bkerensapleia2: stupid question but I just got a android and was wondering how I compose a message in the gmail app03:04
bkerensaahh nevermind I found it03:05
akkwoo, there's someone newer than me at Android? :)03:14
jyojtatum, jledbetter: http://lwn.net/Articles/488900/04:19
jyo"Duffy suggested coffee drinks, but Richard Fontana observed that some religions find caffeine offensive."04:20
DarkwingYou are not going to be able to pick something that doesn't offend anyone...04:20
DarkwingThat's the sad part04:21
bkerensaakk: well I have had android tablets but this is different04:22
pleia2I'm just glad they got Beefy Miracle (and all the childhood boy humor that came with it) out of their system ;)04:22
pleia2bkerensa: ics?04:22
pleia2ics gmail is annoying04:22
pleia2they try to be clever, but I still always forget how to switch accounts and browse labels04:23
pleia2labels? we don't need labels!04:23
pleia2the browser too04:23
* pleia2 just taps around a lot04:23
pleia2figuring out copy/paste was fun too04:24
pleia2except without the fun part04:24
bkerensapleia2: have you used Cyanogenmod at all?05:20
pleia2bkerensa: nah, my phone isn't a device in my life I like to mess with since I depend upon it for a lot of things05:33
pleia2(contact with family, work, etc)05:33
philipballewThat koney2012 thing is tomorrow... Not going to go out tomorrow night then...06:51
jledbetterjyo: Oh wow.15:49
Darkwingbkerensa: you use CM?15:56
kdub"pulseaudio -k " is quickly becoming my new favorite command17:11
* akk suggests apt-get purge pulseaudio -- you only have to type it once17:14
MarkDudepleia2, would next weekend work for doing an installfest for Partimus?17:18
* MarkDude has at least 3-4 P4s17:18
MarkDudegrantbow, already said he can most likely make it17:18
MarkDudeAlso, let me know when you want to go to baseball game17:19
pleia2MarkDude: CACS doesn't have a lab anymore so most of the systems are in storage17:19
pleia2not sure we have an active target for installs at the moment (some schools probably need visits and review, but we're not there yet)17:19
MarkDudeAll the labs?17:20
pleia2there are labs out there, but none that we have talked with lately about doing installs and improvemens17:20
MarkDudeTimeframe for picking the next school(s)?17:21
pleia2we need to have a discussion about it, we've been super busy lately helping clean up CACS post-fire17:22
pleia2and getting everything into storage17:22
pleia2sorry :\17:23
MarkDudeWell it's not your fault :)17:24
pleia2you're welcome to send any ideas to the discussion list: discussion@lists.partimus.org17:24
pleia2at least it's then on everyone's radar that you have some donations in the wings and may be availble17:24
pleia2I think we got rid of a lot of junky p4s (poorly maintained, less than a gig of ram)17:25
pleia2we just don't have the storage space to keep them, and we need systems with 1G+ of ram these days17:26
kdubakk: i havent tried to remove pulse... :P not a bad idea17:36
kdubi think when its trying to combine all the audio streams, it crashes... like an IM notification commonly crashes playing music17:37
kduboh well :)17:37
akkkdub: I've never had it ... I don't do anything remotely fancy enough with audio that I'd need it.17:37
daxSame. ALSA's always worked absolutely fine for me.17:45
daxjust ALSA**17:45
philipballew_pleia2, breakfast with Mark, must have been a fun time :)18:39
pleia2philipballew_: yeah, it was good :)18:40
pleia2the hotel he's staying at for the openstack conference is less than a block from where I live, so it was easy for me to pop over there18:40
philipballew_nice! that guy makes you look like you dont travel he travels so much.18:40
philipballew_I herd the openstack thing went over really well18:43
pleia2he is quite the jetsetter :)18:44
pleia2but a lot of canonical folks travel a lot18:45
philipballew_So he comes to The bay area one week then goes somewhere else for a week just to come back to the bay by a week from this monday for the all canonical meetings. Crazy...18:47
philipballew_planes are cool!!!18:48
pleia2they are, and once you start traveling a lot the cross country flight seems much shorter18:48
pleia2(now flying to budapest...)18:48
pleia2or sydney, gah, sydney is far18:49
pleia2I haven't been yet18:49
philipballew_I get to go to Hew Hampature on one in a month and a half. I do the norcal to socal drive about 12 times a year so I can handle a 5 hour flight maybe18:49
philipballew_uds -r the outback edition18:49
philipballew_down under18:50
akkThe sydney flight is brutal.19:05
akkI love airplanes in concept, but I don't much like commercial airplane travel.19:05
akkExcept the beginning and end parts where you can look out the window. :)19:05
bkerensa:D I just got a box of Canonical love... a new Ubuntu Mug and Juju T-shirt19:08
philipballew_bkerensa, howd you get that and why?19:08
bkerensaphilipballew: anyone who writes a Juju charm gets a Juju Shirt and Ubuntu Mug19:09
philipballew_oh, nice! I should write one...19:10
philipballew_ill use a odd language.19:10
philipballew_time to bust out my fortran skills19:10
bkerensaphilipballew: http://imgur.com/fbDHC19:11
philipballew_I have a blue shirt like that, its soon going to be a tank top...19:12
philipballew_those mugs look nice, ‎I can be super hipster with my non plastic mug and showcasing my non-mainstreaming operating system19:13
philipballew_bkerensa, you a coffee or tea drinker?19:14
bkerensaphilipballew: If I had to pick between the two.... Tea19:14
pleia2the women's sizes were grey instead or pretty purple :(19:15
pleia2but at least they existed!19:15
akkWas there anything about juju at scale? I'd never heard of it before chatter here a few days ago19:16
DarkwingWell, it's offical...19:16
akkand I'm still having trouble figuring out what it is from googling -- everything written about it assumes you already know.19:16
pleia2akk: yeah, they did a "charm school" on Friday19:16
* Darkwing sighs.19:17
bkerensaakk: Juju is DevOps distilled.... In a nutshell "Juju Charms are a combination of scripts that allow DevOps to rapidly deploy services to the Cloud"19:17
philipballew_the mens sizes were all xl and up so I took a womens large and calld it good19:17
bkerensaCharms can be written in any major/common language19:17
philipballew_what happened Darkwing19:17
DarkwingGetting divorced.19:18
akkbkerensa: That's the sort of thing that all the pages I find say. I'm coming to the conclusion that if you don't work in DevOps, you should just conclude "whatever juju is, it's not aimed at me."19:18
philipballew_Oh no19:18
akkDarkwing: Sorry to hear that! :(19:19
DarkwingYeah :/19:19
pleia2Darkwing: so sorry :(19:19
philipballew_Is there anything I or anyone here can do to help you out here in this time?19:19
bkerensaDarkwing: Sorry to hear it... In my last long term I didn't know things were ending until my spouse showed up with some random guy to pick up her stuff19:19
akkUgh, that is not a good way to find out.19:20
Darkwing8 years and 3 kids... at least we are on the same page and it's not going to be a fight.19:20
akkBut I guess there's no good way.19:20
akkNo fight is good, anyway.19:21
Darkwingyeah. it still sux but..19:21
akkYeah, divorce always sucks, even when it's a "friendly" one. :(19:22
* pleia2 nods19:22
philipballew_Peace is always the goal19:23
philipballew_friendly always helps19:24
bkerensaakk: here is one of the hook scripts from the 2nd charm I am writing so you can get a idea of how it works http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bkerensa/charms/oneiric/openphoto/trunk/view/head:/hooks/install19:27
bkerensa^ is just rough draft and I still have like five hooks to write and will be converting from bash to python19:27
akkbkerensa: And what does it do? Something like, install all the dependencies and set up a web service?19:29
daxfunny, over in #ubuntu and apt-get -y is considered harmful and we've banned mentioning certain scripts for using it19:29
daxland **19:30
* akk would probably make yourdomain.com a variable so the user doesn't have to do a global substitute on the script, but maybe that's part of juju.19:30
bkerensaakk well in that case it will deploy a fully functional instance of openphoto.me front end that is ready to use out of the box with no further configuration required19:30
bkerensadax: Well the idea is when you run juju bootstrap your charm will install everything without hanging19:30
bkerensaakk: ^ it will thats in a very non-frosty state atm19:31
bkerensaakk: actually when I add openphoto.yaml that will handle replacement of yourdomain.com and any other settings19:32
akkSo is that generally what charms are? Install and set up a web service?19:33
bkerensaakk: yes unless Canonical expands their usage19:34

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