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MutantTurkeyI want a nice dashiki03:09
waltmanIt would go well with your hamburger exoskeleton.03:18
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!09:38
SamuraiAlbaI HAS A JOBS!09:38
JonathanDHey everyone, dinner is on SamuraiAlba09:38
SamuraiAlbaHow is it going?09:38
SamuraiAlbaFirst dinner is for my friend, Rebecca :)  We're going to Bertucci's09:38
SamuraiAlbaWe may have broken up, but we are still friends, and I've known her since second grade :)09:39
SamuraiAlbaafter that?09:39
SamuraiAlbaBACON FOR ALL!09:39
SamuraiAlbaMy firewall shipped on the 3rd09:39
SamuraiAlbaIt's JUST NOW in Bellmawr...09:39
SamuraiAlbaI has a job!09:45
* SamuraiAlba dances09:45
* SamuraiAlba curses the Untangle box blocking WoW09:46
InHisNameMorning SamuraiAlba,  have your morning bacon, yet ?10:12
InHisNameIs it the BACON dance or JOB dance ?10:13
SamuraiAlbaBacon Job Dance10:13
SamuraiAlbaGreg Ham of Men at Work died :O10:22
MobileTurkeymy girlfriend doesn't understand that just because I am at home, doesn't mean she can come over while I'm working18:22
MobileTurkeywe hit panera for lunch and then she invited herself over... err ok? HELLO LADY I AM WORKING FROM HOME. WORKING.18:23
pangolinperhaps explain that to her18:51
pangolinduring the hours of 8am to 5pm you are basically at the office and not "home"18:52
pangolinor whatever your hours are18:52
waltmanMobileTurkey: She can't help it if she gets turned on by your hamburger costume! :)18:52
MobileTurkeypangolin: that's what I said basically18:53
MobileTurkeyit's just a bit irritatin18:53
MobileTurkeyrage creating18:53
MobileTurkeypangolin: I agreed to go to panera for lunch, not to hangout afterward...18:53
MobileTurkeyanyway i'll just work late.18:53
pangolinyeah, sounds horrible. I would hate to work from home and have a girlfriend who wants to actually spend time with me.18:53
pangolinsarcasm aside, the distraction can't be good for productivity18:54
MobileTurkeymy girlfriend wants to spend to much time and when I say I can't hangout she looks at me as if i've done something wrong and escalates it into a ridiculous ordeal so mostly I just say "okay honey"18:56
MobileTurkeywaltman: I learned rawhide... it's so much fun to play18:56
MobileTurkeyalso she caught the katy and going back to miami18:56
PennBotTitle: [Phoronix] Next Week Is Looking Phenomenal For Linux (at www.phoronix.com)19:07
passstabsteam on linux !!!19:08
passstab \./19:08
adomFER REALZ?/19:08
ssweenywe've heard this before19:08
passstabi know19:09
passstabbut now an announce is imminent19:10
adomlooks like the announce might be next week. we could assume the release won't be for some time.19:11
passstabi know19:11
adomand if it runs best with Unity I'll be so pissed.19:11
passstabhow is that even possible?!?19:12
adomdon't jinx it. gnome2 for life.19:12
MobileTurkeykde3 4 life19:13
passstabare either of you being sarcastic?19:14
MobileTurkeynot in any sense whatsoever.19:14
* adom hugs his gnome2.19:14
MobileTurkeywhy would anyone joke about the desktop they use?19:15
adomits no laughing matter, unlike unity19:15
adomwhich is a joke19:15
passstabok ok19:15
PiciThere was a mention of Wine in the most recent steam changelog.19:15
MobileTurkeykde3/tde is superior to all19:15
adomso, server closets at 95 degrees19:15
Picibut that was for OSX.19:15
passstabpici link?19:15
passstabwait what?19:16
adomsteam runs in Wine half decently if i remember19:16
adombeen awhile since i did any WIne gaming besides WoW19:16
Picilet me see if they publish those somewhere....19:16
MobileTurkeyit's been a while since i did any gaming19:16
adomwhich i've always been able to play under wine19:16
MobileTurkeydid anyone see the ascii portal game?19:16
passstabwhat does steamosx have to do with wine?19:16
PennBotTitle: News - Client Updates (at store.steampowered.com)19:16
passstabyes everyone19:16
Pici"dded initial support for the Community Overlay in Mac games hosted by Wine. Currently validated with The Witcher"19:16
passstabi wonder how much the humble bundles influenced this19:21
MobileTurkeymaking my old desktop my new server20:02
JonathanDI hate phone systems.20:43

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