brycehall the gpu lockup bugs worth forwarding are now forwarded upstream.01:50
Sarvatthyperair: so i'm getting random 4 finger taps being registered with 0ubuntu5 synaptics again, what a headache04:45
Sarvatti downgraded to 0ubuntu4 for 2 days so was positive it never happened there :(04:46
Sarvatttried every permutation of disabling coasting i could find04:46
hyperairhmm that's really weird04:46
hyperairi didn't touch anything in there that should even remotely affect taps..04:46
hyperairor finger counting04:47
Sarvattsynclient CoastingSpeed=0 should definitely be disabling coasting completely04:47
hyperairyes it should04:47
Sarvattyeah input is just screwed on this thing04:47
Sarvatti have megs of Warning: failed to get previous touch value in ~/.xsession-errors, theres "something" really wrong going on04:48
SarvattWarning: failed to get previous touch value04:49
SarvattGRAIL WARNING (v3/slice.cpp:GetValues:207): failed to get touch from frame gets spammed like 8 times every tme the dash gets popped up04:49
Sarvatti'm sure it has nothing to do with the synaptics change ya did and no problems just downgrading here, its just exacerbating the real problem04:50
Sarvattthat happens even without the coasting working it just doesnt pop up the dash when it is04:51
brycehheh, every time we get a new nvidia there's some contingent of folks that want the prior one19:24
mlankhorstbryceh: that's true for EVERY change19:39
mlankhorstit doesn't even matter what the change is! :D19:39
brycehmlankhorst, heh true enough19:41
brycehguess the nvidia-ites come out of the woodwork is just 'cause there's so many of them19:41
FernandoMiguelboua noute20:37
bdmurraybryceh: what happened with that touchscreen relative vs absolute change?22:56
brycehbdmurray, right good question.  I was going to test something but got diverted by all the gpu lockups23:10
brycehtjaalton, still need me to test that fix (where was it again?)23:11
bdmurray16:02 < tjaalton> ppa:tjaalton/ppa23:13
bdmurray16:02 < tjaalton> gnome-settings-daemon23:13
bdmurray16:02 < tjaalton> 3.4.0-0ubuntu3.223:13
brycehthx, on it23:14
brycehtjaalton, bdmurray with Installed: 3.4.0-0ubuntu3.2, on the login screen it works right, but after logging into the session the pointer is moving incorrectly still.  23:25

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