knomeUnit193 is now officially a Ubuntu Member00:24
knomeand i'm officially to bed ->00:25
pleia2night knome :)00:25
knomeoh, one more thing00:25
knomesee you!00:26
skaetknome, pleia2, madnick, astraljava, and others interested...  - have the template up for the ReleaseNotes for Xubuntu.   can you please fill in the template with the information you want to be handy to users, and accessible when we put out the point releases in future.  We'll be using this page to link updates to.   Insert any page references to your xubuntu site, documentation, etc. as you want.02:54
Unit193Heh, typing fast. "Preparing your computer forXLubuntu" ;)02:58
skaetUnit193 - hence request for help and editors....   :)   03:39
pleia2thanks skaet :)03:39
Unit193I hit tiny copy/paste ones, rest is up to people that know.03:49
jussimicahg: running Currently 1 machine with Unity and one with KDE/Kubuntu. 06:47
baizonyes, and?06:53
micahgjussi: no, I meant that astraljava would be yours next cycle06:56
micahgi.e. what are you running that you would grab astraljava06:56
jussimicahg: a business :P07:05
micahgheh, coool07:05
knomeskaet, will get to that today, thanks09:22
knomework done on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/Xubuntu10:08
knomepleia2, mr_pouit, others: can you review that ^ ?10:08
mr_pouit"xfce4-settings has been updated to include the new mouche/touchpad dialog"10:16
mr_pouitI think we carry this "mouche" since alpha 110:16
knomewe had the new branding and appearance improvement since who knows when, but they are still valid release notes ;)10:17
mr_pouitI mean, mou*s*e10:18
mr_pouitor did the English spelling change recently?10:18
knomei think that's the application name?10:18
knomeat least i have thought so...10:19
mr_pouitno no, it's "Mouse and Touchpad", really10:19
knomeif not.... D'OH10:19
mr_pouitmaybe you want to use "installed by default" rather than "seeded"10:20
astraljavaI understand there's not much to report to the release meeting?10:41
astraljavaI haven't noticed practically any activity, but then I could be wrong since I've been away quite a lot during the past week or so.10:42
knomeno, there's nothing really10:43
knomewe are obeying the freezes! \o/10:43
astraljavaHeheh. :)10:46
astraljavaI'm sure they appreciate it.10:46
ochosicarnau: pong12:11
carnauochosi, http://www.woofiles.com/dl-303085-YXgl52qE-Greybirdscreens.tar.gz13:07
carnauI think I found a glitch in the software center, with the arrow navigation keys. There is an image with that, check it out.13:08
ochosicarnau: hmm, somehow that site doesn't work for me13:09
ochosii mean the download13:10
ochosii always get a 177b archive13:10
carnauok, i'll search another free service13:10
carnauochosi ^13:13
ochosicarnau: what's wrong with the USC arrows?13:20
ochosiwow, it's all so blue...13:23
ochosiis that because of the wallpaper?13:23
mr_pouitI think there's the code adapt notify-osd and the dash to the wp color13:24
ochosimhm, doesn't look too nice imo13:25
ochosiit's far too blue, at least with the 11.10 wallpaper13:25
ochosicarnau: btw, don't wanna talk you into too much work, but would you mind re-taking those screenshots with the current wallpaper?13:26
pleia2knome: added wallpaper to the list of new13:35
ochosiknome: ping14:41
knomeochosi, 15:05
GridCubeknome, im starting today's test for desktop i386 with autoresize15:06
ochosiknome: since you're not on g+ i'll quickly summarize15:06
GridCubeookay it changed a 15% from yesterday, might take a while to zsync15:06
ochosithey posted some gtkrc code to make the desktop-label-background transparent15:07
ochosiwe've discussed why we don't want that by default15:07
ochosibut after replying to that thread i realized that i can add shadows to the text15:07
ochosiso i'm currently trying that15:07
ochosias soon as i have some results i'll show you a screener15:07
knomewhat if you don't have compositing enabled?15:07
knomewill the shadows still work15:07
GridCubethere should be a way to enable that from the desktop menu15:08
knomeenable what?15:08
GridCubebackground text transparenciesses15:09
knomewell, i think that should be either transparent or not15:09
knomeallowing to change that from menu is superfluous15:09
GridCubei think people should have the choise, its there after all15:09
knomethe choice is there already15:10
knomeso are numerous of other choices15:10
knomebut making them all visible for the user isn't the primary goal15:10
GridCubebut they are hidden15:10
GridCubewelp, thats true15:10
knomegenerally, i think a good OS hides too many decisions from a user15:10
knomejust use sensible defaults, and the user doesn't need those15:11
GridCubei pretty much dissagree15:11
GridCubethats why i sincerily hate unity15:11
astraljavaknome: a _good_ OS hides _too many_ ... ? 15:11
knomeastraljava, yeah, too many for the user15:11
astraljavaYou're not making much sense today. Have you been drinking, and more so than usual? :)15:11
GridCubehidding options its the thing that drices me crazy the most15:11
knomeastraljava, i mean, a good OS hides the superfluous15:12
knomeGridCube, maybe you should look into some other DE/OS then, really15:12
knomebecause the philosophy behind pretty much both xfce and ubuntu is to hide most decisions from user15:13
knomebecuase the user shouldn't need to do those15:13
astraljavaYeah well, it's a very subjective thing.15:13
knomeof course it is15:13
knomeOTOH, i *do* like the good configuration possibilities xfce offers me15:14
GridCubeknome, yes, i know, thats why i said "it should" because its something i would like15:14
knomebut xfce shows meaningful configuration15:14
GridCubexfce didnt even has a menu configuration tool, we had to add alacarte because "people wanted it"15:14
astraljavaThink back a few years, the wars Linus caused by commenting on GNOME's decision. And I really have to agree with that. Dumbing down is a dangerous road. A good rule of thumb; design software idiot-proof, and only idiots will use it.15:14
knomei don't think enabling transparent bg for desktop items is one of those15:14
knomeGridCube, sure.15:15
knomeGridCube, but that's a completely different thing than desktop item backgrounds for sure15:15
GridCubeknome, how so?15:15
GridCubeits a configuration, that many people want15:15
knomeGridCube, then we should think if we should make it the default15:16
GridCubeknome, no, because many people dont need it either, thats why it should be an option15:17
GridCubeits not just black or white15:17
knomewell, maybe it could be an option in the settings manager, but it definitely doesn't belong in the desktop menu15:18
GridCubeagain, see how people reacts to unity, developer think "THIS IS HOW THINGS HAVE TO BE" like its the word of the gods from valhala, but people wants to customise to their tastes15:18
GridCubeknome, probably, it was just an option, like in the same place you choose if you want or not icons in the destop, you could have a tiny check mark that said, "transparent background for desktop icons []"15:20
knomebut the thing is15:20
knomeyou can still enable transparent backgrounds15:20
knomeeven if it's not visible in the menu15:20
ochosiknome: compositing isn't needed for this kind of text-shadow, that's part of the murrine-engine15:33
knomeochosi, okay, good15:33
knomejust making sure15:33
Unit193GridCube: Have you had any internet issues in 32bit live?15:33
ochosibut still, it's not unproblematic with different backgrounds (bright,dark)15:34
ochosii yet have to find a setting that works for both i think15:34
GridCubeUnit193, sadly i havent had time to do a live install yet, been wanting to do it all week15:34
ochosiknome: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-04202012-053442pm.php15:34
Unit193Alternate seems to be rebuilding now.15:35
knomethat's bad15:35
Unit193astraljava: Have you seen any in 32?15:35
astraljavaUnit193: I haven't used any linux systems in about a week now.15:35
carnauhere I am!15:35
Unit193Hah, so I still have to blame it on "unit193"15:36
knome18:33 +mneptok: !coc15:36
knome18:33 +mneptok: !coc15:36
ochosiknome: well just sayin, theoretically the text could also be white and the shadow could be dark. probably would work better in most settings15:36
* knome stops tapping the laptop in the rhythm of "whiter sahde of pale"15:36
astraljavaUnit193: Please elaborate on the issues, though.15:36
knomeochosi, why don't you try that? :)15:36
carnauochosi, yes, I'll do it. Which one is the current wallpaper?15:37
carnauand yes, wallpapers change the color osd15:37
Unit193astraljava: Alright, every time I have DNS issues, but following it back you see that resolv.conf points to dnsmasq, which in turn points to the router (as everything should.) I can dig @router-ip google.com and it works, but trying to browse with FF, installing with updates, or plain dig google.com  doesn't work.15:38
ochosiknome: what did you call the wallpaper in precise?15:38
knomeochosi, hum?15:38
ochosiknome: carnau asked for a name, i have no clue tbh :)15:39
knomemr_pouit, 15:39
knomecan't remember15:40
carnauthe one I used is the only wallpaper in the package15:40
ochosiin xubuntu-artwork?15:40
carnauin the backdrops folder, at least15:40
ochosicarnau: ^15:41
knomethat's it15:41
carnauhmmm, let's see15:42
astraljavaUnit193: Is there a bug about this?15:43
Unit193I'm just going on it being Vbox/me/weird15:43
astraljavaYeah ok.15:43
Unit193That's why I'm asking if anyone else has it.15:43
carnauwell, I think this folder comes with xubuntu, and I installed ubuntu15:43
astraljavaWell, I won't mention it in the release meeting right now, but let's keep it in mind. I'll try to do some testing in parallels over the weekend.15:44
ochosicarnau: should be in the xubuntu-artwork package (i think)15:44
GridCubeochosi, knome arent this the walls? http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/precise_wall/15:46
GridCubei mean if he just have to test with them he could just grab them from the interwebs15:46
Unit193astraljava: Oh, I was mearly asking if you hit it, but if the meeting is now I could pop in and read...15:46
astraljavaUnit193: I did mention it after all, but said I won't call it critical as of now. I'll do some testing on my own first, and wait for other reports to swim in.15:47
ochosiknome: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-04202012-054652pm.php15:47
ochosiknome: this has to be tested with a bunch of different wallpapers though15:47
knomemmh, for starters, what about a white bg?15:47
ochosithat's the most extreme case i guess15:48
ochosianother option is to make the text less white15:49
ochosiit's already #eee15:49
ochosii could drop that to #ddd15:49
knomewell, that's bad15:49
ochosiyeah, but who has a white bg :)15:50
astraljavaknome: Was there something strange in the release notes page?15:50
astraljavaA new format or something?15:50
ochosiknome: again with #ddd: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-04202012-055054pm.php15:51
knomeastraljava, not really, just added the notes there too for skaet 15:51
astraljavaOk, thanks.15:51
knomeochosi, mmf, well, that's not very readable15:52
ochosiknome: and i don't think you can really tweak this a lot further15:52
astraljavaknome: "Can all the feature and config/install information be ready in it by monday?"15:52
knomeochosi, yeah...15:53
knomeochosi, so it doesn't look like a very good idea to move to that direction then15:53
ochosiknome: but as i said, white bg is a corner-case15:53
ochosiknome: well, not 100% sure tbh15:54
knomeastraljava, what are you referring to with that?15:54
astraljavaknome: It was a question on the release meeting.15:54
knomeochosi, i wouldn'y say it's a corne case - many people use wallpapers with a thing on them + light bg15:54
astraljavaI'm gonna go with "yes", and we'll just sort it our during the meeting.15:54
ochosiknome: not light, _white_15:54
knomeastraljava, k, thanks15:54
knomeochosi, :P15:54
knomelight, including white15:55
carnaugot it, it's in the xubuntu-wallpapers package15:55
GridCubeknome, http://wallpapers.wallpaperswindows8.com/images/2011/10/1280x1024/clouds-at-beach--677.jpg this kind of "light"?15:57
knomeGridCube, for example15:57
carnauGridCube, ahí es donde trabajais? :p15:57
GridCubeochosi, care to try there?15:57
GridCubenope carnau :P i work in a city near not very nice places btw15:58
ochosiyeah, it's not good enough: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-04202012-055950pm.php16:00
ochosiknome: ok, let's skip it16:00
ochosioff for now ->16:01
knomemaybe the box around the text can be translucent or so16:01
knomebut it looks like getting rid of it completely is a no-go for now16:02
GridCubei dont know if its just my computer being dumb, or todays desktop image doesnt recognizes the keyboard on vbox17:06
ochosiknome: i thought about adding the code to gtkrc and just commenting it, so that it can be easily enabled by users (at their own risk)19:07
ochosiknome: how would you feel about that?19:07
ochosioh, and yes, the box can be translucent (and it even is now), we can freely set any alpha-value we want.19:09
knomeochosi, sure, that's fine19:10
ochosii can maybe also play with the alpha value a bit more to see whether we can improve the current (default) setting19:11
ochosiif you have any ideas there, feel free to let me know19:11
ochosithough the translucent box doesn't help with #fff or #000 backgrounds19:15
ochosipleia2: mind to re-share my latest post on g+ via xubuntu?19:57
pleia2ochosi: it already is19:58
pleia2on the 14th19:58
ochosipleia2: no, i mean this one: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106086509626546157534/posts/59JqH5ZpkHb20:02
pleia2"This post could not be found."20:02
pleia2is it public?20:03
Unit193Why are the CDs always rebuilding? :P20:03
ochosipleia2: i only shared it with xubuntu20:05
ochosipleia2: i could set it public, but i thought it's maybe better if you just re-share it20:05
pleia2you can't reshare limited things on g+20:05
ochosioh, right20:05
ochosithen i'll make it public, one sec20:05
pleia2(same on twitter, can't retweet from restricted accounts... well you could copy/paste..)20:06
ochosiseems like i can't change the sharing policy after publishing a post20:07
ochosipleia2: ok, done20:11
pleia2there you go :)20:13
ochosii thought about just responding to the longer conversation before, but in a comment you can't add pics it seems20:16
GridCubei... cant install to hard22:23
ochosiyou mean... too hard? :)22:23
GridCubeno, to a real machine22:23
GridCubei get ubi-partman exit with code 1022:23
GridCubei cant launch firefox22:24
GridCubetheres something wrong to my unetbootin usb, i will redo it22:24
ochosidid you checksum your iso?22:29
gridcube_the one i have now is correct22:34
gridcube_i will remake with today's iso22:34
ochosiknome: ping22:36
GridCubethings seems to be working now23:03
ochosigood to read23:08

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