Riddell344.714 GB of downloads from my mirror, which is listed 5th00:19
nixternali have leached big time from fermilab over the past couple of days. trying to see if i can change the graphs on their mirror with all of my syncing and downloading00:28
afiestaswould be possible to make Kubuntu releases in a different date than Ubuntu's ?00:49
micahgafiestas: why would you want to do that?01:11
afiestasmicahg: today news are about Ubuntu not Kubuntu01:11
afiestasI'd like to avoid that for example01:11
afiestasalso we could (if we want) adjust teh release time to something that syncs better with KDE01:12
afiestasthough current timing is ok in that regart I think01:12
micahgafiestas: well, the main issue would be the archive freezes affect everyone equally, so releasing at a different time becomes problematic, I think as Kubuntu grows in popularity and starts to add it owns features as well, I think it should be able to generate its own press even with the same release day01:14
micahgs/it owns/its own/01:14
afiestasubuntu is a start too big to eclipse right now01:15
micahgwell, IMHO, I don't think you have to eclipse Ubuntu, just be big enough to be news worthy in your own right01:16
afiestasKubuntu is news worthy in its own right, you can see it by bluesystem sponsoring01:18
afiestasbut as it is right now, Kubuntu is considered Ubuntu + KDE so by making a new for Ubuntu you also "cover"kubuntu01:18
micahgwell, that could just mean they see the potential there and want to foster it01:19
micahgright, that's exactly what it is now as the project decided to be as close to upstream as possible due to resource limitations01:19
afiestasI don't think be clsoe to upstream is a bad thing01:20
micahgnot at all :)01:20
afiestasmaybe a risky  mvoe but a good one would be release 1 month after KDE stable releases01:22
afiestasshipping .101:22
afiestasrisky because of testability time, but in the other hand kde software is getting more stable01:22
micahgno, that was a disaster IIRC with maverick01:22
afiestasmaverick is how many kde versions ago?01:24
afiestasa lot xD01:24
micahgwell, FTR, I don't have any official say in Kubuntu, I just help out when I can01:24
afiestasneither do i01:25
yuriycongratulations on the release everyone!!02:10
ScottKafiestas: We've had releases where due to the combined KDE and Ubuntu release schedule we shipped 4.x.1.  I've liked 4.x.2 based releases a lot better.02:43
* ScottK waves to yuriy.02:43
ScottKafiestas: From a strictly mechincal point of view it would be very close to impossible to release on a different day than Ubuntu.  02:53
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DarkwingQuantal Quetzal? Okay.04:04
ubottuUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+104:07
tsimpsonI guess Q isn't the easiest letter to use though04:07
DarkwingAt least a Quetzal is beautiful :)04:08
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Tm_Tvorian: hmn?05:44
Tm_Tvorian: you seem to suggest that JR would be leaving us (when he's not) https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2012-April/006036.html05:47
* micahg should probably subscribe to that list05:47
TeLLuSInteresting. In the new Muon it is no longer possible to see the package-names that will update or install only the short description..   After installation you can se it by looking at the History...05:59
artnayis there something wrong with the torrents? yesterday I downloaded both 32 and 64 bit torrents from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/precise/release/desktop/ - now they're gone and torrent.ubuntu.com gives me "not authorized"06:13
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BluesKaj'morning all10:45
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apolcan I cancel a pending build in launchpad?14:48
Riddellapol: no I don't think so14:52
apolmeh xD14:53
Riddellactually I know no14:53
apolok thanks :)14:53
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txwikinger2I am really amazed how everything looks always so much better in every new release!16:34
Riddelltxwikinger2: :)16:35
yofelRiddell, apol: you *can* abort pending builds now (just not pending recipe builds)16:45
yofelas long as you have the permissions for that archive16:45
Riddelloh interesting16:45
Riddellyofel: but why would you want to?16:45
Riddellbuildds being in limited supply is an issue sometimes especially on arm16:46
Riddellwhy else is it useful?16:46
yofelbuild got stuck? otherwise dunno16:46
claydohis there an issue with the i386 precise torrent? 17:00
Riddellclaydoh: I've not tried it17:05
claydohit has a tracker error rejected by tracker - Requested download is not authorized foruse with this tracker.17:05
claydohall other torrents I am seeding are fine (ubuntu and kubuntu 64bit)17:06
artnayclaydoh: 09:13     artnay : is there something wrong with the torrents? yesterday I downloaded both 32 and 64 bit torrents from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/precise/release/desktop/ - now they're gone and torrent.ubuntu.com gives me "not authorized"17:38
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yofelartnay: they were moved, now to be found in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/precise/release17:40
claydohyofel: I get the error there, it downloads but wont seed17:43
yofelI don't know who manages the tracker, I'm seeding over DHT17:43
yofelhm wait17:44
yofeltracker is actually being used here17:44
claydohits just the i386 desktop iso giving the error17:44
claydohyofel: "rejected by tracker - Requested download is not authorized for17:45
claydohuse with this tracker."17:45
yofelthat's what I also always get at the beginning, but it seems to connect after a while anyway17:45
* claydoh wonders who to let know17:45
claydohyes, it dowonloads but doesn't seed17:46
yofel0: http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/announce17:46
yofelId:  Focus:  no Enabled: yes Open:  no S/L: 425/14917:46
yofelfor desktop amd6417:46
claydohim fine for that, as well as the Ubuntu 64 bit17:47
claydohjust i38617:47
ScottKTeLLuS: I believe I already filed a bug on the Muon package name thing, but if you don't find it, please do.17:49
claydohScottK: do you know whom to poke about an iso torrent tracker issue?17:50
ScottKI know there was an issue with the Ubuntu torrents discovered after yesterday's release.  I'd ask in #ubuntu-release and see who answers.17:51
claydohok thanks17:51
shadeslayerCongrats on the release!18:23
Riddelland thanks for your help shadeslayer 18:26
shadeslayerpfftt ... I did some really trivial stuff18:27
shadeslayeryou and yofel did most of the heavy lifting18:27
BluesKajshadeslayer, kmail could use some attention ...hint hint :)18:30
jussiRiddell: I just got the kmix crash with skype again - just randomly crash without me doing anything, only condition that i noticed was that I was on a call at the time. and video does some strange things, get some green lines and noise on the video, making it unwatchable. Installing debug symbols now to report the bug18:36
Riddellblog http://blogs.kde.org/node/457318:36
Riddellincluding a bit of canonical love at the bottom to keep those manager happy18:36
Riddellwell and to thank them for nice support18:37
Riddelljussi: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29074218:37
ubottuKDE bug 290742 in general "kmix is crashing after multiple volume changes" [Crash,Assigned: ]18:38
jussiRiddell: Ill report mine and then your or someone can have a look and see if its same18:38
Riddellyeah adding to the kde bug wouldn't hurt, I've no spare cycles just now I'm afraid18:38
jussiRiddell: no probs 18:39
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shadeslayerthat logo is win18:44
shadeslayerRiddell: I <3 the banner18:44
jussiwhat logo18:44
jussioh, _that_ one!!!!!!!!!!18:45
ScottKRiddell: I think the commentary about Canonical in your blog post was on the mark (pun intended).18:45
jussilove it!18:45
* shadeslayer is trying to answer emails and his stupid cursor keeps jumping18:46
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ryanakcaHmm, I've received an email from someone wanting to donate to Kubuntu and suggesting the addition of a Donate button to the website. IIRC, we don't have said button because of the legal and financial headache it would cause?18:47
Riddellryanakca: mostly because we have nowhere to donate to18:49
Riddellbut I'll give him my bank account details if he really wants :)18:49
jussiryanakca: yeah, we would need some foundation and other strange organisational stuff if I understand correct18:49
Riddellactually maybe it can go in the account blue systems is setting up for us (just a brainstorm)18:49
* ryanakca nods18:50
Riddellryanakca: so tell him thanks much and come back in a couple of months18:50
ryanakcaRiddell: Will do.18:51
* BluesKaj wonders if canonical is going to retain the "Kubuntu Trademark", so we can rid of these "obscure animal handles " :)18:51
jussiI like the animals!18:52
ScottKBluesKaj: re the animals: We're still part of the Ubuntu project and so things like that aren't going to change.18:53
BluesKajScottK, what about Blue Systems , maybe thay have other ideas 18:54
ScottKBluesKaj: It doesn't matter.  It's part of how development works in Ubuntu.18:55
ScottKKubuntu has always been and will still be community led.18:55
ScottKThe fact that one person is changing employers doesn't affect that.18:55
BluesKajled by the animals :)18:55
Riddellmaco: oh you're changing too?  yay :)18:56
macoi thought it was you and agateau_18:57
macoyou are a person. agateau_ is a person. a + a = 2!18:57
jussiRiddell: there is like a million reports about kmix crashing... :/18:58
ScottKmaco: agateau_ wasn't a Kubuntu developer, so he's a bonus.18:58
ScottKIt's one moved and one gained.18:58
macoScottK: he's not part of ~kubuntu-dev?18:58
ScottKNo and he was part of DX, not the distro team.18:58
macoi knew he wasnt distro team18:59
Riddelljussi: I know, it's nasty, but meh upstream18:59
macobut i thought he was ~k-dev18:59
Riddelljussi: I have a hunch it didn't crash in 4.8.0 so you could look at tracking down 4.8.0 and verifying if that makes the crash go away18:59
ScottKEven if he was, Kubuntu development was not part of his job.18:59
macoi know18:59
macobut its still two people changing jobs!18:59
ScottKRiddell: Kmix is allegedly fixed for 4.8.3.  If it's bad enough should be look at packaging a snapshot of just kmix for an SRU?19:00
ScottKI've only had one crash here, so I'm not sure how widespread this is (it's not everyone).19:00
RiddellScottK: that would be a better way yes19:01
yofelsnapshot from where? the repositories are broken19:01
yofeli.e. read-only19:01
RiddellScottK: it's pretty widespread I'm feeling19:01
yofelah, that was only for trunk, nvm me19:03
jussiRiddell: and anyone else interested, I just made a new bug, can mark it as a dupe sometime if need be: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29892619:07
ubottuKDE bug 298926 in general "Kmix Crashes randomly" [Crash,Unconfirmed: ]19:07
ScottKhttp://taschenorakel.de/mathias/2012/04/18/fulltext-search-benchmarks/ <-- Nepomuk FTL.19:18
tazzupgraded main laptop to 12.0419:20
Riddelltazz: is it working?19:40
swecarpty all t6hat have worked on the 12,04 fore a great produkt 19:58
Ezimswecarp, +1. best kubuntu release.20:01
swecarpty Ezim 20:02
Ezimswecarp, the kubuntu team is the best linux team I have come across. I really like this guys/girls.20:02
RiddellEzim: aww shucks20:54
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