi wonder who is the master enbugger of unity.13:33
AlanBellI just hope we will get a full cycle with accessibility actually not totally broken next time13:34
AlanBellbut this is really great that unity3d is nearly back to the same level as 2d, thanks very much andyrock13:38
andyrockAlanBell, I'll try to fix the other bugs too...13:39
AlanBellandyrock: will this go into the unity team PPA for wider testing?13:39
andyrockAlanBell, I'll push a MP sooner13:39
andyrockthen we should fix the dash reader...13:40
davmor2mhall119: what was the bzr link for hello-unity please I lost the post with it in13:44
mhall119lp:hello-unity :)13:45
mhall119davmor2: are you going to break it?13:45
davmor2mhall119: oh nice I thought it might of been in your working ppa obviously not :)13:45
davmor2mhall119: possibly13:45
mhall119it is in my PPA too: https://launchpad.net/~mhall119/+archive/ppa13:46
nessitahello eveyrone! I just filled bug #986191, I was wondering if it was known or workaroundeable13:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 986191 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dash is always empty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98619113:46
mhall119nessita: all the lenses are empty?13:47
mhall119or just the home lens?13:47
nessitamhall119: yes. Music and video I expect to be empty, I uninstalled those lens. I also confirmed that the app and files lens is installed and up to date13:47
nessitamhall119: apps lens is definitely empty as well13:47
AlanBellhow did you uninstall the music and video lenses?13:48
mhall119greyback: ^^ any ideas?  Looks to be unity-2d13:48
nessitamhall119: I can't remember if they ever worked for me. This happens the same in both my laptop and home computer (both unity-2d)13:48
nessitaAlanBell:  sudo apt-get purge unity-lens-gwibber unity-lens-video unity-lens-music13:48
mhall119nessita: did you restart unity or log out/in?13:48
mhall119I still see icons for the music and video lenses in your screenshot13:49
nessitamhall119: several times, every day. I can try again if you consider is worth it13:49
jokerdinoweird, it works for me.13:49
greybacknessita: if you do a search, do you see options?13:49
mhall119nessita: it's just odd, they shouldn't appear in the dash after you uninstalled them...13:49
nessitamhall119: perhaps that's because I haven't re-logged in after uninstalling those13:49
nessitagreyback: nopes13:49
mhall119oh, nessita try logging out and back in then, see if they go away13:49
greybacknessita: yeah, that's not right13:49
nessitamhall119: sure. But that is not related to not having anything in the rest of the lens, right?13:50
greybackplease try as mhall119 asks, then can investigate further if necessary13:50
nessitagreyback: of course. Will be back then!13:50
greybacknessita: fingers Xed :)13:50
mhall119nessita: I don't know, but it's best to eliminate any other possibilities13:50
mhall119greyback: does unity-2d respond to changes in /usr/share/unity/lenses/ ?  I thought I heard that it did13:51
mhall119I know unity-3d requires a restart13:51
greybackmhall119: We need restart too. Really when it comes to lenses, we just use the data that Unity-Core supplies, which is shared between both 2d and 3d13:52
nessitahello again!13:53
mhall119wb nessita13:53
nessitaso, confirmed music and video icons are gone, and dash is still empty13:53
mhall119what's the verdict?13:53
nessitasearch returns nothings13:54
nessitacan share a screenshot13:54
mhall119nessita: run "ps -ef |grep unity-lens-applications" and see if there's a process running13:55
nessitascreenshot of search attemp is: http://ubuntuone.com/6Kyf0uK9QIPJ1NBAUU1pQ213:55
nessitathe app "deluge" is certainly installed, as you can see the blue drop icon in the launcher13:55
nessitamhall119: 160:nessita   1926     1  0 10:52 ?        00:00:00 /usr/lib/unity-lens-applications/unity-applications-daemon13:56
nessitaignore the first 160:, is the line number13:56
nessita(I have an alias for grep to always use -n)13:56
mhall119nessita: kill it and run it manually from the command line, see if it gives any error messages13:56
mhall119mhr3: ^^ any ideas what might be going on here?13:57
nessitamhall119: terminal shows several of:13:57
nessita(process:2339): LibZeitgeist-CRITICAL **: Failed to create proxy for Zeitgeist daemon: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gnome.zeitgeist.Engine: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process /usr/bin/zeitgeist-daemon exited with status 113:57
nessitaand dash is till empty13:58
nessitais still*13:58
mhr3nessita, try running zeitgeist-daemon --log-level=debug13:58
mhr3nessita, btw i was looking at that bug like 10minutes ago :)13:59
nessitamhr3: the requested output ^ :-)13:59
mhr3are you upgrading from lucid?14:00
nessitamhr3: nopes, this is a clean precise install made by alpha1 and updated every day14:00
nessita is worth noting that I've never had results in the dash since installation14:00
nessitabut just now I have the time to report it and debug it14:00
mhr3nessita, you must have had old home partition?14:01
nessitamhr3: well, yes, home partition is not new, but was created on March last year, I installed pre-released natty14:02
nessitawith a clean home back then (computer was brand new)14:02
mhr3hmm, natty had so old zg?14:02
mhr3nessita, and can you run the apps lens from terminal?14:03
nessitamhr3: no idea about zg version, but as a user I would expect that migration path would do its deed?14:03
nessitamhr3: sure, what command?14:03
mhr3nessita, it would if you had oneiric at some point :)14:04
mhr3pkill -f unity-applications-daemon14:04
nessitamhr3: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/938307/14:05
mhr3nessita, that's all if you try to search?14:06
nessitaah, did not try to search, will do14:06
nessitamhr3: nothing new appears in the terminal14:07
mhr3give it 30seconds14:07
mhr3although... nah nvm14:07
mhall11930 seconds for output?14:07
nessitastill nothing14:07
nessitaand nothing :-)14:07
mhr3nessita, anyway, `rm ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/activity.sqlite` will fix it14:08
nessitaso, from an end user POV, is there any way to detect that ZG is not working and do some other (perhaps less efficient) search?14:09
nessitaall this time has been very frustating for me to open the dash, type "firef" and get nothing, knowing that firefox is right there14:09
mhr3nessita, yes, we try in many cases, obviously we missed this one where you didn't follow the official upgrade path14:10
mhr3i mean zg tries to recover14:11
nessitaok, I see. In ubuntuone, to upgrade user metadata, we detect the current version, and apply upgraders from the user version up to current... so it really does not matter what ubuntu version the user had14:12
nessitaperhaps something similar can be considered?14:12
nessitaso we go from 0 to 1, then to 2, etc etc14:12
nessitamhr3: so, if I remove the ZG sqlite, I will loose the 23M of info I have there?14:13
mhr3nessita, yes, we had that as well, we dropped the super old schema upgrades when porting to vala, cause who'd care about the lucid version where zg wasn't even installed by default right...14:13
mhr3nessita, yep14:13
nessitamhr3: I can confirm I never had lucid on the home in this computer (nor maverick)14:13
mhr3nessita, who knew such old schema was in natty as well :(14:14
mhr3i'd push for porting those as well if i did14:14
nessitawell, I would guess lots of people will move from natty to precise without going thru oneiric... perhaps some workaround can be added for them?14:15
davmor2mhall119: oh dear broked it :D  can I not run the ./hello-unity (that has +x permission) from the dir on my system that the bzr branch created?14:16
mhr3nessita, i'm looking why the search doesn't work, it should14:16
mhr3only the recent apps are grabbed from zg14:16
nessitamhr3: can I help debug further?14:16
mhr3nessita, if you want to build ula?14:16
nessitamhr3: what's ula? :-)14:16
nessitamhr3: if you really need me to, I will be happy to do that next Monday from my home computer (I'm traveling now so I only have my laptop handy)14:17
nessitamhr3: my home computer is in the same situation (same versions, same symptoms)14:18
mhr3nessita, dont worry then, i can easily lower the schema ver here14:18
nessitamhr3: ok then, let me know if you need anything else14:18
nessitaI will around (or you can easily find me in the company channel)14:18
mhall119davmor2: I think you need to copy the .desktop file into /usr/share/applications/ first14:19
mhall119but otherwise it should be runnable from the bzr checkout14:19
davmor2mhall119: fair enough I'll have a play with it over the weekend then :)14:20
mhall119davmor2: have fun :)14:20
davmor2mhall119: will do lets see how bad I break stuff :D erm I mean test obviously14:21
mhall119davmor2: I'm going to invoke the "weekend project" excuse for any quality shortcomings14:23
davmor2mhall119: haha14:24
mhall119but, since most of the code is exposed in the UI, I did make an extra effort to do it right14:24
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jokerdinoandyrock: added the video lens.. http://i.stack.imgur.com/alAPh.jpg (bug #937334)15:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 937334 in Ayatana Design "Unity shortcut overlay needs to include shortcut for video lens" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93733415:30
jokerdinois it my luck that he left the room soon after? :))15:35
Will123456hey guys. is the unity dash blur effect implemented in glsl? if so, where abouts in the source code could i find it?15:41
Andy80why if I'm using precise and Rhythmbox is the default application for mp3, searching music with the Unity Dash the music is opened with Banshee?16:08
Andy80is it a known bug or I'm doing something wrong?16:09
Andy80and the music lens is not working anymore I think.... clicking on a song it does't open anything more...16:11
Andy80how do I restart the lenses without restarting the whole session?16:11
Will123456Andy80: i wonder if banshee is set to your default music player?16:17
Will123456oh, he's gone16:18
mhall119The new Unity contributor pages are public: http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/16:59
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zgreghmm, there seems to be an issue with the dash blur with the current unity in precise21:31
zgregthe background is incorrectly shifted downwards by some amount, seems to be the height of the panel21:32
zgregwait, to be more accurate, it's the *lense* background that is wrong, the *dash* background is correct21:33
zgregit looks pretty broken at the boundary between those, though21:33
zgregah, it's https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/97792221:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 977922 in unity "[regression] Blurred view of the current workspace is shifted down when unity dash is in fullscreen mode" [Medium,Fix committed]21:39
zgregwould be great to see an updated package in precise...21:39
davidcalle_zgreg, as you can see, the bug is "Fix committed"21:40
zgregyes, I know21:40
zgregthat does not mean we'll see the fix in precise soon21:41
davidcalle_zgreg, the update will come as a 0-day SRU, an update available on release day.21:41
zgregso it's not possible to merge any bugfixes at this state in the release process?21:42
davidcalle_zgreg, critical bugs only.21:43
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