len_New ISOs are up.03:41
ScottLtested 64bit but i'll report in themorning04:14
ScottLoh crap, he meant mor eimage are up :P04:14
astraljavaYeah. I'll be posting about this in a few hours.04:23
micahgScottL: yes, there were 3 respins today :)04:28
lenpre-release run live and installed... results in qa tracker.06:09
lenI found tonight that to get good results with my audio, I have to force the order of module load so that my d66 gets loaded before the ensoniq. I may try them in different slots too... though the NIC stays where it is as it is sharing with a usb port, ok for NIC, but not for sound card.06:13
lengood night06:13
scott-workttoine: do you have a final suggestion for colour management for the next cycle?15:01
scott-worki wish to note it in my everynote notes15:01
scott-workastraljava: good afternoon (?), how are you doing, my friend?15:01
scott-workoh, oh, oh, i want to send out publicity notices and i wanted input from people on what topics to mention for the improvements/features of 12.0415:02
ttoinescott-work, I have to study a bit more the problem. It seems that Ubuntu is leading the way using Gnome Color Management15:02
scott-workttoine: i shall put a note to the effect that we should consider changing applications and that you are researching it then :)15:03
scott-workfor the publicity, this is what i have right now:15:03
scott-worklive dvd15:03
scott-worklowlatency kernel as default15:03
scott-worktransition to xfce15:03
scott-worknew art work15:03
scott-workpulse asudio <-> jack bridging15:03
scott-worknew theme/font15:03
scott-worksmall core of functional (and documented) work flows15:03
scott-workadded photography work flow15:03
scott-workapp selection base on work flows15:04
scott-workrevised common desktop applications15:04
scott-workwebsite (?)15:04
scott-workanything i am forgetting?  anything people think i shouldn't say?  change some of the wording?15:04
scott-workany input is helpful :)15:04
astraljavascott-work: Really tired, so am about to quickly run to the grocery store after the release meeting, and then take a long nap.15:05
astraljavascott-work: Otherwise great, the new job seems interesting.15:05
ttoinescott-work, it is ok for me. I am going to follow the problem of color-management. I think the bug of the current vanilla gui will not be solved in Precise. And there is to check that the solution choosen by Ubuntu is supported by floss softwares15:08
ttoinescott-work, you should say that the Ubuntu Studio project will follow from a long plan15:09
scott-workttoine: good point!15:10
ttoinescott-work, would it be possible to create a adobe-icc package on the same base than the msttcorefont package ?15:13
ttoineI mean, an empty package with end user licence to accept, and then, it download the windows archive and extract it ?15:13
scott-workttoine: hmmm, i do not know.  i am not really any expert on licensing, especially on adobe licenses.15:14
ttoineCan you note that I have to check that too ;-) ?15:14
scott-workttoine: absolutely :)15:19
ttoineabout licence, I had a chat with Steinberg France and Europe about finding a way to distibute vst15:28
ttoineI had to find and check most of licence for alsa-firmware for medibuntu15:29
ttoineI think I can handle that15:29
ttoinehave to go.15:30
astraljavascott-work: Let's have a meeting on Sunday, we need to make sure everything's right, and maybe you need a hand with the release notes?16:01
astraljavaI'll be AFK for a while now.16:02
scott-workastraljava: agreed :)16:03
ttoinescott-work, tell me if you want me to translate the release note in french16:44
lenWow, I thought we would have some time to test before the next respin... but it looks like two in one day.20:12
lenhold off on testing/downloading ISOs.20:52
micahglen: and the ones that were just respun are no good :)20:53
lenThats what I'm seeing, but our's didn't make it anyway.20:53
lenThey are still the ones from early this morning... last night for me.20:54
lenThe test tracker has been reverted to the ISO from april20 at about 3am21:32
lenEverything should work besides upgrades.21:32
lenAnyway, I've oked the 32bit ones.21:36
=== ubuntu-studio is now known as len-live
lenholstein, just so you know. daily 1204 will install fine, but there is no working upgrade just now.23:32

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