DammitJimthis is pretty interesting11:40
DammitJimif my mail server is down for about 24 hours, my spam count goes down to virtually zero11:46
mhall119zoopster: happy birthday (since you weren't online yesterday)12:35
zoopsterthanks mhall11912:46
raubvogelI setup an interface to use static IP (lines 3-9 in http://pastie.org/private/mamcbwyzohmmrkfezhnw). 14:24
raubvogelThe network has a bind/dchp server in which will give ips to dchp clients starting at 100. Why is it giving me a dhcp ip (lines 13-21 in http://pastie.org/private/mamcbwyzohmmrkfezhnw)?14:24
zoopsterraubvogel: because you haven't reset the interface?14:33
raubvogelzoopster: I thought /etc/init.d/netwroking restart would do the trick. Am I off?14:34
raubvogel(would be glad to know I am :) )]14:34
zoopsterraubvogel: I would think as well, but the only way to tell would be logs to see when it's getting the dhcp addr14:36
dorganhello all17:19
mhall119hey dorgan, how are the new additions?18:21
dorganthey're doing good18:21
dorgankeeping busy18:21
dorgan*keeping me busy18:21

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