Brian_Hbkerensa: earlier you asked about the drbd source code, it's public if you want it http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-checking-out-git.html00:50
bkerensaBrian_H: It was Perka03:10
bkerensaBrian_H: the reason I was asking was because I was wondering how hard it was for people to contribute03:10
bkerensablkperl: :D03:10
bkerensablkperl: Hopefully you guys can spread some Ubuntu and I told the people there about the release party next sunday... apparently they did not know :D03:11
bkerensanathwill: I got a android03:11
nathwillbkerensa: what kind of device?03:11
bkerensanathwill: HTC Inspire 4G?03:11
bkerensais that good?03:11
nathwillbkerensa: looks like a nice phone, but you're w/ ATT?03:12
bkerensanathwill: yes03:13
bkerensanathwill: but I didnt upgrade :D03:13
bkerensanathwill: I swapped my iPhone 3GS for it03:13
nathwillnice :)03:13
bkerensaI had a friend who wanted a iPhone and plus I through in two hundred dollars in cases and other accessories03:13
nathwillwell that's nice of ya!03:14
* bkerensa is still wondering if I got the better end of the deal03:15
nathwillso i was looking up more info on those proliant servers03:16
nathwilllooks like the cost came down a bit03:16
nathwillblows that the micros only have 1 nic though03:16
bkerensanathwill: yeah so you can use it for a firewall03:17
nathwilli want a min 4bay, dual core, with support for 8G ram and dual nic, for ~40003:18
nathwilland they just don't seem to exist03:18
cy1a router with 8G of  RAM? o.o03:19
cy1dual core o.O What are you wanting to do, DPI?03:19
sbeattienathwill: you talking about the N40Ls? Throwing in an extra nic should be cheap, and going to 8GB of RAM (even keeping ECC) shouldn't be too bad.03:20
nathwillsbeattie: aha! thanks for pointing that out, just noticed they have expansion slots...03:21
nathwillthat's it, i'm gettin' one03:21
sbeattieOh, boo, they're back up to $350 on newegg: http://camelegg.com/product/N82E16859107052?locale=US03:22
nathwillsbeatie, you know if that chip supports VT?03:22
sbeattieIt does03:23
nathwillmy current nas (qnap ts119) doesn't even stand up to lxc03:24
nathwillbut i smashed debian onto it, which has made it enormously more useful than it was out of the box03:24
nathwillyeah, that proliant's lookin mighty fine.03:25
nathwillsbeattie, you have any direct experience w/ the n40Ls?03:26
sbeattieYeah, I bought one a couple of weeks ago to replace an aging shuttle box03:27
sbeattieI haven't dropped it in place yet, but it's a nice little box.03:28
sbeattieI needed two more network ports, so I had to get a dual-nic card to drop into it.03:28
nathwillyou have you LAN divided, or dual wan?03:29
nathwilli'm guessing they're PCI expansion slots, right? newegg is short on details...03:30
sbeattieThere's one PCI-X x16 and one PCI-X x1 slot in it.03:31
nathwillcool. thx.03:32
sbeattiethey need a half-hight bracket to fit (common for server oriented stuff)03:32
sbeattiehttp://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF06a/15351-15351-4237916-4237918-4237917-4248009.html?dnr=1 is the hp info on it03:34
orebuntu_sbeattie's tiny URL is http://tinyurl.com/8yse7ez03:34
nathwilllooking at the nic cards, looks like i'd end up w/ a dual, unless i find a single in my parts heap03:35
nathwilly'all see that HP is certifying 12.04 for their proliant series?03:36
sbeattieSorry, I may have confused things, it should be PCIe x16 and x103:37
sbeattieYeah, that's pretty cool.03:37
nathwill:D big congrats to the server team.03:37
bkerensa:( so many options in android03:37
nathwilloptions fer what?03:38
bkerensaI have spent 30 mins just in contacts03:38
nathwillwhy is that a frowny face?!03:38
bkerensathis is phone porn03:38
bkerensaits bad03:38
bkerensaa addiction even03:38
nathwilli wonder if the Ubuntu certification for the proliant series means HP will eventually ship them preinstalled03:41
nathwillbecause it's SOOOO hard to install!!03:43
nathwillit takes HOURS! and then there's the dozens of reboots, waiting for sp3...03:44
nathwilloh wait.03:44
nathwilly'all know how to add caldav support to thunderbird, by chance?03:48
nathwilli setup owncloud, and it works great, but thunderbird doesn't seem to be recognizing the calendar.03:49
bkerensanathwill: openphoto :D04:10
nathwillbkerensa: i don't see a connection to caldav and carddav services04:11
nathwillam i missing something?04:12
nathwillugh. even evolution is barfing on this...04:18
nathwillso openphoto looks pretty cool04:24
bkerensait really does04:36
bkerensabut you know whats not cool.... When AT&T transfers me to dead air04:36
bkerensanathwill: no seriously... my voicemail doesnt work so I called AT&T and they keep "Transferring to the next available representative" -> Dead Air for 3 minutes then Call Drop04:38
* blkperl hopes Dell jumps on the bandwagon and supports ubuntu server04:41
bkerensathey need to04:41
bkerensaRedhat is trash04:41
bkerensaand CentOS04:41
bkerensadistro war04:42
blkperlbkerensa: there are far worse thing that modern enterprise operatingsystems04:51
blkperlbkerensa: also launchpad ticket #1 is more important04:57
bkerensablkperl: only Ubuntu can solve #105:02
* blkperl is concerned by the critical thinkpad fans over heat bug that hasn't been fixed yet05:06
nathwillheaded to bed. see y'all tomorrow05:22
nathwillmorning people14:44
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bkerensaahh a fedex box from Canonical :D19:01
bkerensakees: you get yours?19:02
tgm4883kees, can I bother you for a sec about UFW rules?19:08
bkerensanathwill: More juju fun coming http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bkerensa/charms/oneiric/openphoto/trunk/view/head:/hooks/install19:33
orebuntu_bkerensa's tiny URL is http://tinyurl.com/85mejac19:33
* bkerensa slaps orebuntu with a floppy trout19:33
keestgm4883: sure, though I might not know much. I use iptables directly usually.19:35
tgm4883ah ok19:35
tgm4883kees, I've currently got this19:35
tgm4883but would ssh traffic reach the 2nd though 11th rules with that first one in place?19:36
tgm4883IDK how the limit action would affect it, if it pulls the traffic out or not19:36
keestgm4883: afaik, the Limit directive is just to stop connection hammering19:37
keestgm4883: so the rest should be fine19:37
tgm4883kees, awesome, that is what I thought but there is such an emphasis on ordering thought I'd check with someone19:37
* kees nods19:38
bkerensaMarkDude: Whats the word?19:38
bkerensaMarkDude: I see you have not registered for UDS yet19:38
bkerensaor CLS for that matter :)19:38
* MarkDude will go to both19:38
MarkDudeTechnically I dont have to register for UDS19:39
bkerensaMarkDude: LOL why is that?19:39
* MarkDude has made it to oscon for last 5 years in a row19:39
MarkDudewont ruin record19:39
MarkDudeBecause I am MarkDude19:39
* MarkDude will at last minute most likely19:39
bkerensaMarkDude: Well I drop in Oakland on the morning of the 6th and dont leave till close to 10pm on the 12th19:40
bkerensaMarkDude: I was thinking if you wanna grab diner on the 12th that could be fun19:41
bkerensaI'm not sure if I will go to the UDS wrap up party since Mozilla wants me to come out to Mountain View for a party19:41
MarkDudemight work fine20:01
MarkDudeWill know this weekend20:01
MarkDudeMost likely tho20:02
nathwillbkerensa, that charm looks cool20:03
bkerensanathwill: http://people.ubuntu.com/~bkerensa/loco/PrecisePartyFlyer.png20:04
nathwillha! you beat me to the punch!20:04
nathwilli was thinking last night that i needed to put one of these together to hang up at work20:05
nathwillbtw, sauce?20:05
bkerensanathwill: can you e-mail that to the list and encourage anyone interested to print copies and distribute in their local areas maybe libraries or community centers20:05
nathwillsure boss]20:05
bkerensanathwill: what sauce do we speak of?20:05
nathwillsource data for the PNG?20:06
* bkerensa is going to his two libraries with the flyer tomorrow 20:06
nathwillalso, gyro house' delicious spicy garlic sauce20:06
bkerensanathwill: it was ganked from Ubuntu-za20:08
nathwillah. kk20:08
nathwillbkerensa: mail requires approval20:19
nathwilltoo big20:19
tgm4883anyone use knockd for port knocking on the server side?20:33
bkerensanathwill: done20:38
* bkerensa heads to burgerville to grab lunch20:38
* bkerensa lol's at the "Hipsterizing..." message on all the images on his site20:54
bkerensaorebuntu_: Are you a community?21:20
bkerensaorebuntu_: Are you a communist?21:20
orebuntu_Most likely not.21:20
* MarkDude is a Communitizer21:20
bkerensaorebuntu_: Are you running 12.04?21:21
orebuntu_Most likely not.21:21
MarkDudeCommunitizing the Community21:21
MarkDudebkerensa, you know of anyone drving to UDS?21:21
bkerensaMarkDude: nope21:21
bkerensanathwill should drive down21:21
nathwillno way21:22
nathwilli'd fly before i drove21:22
bkerensanathwill: Train is fine for me :D21:23
bkerensanot too fast not too slow... booze and food21:23
bkerensaorebuntu_: Is nathwill a yahoo?21:24
orebuntu_My sources say yes.21:24
nathwillgood sources orebuntu21:25
MarkDudeMore like YAAAAHOOOOOOOOOO21:25
bkerensaorebuntu_: Does MarkDude have a sick fascination with all things Fedora?21:25
MarkDudeDont forget penguins also21:25
MarkDudeAs well as Puppy Linux21:25
MarkDudeF16 has sucked a bit21:25
MarkDudeTo be honest21:25
nathwilli really don't see the draw to Puppy. lots of people seem to love it, but i never really liked it21:26
MarkDudeFirefox has died at least 10 times today21:26
nathwilland yes... f16 is teh ballz21:26
MarkDudeAs well as Fedora crashes21:26
MarkDudePuppy never lets me down21:26
nathwillf17 alpha was pretty slick21:26
nathwilland surprisingly solid for an alpha21:26
MarkDudeBeefy Miracle- YES, meat your new God21:27
bkerensaorebuntu_: Does Ubuntu really whip the llamas ass?21:27
orebuntu_My sources say no.21:27
bkerensaI guess only Winamp does21:27
MarkDudeDude, if Nixie found out you said ANYTHING bad about llamas, she would pummel you21:27
MarkDudeor at least get some of her numerous followers to\21:28
bkerensaMarkDude: her followers are sheep :p21:32
MarkDudeBecareful of anyone that can snap their fingers and get 100+ local folks to do their bidding21:57
MarkDudeSheelple or not21:57
bkerensanathwill: do you have any thouhts on CD's for this cycle?23:55
nathwillbkerensa, i have thoughts on CD's, but i don't know which you're interested in23:55
nathwillso apparently shuttleworth is a keynote at OSCON this year :)23:55
bkerensanathwill: well since we are "Not Approved" by LoCo Council and yet this is the LTS release it seems important to still try and get CD's in the hands of as many people as possible which is clearly going to cost the LoCo or me or someone some money23:56
bkerensabut I am trying to brainstorm the most cost-effective way to do this while also producing something authentic23:56
bkerensaI know California has a "Origami" CD Cover they print to then cover CDR's they burn23:56
* nathwill sighs23:56
bkerensaI have a huge supply of CDR's right now but no Origami Covers and no Labels23:57
nathwillbkerensa: pretty sure we can get the cd labels on ubuntus site23:57
bkerensanathwill: we can get the jacket design23:57
nathwillthe headache is in burning up your cd drive for something that should've been shipped...23:58
bkerensabut printing that would be costly.... I looked at a handful of sites and they charge nearly a dollar a pop for jackets23:58
nathwillso what are the events that it matters to have this stuff for?23:58
nathwillrelease party would be nice23:58
nathwilland oscon is a definite need23:58
bkerensanathwill: ^ yes which is why I am semi-irritated with the lack of transparency and consistent application of LoCo Criteria23:58
nathwillthough if mark swings by, it would almost be better if we didn't have any23:58
nathwilland then explained why23:59
bkerensanathwill: well I wanna have 100 CD's at the release party23:59
bkerensaI will go out on a limb and burn them at my cost and the expensive of tiring my drive out23:59
bkerensabut someone else needs to make 100 Origami covers or something else nice23:59
bkerensathat is my offer23:59
nathwillthere's gotta be a kinkos for cds or something23:59
nathwillyeah, that's fair23:59
bkerensaif you find it let me know23:59
nathwilli need to malaysians23:59
bkerensabecause I dont like the idea of doing a CD every 10 mins :D23:59

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