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bluegrue /msg nickserv identify waliays21:20
hermanrbluegrue: Uh-oh21:22
airlynxwhere is the ubuntu studio release schedule located?23:12
holsteinairlynx: its the same as ubuntu23:13
airlynxholstein, I was just about to upgrade my 10.04 system to 11.10 but noticed on Ubuntu's release schedule 12.04 is slated for Apr 26th, should I just wait?23:14
holsteinyou can check in #ubuntustudio-devel for specific fixes that might be happening on our end at certain times23:14
holsteinairlynx: you can try it live now23:14
holsteinairlynx: i would have no issues using 12.04 now23:15
holsteinthough, i would just wait instead of running 11.1023:15
holsteinhowever, all of it will work just fine23:15
airlynxokay, I found the page for the daily build on 12.04, I could just download/install that then keep up to date, right?23:19

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