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ldurosi've made changes I haven't committed, and I want to get back to the last commit, that is, remove all changes i've done that are not committed17:38
lduroshow do I do that?17:38
ldurossort of like git stash, but really I don't need to keep those changes. I want to get rid of them17:38
ldurosso i don't know if shelve is what I want17:39
ldurosI guess maybe bzr reset HEAD17:42
ldurosbzr revert17:43
ldurosI'm confused17:43
ldurosjust "bzr revert" seems to get back to the last commit17:44
clausenis there a way to get "bzr push" to fail when the local repo is behind the remote one?22:05
vorkBehind? Surely in that case push has nothing to do.22:05
clausenyes, it has nothing to do22:05
clausenbut I want an error22:05
clausento tell me I need to pull22:05
clausenis there a way I can ask it?22:05
vorkI don't know, I'm new.22:06
clausenok, thanks :)22:06
fullermdI'm pretty sure there's no way (I mean, short of hacking it up yourself) to make push do that.22:10
clausenok, I guess I just have to do a bash alias then22:10
fullermdThe general answer would be something like "check missing".  That would require you to check though.22:10
fullermdIt's possible you could write a plugin that would hook in somewhere in the process; I don't know if there's an easily accessible limb to grab.22:13
fullermd(but that wouldn't change anything essential from the "hack the main codebase" case; just make it more modular)22:13
clausenhere's my solution, for what I want:22:14
clausenalias bzrsync="bzr pull && bzr push"22:15
clausenthis is a subtle difference from git, btw22:20
vorkAh, git-push succeeds only when the remote is pointing to the same commit as your current branch.22:21
clausenI like git's behaviour, because it's easy to find out if everything is in sync22:21
clausenbzr needs two commands22:22
clausen(push and pull)22:22
vorkI wonder if there's anything like "hg incoming" for bzr.22:22
fullermdThat's half of missing.22:22
clausenfullermd, oh, ok22:23
clausen(missing does something that "git push" does not?)22:24
fullermdWell, yes, but I was responding to vork    ;)22:24
clausenok :)22:25
vorkI like the way qdiff collapses feature branches.22:42

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