bkerensaSpamapS: Yeah maybe I can do a Juju talk at PuppetConf this year :)00:02
SpamapSbkerensa: actually we're looking at doing just that00:02
bkerensaSpamapS: They had one last year00:02
bkerensaMarc Cluet and Adam Gandelman and some other Canonical guys I dont know00:03
imbrandonheya guys just popin in a sec then be back in after bit, but SpamapS , bkerensa knows a few people on the inside of CloudFlare and got the ceo dude to give us a lil tour ( and personally i wanna talk nginx magic with em as its their backbone to 4 billion views a month ) anyhow i thought you may want to try and sneek away at lunch too and go00:04
imbrandonSpamapS: bkerensa ^^00:04
imbrandonyea billion not mill00:04
SpamapSwith a b00:05
bkerensaSpamapS: http://imgur.com/9GFjR <-- I know Adam G and Marc C but no idea who the rest are00:06
imbrandonany how i;ll let you to talk it over more i got to run for a bit , but nothing set in stone yet cept we're definatly invites00:06
imbrandonback in a while , btw heya bk and anyone else lurkin00:07
SpamapSbkerensa: some of our IS guys, I don't know most of them well either ;)00:08
bkerensaSpamapS: Btw... What does Paul Oh do? he was walking around OSCON like a big shot and came to our booth and gave me his card and said if we needed anything to e-mail him ;p00:09
bkerensahe did have a pretty cool Canonical shirt00:09
SpamapSbkerensa: business something ;)00:19
SpamapSbkerensa: at 500 people.. its become impossible to know everybody :P00:20
bkerensaNo wonder his shoes were so well shined00:20
bkerensaSpamapS: there needs to be a Public Employee Directory :D00:20
* bkerensa cannot even figure out exactly how many live in Portland 00:20
SpamapSbkerensa: thats by design. Canonical is the most serious about employee privacy that I've ever seen a company.. which is funny because we all work so publicly :)00:21
bkerensaSpamapS: Yeah... I usually have to ping someone I know and then have them e-mail our local canonical mailing list for events00:22
marsHi guys, I have a problem that appears to be synchronization between the postgresql db-relation-changed hook and the service that is using the db interface00:39
SpamapSmars: sync in what way?00:40
marsWhen I use debug-hooks in my custom charm and run the same commands as db-relation-changed does, then it connects to the database fine00:40
marsBut when running the db-relation-changed hook script from 'juju add-relation', then the command bombs out with a database connection error00:40
SpamapSmars: the environment might be slightly different00:42
SpamapSmars: but it should be mostly the same...00:42
marsthat does not sound like a fun thing to debug00:42
SpamapSmars: is it possible you are not checking to make sure the values are already set in the changed hook00:42
SpamapSmars: relation-changed is run once no matter what, at the start, sometimes that is before the other side has set the values00:43
marsSpamapS, the values passed in by the database relation?00:43
SpamapSmars: basically, you need to assume that things returned by 'relation-get' are actually valid, as they may not have ever been set.00:43
SpamapSmars: you can gracefully exit a hook if the values you require are not set yet... your hook will get called again when they are set.00:44
marsSpamapS, ok, I have these lines in my hook: user=`relation-get user`00:45
mars[ -z "$user" ] && exit 000:45
marsStraight out of the charm tutorial00:45
marsDoes that check for the user, gracefully exiting if it isn't set?00:46
SpamapSmars: yeah00:50
SpamapSmars: ok so in that case, perhaps the pgsql charm is broken in some way00:50
SpamapSmars: because you should  be able to assume the user/pass/dbname you were given is open for connecting00:50
marsSpamapS, could be, I already had to patch it once.  The DB wasn't starting because of a bogus pg_hba.conf entry.00:51
SpamapSmars: did we get that fix into the main charm yet?00:53
marsSpamapS, got to run, here's what I had to fix: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/948657/00:54
marsbtw, that's the precise charm00:55
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SpamapSmars: thanks!00:56
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imbrandonWow, I knew they did this with Xcode 4.2+ but never knew why, SpamapS still around ? ready this ( fairly short blog post ) and tell me Apple cant be cool in their own way, yea its not Ubuntu open-ness but its beats the hell outa any other propritary vendor including Novel/Mono , yea I'm looking at you charging 200$ for the mobile iOS api , meh03:30
imbrandonanyhow that just put a very big smile on my face03:31
bkerensaimbrandon: ping03:56
bkerensaimbrandon: so what do you use for irc?03:57
imbrandonirssi mostly, just cuz i'm too lazy too properly evaluate subway :)03:57
* bkerensa uses znc but their push notification module stopped working and I need push notification and something that sits on a vps or instance since I dont leave me laptop on 24/703:57
bkerensaimbrandon: yeah well I dont know how to deploy my charm to EC203:57
bkerensaonly lxc03:58
imbrandonirssi plus some php perl and bash glue for all kinda stuf :)03:58
bkerensabut then again I like gui client or cli not browser based03:58
imbrandonok one sec03:58
bkerensamaybe weechat03:58
imbrandonsubway is nice because its persistant03:58
imbrandonthats really all i care about cuz i may actually close my irssi term like 50x a day03:59
imbrandonor get to it from 5 diff computers03:59
imbrandonthats it, feautres i can always hack something in if i need it in another03:59
imbrandonand apparently according to jcastro i can do that with subwayfine04:00
bkerensaimbrandon: ok run me through it how do I deploy charms on EC2 instead of lxc?04:05
bkerensaahh I got it04:07
imbrandoni was gonna say its the same04:10
imbrandonjust a diff env.y04:10
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avalanche123|hgetting a Error: Permission denied - /tmp/homebrew-juju-0.5.531-PkyV/juju_0.5+bzr531.orig/build/bdist.macosx-10.7-intel when installing juju on OSX using homebrew04:51
imbrandonavalanche123|h: ahh you had it installed prior04:51
avalanche123|himbrandon had juju installed?04:51
avalanche123|hthis is the first time I'm trying to do this04:52
imbrandoni need to fix that but yea that tar04:52
imbrandonhrm ok04:52
imbrandonthat last bit is easy04:52
avalanche123|himbrandon anything I can do to fix it?04:52
imbrandonum for not the best thing to do ( this si how i got to updatye the forumla to do correctly )04:52
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imbrandonis download that same tar from LP04:52
imbrandonopen it and run04:53
imbrandonwell open it cd to the dir and run04:53
imbrandonsudo python setup.py install04:53
imbrandonand you'll be good04:53
imbrandonone sec let me get you the tar url04:53
avalanche123|hthank you!04:54
imbrandonnp, it did the hard part for you already04:54
imbrandongetting teh deps intalled04:54
imbrandonthats was the last part04:54
* imbrandon maintains that brew formula btw, got lucky in the timing :)04:55
avalanche123|hindeed, fastest response I've received on irc :)04:55
avalanche123|h14 seconds :)04:56
imbrandonhehe yea me and bk was just talkin04:56
avalanche123|hnice, thanks again04:56
imbrandonif that still dont work let em know04:56
imbrandoni;ll be here all morn04:56
avalanche123|himbrandon got it installed, thanks!04:59
imbrandonnow when its time to update04:59
imbrandonyou MAY have to manualy uninstall04:59
imbrandonbecause brew wont know its already there05:00
imbrandonbut just do unstalll instead of install05:00
imbrandonor pop back in here05:00
imbrandonbut there proaably wont be an update for a week or so i;m guessing ( dunno tho )05:00
avalanche123|himbrandon cool, sounds good05:01
* imbrandon goes to fix the formula05:02
avalanche123|himbrandon ping05:04
avalanche123|hgetting this now:05:04
avalanche123|h    import zookeeper05:04
avalanche123|hImportError: No module named zookeeper05:04
avalanche123|hwhen running juju bootstrap05:04
imbrandonbrew install zookeeper05:04
imbrandonbrew install bzr too05:04
imbrandonif you dont have bzr05:04
imbrandonhrm it should have dine that for you tho05:04
avalanche123|hmind if I add it to formula dependencies?05:04
avalanche123|hlemme check05:04
imbrandonno,please do05:04
avalanche123|hbrew list | grep zookeeper05:05
avalanche123|hI have it05:05
imbrandonany help is welcomed, i'm a ubuntu dude and run osx too, but a brew newb05:05
avalanche123|hit is indeed already listed as a dep05:05
imbrandonok hrm hal sex05:05
imbrandonyea i thought so05:05
avalanche123|hmaybe python bindings are not included?05:05
imbrandondo you have brew python or just sys python05:06
avalanche123|hsys python05:06
imbrandonwell the forum should install those too05:06
imbrandonor something05:06
avalanche123|hgot this in pip freeze05:06
imbrandonk one moment05:07
imbrandon  system "sudo","/usr/bin/easy_install","txzookeeper","PyYAML", "txaws", "pydot","oauth"05:08
imbrandonyea no zkpython , let me see if its actually needed or somethign else05:08
* imbrandon looks on lp05:08
imbrandonsorry it does work local and on a few others but i guess i'm missing a dep somewhere where05:08
* imbrandon looks05:08
imbrandoni wish there was a pbuilder for brew05:09
avalanche123|hI'll try diggin05:09
avalanche123|hmight end up with a pull request05:09
imbrandonsure thing05:09
imbrandonlike i said i'll be here as well05:10
imbrandoni'm gussing thats what it is tho is the pythong zk glue isnt installed and i had it already or soemthign05:10
imbrandonif LP would ever load it should hvae the deps listed for my on the official linux deb page05:10
imbrandonbtw undocumented but brew install --HEAD juju should pull right from bzr05:11
imbrandonfor update05:12
imbrandonBuild-Depends: debhelper (>= 7.0.50~), python, zookeeper, python-twisted, python-txzookeeper (>= 0.9.5~), python-txaws, python-yaml, python-pydot, python-apt, python-oauth, help2man05:15
imbrandonok no need for help05:15
imbrandonoauth loisted dot listed05:15
imbrandonno apt needed05:15
imbrandonyaml good05:15
imbrandonyxaws good05:15
imbrandontxzookeeper versiion05:16
imbrandonoh wait you got 0.9.505:16
imbrandontwisted is preinstalled in 10.5 +05:16
imbrandonzk is there05:16
imbrandonavalanche123|h: can you try to launch it in a fresh shell05:17
avalanche123|hsame thin05:17
imbrandonis zkpython in pip ? i cant rember05:18
* imbrandon looks to see if i have that installed05:18
avalanche123|hlooking at brew zookeeper formula, there is option to install with python and c bindings05:19
avalanche123|hby running brew install zookeeper --c --python05:19
avalanche123|hlemme try that05:19
imbrandoncruft ok05:19
imbrandonwonder how mines workin then05:19
avalanche123|hrun brew info zookeeper05:19
avalanche123|hwhat does it say?05:20
imbrandonbholtsclaw@ares:~$ brew info zookeeper05:20
imbrandonzookeeper 3.4.305:20
imbrandon/usr/local/Cellar/zookeeper/3.4.3 (191 files, 11M) *05:20
imbrandoni bet your correct i just dont know how i got around it05:21
imbrandonbut this install is been upgraded manny times from many diff macs05:21
imbrandoni think it started life ina g3 ibook05:21
imbrandoni need to setup ci tests on commit , just havent took the time with release "comming" the last few days05:22
avalanche123|hhaha,  gotcha05:22
avalanche123|hI still can't get python module05:22
imbrandonok so05:23
avalanche123|hbut I'm gonna try completely re-installing zookeeper now05:23
avalanche123|hmaybe brew is messed up05:23
imbrandonthis is hokey but now that it has them easy install the others again05:23
avalanche123|hsure thing05:23
imbrandonbrb one sec, got hit the little boys room quickly05:23
imbrandonbtw way i planed on adding charm-tools and charmrunner to the brews too so not just now but anytime pull req are very much welcomed if i goof, still pretty new to brewin, old hat on the other side of the fence, funny i use osx for photoshop and Espresso.app traditionally so the last month with the role reverse its kinda funny ( been doing lots of css stuff in linux for a diff proj )05:26
imbrandonand prog etc etc on my ubuntu boxen :)05:27
avalanche123|hI'm just starting with juju05:28
imbrandoni dont really like that i cant pre-build it in a "clean" install tho like a chroot or pbuilder05:28
avalanche123|hyeah, no real packages on osx05:28
imbrandonyea i've been packaging debs for 6 or more yeas, not much on the osx side till lately05:28
imbrandonwell fink is almost05:29
imbrandonfink actually uses .debs and dpkg and apt05:29
imbrandonbut fink is a PAIN05:29
bkerensawho knew label printing was easy in Ubuntu05:29
imbrandonbut its about the closest, macports being like bsdports05:30
imbrandonheya bkerensa05:30
imbrandonbut yea packing for fink is actually simple if your used to deb packages, essentiually the same05:30
imbrandonbut installing fink for a "end user" sucks ass even for me05:31
imbrandonand i've done it 100000000 times05:31
imbrandonthats why i think brew took off so well, its really a "lite" juju05:31
* bkerensa is burning 250 12.04 cd's and and and.... wait for it... Testing each and every CD 05:32
imbrandonwhere it can do anythging05:32
imbrandonbkerensa: thats what the interns are for, like a blonde brunette and re^W^W^W^W ummmm yea05:32
imbrandonavalanche123|h: so yea if you like making brews tho you'll love juju , imagin me being able to install a brew from here onto your mac and then a second and have it on bk's mac and then they can talk to each other and config them self based on that talking05:34
imbrandonthats the lowdown05:34
imbrandonthere is lots more to it but easy way to explain it to a brewer05:34
avalanche123|hyeah, I'm looking for a nice configuration management / services orchestration solution that's why exploring juju05:35
avalanche123|hcan it run services in lxc's?05:36
imbrandonits still young, so expect bumps but nothing terrible05:36
avalanche123|hright, oss05:36
imbrandonyea there is one cactch with lxc tho05:36
imbrandonthey dont persist reboots05:36
imbrandonbetter off usein MAAS if you need a persistant local05:36
imbrandonmore than just testing05:36
imbrandonavalanche123|h: yea not just oss tho , juju is moving very fast , its a good thing, i love it but yea05:37
imbrandonquick iteration and releases are the norm05:37
avalanche123|hright, totally undestood05:38
imbrandonlike weekly or so it seems , not sure it will continue like that with 12.04 out05:38
imbrandonbut likely for a while untill 1.005:38
avalanche123|hthat's fast05:38
imbrandonyea and the guys ( and gals ? ) are religipous aobut ttd and stuff05:39
imbrandonso never much breakage, just once in a while backwards compat stuff is iffy05:39
avalanche123|hthat sounds awesome05:40
* imbrandon is a ubuntu core dev but not a juju dev , i only make charms like your starting to do and happend to package the brew app since i seem to be the token Mac guys arround :)05:40
imbrandonjust fyi05:40
avalanche123|hhaha, got it05:40
imbrandonsame with bkerensa here, infact he just won the last charm contest05:41
imbrandoni'm determined to win this one, well one of the 305:41
bkerensaimbrandon: and if I win this one coming up well hot damn I will be the new juju evangelist everday05:41
imbrandonheh , psudo am anyhow, just not a great evanglist05:42
SpamapSbkerensa: you ready to join ~charmers yet btw?05:46
SpamapSbkerensa: I would normally say if you have two charms promulgated, you're pretty much ready.05:47
jcastrolet's wait until UDS and make up some silly ceremony05:50
jcastroinvolving beer05:50
jcastro(just throwing that out there)05:50
bkerensaSpamapS: I need to push openphoto maybe monday or tues for u took peek at05:52
SpamapSjcastro: saki bombs for all new ~charmers!05:53
SpamapSbkerensa: cool. I would be seriously grateful for another pair of eyes to look at charms as they come in.05:53
* SpamapS notes that he has *4* submitted for review.05:53
SpamapSand ELB as a subordinate is about to drop as well. :)05:53
bkerensasaki bombs?05:54
bkerensajcastro: Q: can we byob to UDS?05:54
jcastrohmm, we need to whine about reviews tomorrow05:54
* bkerensa noticed photos showing bottles of liquor at previous UDSes05:54
bkerensalike at tables05:54
SpamapSbkerensa: after sessions, if you don't go find beer, beer will usually find you05:55
SpamapSand frankly... in Oak town.. you want to do your own beer finding. :)05:55
imbrandonbkerensa: you need a strong liver for uds05:55
imbrandonyou have to porepare all yea05:56
imbrandonSpamapS: hahaha05:56
bkerensaSpamapS: I lived in Bay Area for a few years05:57
imbrandonSpamapS: i was thinking about trying to find that damn kereoke bar with mrs two teeth in it and dragging all to it, there was some kiler sushi accross the screet too05:57
bkerensaOak Town is not my fave :P05:57
imbrandonbut it is on the other side of the bay05:58
bkerensaimbrandon: dude in chinatown sf they have asian karoke05:58
bkerensafunny as hell05:58
imbrandonthere is a story bhind the other and it ended with jono dancing with a bottle of beer05:58
imbrandonon camera05:58
imbrandonno less05:58
bkerensaSpamapS: http://i.imgur.com/3SdUp.jpg05:59
imbrandonfairly certain jcastro was there too, i know kenethwimher was and oh hell simon and all of us05:59
SpamapSELB controlled thinkup05:59
SpamapS(haven't related mysql yet ;)05:59
jcastrowhat? no spdy?05:59
imbrandonjcastro: we doing elb so we have 5x the 37mill numbers from nginx06:00
SpamapSjcastro: you sir, are eeevil ;)06:00
imbrandonthirty seven frakin milllion06:00
jcastroit's just one more relation!06:00
bkerensaIf I win XPS I will donate my Dell 14z to Partimus06:00
bkerensawhich is only a few months old itself06:01
imbrandonPartmius ?06:01
bkerensapartimus.org they setup nix boxes in the bay area for non profits and schools etc06:01
bkerensapleia2 and a few Ubuntu CA folk are on the board06:01
imbrandonahhh nice, in that case i'll bring the older of my two macbooks and make the same deal, if i win one i'll donate it06:02
imbrandonsounds like a great cause06:02
imbrandonand its not a terrible macbook, its the white one before the unibodys06:02
imbrandonintell core 2 duo 2gb ram06:02
imbrandonnot a speed demon but good to ssh and surf06:03
bkerensajcastro: we should instantly win ^ for our charitable natures06:03
bkerensaI would actually trade a XPS for a old macbook LOL06:03
bkerensaok time to get cracking on charms06:04
bkerensaenergy drinks ready06:04
imbrandonwell if i DONT win i'll trade ya, honestly that one is my beater i take on things like this incse it dont make the trip06:04
* bkerensa is going to work till 2am (its 11:04pm now)06:04
bkerensaimbrandon: which one is it?06:04
imbrandoni mean its not tore up or anythign but you know what i mean, stickers everywhere , 4 gens old06:04
bkerensathe brushed metal one06:04
bkerensaor the ugly white ones06:04
imbrandonis the model, white06:05
bkerensayeah I want a brush metal one :D06:05
imbrandonits that one06:05
imbrandoni have a 17inch mbp i use for work/contract and then my mini06:06
imbrandonand i use that white one for camping trips and uds06:06
imbrandonand stuff like that06:06
imbrandonwhere it might not make it home06:06
imbrandonbut yea aside from being not the uber latest and i'm spiled its honestly a great machine for someone06:07
imbrandonand really if it had a display port and not mini vga06:08
imbrandoni would use it more06:08
imbrandonbut i need screens06:08
imbrandonwhen sitting at a desk, even with a lappy06:08
imbrandonmbp has thunderbot == 3 dvi off one port :)06:09
imbrandonmore if i was not so $$ cheap06:09
imbrandonok SpamapS and jcastro and bkerensa yall are whitness to me saying that , hold me to it, but i'm not gonna bring it up again cuz i dont want anyone thinking i am trying to bribe a win06:10
bkerensaimbrandon: is it possible to piggy back on another charm?06:11
bkerensalike deploy apache ?06:11
imbrandonyou mean a sub06:12
imbrandonots got to be designed that way but there isnt much to the "design"06:12
imbrandonSpamapS: is the current expert on it but i can fumble threw one atm06:12
imbrandonjcastro: whom has control over the charms import into github nightly06:13
imbrandonlike where is the script that the cron runs06:13
imbrandonheh, it has the old url in the descriptions06:13
imbrandonetc etc06:13
jcastrom_3 runs the github import stuff06:14
imbrandoni'll prod him next time i think about it06:15
SpamapSbkerensa: you probably want the new 'subordinate' charm type.06:15
imbrandonk back to charming for me for a lil while06:15
bkerensascrew it I will just write it all06:15
SpamapShrm.. so this kind of sucks.. if I make ELB a subordinate.. we never get the 'stop' hook called so there's no simple way to know that the other nodes have left.06:28
SpamapSPerhaps a peer relation.. hm06:28
imbrandonyea a peer-relation so ip can be both added and removed06:33
imbrandoni'd like that better than start stop anyhow06:33
SpamapSwell the issue is that the subordinates run on the same box as the "remote" unit06:34
SpamapSso.. its a bit tricky06:34
imbrandonright , so check the service type too ? heh06:34
imbrandontoo bad subs got to be all at the same level, i can imaging some nice trees that would mimic inheritance06:35
imbrandonvisually if dran06:35
imbrandonor cacade maybe is better word06:35
SpamapSI think we'll have to make that a reality at some point06:35
SpamapSsubs of subs06:35
SpamapSwe can call that middle-management06:35
avalanche123|himbrandon any idea what ERROR Could not find any .pem files. means?06:36
avalanche123|hI get this when running juju boostrap06:36
imbrandonits not finding your ssh key06:36
imbrandonso its not likely setup int env y file to point to your auth_keys06:36
imbrandonSpamapS: yea osx mixes em06:37
avalanche123|hhmm, I must be missing some init steps, where can I read about this?06:37
avalanche123|hI could put it in the formula for the future I guess06:37
imbrandonava please do if its part of the install06:38
imbrandonbut i would not addd bootstrap stuf in there06:38
imbrandoncan you run06:38
imbrandonwhatever juju cmd you was doing | tee pbcopy06:39
imbrandonthen pastebinti06:39
imbrandonerr pastbinit06:39
avalanche123|hdon't have pastbinit06:40
imbrandonalso might open a second term tab ( cmd t ) and keep juju debug-log , going for now06:40
imbrandonava thats what pbcopy is06:40
imbrandonits built into osx06:40
imbrandonit will copy the ourtput to you clipboard06:40
imbrandonalso might open a second term tab ( cmd t ) and keep juju debug-log , going for now06:41
imbrandonand watch as you run things ( it will lag a few  behind and seem "stuck" for 30ish sec or more sometimes in the debug log06:41
imbrandonjust ewait for it06:41
avalanche123|hwhen I rub debug-log06:42
imbrandonnow as far as whatever those output , SpamapS can proibably help ya better then06:42
* imbrandon looks06:42
imbrandonsame issue06:43
imbrandonit cant find your priv ssh key06:43
imbrandoneg your env.y is wrong06:43
avalanche123|hwhich is just ~/.ssh.id_rsa06:43
imbrandonright and is that listed in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys06:44
avalanche123|hheh, I don't have that set up06:44
avalanche123|h~/.ssh/authorized_keys doesn't exist06:44
imbrandonheh ok make sure its listed there and then in the env,y make sure authorized-keys-path: ~/.ssh/authorized_keys06:45
imbrandonthen bootstrap the env06:45
imbrandonand it will have your key copied and work at that point06:46
imbrandonSpamapS: every time ssh complains on mac about it wanting a .pem file its the priv key, and some priv keys are .pems for vertain programs like cyberduck needs it like that06:47
imbrandonthe keygennon osx makes both most of the time default06:47
imbrandonbut the error only ever says one06:47
imbrandonand its confusing as shit06:47
imbrandonSpamapS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/949112/06:48
imbrandonsee i only got one06:49
imbrandonand man i need to clean those up06:49
imbrandonand no idea what those .keystore ones are but likel;y another mac thing06:49
imbrandonoh no there is two .pem's in there id_rsa.pem and me@bradnonholtsclaw.com.pem06:50
avalanche123|hI run cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys06:50
imbrandonjust missed one06:50
avalanche123|hstill same issue06:50
imbrandondid you re bootstrap06:51
imbrandonthe env after06:51
imbrandonit needs to ahve the pub key in the bootstrapped env06:51
imbrandonso you can ssh in and run juju stuff06:51
imbrandonor nadda works06:51
avalanche123|hwould opening a new shell do that?06:51
imbrandonand with that i'll be right back06:52
imbrandonjuju bootstrap06:52
imbrandon, it makes the first "control" nde06:52
avalanche123|hthat fails because it can;t find key06:52
imbrandonthat one dont need a key06:52
imbrandonwell it does06:52
imbrandonbut it needs the auth06:52
imbrandonyou just setup06:52
imbrandonthe pubkey06:53
imbrandonmake sure authorized-keys-path: ~/.ssh/authorized_keys06:53
imbrandonis in your env.y before you bootstrap06:53
imbrandonok i got to be afk a few, SpamapS or bkerensa should be arround if you still need more, at this point you should not have any more specific osx problems06:55
imbrandonyour past all that06:55
avalanche123|hthanks a lot06:55
* SpamapS doesn't like helping other dudes w/ their osx-y problems, but if he must.. he will take one for the team. :)06:56
* bkerensa dances06:56
imbrandonSpamapS: promis, as long as bootstrap there works , then its golden, just a matter of knowing what order to run stuff in06:56
bkerensahttps://code.launchpad.net/~bkerensa/charms/precise/locker/trunk <- jcastro Y CAN HAZ06:56
* bkerensa goes on to pinry06:57
imbrandoncuz i used it on like 10 omg dep[loyds06:57
imbrandon deploys*06:57
imbrandonand near every command06:57
SpamapShttp://tu-349002179.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com/ ...07:01
SpamapStwo instances07:01
SpamapS10.252.25.165 - - [27/Apr/2012:07:02:30 +0000] "GET /assets/img/favicon_googleplus.png HTTP/1.1" 304 186 "http://tu-349002179.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com/" "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_7_3) AppleWebKit/536.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/20.0.1115.1 Safari/536.9"07:02
SpamapSmac users07:02
imbrandonhey teh modern internets was made on that OS07:06
imbrandonmaybe fore it was called Mac OS X but still :)07:06
SpamapSok, so I'm sieging that url.. both instances are CPU bound07:07
imbrandonwas still NeXT then on Tim Burns Lee or showever its spelled07:07
SpamapSadding another one07:07
imbrandonhere ina  bit i'll have ya try ti on 2 or 3 of my nginx boxen07:08
bkerensaexploding wax07:08
imbrandonand see how many thousand we can all toss at it07:08
SpamapSheh.. sucks to use the amazon EC2 tools.. because they need java :-P07:09
SpamapSI wonder if boto has grown elb yet07:09
imbrandonthrere is a rest api07:09
imbrandoncurl it07:09
SpamapSI'm eh-scared :)07:10
SpamapSalso wouldn't that mean I'd need a CERT, precluding use of IAM ?07:10
SpamapSor is that the SOAP?07:10
imbrandondont be scared lil boy there nice shaggy carpet back there in the back .... of the van07:10
SpamapSI can never remember07:10
imbrandonwell not precluding the use of it07:11
imbrandonbut yea07:11
imbrandonyou can use the cert or 509 or keypair or pass or07:11
imbrandonummm one more07:11
imbrandonoh mfa07:11
imbrandonwith iam07:11
SpamapSthe keypair requires all that HMAC magic tho07:12
imbrandonand yea soap needs 509, rest uses header with the aws keys07:12
imbrandonnah the example code uses wget and the does -D for data07:12
imbrandonand plain txt keys07:12
imbrandonor maybe curl and -d but still07:13
imbrandonone of the two07:13
SpamapSand, hooray, 3rd node joins, boxes drop to load of 0.507:13
SpamapStakes a while tho07:13
imbrandonstickey sessions07:13
SpamapSI'm not using those07:13
SpamapSbecause I think they're *silly*07:13
SpamapSno I mean from add-unit to unit being ready..07:14
imbrandonthey may be silly but saved my asss more than once without any new code07:14
SpamapStook about 1 minute for amazon to do its thing07:14
imbrandonoh yea07:14
imbrandonthat always takes a long time to me07:14
SpamapSthen another 3 to get everything installed07:14
imbrandoni thought it was just part of juju07:14
imbrandonheh i kick off the scripts from bootstrap to expose as one long chain cmd07:15
imbrandonand it comes bacl to promt07:15
imbrandonbut then its 40ish min07:15
imbrandonbeofre they are all ready07:15
imbrandonon omg07:15
SpamapSwell thats because there's a 20 minute DB restore07:15
SpamapSbecause mysqldump *SUCKS*07:15
imbrandonnah i watched thats like 30 sec07:15
SpamapSno, what?07:16
imbrandonthe db is only 74mb now07:16
imbrandonwe trimed it07:16
SpamapSOh haha was it like, every user from back when they did comments?07:16
imbrandonthere was tons of extra crap in there07:16
imbrandonyera and 40k play drafs07:16
imbrandonand more07:16
imbrandonnot just back when they did em07:17
imbrandonfksin discus was07:17
imbrandondoing it in js07:17
imbrandonthen posting it to the wo07:17
imbrandonso it would clear the cahe on us07:17
imbrandoni was like gah07:17
imbrandonturn that crap off07:17
imbrandonyea so double of ALL comments old and new07:18
SpamapSimbrandon: you falling asleep?07:18
imbrandonand each time it deployed discus would "sync " and more than double the comments07:18
SpamapSmissing quite a few letters :)07:18
imbrandonyea  and i really need to get this other fished so i'ma ignore chat a bit ;)07:19
imbrandonbut yea its 74mb now, heh07:19
imbrandonquite nice07:19
bkerensaSpamapS: you want to review :D  Locker? :P07:19
SpamapSwell the good news is the departed hook is called when subordinate units are removed07:21
SpamapSso ELB can scale up/down properly07:21
imbrandonnice, cant wait to try it here in a bit07:22
SpamapSonly real trouble is that its hard to know when it is ok to delete the ELB fully07:23
SpamapSits also really hard to know when its ok to add/remove availability zones07:23
SpamapSbut I err on the side of enabling them07:23
imbrandonso dont, only do it on config chang and make an option07:23
SpamapSimbrandon: yeah perhaps we don't need to be super automatic on that07:24
imbrandonyea its just cleanup07:24
SpamapSimbrandon: problem is juju is kind of random about AZ's unless you specify it as a constraint.07:24
imbrandonjuju leaves aton of that crap now anyhow07:24
SpamapSwhich I think we need to work out07:24
SpamapSI should be able to set a constraint on a service like 'ec2-zone: a,b,c,d' and have it balance the service accross them07:25
imbrandonoh yea i think thats a bug imho07:25
imbrandonerm well yea but multi zone elb is mucho $$ per hr07:25
SpamapSis it?07:26
SpamapSlike how much more?07:26
imbrandonyea like 4x07:26
SpamapSoh suck07:26
SpamapSOk I'll just register it in the first AZ and print in debug log where it ended up07:26
imbrandongotta see a man about a horse, afk07:26
SpamapSand encourage use of ec2-zone in the README07:26
imbrandonyea sounds sane07:27
imbrandonfor noe07:27
imbrandoni can be iterated through too if we thing about a nother way once it s in real use somewhrere too07:27
imbrandona few places07:27
imbrandonhell thats how the others get so good07:28
imbrandonis actual use07:28
bkerensayay yet another e-mail address :P07:31
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
dpkingmaGood friday world!09:43
dpkingmaHello #juju! Does anyone have a Juju Charm for MongoDB 2.0+ ?09:45
bkerensadpkingma: http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/mongodb10:01
bkerensais 2.0+10:01
dpkingmabkerensa: thanks!10:02
dpkingmaHi again! Can anyone link to information on how to deploy with juju on my own OpenStack cloud? Can't find much info on that...10:40
bobweaverHello there all again I was just looking over open week and am not seeing anything for juju. are you all not doing anything for it ?12:05
phschwartzWhen an add-unit is called, is the <rel>-relation-changed run on every unit in the given relation? or only on the new node?12:13
phschwartzshould relation-list fail on a node launched by juju?13:09
jamespagephschwartz, https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/charm.html#hooks has a good explanation of which relation hooks fire when13:15
jamespageand relation-list only works in the context of a relation hook13:15
phschwartzhmm, from my changed hook, it fails to output anything. But I am seeing from the joined that the relation was set.13:16
phschwartzAny change if I do a paste of the log you can take a look for me and see if you can point me in the right direction?13:16
jamespagephschwartz, sure - can I see your charm as well?  that would help13:18
phschwartzAll of it or just the changed and joined? the charm works to start a single node fine. But fails when there is a join.13:19
phschwartzHere is the log snip. http://paste2.org/p/199747613:19
phschwartzAnd probally easier for you to see the base charm which I have been trying to figure out why it fails on add-unit.13:21
phschwartzThat is a link to it in Juan Negron's repo on LP.13:21
=== carif_ is now known as carif
jamespagephschwartz, ugh - so you are seeing issue trying to scale out?13:33
jamespageI suspect that the bit of code in hpcc-cluster-relation-joined which determines the netAddress does not work that well13:34
jamespagephschwartz, that charm needs updating to use the private-address stuff provided by juju rather than trying to figure it out itself.13:35
jamespagei.e. relation-get private-address $MEMBER13:36
=== rog is now known as Guest17887
hazmatphschwartz, when add-unit is called, every other unit will get joined & changed event for the new unit. the new unit added will get a joined/changed for all the other units.. assuming a peer relation.13:38
phschwartzI was thinking that, but if you look at the pastebi, it looks like the relation-set is being called correctly.13:39
phschwartzrelation-set name=ec2-23-20-114-5.compute-1.amazonaws.com netAddress=
phschwartzrelation-set name=ec2-23-20-152-190.compute-1.amazonaws.com netAddress=
hazmatthe other problem with that charm is that it never removes entries from that list13:40
=== asavu_ is now known as asavu
hazmatthe ip temp stuff13:40
hazmatnegronjl, ping ^ hpcc13:40
phschwartzit is far from complete. Only a start of the charm I have been working towards with Juan.13:40
hazmatjamespage, it is using the private-address stuff just resolving it as well to ip from dns entry13:40
jamespagehazmat, thats not terrible reliable tho13:41
phschwartzIs the Flush of values for the hook correct? All of the settings changed are saying (was unset).13:41
hazmatphschwartz, the values are automatically flushed if the hook exists successfully (exitcode 0)13:42
phschwartzok, so that is fine. Now just not sure why it seems like that changed hook is not seeing them.13:42
hazmatphschwartz, the change hook isn't seeing what?13:46
phschwartzreturns from relation-list13:47
hazmatphschwartz, the change hook may be executed multiple times for a single unit.. ie if the unit changes its setting13:47
hazmatphschwartz, we have this alias expansion going on to make things a bit easier.. ie. a join always is accompanied by a change hook.. but if the unit does actually change its settings, a subsequent change hook will be invoked for it on the related units13:48
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phschwartzIn the logs I see each run of the changed hook and I did a juju-log "IP: ${UNIT_ADDRESS}" for the address I should get with UNIT_ADDRESS=`relation-get netAddress ${MEMBER}`13:49
phschwartzBut I see an error that ${MEMBER} is undefined and because of that I never get the address.13:49
phschwartzThis is done for UNIT in `relation-list`; do13:50
hazmatphschwartz, that's what i'm saying though.. the change hook will be executed subsequently with the value, because of the alias expansion it doesn't nesc have that value because its join hook hasn't executed13:58
phschwartzThe errors for it are when the changed runs after the join in the logs.13:59
phschwartzI doubt that it is logging out of order.13:59
m_3imbrandon: github.com/charms all have precise links now... need to decide how to handle multiple series there, but at least they're correct for the moment14:05
jimbakerjamespage, you can now use relation-list outside of a relation hook if you specify -r RELATION_ID14:12
jimbakerso you just need to know the relation ids. $JUJU_RELATION_ID is specified for relation hooks; and you can use relation-ids RELATION_NAME to get a list of relation ids for that name14:13
* jamespage stands corrected14:24
jamespageI'd not realised that had landed14:24
jamespagejimbaker, nice14:27
jimbakerjamespage, i still need to update the docs - right now, it's just in the specs14:29
jamespagejimbaker, right-oh14:29
jamespagephschwartz, re-looking at the hook - MEMBER should be UNIT or vica verse14:30
phschwartzI will try swapping them around. That and I am going to go on the nodes and try the relation-list with the -r ID to see if I can figure out what the return is and why it is failing14:33
jamespagephschwartz, they need to be one or the other - not both :-)14:33
phschwartzoh. That might be the issue. Which is the prefered UNIT or MEMBER?14:33
jamespagephschwartz, for UNIT in `relation-list`places each unit name in UNIT in turn14:34
jamespagebut MEMBER is then used to get the netAddress14:34
jamespageso its up to the hook but I would use UNIT14:35
phschwartzso I should be using for MEMBER in `relation-list` and then place MEMBER in netAddress14:35
jamespagephschwartz, something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/949906/14:38
jamespagewhich deals with hazmats point that netAddress might not be set at the point that the changed hook runs14:38
=== Guest17887 is now known as rogpeppe
phschwartzhmm, that would be an issue for me. I need it set or the program run below will not work correctly.14:39
jamespagephschwartz, note that I can't type ADDRESS14:39
hazmatphschwartz, it will be called again when the address is set14:39
phschwartzok, let me try that and see what happens14:39
hazmatand lines 15/16 could be put inside of the conditional block14:39
jamespagethat would be a good idea14:40
jamespagephschwartz, the point is that it will eventually get the right information  -changed will fire multiple times14:40
phschwartzWould that loop only return 1 ip or will it loop more then once and place all ip's from the relation in the file.14:41
jamespagehazmat, thats why if possible I normally use relation-get private-address $UNIT - I believe that is implicitly set14:41
phschwartzThe reason I ask is I need the full list of ip's, not just one.14:41
hazmatjamespage, yup.. that is always set14:42
jamespagephschwartz, that loop will populate the list of ip's with all the related units that have set a 'netAddress' in their -joined hook14:42
phschwartzok, good. That is what I want.14:42
jcastrojamespage: m_3 marcoceppi nijaba lynxman- : clint has like 4 charms he's submitted that need reviews14:42
jamespagejcastro, good - I need a break from bug triage14:43
jcastroI think clint is a subordinates fan!14:43
_mup_Bug #977552: Charm Needed: Terraria server <new-charm> <Juju Charms Collection:Confirmed for h5-chuck-9o> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/977552 >14:43
jamespageI'll take munini-node14:43
jcastroif someone wants to do that one he's  been waiting all month ^^14:43
jcastrohmmm, we'll need to figure out a better github workflow at UDS14:44
jamespagejcastro, I also want a 'review-charm BUGNUMBER' tool14:45
jamespagejcastro, I'll take a look at that one as well14:47
jamespageI'm starting to really appreciate subordinates14:49
* jamespage wonders if m_3 is going todo ganglia as one soon (or whether I should jump in :-))14:49
m_3jcastro: will catch up on reviews when testing is updated for precise and ec214:51
jcastroooh, I missed shelr.tv being promulgated14:52
m_3jamespage: by all means... the primary ganglia charm needs to use the packages in the repo, not the ppa BTW14:52
jcastrohttp://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/shelr.tv <--- really awesome service14:52
jamespagem_3, yeah - I spotted that - I'll take a sweep through ganglia next week then14:52
m_3there's a whole slew of subs that can be written now14:53
jcastrojamespage: oh hey, jenkins needs a readme too, I'd like to ask the QA team to start using it14:53
jamespagem_3, I want to try some stuff with the hadoop charm and subordinates so that both ganglia and hadoop send information to the ganglia master....14:53
jamespagejcastro, so does zookeeper14:53
jcastrothey are currently not using juju for jenkins and I'd like to change that14:53
jamespagejcastro, historical....14:54
m_3jcastro: I'll start with the terraria review14:54
jcastroyeah, they're keen on doing it14:54
jcastrothey were just waiting for you know, us to ship, heh14:54
phschwartzjamespage: just did an add-unit so will let you know if that change worked.14:54
m_3jamespage: yeah, hadoop's a tough call on that one... there's builtin ganglia integration... but we still need a ganglia-node sub in general tho14:55
jamespagem_3, yeah - but I'd like to faciliate that through either the subordinate OR directly with the ganglia master14:56
m_3yes, great idea.. config options14:56
jamespageits working direct in the current charm with your generic hook and some reconfig of hadoop14:56
m_3I guess it's really a config option to enable the builtin integration.... the sub would be ignorant of that... perhaps they'd even need to work if _both_ were accidentally enabled14:57
jamespagem_3: gonna scratch my head about that next week14:57
jamespage1600 on a Friday is not a good time todo that kinda thinking :-)14:57
m_3jamespage: the current hook is not using the hadoop builtin integration though... I'd imagine that'd potentially have more instrumented stuff... dunno though14:58
m_3ha! yes14:58
jamespagem_3, the new one for precise does14:58
jamespageits a bit nasty cause you have to restart the hadoop daemons to get it to start sending metric....14:58
* m_3 still don't have a good feel for ramifications of service restarts on data integrity14:59
m_3seems like there'd have to be some serious sequencing going on if you're using a lot of different bigtop components15:00
hazmatgmb, ping15:01
gmbhazmat: Hi15:01
jamespagem_3: yeah - I need some sort of super-orchestrator15:01
hazmathi gmb i just wanted to followup on the lp installs taking a while.. i was trying to understand what the slow points are15:01
hazmatgmb, gary_poster had mentioned you had tried to stuff some of the bits into s3, but it was too slow to download?15:02
gmbhazmat, Yes. So, LP dev environments are slow to install.15:02
gmbWe can't change that any time soon.15:02
gmb~30 minutes is the norm, ~40 on a small instance. More if we're installing lxc and creating containers...15:03
hazmatgmb, that's probably the best solution, so i'm trying to understand what's slwo about them?15:03
gmbhazmat, Lots of stuff. We have to:15:03
gmbInstall build deps.15:03
gmbGrab the source15:03
gmbBuild all the sdists (there are a lot)15:04
gmbBuild mailman (takes ages, don't know why)15:04
gmbBuild WADL for the API (also takes ages)15:04
gmbCreate the sample DB (shorter than it used to be, so maybe not a big issue any more)15:04
gary_posterchecking out the branch alone takes awhile :-/15:05
hazmatgmb, could you see a src tarball onto s3?15:05
niemeyergmb, gary_poster: If you're happy with a snapshot, you may as well snapshot that procedure by uploading the final state onto S315:06
gary_postergmb, didn't you determine that S3 itself was not as snappy as you liked?15:07
gmbhazmat, niemeyer: Trouble is, the tarball would be in the order of 1.5G once everything is built. And as gary_poster said, s3 was pretty damn sluggish.15:07
niemeyerThere are huge pipes between S3 and EC215:07
gmbMaybe they were clogged.15:07
hazmatgmb, you should be parallel download from s315:07
hazmater. able to15:08
niemeyergmb: I was transferring 8GB just the other day.. it doesn't feel bad at all15:08
gmbniemeyer, Oh. In that case my experience was not representative. However, I don't have time to try it all over again today. I'll give it another shot when I'm in Oakland, since I'm going to have to re-do things on us-west-1 anyway.15:09
niemeyergmb: Cool, please ping me if you'd like someone to be brainstorming this with15:09
niemeyergmb: Will be there as well15:10
gmbniemeyer, Will do, thanks.15:10
gmbExcellent. There may be questions, then :)15:10
gary_posterniemeyer, gmb, we'd like speed reliability, so while a single experience of slowness might not be representative, it is worrisome: if people are unable to participate in the hack session after 10 or 15 minutes, the value is gone IIUC15:11
gmbYes, exactly. But the only way to really decide is to stress-test it, I guess :)15:12
niemeyergary_poster: There's no such thing as speed reliability when talking about shared ip networks.. that said, there are huge pipes between S3 and EC2.. if these pipes are not enough, I'm not even sure that image snapshots would help.. there's still transference going on to get image snapshots into place.15:16
niemeyergary_poster: There are other possibilities too, like EBS, etc15:18
gary_posterack about no complete speed reliability, niemeyer, and about transference to get image snapshots into place.  I believe the image transference is cached in a way that S3 is not, but I could very well be wrong there, since that's merely an impression.  EBS: yeah, I looked at that briefly for this, but simultaneous sharing seemed to not be supported AFAICT.  I'm sure you know much more about this than I; thank you for your off15:21
gary_posterer to help with brainstorming with gmb.  I bet that would be a big help.15:21
gmbniemeyer, gary_poster: My "I don't have time" turned into "This is bugging me..." much, much, _much_ faster this time, so it might actually be workable after all.15:23
gary_postergmb, which, S3?15:23
gmbgary_poster, Yep.15:23
gary_postercool gmb15:23
gmbtook seconds instead of several minutes. I must have just hit a bad pipe :)15:23
gary_posterIf the max for getting a new LP instance to hack on is < 10 minutes that's pretty good, I'd guess.  If the median is < 5 that would be awesome.  You'll still need to run make schema I suspect15:24
gmbYes. Plus all the install steps. But if I can have mailman and wadl built a lot of the problems diminish relatively quickly.15:25
gary_posteryou could make the dev do this as a "learning experience" to put it in their hands sooner :-)15:25
gmbHeh :)15:25
gary_posterand the eggs15:25
gmbAnd those, yes.15:25
senior75151juju is basically an appliction that controls your devops deployments. In my case I'm testing the set up of a hadoop cluster (just starting) so I need to set up my keys in my yaml config and that's it ?15:27
senior75151I'm wanting to deploy this on ec215:27
SpamapSgary_poster: I'm really curious as to why you are building mailman instead of putting it into a .deb15:29
SpamapSgary_poster: all thoe sdists seem ripe for .debs15:30
SpamapSsenior75151: right, just setup your EC2 access creds and then bootstrap/deploy away15:30
gary_posterSpamapS, mailman: it is a hacked version of mailman done by barry because mailman 2 was not designed to be used as a library.  mailman 3 has changed that, fwiw.15:31
senior75151SpamapS: deam that's easy!! just found the tutorial here https://juju.ubuntu.com/Documentation Thanks a lot. I honsetly spent like 2 days setting up hadoop on my local computer, ha! I'm not a devops I'm just a developer.. soo crossing fingers this works well :)15:32
SpamapSsenior75151: so are we :)15:33
SpamapSgary_poster: but ultimately, it sticks a bunch of files on the filesystem, right? .debs are good for that sort of thing. :)15:34
senior75151SpamapS: can one tell the charm which computer type to use. e.g.: which amazon ec2 instance type. Like Mid, Large, etc. While keeping the same config… Say for staging we only need like a Mid but for prod we need Large15:34
SpamapSsenior75151: juju deploy hadoop --constraints instance-type=m2.xlarge15:36
SpamapSsenior75151: or, more generically   juju deploy hadoop --constraints cpu=16,mem=10G15:36
jamespageSpamapS, I'm struggling with jitsu gource - does it work on precise?  all that happens to me is gource whinges about the log format and everything dies...15:37
SpamapSsenior75151: btw, you need to be on Ubuntu 12.04, or have the latest juju from the PPA or Brew (OS X) for that to work.15:37
SpamapSjamespage: I think you might need to try the latest version15:37
SpamapSjamespage: it was quite broken in 0.415:37
jamespagesenior75151, the README for hadoop has some guidance on sizing for the different roles within hadoop - you will need to tweak the config of each to make sure hadoop uses it all15:38
jamespageSpamapS, ack - I'll give it a spin15:38
gary_posterSpamapS, sdists vs. debs: this is a years-old argument circling around what is the proper packaging for consuming Python packages for a non-system non-commodity application under development.  There is absolutely no need to rehash it now for LP's sake, for many reasons.  In Canonical now, fighting the deb route would be a challenge for future projects, but some might still be willing to take up that challenge.  I'm on the no15:38
gary_postern-deb side actually for this, but not enough to fight the Canonical tide.  Debs are moderately alright with me for development, especially for a project that does not have >150 Python egg dependencies like LP.15:38
senior75151SpampS: thanks for the tips will do… I'm getting an error on MACOSX goign to try to install  on ubuntu.15:39
senior75151jamespage: thanks for the heads up. WIll keep in mind.15:40
SpamapSgary_poster: but can't you basically just change the setup.py args to build a deb?15:42
gary_posterMore important SpamapS, IMO it's worth noting from juju's perspective that this *is* an argument.  "You're doing it wrong, package everything in debs" is not a great answer for all potential adopters IMO.15:42
jamespageSpamapS, thanks for that pointer - works great from trunk15:42
SpamapSjamespage: probably worth making a release, though I want to talk to jimbaker about renaming 'do'15:42
SpamapSjimbaker: hey, the name 'do' is too confusing. Can we rename that command to be more clear about what it actually "does"15:43
jimbakerSpamapS, certainly. "do" is very generic15:43
jimbakerSpamapS, maybe exec-in-hook-context ?15:44
SpamapSjimbaker: that seems long winded.. but maybe it needs to be :)15:46
jimbakerSpamapS, it does sort of convey the backdoor aspect of what's being done here15:46
jimbakeralmost want to call it "jitsu poke" ;)15:46
SpamapSjimbaker: All the other sub commands are very obvious as to what they're for. open a port, run gource, get unit info.15:48
SpamapSjimbaker: exec-in-hook-context doesn't tell me what it is for15:49
SpamapSIt requires deep juju knowledge to know what its for, rather15:49
SpamapSjimbaker: run-hook-cli ?15:50
jimbakerSpamapS, or maybe run-as-hook?15:50
jimbakercool, i will make that change15:50
SpamapSjimbaker: if you can mege in a rename, I'll release as 0.615:50
gary_posterSpamapS, change the setup.py args: you mean of LP?  No, it's not nearly that easy, I'm pretty sure.  Of the dependencies: building debs from reasonably well packaged Python code is impressively easy these days from what I've seen, but it's still not clearly documented (we recently found the wrong way on the wiki and carefully tried to clean it up, for instance, only to be pointed elsewhere once we asked an expert to review i15:54
gary_postert) and still has plenty of potholes for the uninitiated (for instance, getting deb numbering right in PPAs has tripped us up several times lately).  I'm not saying that these are a problem for experts, but I am saying that it is not trivial and it is not without issues.  It won't happen for LP given the current focus, I predict.  For other projects, IMO the cost of packaging is not negligible and not as clearly a win to ever15:54
gary_posteryone that the juju project will encounter, which is the only message I really feel like conveying.  As I said, rehashing the LP argument really doesn't have a lot of value, I think.15:54
* gary_poster likes walls of text. So pretty.15:54
SpamapSgary_poster: setuptools has an option to automatically build a .deb instead of a .tar.gz15:55
gary_posteryes it does, SpamapS.15:55
gary_posterWe also could build eggs15:55
gary_posterWhich have the same characteritics15:55
SpamapSthat seems better :)15:55
gary_posterbut these have caused problems in the past across architectures15:56
SpamapS:) yeah15:56
gary_posterwe have devs on different architectures, and as of a few months ago even different architectures in production unfortunately15:56
SpamapSgary_poster: well given all of that, I think the idea of just tarring up all your needed stuff and sticking it in S3 is the best option.15:58
SpamapSgary_poster: the EBS idea is sound too... but juju won't help you much there unfortunately15:59
SpamapShm, unless.. I make an EBS subordinate. :)16:00
* SpamapS cannot stop coming up with ideas for using subordinates to take over the world16:00
gary_posterSpamapS, S3: certainly in the short term, yeah.  I think that's the approach that gmb is working on now.  My only remaining interest in this topic TBH is that I think there's a real-world scenario that juju would ideally support easily, rather than demanding a world view of their potential adopters.  "Don't do it that way" responses may be appropriate and necessary sometimes, but should be challenged and probably even docume16:06
gary_posternted (in part to make sure there are not too many of them).  I understand from other conversations that this use case isn't necessarily all that easy to handle, particularly within the juju vision.  But "the real world is messy" may be a reasonable response to some of this.16:06
gary_poster(and so juju should consider handling at least some of the messiness)16:07
gary_posterbut this has gone well past the immediate needs of my squad :-)16:07
gary_posterso...yeah!  yay, subordinate charms! ;-)16:08
SpamapSgary_poster: LP is not alone in the long-build-time camp16:08
gary_posterYeah, that's really all I'm saying16:09
SpamapSgary_poster: in fact I see *huge* value in being able to do things like run your full test suite on the first deploy of something, and then snapshotting that so its a known good build.16:09
gary_posterAll that I care about communicating, at least ;-)16:09
gary_poster+1 yeah16:09
jimbakerSpamapS, i renamed "jitsu do" to "jitsu run-as-hook", so it's ready for release now16:31
m_3jimbaker: nice... that makes sense16:31
SpamapSjimbaker: thanks!16:37
SpamapSalso just added --version to jitsu16:37
SpamapSanybody want to squeeze anything else into juju-jitsu 0.6?16:38
m_3SpamapS: yes, but it's not going to happen this week... so perhaps 0.716:38
* SpamapS pulls the release lever then16:43
bobweaver \0/16:44
bobweaverI made a little into video to juju  for youtube today. once I start to understand more about It I am going to make many many more :)  So flippen cool after I watched the classroom video I understand the power that it could have.16:46
m_3bobweaver: awesome!... links?16:46
bobweaverIt started out as how to file a bug16:47
bobweaverbut I just could not help but talk about juju16:47
marsHi everyone, I saw there was a fix-committed bug for a Cloud Foundry charm.  Has anyone tried it out?17:02
SpamapSmars: negronjl wrote those.. and there are some issues with them.. namely that they use their own "special" mysql/mongodb/etc. charms.17:09
SpamapSnegronjl: ^^ whats happening with the cloudfoundry charms? anything?17:09
negronjlSpamapS: i haven't done anything with them.17:09
negronjlSpamapS: What's the main issue ?17:09
marsI just wanted to try them out, to see if I could use them to get a Django app onto a juju/cloudfoundry environment.17:11
marsI see the instructions are in the bug, but I was wondering if anyone else had tried them out.17:13
SpamapSnegronjl: that they don't use the stock mysql/mongodb charms IIRC17:13
negronjlSpamapS: CF adds a lot of "glue" code to their db's.  Enough to justify having their own charms17:14
SpamapSnegronjl: we discussed this in the past, that this glue would still benefit from living in the main mysql charm.17:14
SpamapSnegronjl: so that you can, say, tune the mysql with the same 'juju set' commands17:15
negronjlSpamapS: What we didnt realize is the amount of glue that is required .... There are several daemons that need to "live" where the mysql/mongodb daemon is at as well.17:15
negronjlSpamapS: We would have to add substantial code to the mysql/mongodb charms to make them "play nice" with CF17:16
negronjlSpamapS: doable yes ... advisable ... not so sure17:16
SpamapSlike, mysql proxy?17:16
SpamapSnegronjl: those daemons can be started when the relationships are established.17:16
SpamapSnegronjl: I'm mostly concerned about fracturing the space.. if you do something awesome for CF's mysql that is a generic mysql improvement.. it should benefit all juju mysql users if possible.17:17
marsIsn't making things live on the same unit as a service what subordinate services were designed to do?17:17
SpamapSmars: in this case.. not really. If its directly related to the service working or not, it belongs in the main charm, as part of the relations.17:18
SpamapSnegronjl: if its a ton of work, no big.. but it should still be a goal. I am not convinced that anything "special" that CF does to the mysql server is special enough to keep it out of the main mysql charm.17:20
SpamapSThe idea is to group devops knowledge around the best way to run a service in one place.17:20
negronjlSpamapS: Let me finish a call and I'll talk to you more about it17:20
negronjlSpamapS: Give me a few minutes17:21
SpamapSand fork only when necessary. :)17:21
SpamapSnegronjl: sure no problem. Just triaging bugs. :)17:21
marsI just changed my reviewboard charm from postgresql to mysql: three lines changed in the hooks, plus the juju commands to upgrade and deploy the new services.  Wow, very cool.17:21
SpamapSmars: you can leave both in there if you want. "requires" is a bit misleading.. admins can choose one or the other.17:24
_mup_Bug #989967 was filed: juju should ignore dotfiles in local charm repositories <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/989967 >17:47
senior75151how to set a default on juju17:56
senior75151i get this error17:56
senior75151There are multiple environments and no explicit default (set one explicitly?)17:57
negronjlSpamapS: There is significant work that would be needed to add the CF bindings into the existing mysql/mongodb charms.17:59
negronjlSpamapS: It can be done but, I am not sure we should do it17:59
negronjlSpamapS: Another way would be to use the cf-specific charms to launch the initial DB ( ie: mysql master ) and have the regular charms do the slave ones18:00
negronjlSpamapS: For mongodb, It would work in a similar mannger ( cf-mongodb as master and regular mongodb charms as slaves )18:00
m_3boolean config params are _much_ harder to use than they were before typechecking was enabled18:16
SpamapSnegronjl: I'll take a look.. I think I need to  understand the problem space better before I expect you to do more work. :)18:21
bkerensanathwill: SpamapS  and jcastro are the chiefs here18:22
hazmatyeah.. i looked at the cloud foundry stuff its non trivial for generic usage18:22
nathwillthx bkerensa18:22
nathwillanyone got tips on how i can troubleshoot issues with locally deployed services ending up with  agent-state: pending, public-address: null?18:23
jcastrosenior75151: you can add default: in your environments.yaml for that18:23
jcastrosenior75151: mine is "defaults: ec2"18:23
hazmatsenior75151, you can specify a default: env_name in your environments.yaml.. or specify one directly on the command line with the -e flag.. or specify one with the JUJU_ENV environment variable18:24
SpamapSnathwill: its possible the first machine is still downloading/booting18:24
hazmatnathwill, the first provisioning on local service can take a little while18:24
jcastrobobweaver: I'd be more than happy to link to any juju videos you make from juju.ubuntu.com!18:25
SpamapSwe need a better log watcher for that18:25
SpamapSdebug-log doesn't show anything IIRC18:25
hazmatnathwill, ps aux | grep lxc18:25
nathwillspamaps, hazmat: this is the bootstrap?18:25
hazmatnathwill, post bootstrap.. adding the first unit to a local env, has to download a bunch of packages..18:25
hazmateffectively a minimal distro18:25
senior75151jcastro: thanks18:25
senior75151ok how does one search for like juju instances18:25
senior75151ala apt-cache search18:25
senior75151I tried juju deploy hadoop18:26
senior75151didn't work18:26
hazmatnathwill, if your on fast conn it can take like 10m18:26
senior75151I'm sure there has to be a site or a CL command to search18:26
hazmatsenior75151, http://jujucharms.com18:26
senior75151hazmat: thank18:26
senior75151err… Thank you.18:26
nathwillhazmat: ok.. thanks for the tip. i see a lot of lxc activity in ps, so i'll give it some time.18:26
senior75151sooo if one does precise on the configurations on amz it works.. ? has anyone tried?18:29
senior75151that is for the default-series: precise18:29
marshazmat, what do you mean by 'non-trivial for generic usage'?18:29
jcastroyep, it does18:30
hazmatmars, just the cloud foundry stuff has some specific bits in each of their services which are not nesc. appropriate for generic usage18:30
jcastrosenior75151: I do believe that just not setting a default-series defaults to precise, but not sure (hazmat or spamaps?)18:30
hazmatjcastro, it does when generating it, but that key/value needs to be present in the file18:31
marshazmat, but it still works fine for end-users?18:31
jcastroah ok18:31
hazmatmars, you mean cloudfoundry will? or the cloud-foundry services used outside of cloud-foundry?18:31
marshazmat, just to play around with18:31
adam_gim assuming im doing something wrong here using relation-ids + relation-list + relation-get, any ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/950464/18:31
hazmatmars, i haven't tried the cloud-foundry charm in a while, but it works afaik18:32
hazmatmars, negronjl is the man to ask when it comes to juju+cf18:32
m_3jimbaker: ^^ (adam)18:32
hazmatadam_g, woah18:32
hazmatadam_g, you should have something in the unit agent log as well18:33
hazmatadam_g, could you paste that also18:33
negronjlmars:  hello18:33
adam_ghazmat: sure, one sec. the charm log is spewing: juju.state.errors.RelationStateNotFound: Relation not found18:33
hazmatadam_g, could you paste one of the tracebacks18:34
hazmatpastebin that is18:34
adam_ghazmat: unit agent log == charm.log ?18:34
hazmatadam_g, yup18:34
marsnegronjl, unping, just finishing off that earlier conversation about cf :)18:34
negronjlmars: np18:34
adam_ghazmat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/950474/18:35
bkerensajcastro or SpamapS can you help nathwill with a juju issue he is having :D18:35
SpamapSsenior75151: to search the charms, install charm-tools, and use 'charm search'18:35
SpamapSsenior75151: its *very* limited18:35
SpamapSsenior75151: basically just greps the list18:35
jcastronathwill: what's the problem?18:36
SpamapSsenior75151: there are plans to ad full search capabilities into juju though18:36
jimbakeradam_g, so no relation state for that relation id18:36
nathwilljcastro, not much right now, trying to wait for the 15 min recommended by hazmat...18:36
nathwillthanks. i'll hit you up if it's not working after that18:36
hazmatjimbaker, but he has the that rel-id immediately proceeding as the output of relation-list18:36
hazmater. relation-ids18:37
jimbakerhazmat, yes, that definitely looks like a problem - it's with respect to that service unit18:39
senior75151How does one know how many instances a charm will launch, Like I did juju deploy hadoop-master and it deployed 2 small instances18:39
senior75151does the charm-tools give you that info18:39
senior75151say I do charm search hadoop-master —info18:39
senior75151or smth18:39
senior75151like that18:40
SpamapSsenior75151: charm will only ever launch one per deploy18:40
senior75151ohh ok18:40
SpamapSsenior75151: unless you pass '-n #'18:40
jimbakerthe other thing here is that we need to register RelationStateNotFound with amp so it doesn't default to the unknown error18:40
SpamapSsenior75151: add-unit/remove-unit to control the size of the service itself18:40
senior75151soo weird, the first deployed failed… (as in the error message) but succeeded on ec218:40
SpamapSsenior75151: bootstrap launches one as well18:40
hazmatjimbaker, yes on relstate not found.. but what do you mean respect to that unit18:40
senior75151so that must be it18:40
senior75151SpamapS: soo one more question. Now that it's deployed I just write apps against those services and that's it ? no way! that's awesome18:41
=== koolhead11 is now known as koolhead11|afk
jimbakerhazmat, i would expect that if relation-ids returns an id, it's there for subsequent use in the hook (such as this debug hook session)18:42
senior75151Also I did $man juju; juju help deploy … how do I know the switches for deploy18:42
jimbakeri don't explicitly test this scenario with respect to debug hooks, but it's not what i would expect. anyway... i will take a look at this issue18:43
senior75151say I want to give a name to the instance i deployed where to look for this info18:43
adam_gjimbaker: i can try executing during normal hook execution (outside of debug-hooks) if you'd like18:44
jimbakeradam_g, sounds good18:44
hazmatjimbaker, aren't you assuming its not there anymore?18:44
hazmatadam_g, could you pastebin your status?18:45
hazmatadam_g, you didn't modify the rels/units while you where in debug hooks?18:45
SpamapSsenior75151: juju deploy --help18:45
adam_ghazmat: no, i havent touched anything. im just trying to query the private-address for each of those relations.18:46
hazmatjimbaker, so there's a bug of a different sort it sounds like18:46
jimbakerhazmat, indeed18:46
hazmatadam_g, thanks18:46
adam_gjuju status -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/950511/18:47
senior75151SpamapS: sweet thanks…18:49
hazmatSpamapS, how are you release juju-jitsu?18:51
hazmatSpamapS, into the distro?18:51
hazmatSpamapS, ppa .. or pypi?18:51
nathwillhazmat: no change :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/950525/18:52
adam_ghazmat: jimbaker i should mention that only fails when im executing those against relations other than the current, if that makes sense..18:52
hazmatnathwill, what version is the host?18:52
hazmatnathwill, is the host precise as well?18:53
nathwillhazmat precise upgraded from beta 218:53
nathwillor ma'am...18:53
hazmatnathwill, any other files in /home/nathan/.juju-data/nathan-sample/units/mysql-0/  .. ie. is there an agent log there?18:56
jcastroSpamapS: charm policy question ... your spdy charm installs something beta. Do we care about the state of an upstream whenn considering putting something in the charm store?18:57
nathwillhazmat: container.log, output.log, unit.log18:57
nathwillhazmat: unit.log has some zookeeper handle_socket_error socket connection timeout msgs18:59
hazmatnathwill, could you pastebin the unit.log19:00
nathwillhazmat: sure thing19:01
hazmatthat's from the unit agent which is what's setting values reported by the status cmd19:01
nathwillhazmat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/950553/19:02
hazmatnathwill, do you have any firewalls/iptables on that machine?19:03
nathwillhazmat, running ufw in default deny mode19:04
hazmatnathwill, bingo.. that's the problem19:04
nathwillheyo... alright, i'll disable, destroy-environment and try this again :)19:04
hazmatnathwill, you might not even need to do that if your up for modifying the firewall rulz live.. the container agent will continually try to poll19:05
hazmatto connect to zk19:05
hazmatbut its probably better to destroy-env and start again19:05
hazmatnathwill, the host has a zookeeper instance binding to the bridge address .. and the containers which are connected on the subnet off the bridge attempt to connect back to the zk instance19:06
hazmatsounds like the firewall rules stop that connectivity, which is the problem19:06
nathwillhazmat, ok, that makes sense.19:06
marsI just saw my db-relation-changed hook get executed twice in a row.  Is that normal?19:11
nathwillhazmat, i think that got it, the units have public-addresses now, and tailing the unit.log, i can see them pulling in packages19:12
nathwillhazmat: thanks so much for your help :)19:12
senior75151how come http://pastebin.com/zmGqs8Qc I get an install error19:18
senior75151even though the deployment was 'successful'19:18
bobweaverso I was thinking of a way to make a video for juju and would like too interview one of you. Is there any way that I could get some one on one time with one of you ?19:18
senior75151juju status says agent-state: install-error19:18
bobweaverI was thinking like  Saturday ? If I could set up interview ? ping me if you like the idea19:20
jimbakeradam_g, that's what we call the "implied relation". were you able to run this in normal hook execution?19:23
adam_gjimbaker: working on that now. strange, im actually using the same logic elsewhere in the charm with another relation, and it seems to have worked fine until i hit that problem, then it became broken.19:25
nathwillhazmat: definitely working now :D time to take this puppy for a test drive!19:26
hazmatnathwill, sweet!19:27
hazmatsenior75151, so basically that means the machine is up and running, but the charm install hook had an error19:28
hazmatsenior75151, and the unit transitioned to an error state19:28
senior75151ohh hazmat: thanks… so how to fix19:28
hazmatsenior75151, you can use debug-log in conjunction with resolved --retry to watch what goes wrong.. or you can log into the machine via juju ssh hadoop-master/0 and look at the charm.log at /var/lib/units/hadoop-master-0/charm.log19:29
senior75151redeploy I guess ?19:29
hazmatsenior75151, the juju resolved --help19:29
senior75151ahh thanks19:29
senior75151excellent will do19:29
SpamapSjcastro: re spdy being beta.. no. We only care (for now) that it is verifiably the source you intended.19:30
senior75151hazmat I think that might be the problem juju ssh: error: unrecognized arguments: hadoop-master/019:30
SpamapSjcastro: once we have tagging and default search.. we will start being more picky. :)19:30
senior75151it prolly couldn't do it… I'm going to change from precise to oneric and see if that helps19:31
hazmatsenior75151, hm.. that seems like a bug in juju ssh19:31
adam_gjimbaker: oh, disregard that. it just happened to be working because of the ordering of the relations (it was only ever being executed from an implied relation).  it looks like the same issue happens during non-debug-hooks execution19:31
hazmatsenior75151, you can juju ssh 119:31
hazmatto login directly to the machine the hadoop-master unit is running on19:32
senior75151$ juju ssh 119:32
senior75151usage: juju ssh [-h] [-e ENV] unit_or_machine [command]19:32
senior75151juju ssh: error: unrecognized arguments: 119:32
senior75151how can that not work but juju status work?19:32
SpamapSwere it me, I' use juju debug-hooks hadoop-master/019:32
hazmatSpamapS, debug-hooks takes some explaining..19:33
hazmatjuju ssh works fine for me.. something is fishy19:33
senior75151soo that worked19:33
senior75151I think what happened19:33
senior75151was that I didn't accept the public key19:34
senior75151cuz when I did debug19:34
senior75151it asked me if I would accept the public key19:34
senior75151err…. fingerprint19:34
senior75151for ssh19:34
senior75151and then i'm in...19:34
SpamapSdebug-hooks puts you in the charm root19:35
SpamapSand you get the right context with the right env vars19:35
senior75151got you….19:35
SpamapSThe only confusion is that you have to exit the shell when you want juju to run the next hook19:35
senior75151i think it automatically starts screen or smth19:35
SpamapSsenior75151: right19:35
SpamapStmux, but yeah19:35
SpamapSIts weird, sometimes I get tmux+byobu, sometimes just tmux19:36
senior75151anoying cuz i'm using tmux on my host19:36
jimbakeradam_g, thanks for the feedback19:36
senior75151so now is double tmux19:36
senior75151soo I think I found the error but not sure why… Started service unit hadoop-master/019:38
senior751512012-04-27 18:33:55,073:4640(0x7f7d675b6700):ZOO_WARN@zookeeper_interest@1461: Exceeded deadline by 57ms19:38
senior75151that's from /var/lib/log/machine-agent.log19:38
senior75151there is a bunch of timeouts19:38
senior75151any ideas ?19:38
senior75151I don't think is the precise vs oneric19:40
senior75151doing an lsb_release -a shows 12.0419:40
senior75151soo i think that part is not it… wondering.19:40
SpamapSsenior75151: no thats just noise19:41
SpamapSsenior75151: the install error will be very clearly shown in the charm log19:41
SpamapSsenior75151: /var/lib/juju/units/hadoop-slave-0/charm.log19:41
adam_gjimbaker: np, ill keep the environment up for a while. let me know if there is anything you'd like me to test, or i can give you ssh access19:44
SpamapSadam_g: you have a knack for finding all the weird bugs in juju :)19:45
senior75151SpampS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/950654/19:46
senior75151Couldn't find any package by regex 'hadoop-0.20-namenode'19:46
senior75151didn't isntall19:46
SpamapSsenior75151: aha!19:47
senior75151i gess that's a bug ?19:47
SpamapSperhaps, looking at the charm now19:47
SpamapSapt-add-repository ppa:mark-mims/hadoop19:47
SpamapSm_3: hey! that doesn't look right19:48
SpamapSm_3: don't we have a better place to get hadoop than your PPA ?19:48
jimbakeradam_g, sounds good, thanks19:50
senior75151SpamapS: do you know if the oneric works ?19:51
SpamapSsenior75151: probably, but I think we can fix precise fairly easily19:52
SpamapSI think we just need to point it at https://launchpad.net/~hadoop-ubuntu/+archive/stable19:52
senior75151command line argument ?19:52
senior75151or smth19:52
SpamapSI'm deploying with that new PPA right now19:54
senior75151SpampS: wow! awesome…19:54
SpamapSsenior75151: the power of debug-hooks :)19:55
senior75151man…. this IRC is awesome! hehe...how to reinstall on the same host?19:56
senior75151i'm hoping i figure juju out well enough to port our shitty datacenter to ec2 soon :)19:57
SpamapSsenior75151: simplest thing is to just deploy again and throw that host away19:57
senior75151sounds good.19:57
senior75151soo on the host that has juju19:57
senior75151sudo apt-get update ?19:57
senior75151or is all dynamic19:57
senior75151how to blow away the cache19:57
senior75151so it doesn't use the local copy if any19:57
SpamapSoh you want the new charm?19:57
SpamapSI'm still testing that :)19:57
senior75151I'll wait19:57
senior75151ok I terminated the instances19:58
jimbakeradam_g, i was able to reproduce your error, so i will take a look at what's going on here19:58
jimbakeradam_g, feel free to destroy that env19:59
SpamapSsenior75151: initial test looks good20:01
SpamapSugh, except the part where we have to download 30MB of hadoop package from ppa.launchpad.net ;)20:01
senior75151SpamapS: sweet…20:01
* SpamapS wishes it were in the archive. :-P20:01
SpamapSsenior75151: let me run a terasort just to be sure it works20:02
senior75151sure thing...20:02
* senior75151 goes to HN for a second while SpamapS's test pass20:04
SpamapSyeah just waiting for slave (also needing updates) to deploy20:06
SpamapSsenior75151: looking better, just running my terasort now20:15
senior75151SpamapS: excellent20:18
dpkingmaGood evening gentlemen20:18
SpamapS12/04/27 20:21:41 INFO mapred.JobClient:  map 24% reduce 0%20:21
SpamapSsenior75151: ok, so it will take a bit for that to publish into the charm store.20:23
senior75151how long ?20:24
SpamapSsenior75151: good question!20:24
SpamapSniemeyer: I just made commits to two branches in launchpad. How long would you expect it to take for the charm store to see them?20:25
SpamapSsenior75151: you can pull them locally if you want20:25
SpamapSsenior75151: mkdir -p ~/charms/precise && cd ~/charms/precise && charm get hadoop-master && charm get hadoop-slave20:26
SpamapSsenior75151: then 'juju deploy --repository ~/charms local:hadoop-master'20:26
SpamapSsenior75151: not nearly as easy or automatic, but .. it gets you the latest crack. :)20:26
senior75151ahh k20:27
senior75151let me give that a go20:27
senior75151thanks soo much20:27
senior75151going to try it and let you know20:27
senior75151fetching charm20:30
=== benji___ is now known as benji
senior75151SpamapS: state: pending20:37
senior75151what does that mean ?20:37
senior75151i suppose is still configuring20:37
senior75151or smth20:37
senior75151or do I have to 'publish' the charm20:37
senior75151is not enough to 'deploy'?20:37
senior75151soo juju ssh doesn't work20:42
senior75151SpamapS: is that what juju expose is ?20:44
SpamapSsenior75151: instance-state means you are waiting on Amazon20:46
SpamapSsenior75151: agent-state means you are waiting on your instance to start the agent20:46
SpamapSI have seen a few times where agent-state says 'not-started' but it is stuck.. and a 'service juju-machine-agent restart' fixed it20:47
SpamapSsenior75151: juju expose opens the ports that the charm thinks should be exposed.20:47
senior75151ohh ok20:48
senior75151so I should def… do that for hadoop20:48
senior75151thanks a lot SpamapS20:48
senior75151So I assume is typical to set up a 'dev' or staging environment for a developer then destroy it at the end20:49
SpamapSsenior75151: saves money that way :)20:50
senior75151that's pretty awesome...20:54
senior75151soo say I have hadoop, mongodb, mysql, nginx… etc..  I can build my own script and that basically runs juju deploy X or can you save that config ?20:55
senior75151once you have it running20:55
senior75151does 'destroy' terminate the machines or…. turns them off ?20:55
senior75151ec2 speak20:55
hazmatsenior75151, terminate21:13
SpamapSdestroy-environment terminates21:15
SpamapSdestroy-service only de-allocates21:15
SpamapSwhich, btw, I think we should re-think21:15
SpamapSit makes sense if we clean up what we did21:15
SpamapSbut right now we can't do that, so we should just terminate the machine when we remove-unit and destroy-service21:15
senior75151ahh got you21:22
senior75151thanks for being such an awesome source of info21:23
senior75151SpamapS does your juju ssh21:24
senior75151work ?21:25
marsAlright!  I have a reviewboard charm up and running.  SpamapS, I used the Drupal charm from the tutorial as a template; can you suggest and example I could look at next to make this new charm cleaner?21:26
SpamapSsenior75151: not sure I understand what you are asking.21:27
senior75151so i do juju ssh hadoop-master/021:27
senior75151doesn't work21:27
senior75151then juju ssh 121:27
senior75151doesn't either21:27
SpamapSmars: got it in a branch somewhere?21:27
senior75151but I do juju status21:27
senior75151and it shows is running with correct tcp ports open21:28
marsSpamapS, not yet, I'll push it21:28
SpamapSsenior75151: juju ssh works fine for me with machine number or unit id, yes.21:28
senior75151hmm weird.  thanks21:28
marsSpamapS, pushed: lp:~mars/charms/precise/reviewboard/trunk21:34
marsSpamapS, one thing I would like to figure out is how to unroll running the application setup script after the XXX-relation-changed hooks.21:34
marsThe Drupal example does the site setup once the DB settings are available21:34
marsI copied that pattern, but I have /two/ settings that I need available before running the site setup: db, and memcache21:35
SpamapSmars: what I do in that case is just write settings to a file, and then run a shared script that checks for both, and once they are satisfied, runs the setup21:36
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SpamapSmars: pip installs, btw, are not suitable for charm store inclusion btw. :-/21:37
SpamapSmars: they do nothing to cryptographically verify the sources21:37
* flepied found that juju-create has the gateway ip hardcoded and that was making my setup fail...21:38
SpamapSmars: looks good other than that. :)21:39
SpamapSmars: ideally with this case, you'd be able to configure the cache/db independent of rb-site21:39
SpamapSmars: otherwise it will be hard to do things like migrate to a new database service21:40
marsSpamapS, +1 for saving the settings.  That is a good idea.21:42
marsSpamapS, as for pip: reviewboard recommends easy_install for installation: pip is better, obviously, but neither does any verification.21:43
* mars wonders if the .tar.gz on PyPI has an md521:43
SpamapSmars: I would imagine that rb-site just writes to settings_local.py .. so what you really need is to just regenerate that file in total every time relations change21:43
marsYep, that's what I was thinking21:44
SpamapSmars: pypi has no SSL21:44
hazmat10 subordinates, SpamapS has like 7 of them21:44
SpamapSmars: so you have to do all the MD5's yourself anyway21:44
marsSave a copy as a template, then rewrite it, and run rb-site once everything is available21:44
SpamapShazmat: heh.. I have 2 more in the works21:44
marsAh darn, PyPI doesn't have a signature, but reviewboard.org does have sha256 for each release.21:47
marshazmat, out of curiosity, what is the list?  I read the subordinate charm spec, but it doesn't really give a good idea of the types of subordinates I may consider writing21:49
marsIt's a proposal, not a tutorial or design guide :)21:51
hazmatmars its kinda of raw.. but here it is .. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/950950/21:51
marshazmat, ran it through ipython: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/950963/21:54
* hazmat adds a bug for charm browser to view just subordinates21:57
m_3SpamapS: we need to remove the hadoop-xxx charms from precise... they're only good for oneiric.  precise is just lp:charms/hadoop21:58
m_3which should be pointing to the correct packages... in universe. I think21:59
m_3SpamapS: the readme in lp:charms/hadoop is the place to go21:59
senior75151m_3: sooo I should be juju deploying to oneric only?21:59
m_3senior75151: unfortunately, it's different charm names for oneiric than it is for precise.  They _might_ have made lp:charms/hadoop backwards compatible with oneiric, but I don't know offhand22:00
m_3SpamapS: dang, wish I would've caught this before you pushed changes to the lp:charms/hadoop-xxx branches... those need to be deprecated, but I don't know how to do that in lp22:02
senior75151ok, good to know.22:02
senior75151sooo I'll destroy the thing and use oneric for now.22:02
m_3senior75151: here's the doc: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/hadoop/trunk/view/head:/README.rst22:03
m_3senior75151: no, actually, I recommend using precise, but using the precise charm22:03
m_3i.e., lp:charms/hadoop22:03
m_3I'm sorry, I know that's not clear from the list of charms in the store.. we need to figure out how to remove lp:charms aliases from deprecated branches22:04
SpamapSm_3: HAH ok yeah those should have been deprecated yes22:04
SpamapSm_3: hence the need for 'unpromulgate'22:05
m_3SpamapS: they should be just lp:~charmers/charms/oneiric/hadoop-xxx/trunk22:05
SpamapSm_3: should just be the reverse of the calls that promulgate makes22:05
m_3b/c they're still good for oneiric22:05
m_3oh, really?  I was poking around but couldn't figure out how to remove the alias without deleting the branch22:05
m_3SpamapS: btw, we still have to fix several of adam_g's branches too... they're hosed22:06
senior75151m_3: sooo I did it wrong then, cuz all i did was juju deploy hadoop. Where does one look to know how to install a charm precisely22:06
SpamapSm_3: its doable, I just don't know how22:06
senior75151like this readme for example22:06
m_3senior75151: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/hadoop/trunk/view/head:/README.rst covers the latest info for precise22:06
senior75151that covers for hadoop22:07
senior75151i'm saying in general22:07
senior75151say I want to deploy mysql and nginx22:07
senior75151and mongodb22:07
senior75151and ....22:07
m_3in general, most of the precise charms are working... and deployable from the store22:07
senior75151hmmm well.. great, but how can I know for each one wether it does or doesn't. It's important for production to know if I've done it right22:08
m_3senior75151: thought you were just asking about hadoop (and naturally getting confused because of the stale links in the repo)22:08
marsSpamapS, could you point me to the charm that you used that 'save the relation settings for later' recipe in?22:09
m_3senior75151: working on charm tests right now as a matter of fact... it will look something like charmtests.markmims.com when done22:09
m_3senior75151: but those are still oneiric... precise should be up this weekend22:09
senior75151m_3: thanks… will they be there  on this same site22:10
m_3senior75151: we'll be testing only the charms in the charm store... so to have them autotested here, you should submit them for review and inclusion in the store22:10
m_3charmtests.markmims.com is temporary... we'll roll them up to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com next week22:11
senior75151ahh good to know...22:11
senior75151I'm not developing charms, just using them now.. I tihnk I just started using this a couple hrs ago and still confused about somethings22:11
senior75151like why ssh doesn't work and that sorta thing22:11
senior75151meaning juju ssh22:12
hazmatsenior75151, i'm confused why it doesn't work for you either22:13
m_3senior75151: understand... we're still working on putting the overall "experience" together for new users... with the charm store open, we should be good once all the links have been fixed for the precise charms22:13
senior75151does juju run as root22:13
m_3senior75151: yeah, juju ssh is one of the parts that usually works pretty well22:13
senior75151like I need to add the mongodb-hadoop library22:13
senior75151and wondering if I need to install as root22:13
senior75151err.. easy to to fix22:14
senior75151look at permissions on folder22:14
hazmatsenior75151, the agents on container run as root, and charms execute as root22:14
m_3ah, gotcha22:14
senior75151yeah.. dunno.. I assume juju is installed correctly since it deploys… but juju ssh gives me errors.22:14
senior75151is fine cuz I can do debug-hooks22:14
senior75151and it works22:15
m_3wow, that's strange22:15
SpamapSsenior75151: can you paste the whole error you see?22:17
m_3SpamapS: I see that james built oneiric versions of the hadoop-ubuntu ppas too, so your changes should stay when we revert those packages to lp:~charmers/charms/oneiric/... the charms have never been tested against those packages though, so I'll make a note to do that22:21
m_3s/revert those packages/revert those charms/22:22
senior75151SpamapS: sure22:24
senior75151hold on installing something on the charm… weird that hadoop depends on java but didn't install java22:25
senior75151$ juju ssh hadoop-master/022:27
senior75151usage: juju ssh [-h] [-e ENV] unit_or_machine [command]22:27
senior75151juju ssh: error: unrecognized arguments: hadoop-master/022:27
SpamapSm_3: its not reverting.. its porting22:27
senior75151SpamapS: that's the error22:27
senior75151I tried 0 and 1 as well as haddop-master22:27
senior75151with the same error22:27
senior75151though I think that 0 is the host pc that has juju as an app running22:27
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
senior75151let me know if you need anything else22:28
senior75151ok sooo it says that the instance is running and the ports are open and the machine is started whyen I do juju status22:30
senior75151but i sshe'd into the machine22:30
senior75151and do a ps aux | grep hadoop22:30
senior75151and nothing comes up22:30
senior75151sooo it didn't start22:30
senior75151that's weird22:30
senior75151prolly because lack of the java sdk on the server22:30
senior75151any ideas why it didn't install the requirements22:30
SpamapSm_3: perhaps until we can remove hadoop-* we should put a big warning in the description?22:31
m_3yes, that's a great idea22:31
m_3SpamapS: well... now that I think about it22:31
SpamapSwe should think about ways to express "replaces" like dpkg does22:31
senior75151any idea how to restart the service22:32
senior75151without reinstalling ?22:32
SpamapSlike ideally you'd say 'juju upgrade-charm my-hadoop-master' and it would say "this charm has been replaced by 'hadoop', see README for migration instructions"22:32
m_3SpamapS: the big reason we were going to keep them for oneiric and the new one for precise is the packages... the precise and oneiric packages were in different ppas22:33
m_3SpamapS: but if the new ppa works for both releases, then that simplifies things22:33
bkerensaSpamapS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-SmNPjMcRQ22:34
senior75151SpamapS: I can ssh into the machine later and test anything else you need me tooo...22:34
senior75151thanks for the support22:34
senior75151juju looks great22:34
senior75151I'll try oneric see if that works better22:34
senior75151I'll drop by here when I get a minute22:35
senior75151thanks again22:35
senior75151m_3 too22:35
* senior75151 has to rush to dinner 22:35
SpamapSm_3: we also can't be removing charms from an existing release :)22:35
hazmathave a good weekend folks22:36
m_3hazmat: u222:36
m_3SpamapS: understood22:38
SpamapSm_3: which one is "right", rabbitmq, or rabbitmq-server ?22:52
m_3SpamapS: rabbitmq-server22:53
SpamapSbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/rabbitmq-server/precise/".22:53
m_3SpamapS: so it's really confusing... we _had_ a lp:charms/rabbitmq-server that pointed to an oneiric branche22:55
m_3adam also had a lp:~charmers/charms/precise/rabbitmq-server/trunk22:55
m_3as well as several branches stacked on top of the latter22:56
SpamapSm_3: so promulgating his branch should have worked.. no?22:56
m_3then when we pulled the crank last weekend (previous weekend?  who knows)... we changed the alias to lp:charms/rabbitmq-server and it promoted the oneiric branch over the other22:57
m_3so lp:charms/rabbitmq-server has been placed at the base of a stack of branches... it can't be removed unless the branches stacked above it are removed22:59
SpamapSm_3: but we never stack on the alias23:00
m_3SpamapS: additional complication is that I merged that branch to bring it up to the same version as the previous precise branch... thinking this would be enough to get it working23:01
SpamapSm_3: I think we only need to promulgate the one we want as lp:charms/rabbitmq-server .. the others don't matter23:01
m_3there're merge proposals and additional branches associated with the _other_ precise branch23:01
m_3so we'd be dumping those23:01
m_3it's really not that big of a deal here b/c it's adams... he can delete and/or fix things the way he'd like.  We need to make sure we don't do this again23:02
m_3so the series promotion needs to do something different when there are existing branches for that charm on that new series23:03
SpamapSm_3: I love how Ebay's hadoop is RHEL for the namenodes, but CentOS for the data nodes.. perfect example of how RHEL doesn't scale out :-P23:17
m_3SpamapS: $$23:18
_mup_juju/debug-relation-hook-context r533 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com23:42
_mup_Log actual caching of relation hook contexts23:42
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bkerensamarcoceppi: welcome23:56

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