greg-ghello from Gatlinburg, TN00:56
greg-grick_h: funeral for Carrie's g-pa00:56
rick_hgreg-g: ah, gotcha01:27
rick_hso the moving was a joke then?01:27
rick_hand condolences01:27
snap-lgreg-g: Sorry to hear about your family's loss01:48
snap-lGood morning12:07
rick_hTGIF, man this week blew past12:16
brouschno kidding12:33
brouschi am really pumped about my talk monday. i have way too much actual content13:00
rick_hoh crap, next weekend is my talk. I've got to stop coding and get more talk writing done :/13:01
rick_hbut hacking is the fun part!13:01
brouschputting slides together isn't vry fun13:01
brouschwhich is probably why i get bored and stick crap into them13:02
brouschi only have 1 lolcat in this talk13:02
brouschit might be offensive to old people, so i may remove it13:04
brouschi just realized i am twice as old as some of the people who will be there. they will consider me old13:06
snap-lYes, yes they will13:12
snap-lYou need to create a new meme13:12
brouschi was going to use this one until i realized the irony http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/OldPeople.png13:16
snap-lbrousch: Heh13:26
brouschthis video hurts my ears :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqYdwJ-DTGo&feature=digest_thu14:09
brouschsomeone needs to buy gib a nice camera14:10
rick_hthat would only encourage him14:11
brouschand a tripod14:11
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, it clips way too much14:12
snap-lAlso, I need a treadmill14:13
rick_htreadmill's suck...eliptical ftw14:14
rick_hbut biking >14:14
rick_hordered a bike jersey today so I light up like a candle while riding14:14
rick_hand people driving need to get off the @#$@# phones. It's crazy14:15
brouschpedal-powered lights?14:15
rick_hheh no, just bright yellow14:15
brouschyou could add LEDs and a generator that works by flapping your upper arms14:19
brouschthis made me lol, but lots of F-bombs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ7QsEytQq414:34
brouschslow-mo robot is the best14:35
greg-grick_h: yeah, and I may have to take that back ("me moving to knoxville") while the music is still awesome, and the airport is better than most, the number of confderate flags has surpassed any reasonable limit for free speech :)14:51
jrwreni have friends who lived in memphis and couldn't stand the segregation and so moved back north.14:52
jrwrennow that I know greg-g thinks there sholud be reasonable limits on free speech, I shall give him dirty looks and shake my fist at him until I surpass the limit14:53
greg-gjrwren: :P14:56
greg-gI'm actually still on the fence vis a vis US style free speech vs eg: Germany free speech (where hate speech is heavily ... scruitinized? prevented in public places? something, not sure of the exact law)14:58
brouschgreg-g: only a fascist would suppress hate speech15:07
ColonelPanic001hate speech is a symptom more than a problem15:10
ColonelPanic001banning it is a bit like putting a bandaid on a chest would hoping it'll re-inflate the lung15:11
jrwrenit just festers behind closed doors instead of in public15:12
jrwrenin the us we know what the skin heads are saying15:12
jrwrenin germany they had a reasonably large neonazi movement15:12
jrwrenUSA is the greatest country in teh world! FREE SPEECH! USA USA USA! USA USA USA!15:14
ColonelPanic001what jrwern said, too15:16
ColonelPanic001it's like the boss coming by a work room and everyone shuts up. Him not hearing it doesn't mean they don't complain about him15:17
snap-lgreg-g: It's like belleville, but far worse15:22
snap-lAnd I hope that racism naturally dies off, just like any sufficiently innoculated disease15:24
jrwrenbelleville? hardly15:25
snap-ljrwren: All I know is that my theory about Walmart having only a handful of stores, and each store being a portal to somewhere in the south germinated in Belleville.15:27
jrwrenbut AK is friendly south15:30
snap-lThat and the Feral children that are left in the store get adopted as part of some cashier / worker traning program15:31
brouschhey, i used to work at walmart!15:32
snap-lbrousch: That's unpossible15:32
jrwreni always knew tehre was something wrong with taht guy.15:32
snap-lbrousch: I thought there was some GR law about requiring everyone to work at Meijer15:32
brouschin the garden department, but i spent more time cleaning up wayward pogs in the toy department than lugging plants for old ladies15:33
jrwrenlol @ pogs15:33
brouschfucking pogs15:34
snap-lbrousch: Hah, I worked at Pet and Garden at Meijer one summer15:35
snap-lHated people asking me about the differnet plants15:35
snap-l"I can make any bush a burning bush if you give me a lighter"15:36
brouschat walmart people just assumed the employees were clueless15:37
snap-lbrousch: Some trips I don't think it was an assumption15:38
brouschi didn't say they were wrong15:38
rick_hif it wasn't friday...I might need to go find a bridge to jump from15:42
rick_hlet me just say, you guys never want to know how the bug crap you use for ubuntu in LP actually works...never15:42
snap-lThere are three in Michigan15:42
brouschit's kind of cold out to go swimming15:42
* rick_h goes to order more whiteboards...3 insn't enough to fit it together15:43
snap-lMacinack, Ambassador, and whatever's in Port Huron15:43
brouschneed some fine-tip markers15:43
snap-lrick_h: I saw how Idea Torrent worked. I have an idea it requires duck tape, rubber bands, wires, paper clips, and a female gerbil.15:44
rick_hsomething like that15:44
snap-lOK, this is just insane: http://addyosmani.github.com/todomvc/labs/15:46
rick_hwoot! yui on there15:47
jrwreni dont get it15:55
rick_hdon't get what?16:03
snap-ljrwren: Because every five seconds another developer pushes out another MVC framework for Javascript, and we need a site to see which ones might actually be usable.16:07
snap-ljrwren: And we know that the benchmark for usability is a todo application16:07
snap-lmuch like the car to beat at a drag race is a Honda Civic.16:07
snap-lWith a muffler the size of a 55 gallon drum16:08
rick_hyea, it's the new 'write a wiki/blog in our web framework'16:09
rick_hfor client side MCV it's todo lists16:10
jrwreni see16:11
rick_hhttp://peternixey.com/post/21437829768/cook-something-or-get-out-of-the-kitchen <3 it!16:15
jrwrenpretty great.16:23
jrwrenturn kitchen into computer and you basically have the coders saying the same things to the non coders.16:23
rick_hyea, I think that was the point of hte article16:24
rick_ha rant on all the "I have a brilliant idea, I just need a co-founder tech guy to make it happen"16:24
jrwrenzomg, i laugh at those.16:47
jrwrenor wait... i actualy did one once.16:47
jrwreni never did see that 80k$ :)16:48
snap-lbtw: Wordpress has a new security update17:15
rick_hty for the heads up17:17
brouschi think Detroit is ahead of Grand Rapids mainly due to rick_h17:30
rick_hI do what I can17:31
snap-lI think TIm O'Reilly will be able to buy a small island nation because of rick_h and I17:45
snap-lAlso,I have way too few Tiles records.17:47
rick_hany of you guys going ignite again?17:58
rick_hwidox: snap-l _stink_ etc?17:58
rick_hwife is curious about going again and seems like I missed that it's next week :/17:59
snap-lNot this time either.18:02
brouschi'm such an idiot. i've been pondering how to work with heroku and private info in git for a month or two now http://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/heroku-git-repos.png18:32
brouschlike db passwords and such for heroku, how to keep it out of git18:32
brouschkeep it out of the public repo, but still push it to heroku18:33
brouschso just set up another repo that pulls from the public but has private stuff in it. sync that to heroku18:34
rick_hyea, seen a few ways, s3 fetching, etc18:34
brouschthis makes sense to me18:35
snap-lbrousch: Or you could gpg encrypt it in a secure repo, then have some script on the heroku instance decrypt them and put them where they need to be18:36
brouschthat sounds simple18:36
snap-lthat sounded sarcastic. ;)18:37
brouschor just create a repo just for the purpose of deploying to heroku :P18:37
rick_hheh, a meta package18:37
snap-lbrousch: THat way you're not keeping passwords in plaintext in a git repo18:37
brouschbut the repo is only on my machine18:38
snap-lbut it's deployed to your heroku instance18:39
snap-lso if someone cracks your machine, they get access to your passwords on the heroku instance18:41
brouschif someone cracks my machine that is the least of my worries18:41
jrwrenantoerh repo or another branch?18:48
brouschjrwren: a branch is probably sufficient, but i haven't used them so i would feel more secure using a repo18:54
jrwrenpoor brousch18:55
jrwrenhttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/5203320/passwords-in-git-tree-heroku-github  config vars, its a solved problem.18:57
jrwrenyou should jump in that twitter conversation and tell people to stop being stupid :)18:57
snap-ljrwren: It's the Internet. Does anyone need a reason to stop being stupid?18:58
_stink_rick_h: not this time20:20
widoxrick_h: I was wanting to go, but also just realized myself that its next week20:32
widoxa Wed. even20:45
rick_hyea, there's a nice pic of a guy that made a double sided hammer based on that post23:14
Blazeixyeah, i think that's how i found it23:15
Blazeixbut there are some amazing things in there,  like the behavior of chaining ternary operators23:15
JonEdneyLOL awesome23:22
brouschphp? https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/grpug/zSbX6sQyZQ4/nJmjok6rpE0J23:33

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