Unit19312.04 will be out later this month.00:03
tbrown2012Unit193: I was waiting on someone to reply what is everyone on #ubuntu chat room00:05
Unit193I can't quite parse that... It's a support channel, and Ubuntu is released at the same time.00:06
tbrown2012I have a question I have a little problem I cant open terminal command line I run the emalator or something and it says that there is no applciation selected and I dont know what to do after that please help lol00:09
dougb_freebsdHey gang, I'm having a problem with a newly installed 11.1000:46
dougb_freebsdTrying to run the updates I'm getting a lot of errors about "The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources"00:47
dougb_freebsdwhen I deselect those updates from the Update Manager, I still get the error00:47
dougb_freebsdAny suggestions?00:49
Unit193Seems the keyring is a bit  messed up.00:49
dougb_freebsdyeah, last night I got a ton of errors with bad signatures on the update files00:49
Unit193http://askubuntu.com/questions/116050/update-problems-due-to-installation-of-packages-from-not-authenticated-sources Look like that?00:50
dougb_freebsdtoday it's better, but all the updates in the "Other updates" category are still showing in the not authenticated category00:50
dougb_freebsdUnit193, yes, like that00:53
dougb_freebsdW: GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com oneiric Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>00:54
dougb_freebsdso any ideas?00:57
Unit193That link had a fix too, did that not help?00:58
dougb_freebsdit's not a matter of a missing key00:58
dougb_freebsdthe key is there, but the signature for the file is bad00:59
Unit193No, but there was also   sudo apt-get update   from today.00:59
dougb_freebsdright, I did that00:59
dougb_freebsdthat's where I got the error message that I pasted00:59
dougb_freebsdBut the bigger problem is that when I deselect the updates that fall under the bad signature, I still get the error about installation of packages from untrusted sources01:01
Unit193Try   sudo apt-get clean; sudo mv /var/lib/apt/lists /var/lib/apt/lists.old; sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/apt/lists/partial; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get update01:04
dougb_freebsdok, that's running .. downloading files01:07
dougb_freebsdUnit193, that seems to have worked, thanks!01:14
dougb_freebsdat least, it got past the error about updates not being authenticated01:15
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Unit193dougb_freebsd: Great!01:48
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dougb_freebsdyeah, I think that solved it, still downloading stuff01:53
dougb_freebsd(slow link here)01:53
dougb_freebsdwoo hoo! reboot time .... thanks again Unit19302:03
rhin0can't figure out how to change desktop background on xubuntu 10.04 - plain "set image as desktop background" (right click) doesn't work - anyone?02:04
Unit193Right click desktop > Desktop Settings02:07
rhin0where are the images though02:08
rhin0I want images off the web02:08
rhin0right click on image doesn't work02:08
rhin0as in ubuntu02:08
Unit193Save one, and browse to it using that dialog.02:08
rhin0didn't see the big + was browse for file02:09
rhin0ty ty ty02:09
rhin0had xubuntu years never been able to do that02:10
rhin0just never figured02:10
rhin0some things are low priority02:11
Unit193I seem to press buttons until I find something cool, like a monkey.02:12
rhin0i have 0 problems with xubuntu02:14
rhin0stopped using ubuntu02:15
VermicelliI'm considering putting /boot (along with swap) on a flush-fitting SD card in my netbook, since the SSD is so slow. What would be a recommended size for a boot partition (or would there be any reason to discourage me from doing this)?02:17
GridCuberhin0, you can also set as wallpaper from thunar02:18
GridCubeor from ristretto02:18
rhin0ok thanks gridcube02:18
GridCubeyou can add new backgrounds to ~/.local/share/xfce4/backdrops and they will appear at the contextual menu from the desktop configurations02:19
rhin0you were the person who helped me fix the caps lock indicator on xubuntu 11.04 I remember gridcube02:19
rhin0get one02:19
GridCube:D that works now?02:19
GridCubei made it a default addon on 12.0402:20
rhin0was months ago - I stopped using xubuntu 11.04 though because it had problems02:20
rhin0you control things?02:20
GridCubenope i just asked for it02:20
rhin0I remember you saying it should have been default - you were posting on ubuntu forums02:20
GridCubeknome controls things02:20
rhin0what do you use02:21
GridCubexubuntu 11.10 for now02:21
GridCubewill switch to 12.04 on my netbook this week to test live installs, i havent had the time yet02:21
GridCubewill switch to 12.04 later next month or the next if i feel like it, 11.10 is working pretty well02:22
GridCubein my main computer02:22
rhin0have you thought of lubuntu02:22
GridCubei've tried it, not my cup of tea02:22
GridCuberhin0, can we continue this on offtopic? this is not help support02:23
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:23
VermicelliIs 100 MB comfortable for /boot? Or too small?02:24
GridCubefar too much02:24
VermicelliWhat's more reasonable?02:24
VermicelliCan't find much info.02:25
GridCubelet me check for some manual02:26
Vermicelli#ubuntu is telling me 200-500MB.02:26
GridCubeThe partition mounted on /boot/ contains the operating system kernel (which allows your system to boot Red Hat Enterprise Linux), along with files used during the bootstrap process. For most users, a 250 MB boot partition is sufficient.02:27
GridCubethats pretty much the usual recommendation yes02:27
GridCubei just have a dedicated / thats about 20gb and a /home partition02:28
GridCubei never find any problems02:28
GridCubeVermicelli, http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Installation_Guide/s2-diskpartrecommend-x86.html02:28
GridCubeVermicelli, what ubuntu does is installs many kernels alongside each other, each times it updates, you can unistall them if things dont break after one02:30
VermicelliOn a 512MB ram netbook with a sloooow SSD, woudl it be worth it to give up some swap space on a 1GB SD card to allow for a 250MB /boot? THinking probably not at this point.02:30
GridCubeVermicelli, i dont really know how ssd works, but by guess i would say that maybe, if you create the swap partition at the begining of the ssd it should be faster(?)02:32
GridCubebecause... its at the beginig?02:33
GridCubeim just guessing here02:33
VermicelliI'm not sure SSD takes that into any consideration, since there's no disk seek at all.02:33
GridCubeyes... i guess02:35
GridCubeim reading that the recommendations is, do not put a swap on ss disks02:35
VermicelliBecause of the "wear" associated with frequent writes, I think.02:35
VermicelliA reason I'm using ext2 rather than ext3.02:36
GridCubeapparently people also recommends ext402:36
GridCubeit uses this "trim" thing that i dont know what is02:37
rhin0trim is for ssd drives (solid state)02:38
rhin0In computing, a TRIM command allows an operating system to inform a solid-state drive  (SSD) which blocks of data are no longer considered in use and can be  wiped internally. While TRIM is frequently spelled in capital letters,  it is a command name, not an acronym.[1]02:39
GridCuberhin0, i pretty much imagined it was something on those lines, yes02:40
GridCubeVermicelli, so you might want to use ext4 on that ssd02:40
VermicelliThanks. I think this is what I need to do. http://sites.google.com/site/lightrush/random-1/howtoconfigureext4toenabletrimforssdsonubuntu02:40
GridCubei would guess that you do yes :)02:41
GridCubethen... yes, put the swap on the sdcard02:42
GridCubekeep in mind that ubuntu NEEDS a swap partition anyway, or it wont even install02:42
GridCubeeven if you have 16gb of ram :P02:43
VermicelliYeah, was going to do swap on the card all along. I think on so small a card though, I can't afford space for /boot.02:45
VermicelliHah- my SSD: http://www.harddrivebenchmark.net/hdd.php?hdd=SSDPAMM0008G102:45
GridCube:) good02:45
GridCubethats pretty low02:46
VermicelliWell thanks for the advice. I'm off.02:47
oldmanstanhey all, using xubuntu 12.04, mp3s played fine when i first installed, now there's a missing plugin, any thoughts? known issue?03:46
holsteinoldmanstan: i bet it wasnt an mp303:47
holsteintheres a meta package called ubuntu-restricted-extras03:47
holsteinalso, #ubuntu+1 for 12.04 support03:48
oldmanstanhmm, i just checked and i guess it's possible it was an ogg file (there are quite a few), but the vast majority of my collection is mp3, you sure the mp3 codecs aren't installed by default?03:48
holsteinoldmanstan: used to be a thing in the installer... for installing the fluendo codec03:49
holsteinoldmanstan: you can open the pacakge manager of your choice, and search mp303:49
oldmanstanah, fluendo, lovely03:50
oldmanstanyeah, i do remember it being in the installer at one point or another03:50
oldmanstanmaybe because i used the alternate iso? weird, thanks though!03:51
holsteinoldmanstan: yes.. not fluendo prompt on the alternate ISO AFAIK03:51
oldmanstanahh ok, that's what i get for being old-fashioned, hehe03:52
holsteinoldmanstan: just install one03:53
holsteininstall that one if you like.. you'll find it from search fluendo, and/or mp303:53
oldmanstanyep, already got it03:54
oldmanstanall is working now :)03:54
oldmanstanthanks again03:56
maoranmaI'm confused, the blog for Xubuntu 12.04 says that it uses pavucontrol over xfce-mixer. Does that mean there's no alsa sound drivers on Xubuntu 12.04?04:57
baizonmaoranma: there is just von xfce mixer05:02
baizonvon = no05:05
baizonalsa sound drivers stays :)05:05
maoranmaHmm, having issues getting sounds out of an alsa using application for some reason05:05
maoranmaStrange, I ran alsa-mixer, muted and unmuted, and now I have sound in mednafen05:22
baizoni had to do the same when i switch from speakers to hdmi for example05:24
baizonnot sure if still got it, dont have the oportunity to test it05:29
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CellTechOdd. It didn't send anything I typed08:44
CellTechI just did the sudo apt-get upgrade and update. Should I do the autoclean one now?08:44
bigbrovarHi guys, I was wondering if there was a way to set thunar to automount external storage devices during start. Found out I had to remove and add the external hdd before it is mounted08:49
bigbrovarIt's an ntfs external drive and I don't want to have to add it to fstab cus its not always attached to the system08:50
bigbrovarJust wondering if automounting of drives could happen during startup08:51
bigbrovarLike the system mounts added drives when starting up08:51
well_laid_lawnyou might be able to set a udev rule for that08:54
bigbrovarYeah my thinking too.. Might have to find the command that mounts when a drive is connected09:01
bigbrovarWill look into it thanks09:01
JukeUKHi all - I'm a new user of Xubuntu and linux tbh.  Just installed the 32bit desktop version on a 2 GHz Core 2 laptop.  Then saw that Xubuntu recommends using the 64-bit for Core 2 processors.  Are there any advantages to switching?10:34
BelseruskI am thinking of jumping to Xubuntu 12.04 from Ubuntu 10.04 next week. Is it a good move?10:39
knomeBelserusk, if you can do a fresh install, that's always better, but upgrading should work too10:40
bigbrovarJukeUk - not much really, I personally prefer 32 bit cus I am a general computer user and although 64 bit support has improved considerably on Linux there are still some odd cases where support is lacking10:44
Belseruskknome, Definitely. Although I have Xubuntu 11.10 on my 2nd PC and that was upgraded over the internet from 11.04 so upgrading over the internet to 12.04 should be fine?10:44
knomeBelserusk, yup10:44
JukeUKbigbrovar, ty10:45
bigbrovarThe slight difference in performance u get with 64bit is rarely significant when doing everyday computing. The biggest advantage is ability to use a 4gb+ ram which 32 bit os can't see. (they see only 3.5gb) but using a pae kernel fixes that10:46
JukeUKthat wouldn't really affect me as the laptop can only take a max of 4GB and for the sake of 1/2 gig it's not worth the aggro.10:47
Belseruskknome, thanks.10:48
Belseruskknome, Is Xubuntu supported by Cannonical?10:48
knomeBelserusk, the xubuntu team gets the infrastructure to use from canonical, but not much otherwise10:49
BelseruskWill Xubuntu be prone to more bugs than Ubuntu or will bugs fixed be fixed equally fast?11:07
knomeBelserusk, the bugs that are not xubuntu-specific are the same because naturally they land on all derivatives, xubuntu-specific bugs (mostly xfce) will depend on how trivial they are and if the xfce team fixes them quickly11:08
Belseruskknome, Which version of Xubuntu are you on? Your overall rating for Xubuntu out or 10?11:10
knomei'm on 12.0411:11
knomei'll let others rate how we are ;)11:11
* knome is the project leader11:11
Belseruskknome, Fair enough. ^_^11:13
BelseruskBye knome11:13
knomebye, and have fun11:14
z4k4ri4Hi, just installed xubuntu 12.04 (daily live), works great!11:14
knomez4k4ri4, good to hear11:15
z4k4ri4Is there anyway to make short cut to show window list?11:15
z4k4ri4Kinda window menu in panel11:16
knomez4k4ri4, not sure, but you can get that open by middle-clicking mouse on the desktop11:16
z4k4ri4Nah, It's on laptop11:16
knomez4k4ri4, alt+tab works for me, but you probably knew it exists already11:17
z4k4ri4I found it: xfdesktop --windowlist11:18
z4k4ri4thanks anyway11:18
xubuntu528hey, can anyone tell me if the USB problem ( not detecting ) was solved in xubuntu 11 ?11:21
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xubuntu165I just installed Xubuntu12:31
xubuntu165and I have added 2 additional keyboard layouts - russian and azerbaijani12:31
xubuntu165but I can't change the layout unless I go to settings->keyboard input method12:33
xubuntu165isn't there any shortcut?12:33
xubuntu165for example combination like Alt+Shift12:34
ThePendulumWhat's a nice little DVD ripping tool? There's an OS on it, not media13:07
ThePendulumI figured I could simply copy the files from the disk, lol13:11
JukeUK<----- linux newbie.  Are there any maintenance routines I should be doing with Xubuntu or am I being too MS mindset?13:39
PiciJukeUK: beyond making sure that you keep up-to-date with updates/upgrades, nothing really.13:43
Piciapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade13:43
Pici(which *doesn't* upgrade you to a new release, see the manpage or /msg upbottu dist-upgrade for more info)13:43
JukeUKPici, thanks :)13:49
knomeloppy, can we help you with a support question?15:11
loppyunban me from the offtopic!15:13
knomeyou are free to discuss that in -ops, it's offtopic here15:14
loppyit is??????15:14
loppyhi baizon!15:23
mneptokloppy: there is no need to greet every single nick that /joins15:26
baizonhi loppy15:30
Wizardseems more and more users here :]16:41
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Wizardhi xubuntu94617:27
xubuntu946hey Wizard17:27
xubuntu946I got a apt-get install question if you don't mind..17:28
xubuntu946I am trying to apt-get install irssi but I get a bunch of stuff that says E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).17:32
xubuntu946I never had this when I was using Ubuntu a few months back.17:33
Unit193Try   sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install -f; sudo apt-get install irssi17:33
xubuntu946ok, i'll try it now17:35
Wizardthis should help17:39
Wizardactually, apt-get install -f alone should17:40
Wizardsorry for the delay ;]17:40
Unit193Well, outdated cache can be an issue as well.17:41
xubuntu946looks like it worked.  Thank you Unit193 and Wizard17:41
xubuntu946new install17:41
Wizardfresh install had such issue?17:49
xubuntu946yep just got it going17:49
Wizardthat's strange17:49
orangeninjaok I am xubuntu946, hey Unit193 !!17:50
orangeninjalet me see17:50
orangeninjayep Wizard17:53
orangeninjaDistributor ID:Ubuntu17:53
orangeninjaDescription:Ubuntu 11.1017:53
Wizardnot good, I want to install xubuntu 11.10 tommorow on my work notebook17:56
Unit193Not an issue, all you have to do is apt-get update first, or else there are broken depends.18:02
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craigbass1976When I log into a Unity / ubuntu session, I'm all set.  When I log into xfce, my laptop won't go to sleep after shutting the lid.  Screen goes dark, but everything is still running.  What'd I miss?18:12
pleia2craigbass1976: settings manager > power manager18:13
GridCubewelp, if i dont understand things wrong, unity pretty much flops things up18:13
pleia2review settings in there to make it do what you want18:13
craigbass1976pleia2, what's the command?  I'm trying it from the menu, but there's a flicker of a window and nothing.  No idea what the error might be without a terminal18:19
pleia2let's see...18:20
craigbass1976pleia2, it wasn't running.  It's still not running18:21
pleia2sorry, xfce4-power-manager-settings is the command you run to launch the settings manager18:22
craigbass1976pleia2, oh, forget it.  Now It's running.  but I've seen this screen before18:22
craigbass1976pleia2, hey, I got it working.  THe power manager doesn't seem to be starting at boot though18:30
pleia2craigbass1976: under "session and startup" in the settings is it checked?18:31
pleia2in the "application autostart" tab18:32
craigbass1976pleia2, actually it is.  Hrmmmm18:41
pleia2craigbass1976: hm, not sure, might check in /var/log/daemon.log or /var/log/syslog to see if there are any notices about it that indicate why it's not starting18:42
pleia2craigbass1976: whatversion of xubuntu are you using?18:42
craigbass1976pleia2, there aren't two managers that will be fighting?  I'm on 12.0418:43
pleia2craigbass1976: ah, is the gnome power manager running?18:43
pleia2I'd submit a bug here: https://launchpad.net/xfce4-power-manager (include details from here, including that it is set to start up in settings)18:44
craigbass1976pleia2, I don't see it.18:45
pleia2I haven't seen that problem here, but if you submit a bug the devs can look into it and maybe get it fixed for you by release time18:46
grifo74hello how i install intel graphics card18:54
grifo74and opengl18:55
Wizardgrifo74, works for me by default on asus eeepc and some "enterprise" asus with optimus (intel foreced in bios)18:58
Sysiabout all intel cards should work by default, opengl too18:59
genii-aroundSome of the i810 are problemmatic, need composite enabled in xorg.conf19:00
grifo74i try to run stunt rally on my son pc and dont work19:00
grifo74how i enable19:00
craigbass1976pleia2, call me numb, but I don't see where to submit a bug...19:01
grifo74i go install xserver-xorg-video-intel19:02
grifo74and restar my pc i back in minutes19:03
justanickHello, why does the xfce4-power-manager not see the ACPI powerbutton?19:05
Wizardnot see?19:07
Unit193You should be able to configure that in keyboard shortcuts to power off.19:08
justanickThe part for "What should happens if the power button is pressed is missing19:08
Wizardis acpid running/installed?19:08
justanickAlso the XFCE session does not react on it. The shell without a running XFCE does and  shutdown the system19:09
justanickacpid is installed19:09
justanickAnd acpi_listen reacts on a powerbutton press19:10
justanickXfce is runnig without lightdm. But that should not be the problem, or19:11
Wizardno, it shouldn't19:11
justanickThe power button is also missing in the xfce4-power-manager.xml19:13
pleia2craigbass1976: run this command: ubuntu-bug xfce4-power-manager19:14
craigbass1976pleia2, that's the only way?  Ok, I don't feel so dumb then for not seeign a link19:16
pleia2craigbass1976: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs has information about what the tool does19:18
pleia2it does some basic stuff like collecting information about your system that devs need to duplicate and diagnose the problem, searches the bug tracker to see if it's already been reported19:18
craigbass1976pleia2, well, we'll see what happens.  I could probably write a script for now that would start it up, right?19:28
cousteauwhat's the default video player on xubuntu precise?  I'm checking what's installed by default19:55
maoranmaParole I believe19:56
cousteauand so far (apart from some programs I don't like much, such as abiword or leafpad), they look ok19:56
looongeris xubuntu xfce still so heavily gnome-dependent?19:58
cousteaue.g. Thunderbird, gThumb, XChat, Evince...  I would install those even if they weren't by default19:58
cousteauI'll probably get rid of Parole (or leave it installed but not use it) and use gnome-mplayer19:59
cousteauor VLC for the formats gnome-mplayer doesn't support very well20:00
cousteauwell, I'll just wait for 12.04 to be released, and then download it, try it and install it20:07
looongeri can't wait for xfce 4.1020:07
cousteaufor now...  where the hell are my repositories?  (using 10.10, they removed them before releasing 12.04 and they're not yet in old-releases)20:07
cousteau...oh, they are still there20:13
holsteincousteau: you can run one locally for as long as you'd like20:14
cousteauholstein, yes, but without repositories you can't install stuff20:15
cousteauso I was kinda worried20:16
holsteincousteau: you can run your own repositories locally, and install what you like20:17
cousteauyeah, well, I'd need to get all repositories first20:18
cousteau(and also they must be huge)20:18
holsteincousteau: ifi you want to use 10.10 past EOL, you can though... canonnical just aint going to "foot the bill" much longer20:20
holsteincousteau: AFAIK, you can use a DVD... apt-on-cd or whatever20:20
cousteauwell, my idea was to use the old-releases repositories (located on old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/), but maverick isn't there yet20:21
cousteauand I thought they had already removed the repos because I got a message that my version wasn't supported anymore20:22
holsteinive never used an OS past EOL and expected updates, so im not sure how that will work for you20:25
PiciIf maverick isn't there yet that means its still on the main mirrors.20:27
PiciThey don't always move it the day of EOL.20:27
cousteauholstein, well, I'm not expecting updates, only be able to install stuff20:32
holsteinallow me to clarify... ive never used an OS past EOL and expected to "install stuff" from a repository someone else maintains20:33
cousteauwhere "someone else" is "canonical"?  or "the PPA of this guy"?20:34
cousteau*"this guy who has a PPA"20:34
holsteinnot me basically... i would expect to be on my own20:35
holsteini dont see any reason not to upgrade though using xubuntu20:35
cousteauWell, I once made a local repository for LibreOffice, because there wasn't a PPA yet and I didn't just want to install all the debs...  but it was complicated and unfulfilling20:36
cousteauwell, having 10.10, I was planning on doing a clean install20:36
holsteincousteau: by whatever method you choose, i see no reason to stay back at 10.1020:37
cousteauwell, I prefer to just wait for 12.04 to be released, so I kill 2 birds with 1 stone20:38
cousteauactually...  3 birds20:38
cousteau3½, since I'd also move from Ubuntu to Xubuntu20:38
holsteinsure... im just not sure why we are disscussing keeping 10.10 alive20:39
cousteauit's just a temporary solution20:39
cousteauwhat the...?  ants!20:43
cousteaubrb, killing ants20:43
pleia2cousteau: try archive.ubuntu.com instead of old-releases20:45
cousteaupleia2, yeah, they're still there20:53
cousteauit's only that I thought they weren't20:53
* cousteau uses vacuum cleaner... it's kinda effectice20:59
cousteauAAWRGH!!  there was an ant in my sleeve!21:00
cousteauAND IT WAS ALIVE!!21:00
pleia2cousteau: can you move the vacuum and ant talk to #xubuntu-offtopic? :)21:03
cousteauyeah, the vacuum thing should have gone to another channel, sorry21:04
xubuntu933greeting, anyone available to help?22:56
xubuntu933greeting, anyone available to help?22:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:57
xubuntu933i am trying xubunt 12.04 beta2. install minitube, however, no video, what should I do to get video22:58
holsteinxubuntu933: i would try another browser... its like a flash issue.. however, flash cannot be officially supported, and 12.04 is supported in #ubuntu+122:59
holsteinits likely a flash issue*23:00
Unit193"Minitube does not require the Flash Player.", but that's about all I know of it.23:00
holsteinyeah? someone else ws saying it did the other day in another channel..23:01
Unit193Alright, I don't doubt you.23:01
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