magespawnMorning all05:44
Kilosmorning all06:00
magespawnmorning Kilos06:00
Kiloshi Squirm 06:17
Kilosbbl morning superfly 06:25
superflymorning Kilos06:28
Kilosaw we lost a buntu guy06:28
Kilosjust saw in the list he says goodbye06:28
magespawnhi superfly06:29
SquirmI want to setup my fedora box as a gateway. I have p4p1 connected to the internet and p2p1 connected to the local network. any ideas?06:30
magespawnKilos not sure I understand?06:31
Kiloshe hates unity06:31
Kilosgone to mint06:31
Kilosthats sad06:31
magespawnnot sure why people just do not install the desktop the want06:35
Squirmmagespawn: not many people know they can06:36
Kilosif you havent got bandwidth to add ubuntu-desktop is another 148m data you have to find06:36
Squirmwell, should I rather say. it doesn't cross peoples minds06:36
SquirmKilos: but to install Mint is another 700mb06:37
Squirm(the cd version)06:37
Kiloslike i have xubuntu on one drive  but data doesnt allow the move to gnome06:37
magespawnI do not mind unity, but i use it on one, kde on another and gnome on the old laptop06:37
KilosSquirm, he doesnt like unity. dunno if data is his prob06:39
SquirmI preferred Gnome 206:40
Squirmusing gnome 3 now06:40
Squirmand a DE that I put together myself on my home pc06:41
Squirmpekwm, pcmanfm, tint206:41
superflyhi magespawn06:42
Kilosi just dont like the idea of losing peeps from ubuntu 06:42
magespawnas long as they do not go to windows, i might have to track them down if they do that06:43
Kilosha ha ha06:43
superflySquirm: p4p1 and p2p1? what's that?06:43
Squirmthe names on the nic's06:44
superflyinstead of eth0 and eth1 ?06:45
Squirmidk, fedora seems to have changed from eth0 to p4p1 and eth1 to p2p106:45
superflyoh, ok06:45
magespawnSpace flights if you have 200 000 dollars no launch date http://gadget.tech.howzit.msn.com/pebble.asp?relid=4558&p=4&Virgin%20Galactic%20coming%20to%20SA06:45
* Squirm shrugs06:45
superflySquirm: do you have an ADSL router?06:45
Squirmthat fedora box has a static IP06:46
superflySquirm: well, just install one of the firewall packages, and then set up DHCP06:47
SquirmDHCP is already setup on another machine06:49
Squirmbye Kilos06:50
Squirmsuperfly: it's at work06:50
Squirmwe're running a squid proxy(so we can limit and monitor users). but devices like Android phones and stuff, aren't able to work with squid authentication06:51
superflySquirm: where's your DNS server?06:51
Squirmso what we want to do, is setup a default gateway for certain devices(certain phones, tablets, etc) until we find a more definitive solution06:52
Squirmwith the dhcp server, we're able to manually set the gateway of select devices06:52
Squirmchosen a randome gateway address06:53
superflyrestricting internet is stupid.06:53
Squirmsuperfly: not when you have 700 odd users who have access to a 4mb line06:53
superflythat's also stupid06:53
SquirmI work at a school06:56
Squirmmy old high school actually06:57
Squirmand to set up quota's?06:57
magespawnSquirm do quota's manage the cap or the amount of bandwidth?07:07
magespawnsomething like a load balancer?07:08
Squirmmagespawn: we use a script called squish. it checks the squid logs to see how much the user has used and caps them if they have exceeded their allowed bandwidth07:14
Squirmwell, it writes their usernames to file, which squid then denies access to users in that file07:15
Squirmand it works well07:15
magespawni see that is pretty neat, is there a way to control the amount of line they use at once?07:15
SquirmI think squid can do that07:16
Squirmhaven't used the feature though07:16
Squirmmagespawn: something like that07:17
magespawngood to know, was thinking of setting up a wug/wifi here in hluhluwe and some ppl want internet access as well but need a way to control how much each uses. do not bit torrent ppl to hog the network07:21
Squirmwow, you're up theeeere07:26
Squirmhave a friend who lives in mtuba07:27
magespawnyup there are people who live here, not many07:33
magespawnhad to explain to sahara pc where i am,  and why my account is not that busy07:34
Squirmdon't worry, I live 2 hours drive from Sahara07:35
Squirmalthough, you're probably 3?07:35
magespawnfrom Durban yup.07:37
SquirmI'm about 1.5 hours nows, along the N307:41
Squirmlovely Mooi RIver :/07:41
magespawnthats just around the corner, almost07:42
Squirmstill a few hours07:43
Squirmwas actually in Zinkwazi last week07:43
magespawndid you like it?07:47
Squirmyeah. I have a friend that lives there08:23
Squirmbeen there many times08:23
magespawnsorry shop got busy10:29
zerefanybody running ubuntu 12.04?12:32
AlphaGuyyGood Aftrnoon12:43
zerefhi AlphaGuyy 12:52
AlphaGuyyHey. I have a question 12:52
AlphaGuyyIs it posible to partition a drv without formatn12:53
AlphaGuyyIm using 9.04 live cd12:54
AlphaGuyyHow do i do it 12:56
AlphaGuyyWithout losing xsisting data12:56
superflysurely one of the *parted tools should be able to do so12:57
AlphaGuyyIm usn partition editor12:58
zerefwait one13:00
zerefright click on the drive you want to partition13:02
zerefthen choose the size etc that you want13:02
AlphaGuyyThe options are greyd.13:07
AlphaGuyyDrv is ntfs 40gigs unused.13:08
zerefumm, unmount that drive13:15
AlphaGuyyOk. Then resize.13:32
AlphaGuyyWil this affect the data.13:32
zerefnope, but you said that the 40GB was unused?13:33
OwkkuriAlphaGuyy: just note, resizing a drive takes *forever*13:33
AlphaGuyyIts an 80gig. Wth 35.gig usd.13:36
AlphaGuyyForever undrstatement13:57
AlphaGuyyMove /dev/sda1 to the right and shrink it from 74.56gib to 45.19gib14:02
zerefwhats left should be empty. then you resize that.14:07
zerefbefore you apply the chnages look at the preview bar on how it will look14:07
nic0mThanks for your help now I can xchat here14:57
nic0mwill this work on my micotik14:57
* nuvolari gluur vir ghostknife15:26
nuvolaripfft, ek word mos geignoreer soos 'n oranje verkeerslig :P15:26
Banlamwhat was wrong with nic0m's xchat in the end?16:12
nlsthznopen proxy16:14
Kiloslo superfly and night shift nlsthzn and others too of course17:36
nlsthzn:) Hi uncle Ki17:36
nlsthzn:) Hi uncle Kilos 17:37
superflyhi Kilos17:37
Kilossick tab button?17:37
nlsthznnah two nicks starting with ki17:37
Kilosany news on whether nicom god his router sourted?17:38
Kiloswow nlsthzn whats the other one17:38
MeepZAhi Kilos17:38
Kiloshey MeepZA 17:38
nlsthznKirill_Rus <- Kilos 17:39
Kilosah the russian17:39
Kilosshoulda got me first though17:39
nlsthznwhen you tab with two or more it just gives me a list...17:40
nlsthznthen I should continue to add letters until unique17:40
Kiloslol kil17:41
Kilosi always use 317:41
Kiloshi drussell all good there?17:42
Kiloswb dLimit 17:43
drussellKilos: yes, was having a bit of a bad day but someone's cheered me up so I'm spreading the amusement... http://textsfromdog.tumblr.com17:54
drussellenjoy :o)17:54
kbmonkeyheloo o/17:54
Kiloshiya the kbmonkey 17:55
Kiloskbmonkey, what is this http://www.facebook.com/l/KAQHbMmh_/www.google.com/onceuponatime/tisp/17:57
zerefgnome-shell, why you no wana load on ubuntu 12.0417:57
Kilosfree mobile broadband. how they gonna get past voda and friends17:57
Kilosaw zeref what happened17:58
kbmonkeycan't say kilos, not a fb'er 17:58
MeepZAzeref: I can't get it to load on 11.10 since adding a second monitor17:58
Kilosaw i forget it goes via fb from afrodeity17:59
kbmonkeywhat's potting?17:59
* superfly is still living blissfully in KDE land17:59
Kiloswas waiting for that17:59
kbmonkeyyou still have that KDE layout superfly?18:00
kbmonkeyIt is a good one18:00
superflykbmonkey: which one?18:01
zerefso MeepZA, u using unity??18:01
zerefthere was a suggestion to remove all unity files including any config files18:02
kbmonkeyKDE made to resemble unity layout18:02
MeepZAzeref: can't stand unity18:02
kbmonkeyor was that someone else who did that? 18:02
MeepZAusing gnome fallback18:02
kbmonkeystill loving Openbox <318:02
Kiloskbmonkey, you still uncapped there?18:03
zerefgnome fallback is meh compared to gnome 2.318:03
kbmonkeyno Kilos :(18:03
zereflooks like i'll be scouting the WM world18:04
kbmonkeyi cut my dsl off when i went to CT 18:04
Kilosok we get someone else to look at the tisp link above18:04
Kilosmaybe google has a plan18:04
Kilossomething to do with google groups or something. there is even a youtube link according to maaz18:05
kbmonkeyzeref, one can even use Compiz standalone for a WM :)18:05
kbmonkeywhy do you want to know about it Kilos ?18:06
Kilosin the mail it said free mobile broadband18:06
kbmonkeyhahaha oh that. yes I remember that. a new google product for freee broadband18:07
Kilosis it just a gimick18:08
zerefmeh, was hell last night try to set compiz right with unity18:08
kbmonkeynot a scam, a google april fools prank18:08
kbmonkeyfrom the year before iirc18:09
Kilosgeez its the 20th already18:09
kbmonkeythey have such great pranks those guys18:09
kbmonkeyno you wouldn't use unity zeref, just compiz18:09
kbmonkeywhy use both?18:09
zerefcompiz is integrated into unity18:11
Kiloshi magespawn 18:12
kbmonkeyhttp://www.compiz.org/ says it can also be used as a window manager18:12
kbmonkeyso you wouldn't need unity, gnome or kde18:12
MeepZAI need to set up xmoand properly18:12
magespawnHi Kilos and company18:12
kbmonkeyhi magespawn 18:12
magespawnWhats up tonight?18:13
zerefkbmonkey: hmmm18:13
Kilosnothing apart from unity gripes18:13
zerefhmmm, since the updates unity is quicker now18:15
magespawnDoes take some getting used to, but the linux desktops in general can alsmost anything you want.18:15
zerefbut still want to have a look at gnome-shell18:15
Kilosmin dae to 12.04 hey18:16
Kiloskbmonkey, hows things with you laddy?18:18
Kilosany success18:18
kbmonkeyyes kilos, i got some work18:19
Kiloshappy to hear that18:20
Kilosgood for you18:20
kbmonkeyimplementing a new big system. 18:20
Kilosall windows?18:20
kbmonkeyit will be in windows platform sadly18:20
* kbmonkey cringes18:20
Kilosha ha ha18:20
kbmonkeybut hey its work ;D18:20
kbmonkeyprobably SBS 201118:21
kbmonkeywindows small business server18:21
Kiloshere another free18:22
kbmonkeyi'm wondering if I draw up a technical spec and pitch for non-windows, he he18:22
kbmonkeyi'm always skeptical, nothing is free.18:23
Kilosif you can show them the advantages of no virus threats etc it might work kbmonkey 18:23
Kiloshi psydroid 18:23
superflykbmonkey: no, that was me18:23
Kilosyeah even ubuntu18:23
superflyI'm getting irritated by it18:23
kbmonkeyis that free dsl for real? :/18:24
kbmonkeyooh gotta run, taxi is here18:24
kbmonkeyciao folks :]18:25
Kilostoods kbmonkey 18:25
Kilossleep tight18:25
inetprogood evenin18:29
Kilosyo inetpro 18:30
* inetpro gives up reading the backlogs18:30
inetproyou guys talk to much 18:31
Kilosha ha too much for old peeps18:31
inetproKilos: did I miss something?18:31
Kilosinetpro, you cant get this hey http://www.getfree.co.za/Free-ADSL-Internet/18:31
magespawnHey lots of peeps awake and here, cool.18:31
inetproKilos: no lines here18:32
Kilosonly unity gripes inetpro 18:32
inetprohmm... 18:32
* inetpro can't wait for the release 18:32
magespawnWhats this about free adsl?18:33
Kilosyou like unity hey?18:33
inetprowill be back on kubuntu in full force again18:33
Kiloswas inna mail here magespawn 18:33
Kilosha ha18:33
magespawnFor real?18:33
Kilosgo look what they say tomorrow mage18:34
Kilossave the link18:34
inetproI've been on Kubuntu 12.04 since beta218:34
inetproat the office18:34
inetproso far been very good 18:34
zerefKilos: u using 12.04?18:34
Kilosno zeref maverick18:34
inetproonly one week to go18:35
Kilostried xubuntu 11.04 but not good for me18:35
zeref12.04 is pretty stable i must say ( for a beta)18:35
magespawnI am missing something here, obviously, but what?18:35
Kiloswhat now magespawn ?18:36
magespawnThe free adsl.18:36
Kilosoh i dunno if anyone has gone to see it yet18:37
Kiloswould be good for you hey magespawn 18:38
inetprooh and I'm sold out to Dropbox18:38
magespawnWould be good for most I imagine.18:38
Kilosoh my18:38
inetproDropbox = simplicity18:39
Kiloshi fukov 18:39
Kilosstrange nick18:39
fukovhi Kilos !18:39
inetproKilos: vir wat bring jy al die nederlanders hiernatoe?18:40
Kilosinetpro, still with updates all the time like ubuntu?18:40
zerefthat free adsl looks dodge18:40
magespawnVery badly written.18:41
fukovinetpro: ah is daar dan meer nederlanders hier?18:41
Kilosya psydroid 18:41
fukovah cool18:41
inetprohier was die afgelope tyd 'n paar nederlanders in en uit18:41
fukovwel daar is soveel nederlanders wat in .za kom vakansie hou dis ook geen verbasing18:42
Kiloswe are attracting peeps from all over18:42
fukovirc = internationaal ;)18:42
Kilosfukov, waar is jy nou?18:42
fukovfukov: oos-nederland (hengelo)18:43
Kilosdis n lelike nick 18:43
fukovnee dis 'n spotnaam vir 'n rus18:43
magespawnOnly for us18:43
Kiloswelkom by ubuntu-za18:43
magespawnYou should here the dutch say backside18:44
Kilosya but we have ladies here18:44
inetprothat nick is so bad that I don't even want to type it18:44
fukovmagespawn: agterkant? don't see what is so bad about that18:44
fukovmagespawn: correction, achterkant18:45
Kilosnuvolari, yoohooo18:45
nuvolario/ hi oom Kilos 18:45
Kilosafrikaans is agterkant18:45
psydroidhi Kilos18:45
psydroidhi nuvolari18:46
psydroidhi magespawn18:46
nuvolarilo psydroid, fukov 18:46
Kilosyo psydroid one of your countrymen is here18:46
nuvolarilo magespawn, inetpro 18:46
fukovhi nuvolari !18:46
psydroidhi inetpro18:46
psydroidKilos, who's that?18:46
nuvolarianyone following the Oracle vs. Google case?18:46
psydroidhi fukov18:46
Kilosthe one with the ugly nick18:47
fukovhi psydroid 18:47
fukovhow is my nick "ugly", it's russian18:47
fukovexcept if you think all the russians are ugly18:47
Kiloslol yeah but it sounds bad in our languages18:47
fukovah that's interesting, how does it sound?18:48
Kiloscant tell you here18:48
fukovno problem18:48
Kiloskinda like go away18:48
psydroidI thought nuvolari was telling me something ...18:48
fukovvery interesting18:48
psydroidthat I should do ...18:48
Kilosin harsh language18:48
psydroidbut then I saw the nick and it made sense18:49
Kiloswhat does it mean in russian fukov 18:49
fukovKilos: nothing, it's just a name actually18:50
Kilosmagespawn, wb18:50
Kilosfukov, what do you do?18:51
Kilospsydroid, hows things going with job hunting18:51
fukovKilos: i work in ICT18:52
psydroidKilos, it's still progressing, I've sent out a few more applications but I'm also working a bit on my programming skills18:53
Kilosthats nice fukov 18:53
Kilospsydroid, maybe fukov has some contacts for you18:53
Kilosi dunno how far from each other you are18:53
fukovit's the netherlands so even if we live across the country from each other, it's not that far ;)18:54
Kiloslol you onna little island inna big dam hey18:54
fukovyes indeed, a large part of the country is beneath ocean level, with an artificially controlled water table18:55
fukovthat's not the case where i live though, i live practically right on the german border18:55
Kilosactually amazing what people can do18:56
psydroidKilos, I may not be qualified enough, I don't know too much about web programming either18:56
psydroidI live in the west of the country18:56
Kilospsydroid, then dont stop studying as well18:56
* inetpro feels like going outside and screaming out that nickname 18:57
Kilosinetpro, say foooo18:57
psydroidKilos, yes, that's what I'm doing18:57
inetproneighbours are at it again18:57
Kilosmethinks its how we pronounce it sounds bad18:57
Kiloslol oh my18:57
inetproplaying such loud music that my walls are vibrating18:57
Kilosinetpro, make prearranged plans to control their power18:58
inetproKilos: now that sounds like a good idea18:58
magespawnBut you do not live next door to me.18:58
Kiloswhere theres a will theres a way18:58
Kiloslol @mage18:59
inetpromagespawn: please don't do it18:59
fukovinetpro: you could say "foooo" like this guy: http://wiki.bakakage.net/Hard_Gay#Foo.3F18:59
inetproit's the most irritating thing you can do to your neigbours19:00
magespawnI have no neighbours19:00
inetproin that case it can't be you19:00
Kilosinetpro, most young peeps like loud music19:00
Kilosand party types19:01
Kilosand those trying to act young19:01
zerefloud music FTW19:02
fukovthe best way to say "foooo" http://fooooo.com/w/2454abb8ea09fd666e00423da2766a2d19:03
Kilospsydroid, have a look at studying networking as well. seems to be a big payer19:04
Kilosonce you have experience to back it up with of course19:05
psydroidKilos, what does networking mean?19:05
psydroidcisco routers and the likes?19:05
Kilosinetpro, tell him what andrew does19:05
zerefpsydroid: trolling?19:05
Kilospsydroid, installing and maintaining servers etc i think19:06
psydroidzeref, no, I know sys admin stuff in small environments, but I am not into all the largescale cisco stuff or business environments with hundreds or thousands of systems19:07
inetprohmm... I guess it's more in the line of computer networks, routers, switches and the likes19:07
KilosSymmetria, tell psydroid what networking involves19:07
psydroidyeah, that's what I thought19:08
inetprobut he could be a sys admin as well19:08
Kilosnetworking here is connecting two pcs with bluetooth19:08
Kilosthats my limit19:09
zerefnetworking: communication between computers19:09
inetproKilos: networking could mean many things, including social networking19:09
psydroidoh, I know how to set up servers and desktops19:09
zerefi'm also learnig about routers and the like19:10
psydroidthat's what I've been doing for 10 years or so, but I am not certified for anything19:10
Kilosfukov, how did you get to ubuntu-za19:10
psydroidyeah, I would like to19:10
zerefthats what i'm doing now19:11
inetprocertification means nothing19:11
Kiloslotsa exams to write psydroid 19:11
psydroidno, not that kind of networking19:11
psydroidKilos, I figure19:11
psydroidjust simple server stuff is what I've done19:12
Kilosthats why you were interested in LPI hey?19:12
nuvolariI think Oracle is loosing grips on the case19:12
psydroidLinux/Windows and the likes19:12
psydroidyes, Kilos19:12
Kiloswe will get back to it as soon as everyone settles down19:12
inetpronuvolari: I hope so19:12
Kilosbeen a tough year for many19:13
nuvolarifrom the little I've read today, it seems that Oracle is not prepared for their own case 19:13
zerefpsydroid: work through the CCNA's19:13
magespawninetpro certification is for other people so they can get a handle on what computer people do19:13
zerefteaches how to configure routers etc19:13
inetpronuvolari: these kind of cases tend to drag on for a very long time19:13
nuvolariinetpro: are you following groklaw?19:14
nuvolariye, unfortunately so19:14
psydroidI just need to know where we are supposed to be with the LPI stuff, so I can catch up in the meantime, Kilos19:14
inetpronuvolari: when I have time I enjoy reading it, but I have not had the time this week19:14
psydroidzeref, I will do that, thanks19:14
nuvolariinetpro: heh, this is the first time I'm actually attempting to follow something. I've just noticed that on several occasions the judge asked Oracle to get their stuff together :P19:15
nuvolariand this one line cought my eye: Judge Alsup: Accounting of minutes used so far: Oracle: 131; Google: 62.19:15
Kilospsydroid, not very far i think 19:15
zerefpsydroid: there is program called packettracer, it allows you to setup a networks, routers hubs swicthes etc19:15
magespawnWhat are the bones of the case?19:15
zerefits pretty cool19:16
inetpronuvolari: interesting19:16
psydroidzeref, cool, I will look out for it19:16
superflymagespawn: patents, most likely Java19:16
magespawnOh right 19:16
nuvolari"Another interesting detail: when Oracle's lawyer, David Boies, handed him one exhibit, seeking to get Larry Page to authenticate it, which is a requirement before an exhibit can be introduced as evidence, Page instead pointed out that the page numbering was off, with two different sets of numbers. Hmm"19:16
* inetpro hates patents19:17
* nuvolari seconds that19:18
magespawnHow can you patent software?19:18
Kilospsydroid, SECTION 101 AND 10219:18
nuvolarimagespawn: they try to, but IMO it's madness19:19
inetpropatents have put a massive damper on innovation19:19
nuvolariif they want to patent software, they might as well patent the alphabet and discontinue education19:20
magespawnYup but not only that two people removed from each other could independantly write identical code19:20
Kilossorry for caps19:20
psydroidKilos, thanks, I'll read them19:20
inetproKilos: for a moment you sounded very serious there 19:20
nuvolarimagespawn: exactly. That's the sad part about proprietary stuff19:20
magespawnOr writing, since the words have been used before19:20
Kilosinetpro, ?19:21
Kilosoh lol19:21
inetproKilos: the caps :-)19:21
Kiloswas a typo man19:21
Kilosmissed the shift kinda and hit caps lock19:21
* nuvolari sees oom Kilos getting out his melee and war paint19:21
Kilosha ha ha19:21
nuvolarisee oom Kilos, that's why I use my caps lock for the compose key19:22
nuvolarithen it never happens19:22
Kilosya but then how do you make caps19:22
nuvolariKilos: For Normal Words?19:22
Kilosi need caps in mails19:22
inetpronuvolari: sounds like a good idea but after all these years I would not get used to that19:23
nuvolariWhy Would You Want To Write In All-Caps?19:23
Kilosoh ya19:23
Kiloshmmm dunno19:23
Kiloswhat is the caps lock used for them19:23
Kilosshift makes individual letters caps19:24
nuvolariyou can use the shift key :P19:24
* superfly hasn't used the caps lock key in years19:24
inetprosuperfly: yikes!19:24
superflyinetpro: see? I got your attention :-P19:24
* Kilos thinks of a wiity reply to the fly19:24
nuvolariI understand some people assign it as another Ctrl key19:24
magespawnIT DOES WORK19:24
inetprosuperfly: wb19:25
Kilosdunno if caps lock works here. peeps just say I'm not deaf, I'm just ignoring you19:25
Kilosbuncha lurkers19:26
Kilossuperfly, you always listen to me19:26
Kiloswhether it stay inside or goes right through is another matter19:27
Kilosi better go sleep now19:27
nuvolari"Judge Alsup: [TX 431 is thrown out, no foundation. Will be able to bring back this witness once it is in evidence through foundation. ]"19:28
Kilosnight guys ty for a fun evening19:28
nuvolarinight oom Kilos 19:28
Kilosnight superfly 19:28
nuvolarisleep tight!19:28
* inetpro wonders how cocooncrash is doing19:28
Kilosnag nuvolari 19:28
inetpronight Kilos19:28
Kilossee you all tomorrow19:28
fukovKilos: sorry just got back, was busy doing the dishes19:28
fukovKilos: i used to live in south africa for quite some time so it's only natural ;)19:28
Kilosfukov, np19:28
inetproMaaz: seen cocooncrash19:29
Maazinetpro: cocooncrash was last seen 23 days, 1 hour, 14 minutes and 15 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2012-03-28 11:14:44 PDT], and has been online on atrum since 2012-04-20 09:48:30 PDT19:29
Kilosah that explains it them19:29
fukovKilos: a lot of people in this region spent some time in south africa actually19:29
Kilosbut psydroid was never here19:29
magespawnNight Kilos19:29
Kilosfukov, do you use ubuntu?19:29
fukovKilos: yup on ubuntu right now19:30
Kilosgreat. ok then night guys19:30
fukovpsydroid: if you don't mind me asking, why do you hang out in this # ?19:31
inetprofukov: ek dink hy wil die taal leer en vir ons kom kuier19:32
psydroidfukov, I accidentally came here because a friend was looking for people to speak Afrikaans with19:33
psydroidand then I got to know people and then I added this channel to my autojoin list19:34
inetpropsydroid: so what do you do for a living?19:38
psydroidinetpro, I was supposed to be studying, but I had to quit last month for financial reasons19:39
psydroidright now I'm jobless19:39
inetprohmm... sad to hear that19:39
psydroidyeah, I've been trying to find something for months19:41
psydroidbut it didn't work out19:42
inetprowhat did you study?19:42
psydroidbut I am positive I will find a job, if I have the right knowledge19:42
psydroidapplied physics and computer engineering19:42
inetprosounds interesting19:43
psydroidand I'm pretty good at languages19:43
psydroidbut there doesn't seem to be much for people like me at ordinary employment agencies, so I keep searching and working on my skills19:44
inetprowhen I started looking for my first job I pretty much had my sights up way to high19:45
inetproI ended up starting as a lowly clerk in an office job before moving up the ranks19:46
nuvolariI wonder why Google never bought Sun?19:47
psydroidI used to have that too, but they don't even seem to have that kind of job for me, because at least here people are specifically educated for those kinds of jobs19:48
inetpronuvolari: that may have been a good move at the time, but I think it would have been the wrong move19:48
psydroideven for call centre jobs they ask for experience in the field and things like that19:48
inetpronuvolari: that would have given google way to much power19:48
inetproactually I'm glad that it never happened19:50
nuvolariyeah, they are good competition19:50
nuvolarimy initial thoughts are that Oracle became sour because they failed to create an "oracle phone"19:51
nuvolarior aphone by oracle19:51
inetprohmm... I'm not so sure about that one19:51
nuvolarithere's a mention of Oracle looking at RIM and ... I can't remember now19:52
inetprowell with them handing BB phones to all their employees they must have misjudged the market19:53
nuvolari"Oracle contemplated buying RIM, but RIM was too expensive. They considered buying Palm, but considered them not to be competitive. Finally, they tried approaching Google CEO, Eric Schmidt with a business proposition that would allow Android phones to boot faster, run faster and use less battery power, but the two parties failed to agree on terms."19:53
inetproanyone still a proud BB user here?19:54
* nuvolari can hear a pin drop19:55
* psydroid is a droid himself and wouldn't want to be anything else19:56
nuvolariMaaz: psydroid++ for being a 'droid fan19:56
Maaznuvolari: Excuse me?19:56
nuvolariMaaz: help karma19:56
Maaznuvolari: Keeps track of karma for people and things. You can use it like this:19:56
Maaz  forget karma for <subject> [[reason]]19:56
Maaz  karma for <subject>19:56
Maaz  [reverse] karmaladder19:56
Maaz  <subject> (++|--|==|ftw|ftl) [[reason]]19:56
inetpropsydroid: that just confirms my suspicions about that nick of yours :-)19:57
nuvolariMaaz: ++psydroid for being a 'droid fan19:57
Maaznuvolari: What?19:57
inetproMaaz: psydroid ++ [for being a doid fan]19:58
nuvolaribleh :P19:58
nuvolarithanks inetpro 19:58
psydroidinternetpro, you can guess but I won't confirm :P19:59
* inetpro lol19:59
magespawnDroid amd meeho/memeo19:59
inetpromagespawn: if only Nokia didn't sell out to MS20:00
psydroidI think Nokia is doomed20:00
magespawnMy thoughts exactly20:01
nuvolaribut I don't know how they could not see that coming...20:01
psydroidI have seen no one with a Windows phone for quite some time, it's as if they don't even exist20:01
magespawnBut they have not killed the os they have.20:01
magespawnPpayed with lumina 900 the other day20:02
inetpromagespawn: it will never be the same without support from the top20:02
fukovinetpro: ah dis nice20:02
magespawnThey do still have more 50% market share20:02
fukovpsydroid: haha, that's a good enough reason :)20:03
inetpromagespawn: says who?20:03
magespawnSaw something based on number of active handsets versus sales etc, wil see if I can dig it up.20:04
magespawnI am waiting for the time when phines/tablets become like pc and you can have your pick of hardware and software.20:05
magespawnI love my n90020:06
magespawnIf they keep making hardware like that I will keep buying it.20:07
* inetpro enjoying ICS 4.0.4 on the Nexus S20:07
inetproI could just do with a beefier battery20:08
magespawnBesides soon you could build your own phone, they way things like strawberry pi are going.20:08
magespawnSo coul we all.20:08
inetproRootChaos: wb20:09
inetproRootChaos: you have been here before?20:10
magespawnInetpro have seen the htc one x, i think that is what it is called.20:11
RootChaos•inetpro• i have indeed20:11
* nuvolari have seen RootChaos before20:11
nuvolari*around before20:12
* inetpro would not mind a physical keyboard with modern droid smartphone20:12
magespawnWould it take a bluetooth one?20:14
inetpromagespawn: I'm sure a bluetooth keyboard would work 20:16
inetprobut then again, I don't think the smartphones will ever replace a good old desktop with a nice big monitor20:17
magespawnSeen two tablets lately with hdmi output.20:17
inetprobut never is perhaps a very long time20:18
magespawnOne device for on the road and dock it like the older laptops in the office.20:18
nuvolari /bu620:19
nuvolarihmm. sorry20:19
inetproBTW, would you recommend charging a phone with a car charger these days?20:20
inetproor what do you suggest for someone on the roads?20:20
RootChaosi would be happy with a few things... since we on the topic of whish lists...20:21
magespawnIused thone with my n900 but doesnot charge that well, that charges better though my laptop, have not tried a car charger with the tablet20:22
RootChaos1. a complete linux desktop to replace a windows desktop, including abode cs 5.5 ;-)20:22
RootChaos2. a south africa linux mag that doesnt cost R16020:22
RootChaosthats it... just 2 things...20:23
inetproRootChaos: hmm...20:23
inetproRootChaos: 1. vim20:23
inetpro2. the web20:23
magespawnI am out of here peeps battery is about to die, night all.20:24
inetpromagespawn: eish! Good night20:24
RootChaoscheers magespawn20:24
inetproRootChaos: forget the South African linux mag, we're living in a global village these days20:25
inetproallthough I do agree that it would look nice on the coffee table20:26
RootChaosi still enjoy paging through a mag20:26
zerefyeah linux magz are expensive20:28
zerefbut some might say you get a cd with a bunch of linux distrbutions20:28
inetprounfortunatelt I think they'll get even more expensive 20:29
inetprounless we give up and loose the patent fight 20:29
inetproelectronic versions should be very close to free20:30
inetproit's just so much easier to distribute a electronic version 20:31
inetproand there's no harm done to nature20:31
inetproor at least, less harm20:31
nuvolariinetpro: http://9to5google.com/2012/04/18/googles-money-slides-indicate-oracle-is-bitter-over-javas-failed-mobile-attempts-court-battle-is-its-tantrum-photos/20:32
inetpronuvolari: nice, thanks20:33
inetprosuperfly: you on 12.04 yet?20:43
superflyyup, upgraded when the first beta came out20:43
RootChaosthat is my 12.04 boxie20:45
RootChaoscan't wait for the production release though20:45
inetprosame here20:46
RootChaosonly 6 days to go20:51
inetpro6 days are way to long20:51
inetproI'm actually surprised that we have not seen a release cadidate yet20:52
inetproor is it out20:52
RootChaosjust beta i think20:52
zerefalpha-->beta-->official relase20:54
* inetpro somehow thought there used to be a RC1 and RC2 version20:54
zerefmmmm, i dont remember seeing RC's for ubuntu, i might be wrong20:55
zeref5 year support, not upgrading till 2017 LOL20:57
inetprothat is a very long time20:58
tumbleweedinetpro: we are in the candidate phase20:58
tumbleweedmeaning pretty much every daily build is a release candidate20:59
inetprotumbleweed: ahh20:59
inetprotumbleweed: great to see you're still at it20:59
zereftumbleweed: do you have another job, or is ubuntu dev teh job?21:00
* tumbleweed isn't directly involved in the release process. I'm on the release team but I'm not involved with any of the flavors21:01
tumbleweedzeref: yeah I have a dayjob these days. Abandoned university21:01
tumbleweedworking on deployment systems at yola21:02
zerefahh, thinking bout going the dev root when done with studies with "official" job21:03
tumbleweedwe're hiring, btw, https://www.yola.com/about-us/jobs/engineering-sa21:04
inetprozeref: don't wait to get employed21:04
inetprojust get involved even before getting employed21:04
nuvolario/ night21:07
inetpronuvolari: good night21:08

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