tbruff13Riddell, you know the majority of new users of KDE think that KDE is just the desktop aka the d.e.00:00
tbruff13i get that at school a lot00:00
xixorHm……. my kubuntu install seems to be spending 30 minutes downloading every language pack under the sun00:01
Riddellyes the new branding still has to take hold in many minds, but KDE is so much more than a desktop (e.g. tablet and server software)00:02
Riddelltbruff13: anyway if you're writing guides do join us in #kubuntu-devel when asking for checking over or ideas00:02
tbruff13Riddell, what is up with the branding i like the current branding00:03
Riddelltbruff13: for KDE?  the branding changed a couple years ago00:05
tbruff13Riddell, not that old man00:05
tbruff13only 1800:05
tbruff13a couple years ago is a long time for me still00:05
tbruff13I have only used Linux in general for two years00:06
RiddellKDE is a community making software such as KDE Frameworks, Plasma, OwnCloud etc00:06
tbruff13Riddell, I tried using owncloud could not do it i used get freecloud.com and could not find the binaries for Kubuntu 12.04 only for Xubuntu 11.04/11.1000:07
Riddelltbruff13: did you try  apt-get install owncloud  ?00:08
RiddellI don't know what freecloud is00:08
tbruff13Riddell, no i am an dumb a** I just was looking for a dropbox alternative and like an did a google search man I am off today00:09
tbruff13god a ton of deps on that package00:09
Riddellwell installing owncloud locally is only of limited use, the main use is if you have a server to install it on00:09
tbruff13Riddell, check this out http://getfreecloud.com/00:10
Riddellah an owncloud hoster00:11
Riddellwell it won't need any binaries for most uses, it's all standards based00:12
tbruff13Riddell, well the binaries are to make it kind of like dropbox with more space until i can set up a webserver00:14
tbruff13Riddell, is it possible to refresh programs that the kde search bar pops up because partionmanager was installed I typed it in and nothing weird00:16
Riddelltbruff13: running  kbuildsycoca4  might help00:17
Riddellfrom a command line or alt-f200:17
tbruff13i even tried the word disk and disk utility i have had this problem alot it is not finding installed programs00:18
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Riddelltbruff13: do you have the file /usr/share/applications/kde4/partitionmanager.desktop ?00:20
xixorGet Free Cloud .com!!  is this like all the surveys that say I won a free ipad?00:21
cubbybearslug: Just a quick update on Kmail password problem. Did a reinstall of Kontact, then checked for updates and found 8 + 11 items to update/upgrade since my upgrading the system this morning. Not sure what fixed it, glad it was a simple fix. Thanks for your help.00:21
Riddelltbruff13: hmm dunno sorry00:22
* Riddell snoozes00:22
tbruff13Riddell, is it worthy of a bug report i found the program in my system applications00:23
tbruff13i cant clean up my partitions they have a lock next to them even as root00:25
tbruff13I am normally better at this but today has just been a crappy day00:25
tbruff13one sec00:25
tbruff13I need help i messed something up here is a screenshot i do not know what i did when installing the other two kubuntu's but i cannot purge them00:29
xixorOk, I am curious… If you just did a fresh install of kubuntu… what are the first things you do?  Just interested to see which customization/tweaks you "pro" users do00:30
xixorfor instance, my first instinct is to stop any desktop search file indexing/neopomuk/things like that, but are they useful?00:31
tbruff13xixor, first everyone on here is not a pro lol00:31
tsimpsonthe first thing? probably install a Qt development environment :)00:31
xixoryeah, that is #2 on my list00:31
jovinput yawp on your workspace00:31
xixorI'll probably  just install the latest QT-SDK + qtcreator from binary, rather than getting the .deb00:31
jovinthe first thing i do is changing the K-Menu button to the Kubuntu Logo00:32
tbruff13tsimpson, can i have some help please i screwed something up when install kubuntu 12.04 on one laptop three times for school now i do not need two of the installations anymore and i cannot reformat my drive something is stopping me00:32
tsimpsonxixor: get a browser you like, install kubuntu-restricted-extras, yakuake is next, then build-essential + qt-sdk00:32
xixortsimpson: I like google-chrome, but was going to try to use rekonq for a while to try it out00:33
tsimpsonxixor: don't tell anyone, but I use google-chrome too00:33
tsimpsontbruff13: what's stopping you from formatting?00:33
tbruff13one second i will show you00:33
xixorI have been a linux user for 15 years, and a KDE user since 2005.. but to be honest, I haven't had a dedicated linux desktop computer in about 4 years….. I kinda want to give "KDE" the ole' college try: like live, breath, and sleep KDE for a few weeks, just to emerge myself in it and try it out00:34
tsimpsonrekonq is a good browser if you just want a web browser, but if you want something a little more advanced I'd go for one of the bigger names00:34
xixormy usual inclination with any OS is to customize/tweak the hell out of it for all of my idiosyncrasies, but I feel like taking the blue pill, and seeing how far the rabbit hole goes with KDE to to speak00:34
tsimpsonKDE is immensely customizable, you'll enjoy it a lot if you like to tinker00:35
xixorI feel like I don't know my way around it well enough to customize it at this point00:37
xixorso, what happened to konqueror?00:39
tsimpsonit's still there, just not installed by default00:39
xixorso rekonq is the default web browser now?  is it chromium/web kit based?00:40
tsimpsonit's webkit00:40
tbruff13tsimpson, here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17463098/screenshot%20for%20locks00:40
tsimpsonrekonq is probably just as "useful" as konqueror anyway00:40
tbruff13the partitions are locked00:41
xixorWhat are some dolphin tricks I should know?  F4 for a shell is awesome00:41
tsimpsontbruff13: make sure you run the partition manager from the live CD, you can't remove or format a partition that's mounted or in use00:42
tbruff13tsimpson, oh wow i am an idiot i have done this a million times00:43
tsimpsonxixor: to be honest, I mostly use the shell (yakuake) to manage files etc, but I do like the split view (F3) for copying stuff over to/from removable media or remote filesystems00:44
tsimpsontbruff13: happens to us all00:44
tbruff13you guys must think i am a retard today00:45
xixortsimpson: neat, I usually use konsole00:49
tsimpsonit's just nice to have it always there, just one key press away00:50
tsimpsonand it doesn't clutter the window list in the panel (or Alt-Tab)00:51
xixorI see, I will check it out00:51
xixorcan't install it right now… doing the dist-upgrade for the next 15-20 minutes00:51
tsimpsonxixor: there are some screenshots on http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=29153 if you're curious00:54
xixortsimpson: so are you a KDE dev?00:55
tsimpsonnot really, I just play with code and hopefully get patches applied upstream every now and then :)00:56
xixorah, cool00:58
xixorI do some Qt development, nothing kde specific00:59
xixordoes kubuntu 12.04 have a name?  hardy harry, clever klide?01:10
juacom99hi, is dd the best way to backup a partition before a distro upgrade?01:19
kb3gtnxixor: precise01:19
xixorah, it uses the same ubuntu naming scheme?01:20
kb3gtnyeah.. there up to "p"01:20
xixorI see01:23
szal!precise | xixor01:37
ubottuxixor: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120401:37
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jsubl2 02:28
jsubl2does the 64bit install support efi boot and gpt partitions02:28
Endafyim so excited burning the iso now!!!02:46
Endafyso much awesomeness with KDE 4.8 and Calligra mmmm02:46
kim_Does anyone know how I can upgrade using my local mirror rather than the overloaded archive.ubuntu.com which is used by default?02:55
sfearskim_: are you using a livecd or are you upgrading?02:56
kim_Upgrading an existing kubuntu from 11.10 to 12.04.02:56
kim_Existing install on the hard drive.02:57
sfearsk menu/applications/system/muon package manager from the package manager settings/configure software sources02:58
_jamso, apps that show in the system tray are now showing up only in the drop down menu for the system tray, which is not going to work for me02:58
_jamI don't see a way to reconfigure that behavior, suggestions?02:58
sfears_jam: right click until system tray settings shows up, then on entries make sure hide is not selected03:00
kim_I configured local mirrors (in /etc/apt/sources.list) years ago, but when I run the upgrade today (in System Settings - Software Updates - Upgrad eto precise 12.04 LTS) it comments out all my local mirrors, and has added archive.ubuntu.com which is very slowly downloading from.03:00
sfearskim_: there's a drop down to choose alternate mirrors from the muon package manager03:01
kim_Muon package manager isn't listed in the System menu.03:01
sfearsyour using kubuntu 11.10 kim_?03:02
_jamsfears: ok, so. some of the applications are listed there, but not all of them03:02
kim_Yes. 100.10.03:03
sfearsshould be there, are there any package manager programs in there kim_?03:03
kim_That should of couse be 11.10.03:03
sfearsnot sure why the programs wouldn't be there _jam03:04
sfearswhat program _jam?03:04
kim_Looking in more detail is is there - under P for "Package Manager", but I was looking for "M" for Muon.03:05
_jamsfears: konversation would be one example03:05
sfearsyeah, that's it kim_ open that and click on settings configure sources and change the server03:05
sfearsmaybe make sure it's active in the system tray before you try and configure it _jam?03:06
_jamcan someone ping me?03:07
phunyguylol sfears03:08
_jamthat worked03:08
phunyguyoh that kindofping03:08
kim_My local mirror in configured as confirmed in Muon.03:10
sfearsit should update the repositories right away kim_, and then try again03:11
_jamok, another question. when I alt-tab, I have giant icons that show. what i used to have were quite a bit smaller, allowing me to see the full list of open windows as I tabbed through them. but now I only see 403:15
kim_Should there be an option to upgrade to 12.04 in Muon? I can't see one there. (Previously I used System Settings - Software Updates)03:15
_jamany idea how to change that?03:15
_jami'm in the task switcher system settings thing03:16
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kim_when upgrading it displays the message "some third party sources have been disabled..." at the time that it edits sources.list to remove my local mirror.03:19
_jamyea, that is standard operating. just after upgrade, you open the sources and enable non-ubuntu sources that are disabled and that you want to keep active03:20
jackyHey for some reason apt-get dist-upgrade isn't pulling in precise03:23
jackyI'm running 11.1003:23
_jamyou'd need to change your source to 12.0403:23
_jamalso, dist-upgrade isn't the recommended method for upgrading03:24
datruthHow can I get rid of the kde wallet service?03:25
_jamI thought there was a services pane in the system settings panel, but I don't see it03:27
_jamnot sure03:27
kim_But upgrading is going to take 8 hours with the main ubuntu server which it keeps on changing to. I'd like to use my local mirror server for the upgrade.03:27
_jamchange your /etc/hosts to point to your local mirror?03:27
_jamjust make sure to change it back03:27
tsimpsondatruth: just disable kwallet03:29
Roeyhey all03:29
jacky_jam: like I have to go into /etc/apt/sources.list and replace everything with oneiric to precise?03:30
datruthtsimpson: I did that doesn't seem to work03:30
_jamjacky: no, not really, because you shouldn't be doing it that way03:30
datruthtsimpson: how can I remove the package?03:30
_jamread the release notes on how to upgrade properly03:30
_jamthey've got step by step instructions there03:30
RoeyI have a PPA that overrides my main Oneiric installation.  How do I pin it so that I download the packages from the PPA by default?  It's refusing to see past the package in the main installation03:30
jackyah, okay thanks.03:30
Roeyi am trying to install that.03:31
datruthOkay maybe removing .kde/share/config/kwalletrc will do the trick03:32
datruthI have two partitions thats not mounted to my linux box /dev/sda4 ext4  and /dev/sda7 fat32 how can I mount these two paritions on boot time with full access?03:33
datruthdamn kdewallet service will not die03:36
jackyThat page is behind SSL, I can't see it.. :/03:38
jackyThe upgrade notes.03:38
datruthfinally kwallet is gone03:40
datruthSo how does one mount those partitions at boot time?03:40
datruthUUID=d99c7f53-27fa-4849-8f4f-f6f4dec8f451 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       103:41
datruthwould I change UUID to /dev/sda4 and / to /mnt/mynewpartition?03:42
RoeyAnyone her eknow about preferences pinnning?03:44
altusanewI am getting an error for the bittorrent download of Kubuntu 12.04. It says "Error: Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker." Is this a known issue or something on my end?03:52
sfearsaltusanew: i'd try a fresh download03:54
sfearsredownload the torrent file03:54
satorisanjaguten Morgen03:56
datruthHow can I configure the system notifications?03:57
altusanewCleared the torrent and data. Started the download again, same error. I am on Kubuntu 10.04 32bit trying to download the 64bit version.03:57
altusanewThanks BTW sfears.03:57
altusanewI am getting no peers but I assume that is due to the error with the tracker?03:58
DarkwingWe have been having issues with the torrents...03:59
sfearsthat worked altusanew?03:59
DarkwingCanonical Sysadmin is working on it.03:59
altusanewNo it did not work for me03:59
altusanewOh ok Darkwing, TY03:59
Darkwingthe 64bit DVD torrent has 270 seeders03:59
altusanewJust go with the direct download or wait for the tracker to come up?03:59
DarkwingI would go for the direct download IMHO.04:00
sfearsi was able to download the cd iso earlier with no problem for what it's worth04:00
DarkwingI have no idea how long it will be before canonical sysadmin.04:00
sfearsvia torrent04:00
Darkwingwhat torrent are you using?04:00
altusanewWere you grabbing the 32 bit version sfears?04:01
sfearsno, 6404:01
DarkwingYeah, I'm not picking up anything with the 64bit CD. 64bit DVD is doing well.04:02
* Darkwing will poke sysadmin again tomorrow.04:03
altusanewYeah I wanted to grab the torrent so that I could seed for a bit after. But I did have some new hardware I wanted to try out toight.04:03
datruthanyone install flashplugin-player and have it fail via software-center and get a system notification thats actually a blackbox?04:03
altusanewThe DVD is BIG though.04:03
DarkwingQuantal Quetzal... Interesting.04:04
altusanewYeah only 700mb for the CD04:04
altusanewAnd the website says that the DVD is mostly for language packs04:05
datruthhow does one find out if I am using the stable version of 12.04 kubuntu?04:05
sfearsdamn these names I can't even pronounce nermind remember04:05
Darkwinghehehe... try developing and remembering the spelling LOL04:06
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altusanewIs there an alternative tracker URL that could be added?04:09
altusanewNever mind it started working. TY04:12
_jamok, who broke the dolphin tree behavior where hitting left on a closed folder/file brought you to the parent folder?04:16
_jamgoddamnit, now it is just redundant with the up arrow. this is stupid. it was broken before, then they fixed it, now they've broken it again.04:18
mr-richjeepers ... kubuntu.org needs to change the features list ... Still sez OpenOffice.org is the default ...04:28
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ussher_skype stopped working today after an upgrade to kubuntu 11.10 64bit  There are a bunch of skype howtos on duckduckgo (and google)  does anyone have a recomendation for the stable way?  some say download from skype and force multiarch, others say use the version in the repos, but each way seams to land on errors so far.05:24
ussher_if i try to install skype from the 64bit .deb i get "libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file:"  and if i do it from apt-get install the error is "Recommends: sni-qt:i386 but it is not going to be installed"05:30
ussher_I tried to install skype from muon software center, it says its installed, but it doesnt start.05:35
jackySkype's a closed-source application; not much help can be given :/05:45
jackyBut if you run it in a console, I can see what I can rummage from that.05:45
ussher_thanks jacky  im trying a few of the workarounds from here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ia32-libs/+bug/83044005:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 830440 in ia32-libs (Ubuntu) "skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" [Undecided,Won't fix]05:46
ussher_but havent found one that works yet.  was hoping someone knew a way.05:46
ussher_jacky: these are the terminal errors i see wth both methods: http://pastebin.com/Zt6EFyM505:49
RexHaviKCISPA could enable companies like Facebook and Twitter, as well as Internet service providers, to share your personal information with the National Security Agency and the CIA, as long as that information is deemed to pertain to a cyber threat or to national security.05:59
B-ZaRshould kubuntu 12.04 upgrade work?07:09
B-ZaRI'm getting no new release found07:09
Tm_TB-ZaR: I think upgrade offers come a bit later07:12
B-ZaRany way I can force upgrade now?07:13
Tm_Tdoes this work? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades/Kubuntu07:15
B-ZaRtried that first07:15
B-ZaRthen as the notification didn't pop up used do-release-upgrade directly07:15
B-ZaRbut it says there's no new release07:16
Tm_T-d switch to force07:16
B-ZaR$ sudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f kde -d07:16
B-ZaRChecking for a new ubuntu release07:16
B-ZaRNo new release found07:16
Tm_Tif only -d switch?07:16
B-ZaRthe same07:17
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Tm_TB-ZaR: you're currently on what version? "cat /etc/issue" will show07:17
B-ZaR$ cat /etc/issue07:18
B-ZaRUbuntu 11.10 \n \l07:18
JMichaelXthis ia32-libs business in precise kind of sucks07:18
ussher_jacky: got passed the skype issue with a distro upgrade.  thanks for the help earlier.07:22
jackyThat was all you, ussher_ ;)07:23
jackyBut it's good to know that; I'll keep in mind in case someone else has the issue.07:23
JMichaelXussher_: what did you do to get around it? i installed ia32-libs from oneiric, to keep google earth going07:23
ussher_needed a reason to push the 'distro upgrade' button.07:23
ussher_i upgradded from 11.10 to 12.04  then apt-get install skype07:24
ussher_worked fine.07:24
ussher_The only issue i encountered with the distro upgrade was that i had a "one way door" effect on my bottom left hand monitor.  I could go from the top monitor to the bottom but not from the bottom to the top.  needed to close the gap between them to 0 in xorg.conf to get passed that.07:26
ussher_i expect issues with distro upgrades so as yet this one seamed to have gone smoothly07:26
JMichaelXthe upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 was very problematic for several of my machines, so i may hold off a bit07:28
B-ZaRTm_T: I think it was because I had "only LTS upgrades" selected in software sources tool07:28
B-ZaRfunny though as 12.04 is an LTS07:29
B-ZaRbut now it works07:29
ussher_yeah i generally expect that i something will break that will result in a need to re-install from a clean install.  happily supprised this time07:29
ussher_and it was fast.07:30
B-ZaRI've heard good things about this release considering upgrading07:30
Tm_Tussher_: I was working while I upgraded, all happened smoothly in the background... in next boot I was on 12.0407:31
ussher_:) it wasnt THAT fast for me.  i closed all programs and plugged the head phones into the mp3 player.  but certainly didnt take the hours07:32
ussher_and the big supprise was my weird monitor configuation still existed after the upgrade.  thats really cool07:33
RexHaviKis there any appreciable difference between kde4.8 on 12.04 versus 11.10?07:35
ussher_RexHaviK: for me? skype works.07:35
RexHaviKi thought that skype issues were related to wine? doesnt skype actually run in wine?07:36
ussher_not as far as im aware.  i think not because if it was running under wine it would be skype5.x  but on linux its still skype 2.2 beta.07:37
Kalidarnhmm with the kubuntu-12.04-dvd-amd64.iso dvd I used the boot screens were operating at the correct resolution07:38
Kalidarnnow that kubuntu has finished installing they are not operating at 2560x160007:38
Kalidarni wonder why it's able to determine the correct resolution for the booting of the live environment but not the installed environment07:39
Renderwahnhi, after upgrading to 12.04 all kinds of ui elements started producing sounds when clicked. where can i turn that off? i can't come up with reasonable search terms for google and i don't see anything in the system settings07:46
sb1980hi! i have a problem with dolphin and windows shares. i mounted a windows share permanently via fstab. now connection to the share is a "little" bit instable. now whenever the share is not reachable, my whole dolphin instances crash completely07:47
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vividhHi, quick question: If I have ubuntu and I need to work in KDE, what do I do? Should I switch to kubuntu, or is there any other option. I am just asking for the best thing to do.07:56
Renderwahnha, found it http://mortalpowers.com/news/howto-get-rid-of-gtk-sounds-in-kde07:56
Renderwahndamn gtk -_-07:56
ussher_What is the name of the limter that stops the mouse leaving a certain area of the screen?  like if you move your mouse to the left hand side of the screen it appears to hit a wall.  Same on the top of the screen.  Hits a wall.  but off to the right it will dissappear.  and off the bottom it can happily go venturing.  is there a name for that?  the wall?  meta limits?  screen blocks?07:57
Boffyhello.... i am doing upgrade at the moment. is it possible to upgrade form 11.04 directly to 12.04 using the 12.04 live cd?08:13
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ussher_Boffy: it always used to be that you would need to go to 11.10 then to 12.04 unless something has changed.  http://askubuntu.com/questions/34430/how-do-i-upgrade-straight-from-a-very-old-release-to-the-latest-one08:17
reliabilityHow do I upgrade to 11.04?08:20
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Boffyopen kpackage kit and click on top in the link to upgrade08:26
Kalidarnhmmm yeah the only resolutions in vbeinfo that are applicable for a 16:10 screen is 1280×80008:38
jtheuerhi, anyone who had a bad akonadi experience in the last version and is happy with 12.04, now? Currently (11.10), when akonadi starts, all resources are blocked and the laptop is unusable ;-)09:05
OxymoronAre you kidding me, do I need to reboot my computer for muon be able to upgrade, then I need to reboot my computer again to complete upgrade? wtf?09:07
Oxymoronis 12.04 more stable than 11.10 or not, is it worth upgrading or will it break my system as last time?09:08
ikoniaup to you09:10
OxymoronWell, if it not breaks my system I want to upgrade, will it?09:12
ikoniadepends on your system09:12
ikoniathe upgrade process is fine, if your system is not, it may cause problems09:12
Oxymoronikonia: What does it depends on then?09:13
ikoniaOxymoron: your system, if your system is sound, no problematic external packages etc09:14
Oxymoronikonia: No problematic external packages ...? Can you be more specific. Exaclty what can cause a crappy upgrade as last 10 times I upgraded from one version to another?09:15
ikoniaOxymoron: do you have any external packages from non-official ubuntu repos or PPA's ?09:16
OxymoronEvery single time I needed to reinstall a fresh copy after the upgrade because the upgrade process break my system. And no I havent any problematic packages as far as I know, if not kubuntu installed them itself ...09:17
Oxymoronikonia: I have Spotify, Virtualbox.09:17
Oxymoronand Chrome09:17
ikoniaOxymoron: are they from external repos  ?09:17
ikoniathen they are a risk and may/may not cause a problem09:18
ikoniabut you should be aware09:18
OxymoronBut under upgrade process, they usually are ignored, right and commented in sources.list file?09:18
Oxymoronikonia: Define problem?09:18
ikonia"may cause a problem/upgrade not work in some way"09:18
OxymoronWhen I mean problem in upgrade process, it breaks sound, video, config files and sometimes I cannot even boot at all.09:18
ikoniaif the packages are installed, the fact that the repo is comments out does not remove the risk09:19
ikoniaOxymoron: yes, you may/may not have that problem depending on if those packages cause a problem with the upgrade process09:19
OxymoronNo risk, but as far as I understand Chrome, Virtualbox and Spotify SHOULD NOT be able to be a problem so upgrade process make my system unbootable, right?09:19
ikoniathey MAY cause a problem, yes09:19
ikoniathey may not, they are a arisk09:20
ikoniaa risk09:20
OxymoronYes, but seriously can you define risk/problems? I can take problems, like faulty Spotify. But wtf, it shouldnt break the entire freaking Kubuntu install?09:21
ikoniawhat do you mean define risk or problems09:21
Oxymorondefine exactly what you mean when you say, it MAY/CAN cause a problem or be a risk.09:22
ikoniathose packages are from external sources that have the risk/potential to cause a problem with the upgrade process that may/may not leave your system in an unusable/unstable  state09:22
ikoniathe point is their compatability with the upgrade process is unknown so the outcome is unknown09:22
ikoniait is your risk to manage09:22
OxymoronHow the heck can it leave my system in a unusable state if I have some external repos like Sotify, Chrome and Virtualbox?09:22
ikoniaif the upgrade process has a problem/does not complete due to compatability issues with these external software packages, the upgrade process will not complete, so your system maybe left in an unusable state09:23
OxymoronSeriously, its the most I dont know crappy thing I ever heard. Like if you upgrade Windows lets say, and in the upgrade process it fails and make my computer unusable because I didnt install a Windows verified program. Wtf?09:23
ikoniaOxymoron: listen to me very carefull, 1.) stop with "wtf" 2.) stop with the ranting09:24
Oxymoronikonia: Can it not overwrite those external packages? How can it even be a compatibility issue?09:24
ikoniaOxymoron: windows works differently from Linux so it's pointless to compare. I've given you the facts and the warnings - it is now up to you to manage that risk09:24
OxymoronIf I do upgrade, I want everything that requires a healthy system efter the upgrade to be done. If some compatibility issues is inside the upgrade process, it shouldnt end inside the process and continue and force to install/overwrite the packages. I would rather like a freaked up package or program, then a freaked up system.09:27
OxymoronLike If I had grub2 externally installed, the upgrade process SHALL overwrite it to make sure my system will work.09:28
ikoniaOxymoron: sorry no, it's not just about binaries, it's much more complex than that09:28
ikoniaOxymoron: however you now have the facts/risks it's up to you how you proceed09:28
Oxymoronikonia: I really cannot see the problems. Bit I guess the problem is how apt and debian structure works ... which I experienced earlier with package deadlocks, one package depends on another package and that package depends on the other one ...09:30
ikoniaOxymoron: it doesn't matter if you see/understand the problem or not, I've given you warnings of the risks, it's up to you what you do09:32
RexHaviKdoes anyone else notice the hangtime in kontact when knotes is active?09:38
ussher_just noticed after upgrade to 12.04 my system tray puts the konversation icon in a under a dropdown arrow.  how do I make it expanded so i can see the system tray icon flash when there is a message on IRC?10:05
ussher_found it.10:06
natmanusing the live 12.04, if i enable all desktop effects, they all fail. They all worked fine on my 11.10 install10:42
BluesKaj'morning all10:45
mydogsnameisrudymorning BluesKaj10:45
BluesKajhey mydogsnameisrudy ...up early too10:46
mydogsnameisrudyhey antlarr10:46
antlarrI'm starting the upgrade to 12.04 and it says kdevelop is no longer supported10:46
BluesKajlow clouds ...cool , like november10:47
antlarrdid the package name change? or is it really not supported? (in that case, is it available from some other repository?)10:47
BluesKajantlarr, you have to install kdevel , not a default10:48
liquidatHm, for some reason I am not asked to do an upgrade. And all the tools like apper do not ask me to perform one. Even do-release-upgrade tells me there is nothing available. Any idea how to force an upgrade?10:48
antlarrliquidat: I think you have to reboot10:50
mydogsnameisrudyliquidat:  what you running now?10:50
liquidatmydogsnameisrudy: cat /etc/issue10:51
liquidatUbuntu 11.10 \n \l10:51
BluesKajliquidat, I think ot's a bug in muon , your upgrade manager may be set to never or LTS only10:52
liquidatBluesKaj: Ah, ok, so what can I do?10:54
antlarrBluesKaj: so kdevelop is now inside a kdevel package?10:54
BluesKajantlarr, no , just install kdevelop10:55
antlarrBluesKaj: ahm, I don't get why it's removing my kdevelop package, but ok, I'll continue the upgrade :)10:57
BluesKajantlarr, it will probly install anewer version , if it doesn't upgrade10:59
natmanusing the live 12.04, if i enable all desktop effects, they all fail. They all worked fine on my 11.10 install10:59
BluesKajnatman, could be the default graphics driver in the live version isn't up to the task11:00
natmanBluesKaj: I did notice that when i switched to Xredner in the settings all but three of the effecst worked11:02
natmanBluesKaj: hopefully when i do the full install to HDD it will work like 11.10 did11:02
BluesKajnatman, which graphics card ?11:02
natmanBluesKaj: none, its whatever is included with my intel core i5 - i never need to download any extra drivers11:03
BluesKajnatman, did you install any recommended drivers from "additional drivers"11:04
natmanBluesKaj:  no, i checked there was none offered to me11:05
BluesKajnatman , lspci | grep VGA11:05
natmanBluesKaj: cant do it now, not on laptop, will try later tonight11:05
BluesKajnatman, ok11:06
natmanBluesKaj: I'll be back for help no doubt, thx11:06
NakkelAny mirrors for 12.04 Kubuntu, cdimage.ubuntu.com seems a bit clogged atm?11:17
BluesKajNakkel, check out the torrent mirrors11:28
=== dell is now known as akshayratan
NakkelBluesKaj: Can't use torrents at work. I was hoping I could quickly snatch the image with our gigabit connection at work but of course the cdimage. mirror is jammed :P11:39
BluesKajftp Nakkel , http://ftp.funet.fi/pub/Linux/INSTALL/Ubuntu/dvd-releases/releases/11:42
BluesKajNakkel, sorry that was the wrong site , try this one , http://ec2-50-16-181-252.compute-1.amazonaws.com/precise/release/11:53
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
NakkelBluesKaj: Thanks, that one has a nice pipe.11:54
BluesKajyeah, Nakkel , and the prvious one  was ubuntu , not kubuntu :P11:55
NakkelBluesKaj: I noticed :)11:56
BluesKajit's too early in the morning here , not quite awake yet ...need another coffee11:56
josy1982can anybody help me11:59
BluesKajjosy1982,, ask your question12:00
josy1982i want to upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 but the updater don'T shows new release12:01
jovinjosy1982: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:04
BluesKajjosy1982, make sure the updater isn't set to LTS , or never12:05
BluesKajjovin, no , the upgrade is , sudo do-release-upgrade , but if the manager is set to the wrong option , dpkg can't upgrade to the release12:06
b2aghi everyone, i've trouble upgrading 11.10 to 12.04. do-release-upgrade say no new release found.12:06
josy1982josy1982@kubuntu:~$ sudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f kde -d12:07
josy1982[sudo] password for josy1982:12:07
josy1982No new upgrade12:07
josy1982No new Release detected12:07
FloodBotK1josy1982: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:07
BluesKajb2ag, josy1982 , I know this sound wrong but set the update manager notifier to never12:08
b2agi see this problem with two machines here12:08
yofelBluesKaj: if they have all updates installed the mapping is right again12:08
BluesKajyofel, ?12:09
josy1982omk i set it and now?12:09
yofelBluesKaj: that bug was fixed12:09
b2agi selected "never" at "check for updates"12:10
b2agdoes not fix it12:10
BluesKajok b2ag , josy1982 run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade , then run sudo do-release-upgrade12:10
b2agthink i've already done that 2000 times, but will give it a try ... 200112:11
yofelb2ag: please install updates as BluesKaj said, and then please set the upgrader to Normal12:11
b2agwhat do you mean by "set the upgrader to Normal"12:12
yofelb2ag: the "check for updates" field12:12
BluesKajjosy1982, read yofel post above12:12
b2agsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade did nothing, everthing is up to date12:12
b2agsudo do-release-upgrade again finds notihng12:12
b2agcan somebody here post a cat /etc/lsb-release in 11.1012:13
BluesKajb2ag, try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade as well12:13
b2agsudo apt-get dist-upgrade -> nothing12:13
BluesKajb2ag, did you set the update manager upgrade option to normal ?12:14
b2agbut setting it to normal seems to resolve this problem here12:15
AngelForgetvery very good kubuntu 12,04 lts12:16
BluesKajb2ag, yeah , the update manager needed an update :)12:16
BluesKajthanks yofel12:17
b2agthanks BluesKaj12:17
b2agand thanks to yofel12:17
=== lindalou is now known as westmi
sb1980this a complete n00b question: can i set a minimum width for my window panel in the controll bar? when i double the height of my controll bar , i get no space for my window panel12:52
sb1980it gets smaller and is unusable12:52
Peace-sb1980: screenshot12:55
BluesKajsb1980, add a taskbar in widgets13:06
arcolifewhy does muon software centre crash every time? submitted the bug already13:06
arcolifeanybody facing the same bug?13:06
BluesKajarcolife, muon is a bit buggy , there have been submissions already ..it's being worked on , in the meantime use the terminal with apt-get, apper or my fav, synaptic13:09
BluesKaji normally use the terminal , but synaptic is a great reference13:10
arcolifethanks a lot !13:12
arcolifeglad to hear that it not just bugging me. n i thot my lappy was haunted. :P13:13
sb1980Peace-: http://imgur.com/Dq1Ga13:16
sb1980BluesKaj: sry?13:16
BluesKajarcolife, unfortunately muon is a bigger problem than anticdipated13:16
BluesKajsb1980, http://wstaw.org/m/2012/04/27/plasma-desktopYd1802.png .. see the middle of the panel , that's the taskbar13:19
arcolife<BluesKaj> as in?13:22
arcolife<BluesKaj> once i submitted the bug, i now get atleast 2 mails everyday, where so many people are registering the bug13:25
BluesKajarcolife, I don't follow ...maybe we're at cross purposes here ... a misunderstanding perhaps13:25
BluesKajarcolife, oops wrong person ...no wonder :)13:26
BluesKaj<<<juggling too many chats13:27
BluesKajtaking a break ..BBL13:28
arcolifeBluesKaj: in what context ? we talked about muon ryt? please elaborate13:34
BluesKajarcolife, nothing to elaborate , the muon problem remains13:36
Boffyhello, i managed to install fresh 12.04. hwoever i've noticed that Dolphin doesn't have any text menus on top. is that on purpose or something went wrong?13:36
huiooafter upgrading to kubuntu 12.04, i don't have bold fonts in kde applications anymore: http://i.imgur.com/X9ytE.png13:37
jovin delete ~/.fonts.conf13:38
jovinand relog13:39
Boffyalso what does shotrcut ctrl+x actually do in dolphin?13:40
BluesKajBoffy, right click on the toolbar , some options will pop up13:42
Boffyah now i found it. i added the icon to turn the mnubar on and then clicke don it that's a bit silly...13:44
Boffyso what does ctrl+x do ? is it "cut" command?13:44
BluesKajBoffy, ctrl+x places the highlighted test in the clipboard13:47
Boffyno imean if you mark the pictures in dolphin and then clikc ctrl+x they become grey (probably indicating something) but i do not know what. perhaps that they are placed in clipboard?13:48
BluesKajBoffy, yes , looks that way13:50
Boffyok thanks. now i only need to figure out which programmes are missing. this LTS rocks! previous one was also good, but to me it gave me sound problem (a bug in ALSA) but this one is working as well as 10.10 i had before. thank you for the help.13:52
Kottizenare those five mirrors listed on the downloads page the only mirrors that exist?14:16
zimba12i am downloading 12.04-desktop-amd64 from torrent14:20
zimba12but the torrent has been stalled for hours14:20
zimba12other torrents in my ktorrents are very active14:21
Kottizenzimba12: in which country do you live?14:25
zimba12Kottizen: how does that matter/14:26
zimba12Kottizen: Canada, anyway14:26
Kottizenah, because I have downloaded the file now and could upload it to a server that's less stressed than the official mirrors if you'd like14:27
zimba12Kottizen: thanks, but don't worry. the download works, I was just wondering what is wrong with the torrent14:30
Kottizenmy KTorrent said 'Unable to connect to tracker'14:31
zimba12Kottizen: yeah, something is wrong14:32
BluesKajzimba12, some of the Canadian repos are weeks and days behind for upgrading via the internet ..the only one up to date is U of Calgary14:36
BluesKajmost torrent and ftp mirrors are plugged or very slow14:36
zimba12BluesKaj: how do the repos matter if I am using the torrent?14:36
BluesKajzimba12, FYI in case you decided on a net install14:38
zimba12BluesKaj: ok. I didn't know also torrents can be plugged14:39
* BluesKaj seems to be getting a lot of attitude here lately14:39
BluesKajplugged ..as in restricted number of connections14:40
zimba12BluesKaj: ok, I will have to wait then. thanks :)14:42
sayakbi am still on oneiric and i am getting a dist upgrade notification.. but, i am also getting this: http://paste.kde.org/464654/35536808/ -- should i still go ahead with the dist upgrade?14:44
BluesKajsayakb, no run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade in the terminal first14:45
sayakbBluesKaj: that paste shows the errors i get when i do apt-get update14:46
=== maximo is now known as Maximo
BluesKajsayakb, it's up to you , I haven't seen a sum mismatch in ages14:49
sayakbBluesKaj: i wasnt getting a dist upgrade notification, so i changed the server from the indian one to the main one.. i guess i'll revert it and update the sources again14:50
BluesKajsayakb, yes , probly best14:52
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=== christopher is now known as Guest98973
=== Guest98973 is now known as Endafy
BluesKaj!nomodeset | Scrubbington_15:07
ubottuScrubbington_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:07
Scrubbington_nomodeset didn't work either. Still kicks me back  to the login screen15:13
=== maximo is now known as Maximo
BluesKajwhich graphics card ?15:16
Scrubbington_That's a tough one. I know it's an ATI Radeon15:19
Scrubbington_Lemme google my laptop and see if it shows15:19
BluesKajlspci | grep VGA15:20
Scrubbington_Radeon HD 425015:20
BluesKajthat's a common card , shouldn't have a problem with it , unless there's a new bug15:21
matisseis there a know-bugs-for-12.04 list?15:22
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/15:23
matissea collection of things you need to do after distupgrade15:23
delightin 12.04 kde proxy settings ain't interpreted correctly by firefox and chromium-browser ... rekonq works fine15:31
delightits not ignoring them completly <- I think this, cause when proxy settings are active in a proxy-less network chromium and firefox still won't work (obviously for firefox when set to retrieve proxy from system settings)15:32
delightyou will need to disable proxy settings in kde-system-settings to make them work again (in proxy-less networks)15:33
delightis the proxy problem known ? proxy settings misinterpreted by firefox and chromium-browser ?15:33
BluesKajdelight, it's the first time I've heard about it15:37
delightBluesKaj: I had this already on my system updated from 10.04 to 12.04 (32bit). I suggested that it might be some update problem ... right now I'm on the live cd 64bit+mac and I'm seeing the same problem.15:39
delightA workaround is to start chromium with chromium-browser --proxy-server=proxy:port and for firefox to set the settings explizitly in firefox network settings.15:39
delightit all worked fine in 10.04 (i think up to 11.10)15:40
delightthere must have happened a change in nework/proxy settings (system-settings) of kde <<< thats what I'm guessing15:41
BluesKajwell, delight you seem to be more familiar with using proxies than I am , so if you find a solution it would be good if you shared it here.15:43
BluesKajstuff to do ..fences to mend , BBL15:43
=== Ogre is now known as Guest7841
aajgarHi, I have a thinkpad T420 and I am not able to boot using kubuntu 12.05 desktop USB . I used the usb-creator-kde to create it. The laptop is configured to use Legacy BIOS in place of UEFI.16:23
aajgarhowever if I burn the same image on a CD , it boots up just fine.  any help what I may be doing wrong ?16:24
reisihi everyone! just got 12.04 working; does someone know for what are 'akonadi' and 'virtuoso-t' and 'nepomuk' used on my desktop?16:24
aajgarthe USB work on other laptop (dell 1525) which doesn't have UEFI16:24
aajgarreisi: Akonadi - The PIM Storage Service , nepomuk is desktop search , file and email indexer . and virtuoso-t is the nepomuk backend database process .16:29
=== IdleOne is now known as pangolin
=== pangolin is now known as IdleOne
reisiaajgar: i was able to disable nepomuk fully (i use find always) but everything depends on akonadi .. it seems to poll my emails at all times, yet i get no notifications on new email (rather strange)16:36
=== raffael is now known as TGori
aajgaryou can disable it , do vi ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc16:37
aajgarand change startserver from true to false16:38
aajgarare you using kmail ?16:38
=== az is now known as Guest55507
BluesKajreisi, kmail ?16:49
=== PasNox_ is now known as PasNox
tdaviesHello, I'm trying to install 12.04 and I am getting a "ubi-partman failed with exit code 10" error.  I think it may have something to do with my partition table being corrupted.  I am fine with wiping my HD and starting from scratch.  Can someone help me please?16:51
BluesKajtdavies, which partitioner are you using ?16:54
BluesKajand how are you installing 12.04 ?16:55
reisiBluesKaj: processes seem of akonadi: /usr/bin/akonadi_imap_resource --identifier akonadi_imap_resource_0 (but i have configured these through kmail)16:55
reisiBluesKaj: s/seem of/look like/16:56
tdaviesBluesKaj - I initially put the partitions in when I installed 11.10. I had a swap,boot,/home, /, windows 7 partition, a few days back I installed TeXlive from source and it somehow maxed out16:57
tdaviesmy / parttiion and everything went bad from there16:57
BluesKajakonadi doesn't notify email , kmail does , and it has to be setup in settings>configure kmail>accounts16:57
tdaviesI've backed up my files and I was recommended to try to install 12.04 alone and then wondows via virtual box, i'd like to give that a try16:58
BluesKajtdavies, no ,install windows firs , so when you install 12.04 you can include the windows partition in grub16:59
BluesKajok VB , that's a different setup16:59
tdaviesBluesKaj, so you would recommend I just whipe the hardrive and try to install windows 7 by itself now?16:59
QuantellHi, can someone help to adjust brightness on webcam, im on ubuntu 12.04 using skype17:00
BluesKajtdavies, depends if you are going to install windows in VB then of course kubuntu will need to be installed first17:00
tdaviesBluesKaj, I've never used virtual box before, it was just an approach that was recommended to me - I thought I would try it is all.  I have no experience with it17:01
BluesKajtdavies, have you ever dual booted linux and windows?17:02
tdaviesBluesKaj, Yes, that is how I've always had my machine.  That works for me because my Dell Vostro 3400 has some Nvidia and audio issues that I have been unable to solve, Having the windows backup can be helpful17:03
tdaviesBluesKaj, I think I will take your suggestion.  Reinstall windows from scratch, then install 12.04 so I will have dual boot17:03
tdaviesBluesKaj, that's worked for me in the past so I may as well stay with it17:03
BluesKajnvidia graphics ?17:04
BluesKajthat shouldn't be a problem on 12.0417:04
tdaviesBluesKaj, that's what I'm hoping ;)17:04
tdaviesBluesKaj, Ok, I just threw in my windows DVD so hopefully this will install OK17:05
BluesKajdo recall the card model ? .17:05
graftany particular reason kwin would suddenly start eating up 100% of CPU when i try to do anything after upgrading to 4.8.2?17:06
tdaviesBluesKaj, not off hand, I tried to fix it via help on the forums but I was not able to17:06
BluesKajtdavies, it would be best if you used a live partitioner like gparted live cd to setup your partitions beforehand17:06
tdaviesBluesKaj, via live CD?17:06
BluesKajgraft, make sure it's kwin17:06
BluesKajin system monitor17:07
graftit's kwin17:07
graftand yes, i have desktop effects enabled17:07
graftbut they worked fine in 4.7, so i'm not sure what changed and what i can do about it17:08
BluesKajgraft, have you done a dist-upgrade17:08
graftyeah, just yesterday17:08
BluesKaj11.10 or 12.04  ?17:09
Quantellhow i can change brightness on skype, on kubuntu 12.04, skype, please help17:09
BluesKajtdavies, it depends if you're familiar with the kubuntu install partitioner then go for it ...recommend using the manual mode17:10
BluesKajfor partitioning17:11
tdaviesBluesKaj, I've done that before ti set up the partitions when I first installed 11.1 on my windows machine.17:11
tdaviesBluesKaj, so I would do this via the 12.04 live CD?17:12
BluesKajtdavies, ok cool , then I think you'll find 12.04 more stable than 11.10 as well17:12
BluesKajyes the 12.04 lived cd , is it current ?17:12
tdaviesBluesKaj, that would be great.  I love using Kubuntu but I use it for work and it has been crashing on me a fair bit.  It's at the point that if this doesn't hold I'm going to have to give up on linux and go mac (BOO!)17:13
tdaviesBluesKaj, I downloaded 12.04 yesterday17:13
BluesKajtdavies, ok, which email client do you intend to use?17:14
tdaviesBluesKaj, I don't - I just use gmail17:14
BluesKajok good17:14
tdaviesBluesKaj, I'm just reburning my USB key for 12.04 (for some reason when the install crashes the live CD USB login gets screwed up)17:15
tdaviesBluesKaj, so I should be able to get back on the live CD in about 517:16
blahblahnickHello. I'm running Kubuntu 11.10 on my machine at home, and my work computers. I got the message that there's an upgrade to 12.04 on the work computers, but not my home computer. What might be wrong?17:21
blahblahnickI've done an apt-get update (through the package manager GUI and the command line) several times. :/17:21
graftblahblahnick: what happens if you run update manager?17:22
blahblahnickWhat's that?17:23
blahblahnickThe package manager GUI?17:23
graftblahblahnick: it's the thing that manages updating17:23
graftblahblahnick: no, it's specifically just for updates17:23
graftblahblahnick: run update-manager17:23
blahblahnickIt's not installed.17:23
graftblahblahnick: well, that seems odd... better install it17:23
blahblahnickMan. It wants the world installed, too. :p17:24
graftwonder how that got lost17:24
Quantellhi is there a way to change brightness settins of a webcam on skype, using kubuntu 12.0417:24
yofelblahblahnick: another thing, please open your software properties and make sure the upgrade notification is set to "normal" releases - if it already is, set it to something else and then back to normal17:25
BluesKajblahblahnick, run an apt-get upgrade as well17:25
blahblahnickherp derp17:26
blahblahnickFor some reason I'm only showing LTS releases17:26
blahblahnickThanks all!17:26
graftwell, 12.04 is LTS anyway17:26
graftit should show17:26
blahblahnickBluesKaj, I ran an apt-get upgrade like 10 minutes ago.17:26
grafti thought i had a similar issue, but my issue was just that it came out on the 26th and i was trying to get it to show me the update on the 20th17:26
graftlike, hello, update manager, why can't you see forward through space-time?17:27
BluesKajblahblahnick, make sure your update manager is set to normal17:27
yofelgraft: if you show "LTS" upgrades on a release that's not a LTS itself the upgrade won't show up (update-manager can't reliably detect the new release then)17:27
graftyofel: huh, really17:27
graftyofel: seems like that would be pretty easy to specify17:28
tdaviesBluesKaj, I now have the live CD 12 up and running.  If I want to wipe the HD so I can renew the partitions - so I can then install windows and Kubuntu12 dual boot so I simply do it through the  Parition manager?17:28
graftall you need is some text file that says "12.04" in it17:28
macoLTS-to-LTS notification doesnt happen til the first point release after the LTS is released anyway17:28
yofelgraft: dunno, http://paste.kde.org/464762/ says so17:28
yofelah, that sounds like a good reason too17:28
blahblahnickOoh. Either switching from showing LTS releases to normal releases, or installing the update-manager showed that I have an update now!17:29
BluesKajtdavies, yes17:29
blahblahnickThanks for the help, all! :D17:29
tdaviesBlues, Kaj, before I start reinstalling windows I simply think there is something wrong with my Kubuntu partitions, it would be nice to not have to reinstall them all - can i just remove all of the extended partitions and recreate them during the kubuntu install? Hopefully that'll leave the windows intact and everything should go smoothly. Do you agree?17:31
BluesKajtdavies, somtimes it's best to just to sart a new partition table , especially if you don't need to save any data17:33
tdaviesBluesKaj, OK, the /dev/sda2 parition (my kubuntu) has a locked mount point (swap) - all I can do is delete the boot, /.and /home partitions17:35
tdaviesBluesKaj, and the OSDisk partition17:35
tdaviescan be deleted17:35
tdaviesBluesKaj, it's strange though, the extended partition (KDE) is 231.66 GB and it says it's full but all of the partitions contained in it are much less than full.  Weird.17:36
yofeltdavies: you can unlock the swap partition with 'sudo swapoff -a' from Konsole (assuming you have enough memory for the current session)17:37
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
tdaviesBluesKaj, yup that worked - So I think first I would like to try just removing the linux partitions and leaving the windows, and installing 12.04 - I'm quite sure the windows is OK - if not then I will clean everything and reinstall it all17:39
BluesKajtdavies, sounds like a plan17:40
tdaviesBluesKaj, OK, thanks - so i should just delete the ext2, linuxswap, and two ext4 (sub)partitions and just try to recreate them while installing 12.04.  Is that correct?17:41
BluesKajtdavies, yes17:44
BluesKajwhen you recreate the / and /home , use ext417:45
tdaviesBluesKaj, OK here goes - thanks (of course on the ext4 ;)17:45
leo_есть кто?17:50
FloodBotK1leo_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:50
leo_вопрос есть17:51
leo_почему не ставится хром а только хромиум?17:51
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:52
tdaviesBluesKaj, I removed the Kubuntu partitions andam getting the ubi-partman failed with exit code 1017:56
Quantelli got the radeon 4250, and when i play a movie on a laptop its not smooth17:57
tdaviesBluesKaj, should i just delete all the partitions and start from scratch?17:57
tdaviesBluesKaj, as you initially suggested :)17:57
Quantellit's kinda choppy17:57
Quantellplease help17:57
phoenix_firebrdQuantell: hi17:58
QuantellHi Phoenix17:59
phoenix_firebrdQuantell: what is your problem?17:59
QuantellI'm usinng dragon player17:59
Quantellevery video i play18:00
Quantellit comes as choppy18:00
Quantellgot latest drivers18:00
Quantelli'm pretty new to kubuntu18:00
phoenix_firebrdQuantell: does it happen only when playing hd videos or even for normal videos?18:01
BluesKajtdavies, what action is creating that error ?18:01
phoenix_firebrdQuantell: do you have a graphics card?18:02
tdaviesBluesKaj, when I'm trying to install 12 - after the 3rd party apps, and download updates page18:02
Quantellphoenix, doesn't matter is it HD or normal dvix, my graphic card is radeon hd425018:02
datruthHoe can I place icons(shortcuts) on my panel?18:02
datruthdragging and droping doesnt seem to work18:03
macodatruth: add widget, choose "quick launch" and drag that quick launch onto your panel18:04
macoyou can change which programs are offered in the quick launch by changing the quick launch settings18:04
Quantellwill it make a difference if i use totem player ?18:04
phoenix_firebrdQuantell: have you installed the graphics drivers?18:04
datruthmaco: that doesn't work18:05
macodatruth: which part?18:05
QuantellPhoenix: Yes18:05
datruthmaco: whenever I drag anything to the panel I get the red circle18:05
macodatruth: try dragging it to the desktop then pulling it from desktop top anel18:05
macodunno why it works that way, but it seems to18:06
datruthmaco: tried still i am blocked18:06
BluesKajtdavies, oh , I thought it was during setting up partitions18:06
macois your panel locked?18:06
tdaviesBluesKaj, nope - during the step from "preparing to install Kubuntu' to the partition part18:06
datruthmaco: not sure how can I unlock it?18:06
phoenix_firebrdQuantell: have you tried anyother player for example smplayer or vlc?18:06
tdaviesBluesKaj, the partition part in the next page of the install18:06
macodatruth: right click the panel and there should either be "lock panel" or "unlock panel"18:07
macodatruth: usually when its unlocked, there's a little swirly icon at the end of it18:07
BluesKajtdavies, I'm not familiar with that error ...yofel ?18:07
datruthmaco: I have lock and unlock widgets no lock panel18:07
=== dahlia_ is now known as dahlia
datruthor unlock panel18:08
BluesKajBBL ...stuff to do for a few mins18:08
macodatruth: did you right click the wallpaper or the panel?18:08
QuantellPhoenix: downloading totem at the moment18:08
datruthmaco: the panel18:08
macoalso it seems you need to be pretty precise about your dragging when putting things on the panel... you cant drop on top of another icon, so you have to line up your mouse between two widgets18:08
yofelBluesKaj: I fear I've never seen that either18:08
macooh huh. mine too. guess i havent scrwed with these in a few kde releases, sorry18:09
macowell are widgets unlocked?18:09
tdaviesBluesKaj, yofel - I guess I'll delete the windows partition, and reinstall everythng from scratch (drag)18:09
datruthmaco: yes18:09
macodatruth: so you have it on your desktop right now though?18:10
macocan you try very slowly dragging it over the panel moving it to the end of a widget, the mouse should turn to a hand instead of the red thing, and a space open up18:10
macobut between two window list windows isnt "end of a widget" nor is between two icons in the system tray18:11
macoso try next to the red/blue/green dots thing by the launcher, maybe?18:11
datruthmaco: wow that did it18:12
datruthI have to do it reaall slow18:12
macoit takes aim18:12
datruthand properly get at the very edge of the previous widget18:12
datruththanks for the assistance18:12
macoi dont remember it taking such good aim before18:12
* datruth either18:12
QuantellPhoenix: Same with SMplayer18:16
datruthmaco: how can I search for new wifi networks?18:16
datruthmaco: or refresh wifi network list to pickup new networks18:17
macoi thought there was a refresh button18:17
macobut im not on a computer with wifi right now so i cant look and tell you where18:17
macobut i thought it was at the bottom of the thing that pops out when you click the network doohicky in the tray18:17
macowoo, nouns!18:17
datruthmaco: nah there are options to disable / enable wireless and networking18:18
datruththats what I normally do to get thenew list18:18
datruthi know :(18:18
macothats the old widget18:18
macothe ...2009 widget18:18
macoplasma-widget-networkmanagement  <-- this one has all the rockin stuff18:19
maconetwork-manager-kde is the one that makes a narrow menu pop out and i dont think is even maintained anymore18:19
macothere should be a "show more" button at the bottom of the popout for the plasma widget one18:20
datruthmaco: that widget is the same of what I got already18:21
datruthmaco: yes there is a show more and show less option but that doesn't refresh the network18:21
macoi thought it did18:22
macowhat about clicking manage connections and going to add a new one?18:22
macothe "add new network" dialog has an option to scan for a network map of nearest APs18:22
BluesKajtdavies, then by all means setup a new partition table ..it takes a bit more time but it's worth the trouble18:23
tdaviesOK, will do.  For some reason whenever I get a failed install whenever I try to reboot up the live CD I go to a login page that I can't get past18:24
tdaviesBluesKaj: I use the username kubuntu with no pw but that seems to just crash X and go back to the login screen meaning I have to reburn the usb key18:25
sfearsthe user name is ubuntu18:25
BluesKajtdavies, you definitely need a pw18:27
phoenix_firebrdQuantell: are you there?18:27
fragskeanyone else having problems with resizing windows in KDE?18:27
datruthmaco: hrmm nah thats a nogo I'll just use to tickers to disable/enable wireless o_O18:28
tdaviesBluesKaj, yeah, I don't get it - kubuntu seems to start to work, but ubuntu username does not - I don't get it18:31
datruthDoes anyone know how to use / activate a webcam in kubuntu 12.04?18:32
BluesKajtdavies, did you reformat the partitions?18:32
tdaviesBluesKaj, I'm not quite there yet.  I removed the kuuntu ones and got that error we talked about before.  Now I can't log into the live CD for some reason and need to remake the bootable usb18:32
BluesKajwhy bother with the usb ?18:33
sfearsagreed BluesKaj tdavies, if your in the live session just install to disk while you're there and worry about the usb after install18:35
tdaviessfears, no you guys don't understand: When I use the Live CD ONCE and the install failes then the next time I try to enter a live session it asks for a username and password - I use the default of kubuntu and it appears to start to login but then fails18:37
tdaviessfears, anyway, I'm reburning the CD which will fix it (at least for one go)18:37
sfearsdoes not compute18:37
sfearslive session should not prompt for user name18:38
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tdaviessfears: like I said, I don't get it18:41
=== ubuntu__ is now known as TheHermit
BluesKajtdavies, sfears , I think if the partitions haven't been formatted there might be user and pw queries18:42
sfearstry the alternate install tdavies and make sure your using the correct architecture 32 or 6418:43
sfearsthe partitions aren't mounted in a live session, why would it matter18:43
BluesKajsfears, dunno whether it matters or not , but why is he getting them18:44
tdaviesBluesKaj, yes, I tried my usual pasword and username - no luck, very odd and annoying - anyway, I'm just entering a live session now to renew these partitions18:45
BluesKajtdavies,  and reset the the partition table18:45
tdaviessfears: i tried that too, no luck18:46
tdaviesBlueKaj, just waiting for it all to load up18:46
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
tdaviesBlueKaj, so my windows I set to ntfs; my boot to be ext2, swap, ext for /, and ext4 for /home. Zallgood?18:51
Ezimtdavies, why ext2?18:51
Ezimyou should use ext418:52
tdaviesEzim: I'm using this: http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/05/12/manual-disk-partitioning-guide-for-kubuntu-11-04/18:52
Ezimtdavies, thats weird. I have always used root/home/swap with ext418:53
Ezimext2 is not really needed18:53
tdaviesEzim, I have no idea, I'm just copying it - it has worked in the past18:53
Ezimtdavies, and why should you use /boot? do not really see the benefit.18:54
tdaviesEzim, like I said, I'm just following the recipe18:54
Ezimtdavies, oki :). but if it works for you thats good.18:54
BluesKajtdavies, why a boot partition ?18:55
EzimBluesKaj, I asked the same question :).18:55
TheHermithello.. i have managed to crash my system few times in last week ( my fault , i know why it died ) , but ... seems now my download from kubuntu source is slow .. could it be the reason that i have done so few times in a week already ?18:56
tdaviesBlueKaj, Ezim, what wouldyou guys suggest?18:56
macoTheHermit: more likely it's due to the fact that about 100,000 people are downloading the new version of ubuntu and kubuntu today18:56
TheHermitoh , cheers maco :)18:57
maco(estimating *very* conservatively, given there's supposedly something like 12,000,000 ubuntu users)18:57
BluesKajtdavies, it's BluesKaj .I'm not blue , but I am into the blues :)18:57
Ezimtdavies, root partition, /home, /swap. all with ext4. normally before when I person tried btrfs they also used boot partition.18:57
tdaviesTheHermit, use torrent and make sure DHT is enabled, I just redownloaded it and it took about 5 mins18:57
TheHermit tdavies ., i have live install , and am selection option to dowload updates while installing .. but it makes sense now :)18:57
tdaviesBluesKaj, whoops sorry!18:58
tdaviesBluesKaj, should these all be primary or extended partitions? I thought that the main would be primary and the subpartitions would be extended but that doesn't seem to be an option18:59
sfearstdavies: i think swap should be on a primary and where ever /boot is and the rest can be on extended?19:00
BluesKajtdavies, primary19:00
sfearsmaybe just where /boot is19:00
macoi think id also put swap on primary19:01
Kottizenthe new start-up screen (the one you see before the login screen) looks... terrible - I'm sorry to say that19:01
macobut i usually just do / and swap19:01
BluesKajtdavies, no need for a /boot19:01
Kottizenhowever, it boots *a lot* faster now, so I don't get to see it as much as before! :)19:01
macoubuntu & kubuntu installers have been able to reinstall without losing /home while having everything in a single / since hardy19:01
macoso the advantage of a separate /home is ... meh, unless you're going to switch to fedora...19:02
BluesKajmaco, yup , unless the config files become corrupted , which does happen19:02
macoBluesKaj: having a separate /home doesnt really prevent that though19:02
macoor mitigate it19:02
macothe only thing you can do is keep a backup19:02
tdaviesBluesKaj, OK, so I have a ntfs partition, a '/' partition of 10 Gigs, a linuxswap of 2 gigs and the rest is home -- zallgood?19:03
macoshould be fine19:03
sfearscan you have /home on a usb drive as a security feature? or maybe any of the necessary folders?19:03
BluesKajyup tdavies19:03
tdaviesboth '/' and '/home' are ext419:03
sfearsinstall /dev to a usb stick to use as a dongle to make the system boot19:04
sfearsor maybe an sd card19:04
sfearsi've never tried it19:04
maco /dev doesnt hold permanent data19:05
sfearswould still make the system unbootable if it wasn't there?19:05
tdaviesBluesKaj, OK, that seems like it worked fine so now I should go install windows on the nmfs partition, then try installing kubuntu on the others - zallright?19:05
BluesKajtdavies, yes19:05
BluesKajI tried it with a plop disk , to boot to a usb and it worked ok , but shortly after that my mobo died :(19:06
tdaviesok, brb with an update - thanks a lot for the help, I really appreciate it?19:06
BluesKajon my test pc19:06
macosfears: no, itd just be generated19:06
tdaviesBluesKaj, I mean I really appreciate it ! (no questions) ;)19:06
sfearswhat would be the best folder to use for that, if it would even work how I imagine maco?19:07
danielk22Anyone know the official way to get my own dns info into /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04? In earlier releases I had to add it to the /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/* But in 12.04 it looks like that data is completely ignored if NetworkManager is still installed on the system.19:08
macosfears: well i dont think a system could run without /etc19:08
BluesKajtdavies, your welcome ..good luck , it should work out fine19:08
macosfears: but you'd have to get the usb drive mounted..which requires a file thats in /etc to do the mounting configuration19:08
tdaviesBluesKaj, any chance you're on reddit?19:08
macosfears: why dont you set a bios password for booting?19:08
sfearsi wouldn't want the hardware locked19:09
sfearsjust a key19:09
BluesKajtdavies, occasionally I reddit19:10
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=== StAnger is now known as TheHermit
xskydevilxWhere is the list of mirrors for downloading Kubuntu 12.04?19:15
tdaviesBluesKaj, this isn't good, blue screen of death! Ack!19:15
tdaviesBluesKaj, STOP: C000021a {Fatal System Error}19:16
sfearsxskydevilx: there's a mirrors drop down menu in the package manager control panel19:16
xskydevilxsfears, I don't think you grasp what I want to do.19:16
BluesKajtdavies, no idea19:17
sfearsi second that xskydevilx19:17
xskydevilxBecause I can't find Kubuntu here http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/19:18
sfearsxskydevilx: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download19:19
xskydevilxsfears, Where is it pulling it from? The servers are slow...19:19
sfearsxskydevilx: download the alternate?19:20
tdaviesBluesKaj, well, I'll check the partitions, perhaps what I'll have to do is just have one ntfs partition and make the partitions in the isntallation manager once windows is installed19:20
xskydevilxsfears, maybe..19:21
sfearsand there's a choice of mirrors from the link i gave you, i had good luck with liveCD.iso 64bit torrent yesterday19:21
BluesKajtdavies, depends which windows , if it's vista , it'll want the whole drive iirc19:24
tdaviesBluesKaj, it's windows 719:24
tdaviesBluesKaj, maybe I need to flag the ntfs partition as boot?19:25
BluesKajmaybe, I can't recall19:26
BluesKajmakes sense tho ...windows likes to be the only game in town :)19:26
tdaviesBluesKaj, I hope so, i see, to recall it had that label before19:27
BluesKajme too ...well , time for my nap ...BBL19:28
tdaviesBluesKaj, sleep well!19:29
rrod666hey where is KTorrent located?19:53
rrod666as in the files itself... I am trying to get Opera to open magnet links for ktorrent19:53
=== PasNox_ is now known as PasNox
jessierrod666: You can find out with whereis ktorrent19:57
jessieFor me, it's /usr/bin/ktorrent19:57
rrod666jessie: scratch that, #archlinux solved it about 3 minutes ago thanks ahah19:58
rrod666-_- I need to understand the file structure way better19:58
rrod666cheers, mate19:58
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=== Guest73278 is now known as PrestoJeff
tdaviesI just cleaned off my drive and made a new partition table. I reinstalled windows but and STILL when I try to install 12.04 I get 'ubi-partman failed with exit code 10".  Any ideas?20:15
jimmy51i got the 12.04 install pop up notice but when i try to run it i get a "could not calculate upgrade" error.  any ideas?20:16
PrestoJeffHello, I'm running 10.04.4 LTS and when I run kpackagekit (as myself, not sudo), I don't see the "upgrade to 12.04 LTS" on the Software Update pane.  Do I need to adjust the Software Sources?20:16
=== JMichaelX is now known as jmichael_away
BluesKajPrestoJeff, you need to have root permissions to upgrade (sudo)20:30
tdaviesBluesKaj: I managed to get windows installed but am still fighting with getting kubuntu on20:32
tdaviesBluesKaj, it just seems to be hacing a hard time finding the partitions..... I either get an "'ubi-partman failed with exit code 10" but ethen I tried it again, it initially found the partitions but when I went to manual it lost them.. This is very weird20:33
PrestoJeffThanks, BluesKaj, I'm now sudo'ed, but there's still no link on the pane, just a list of the packages that need updating.  Do I need to "fully update" all my packages before I'll get the 12.04 upgrade link?20:37
BluesKajprest yes20:40
BluesKajPrestoJeff,  yes20:40
BluesKajtdavies, I found this it might help20:41
tdaviesBluesKaj, I was reading that too but I couldn't figure out how to impliment their suggestion20:42
BluesKajtdavies, I'm quoting here: "At the initial screen in the installation process, pressing F6 allowed me to define no RAID disks (nodmraid). After doing that, Ubuntu simply bypassed those RAID disks and found available partitions, one of which I was able to choose for the installation.'20:48
macohow old is that?20:49
tdaviesBluesKaj, I read that, I tried that, but I'll give it another go20:49
macoi dint think the F6 menu was still around20:49
macooh but maybe in kubuntu it is..20:49
BluesKajpretty old maco , but so is the rror20:49
macobut the fix might have changed20:50
macoas the F6 menu for modifying stuff about the boot might have been moved20:50
tdaviesI'm just confused seeing that I just cleaned the partition table20:50
BluesKajtype nodmraid20:50
macoin Ubuntu, the page that lets you click F6 definitely disappeared20:50
PrestoJeffThanks again, BluesKaj, hopefully the last question: I've selected all the updates and clicked "Apply", now there's a dialog box "Waiting for service to start" which is just sitting there "cylon'ing".  Any idea what it's waiting for?20:50
BluesKajPrestoJeff, stop the updater , open a terminal and do , sudo do-release-upgrade20:51
BluesKajI don't trust a gui that doesn't give me the option of seeing what dpkg is doing20:53
qwebirc21343hey how is 12.04 looking folks?  im betting ready to put it on this box, any gotcha's?20:54
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qwebirc21343getting not betting20:54
BluesKajqwebirc21343, using kmail ?20:54
qwebirc21343lemme change name20:55
=== qwebirc21343 is now known as phiscribe
phiscribeok, not using kmail20:55
phiscribekmail still got problems? the last upgrade was bad on it20:55
BluesKajphiscribe, then go for it20:56
BluesKajphiscribe, I still have some kmail segfaults20:56
phiscribewill be clean install on this box, but i have previous kubuntu on another box, ill wait a few moths before i try a distro upgrade20:56
BluesKajphiscribe, well ,it's quite stable otherwise20:57
tdaviesBluesKaj, so the initial screen of the isntallation process would be where it asks you to download third part apps and updates correct?20:57
phiscribegreat, dl'ing now20:58
BluesKajtdavies, not that I can recall20:58
PrestoJeffBluesKaj, I think there's something weird going on, now all of the updates have cleared off my Update pane, I got a little popup from the tray about needing to reboot (but the updates never started), and when I try to refresh, I get a cylon "Waiting for package manager lock".20:58
tdaviesF6 does work - ack this is frustrating20:59
phiscribethat lock error to me suggests two programs that do updates are trying to run, (when only one is allowed), perhaps reboot21:00
PrestoJeffI've tried do-release-upgrade and also checked to see if there were rogue dpkg processes.21:01
BluesKajgawd i hate that updater ...it's causing endless problems today21:01
BluesKajPrestoJeff, did you run sudo dpkg --clear-avail21:02
PrestoJeffI will try that now.21:02
tdaviesBluesKaj, so I got windows installed by labelling that partition 'boot'.  Anyway, I'm stuck now (just failed again) so I'm going to "re-repartition' the drive to only have ntfs and install windows on it. Then I will allow the 12.04 installer to set up the partitions.21:03
tdaviesBluesKaj, I've run out of ideas - I thinik this is the 20 th time I've tried to get it to work21:03
BluesKajtdavies, me too ..21:03
PrestoJeffRan that, now when I click on the SW Update pane, there's a "waiting for other tasks" and another cylon.21:04
phiscribetrying to upgrade to 12.04 from previous tdavies?  (didnt catch the whole story)21:04
tdaviesphiscribe, no, I've done a complete harddrive wipe after my 11.10 getting corrupted21:04
phiscribeget henry winkler to slap it21:05
PrestoJeffIf I click on the "Refresh" button, I get a "Waiting for authentication" popup with a lifering and another cylon.21:06
BluesKajtdavies, DarthFrog is another westcoaster ...he might have some ideas about, ubi-partman failed with exit code 1021:06
tdaviesphiscribe, now I'm getting a "'ubi-partman failed with exit code 10" which I think has something to do with theinstaller not being able to identify the partitions correctly (although it seems to be able to about 1/2 the time initially).  ANyway, I'm going to re-wipe the harddrive and start from scratch (AGAIN)21:06
tdaviesBluesKaj, this log in screen is just adding to the frustration...21:07
tdaviesI've reburnt this distro 10 times already21:07
BluesKajneed to do that tdavies , try the live cd21:08
BluesKajno need rather21:08
tdaviesBluesKaj, that's what I'm doing21:08
tdaviesThe first time no password, second time it always asks for one21:08
tdaviesand when I put in the correct one: kubuntu, it appears to start to start up but then just goes back to the password login screen21:09
BluesKajwhy bother with  usb thing, it's just an uneccessary step21:09
tdaviesbecause I don't have any burnable cds handy21:09
BluesKajuse unebootin tdavies21:10
tdaviesunebootin ? never heard of it - let me go do the google21:11
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent21:11
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tdaviesBluesKaj, what I've done for this burn is to discard all information at shutdown.  At least then it shouldn't be looking for a password21:14
Roeyhey all21:16
RoeyBluesKaj:  hola :)21:16
BluesKajtdavies, did you read ubottu post21:16
RoeyBluesKaj:  good seeing you :)21:16
BluesKajhi Roey LTNS :)21:16
Roeyoh that's perrrrrrfect that you're here.. maybe you can answer this basic question?21:16
tdaviesBluesKaj: I did, that's how I have been creating my usb live21:16
RoeyBluesKaj:   I have a PPA that overrides my main Oneiric installation.  How do I pin it so that I download the packages from the PPA by default?  apt-get is refusing to see past the package in the main installation.   https://launchpad.net/~lekensteyn/+archive/wacom-tablet?field.series_filter=oneiric21:17
RoeyI guess pinning is not the thing here21:17
Roeypreferences pinning is just between different releases.21:17
linuxguy101anyone know how i can see if muon is running or downloading software?21:18
linuxguy101i selected some software packages, muon did not ask for a password and it seems to be doing nothing21:19
BluesKajRoey, did it accept the signing key when you updated after adding the ppa?21:21
RoeyBluesKaj:  I thikn?21:21
RoeyBluesKaj:  I remmeeber doing apt-add or something like it, and then it saying somethihng about retrieving the key21:21
BluesKajRoey, you have to run an update to install the repos in the sources.list/package manager21:22
BluesKajppa repos21:22
RoeyBluesKaj:  I have them there.21:23
v0xican anyone help me,after installing KDE,in unity everything dissapeared just only wallpaper..21:23
RoeyBluesKaj:  and then it tells me that I have a duplicate etnry.21:23
RoeyBluesKaj:  http://pastebin.com/Gsjgy16X21:24
RoeyBluesKaj:  and that's after apt-get updat21:24
BluesKajlinuxguy101, muon is buggy , use apper , or apt-get in the terminal21:24
* mydogsnameisrudy thinks BluesKaj just dont like muon ;)21:24
linuxguy101BluesKaj: where do i get a list of software in the terminal that is aval to download/21:25
* Roey suspects BluesKaj prefers the command line21:26
linuxguy101also how do i set root password21:26
linuxguy101using user password as root is just stupid in my book21:26
BluesKajRoey, is correct , but I do use synaptic as a reference for packages21:27
tdaviesBluesKaj, I finally got it to work by removing all of the linux partitions and THEN letting the loader look for them21:27
tdaviesBluesKaj, when I was filling in my user names and computer name my thumb hit my mouse pad (its in a REALLY annoying place) changed it to something and then jumped to the next step - THAT'S ANNOYING21:28
tdaviesbut kind of funny21:28
RoeyBluesKaj:  so any idea now?21:28
BluesKajRoey, open /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the duplicate debs21:29
=== snowball is now known as snowball2
RoeyBluesKaj:  and then what?21:32
RoeyBluesKaj:  if I do apt-get update, it still selects the mainstream packages instead of the PPA ones21:32
juacom99hi, 1 question: i download the iso of kubuntu 12.04 and burn it on a CD but it dons't show the live option, it only let me install it, is that right?21:33
PrestoJeffThis kpackagekit thing is really strange.21:33
BluesKajRoey, it didn't get the signing key , recopy it  from the ppa page and do : sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys XXXX21:35
PrestoJeffThe SW Update pane shows no updates pending, but there's still no 12.04 link.  If I try to "Refresh", then I'll get a "Waiting for package manager lock" cylon.21:36
PrestoJeffI've tried running dpkg --clear-avail and do-release-upgrade.21:37
BluesKajjuacom99, there should be an option at the menu to run kubuntu or install ..run kubuntu means you can try it out from the cd , then install from the desktop option if you wish21:38
BluesKajPrestoJeff, sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a21:39
juacom99BluesKaj: i don't see it, it only said install kubuntu, boot from first harddrive, and other 2 options that are not try kubuntu21:39
juacom99BluesKaj: i donwloadit from the oficial web yesterday and try in 2 machines, even the installer is a console aplication and not the fancy GUI installer there use to be21:40
BluesKajjuacom99, look for the "Live cd' not the iso21:41
juacom99ok thanks21:41
BluesKajjuacom99, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/12.04/release/21:43
juacom99thanks i alreaddy find the file21:43
juacom99i download the alter alternate21:44
RoeyBluesKaj:  I see the key is this:  1024R/291D760B21:44
Roeybut apt doesn't take it.21:44
juacom99BluesKaj: i download this one kubuntu-12.04-alternate-amd6421:44
juacom99and not desktop21:45
mydogsnameisrudyjuacom99: ya download the other one21:45
* mydogsnameisrudy has hot coffee (_)l21:46
Roeydon't spill!!21:47
BluesKajalternate gives more options for older pcs , juacom9921:47
BluesKaj!alternate | juacom9921:47
ubottujuacom99: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal21:47
juacom99BluesKaj mydogsnameisrudy : thank bouth21:47
BluesKajRoey, leave out the 102421:49
Roeygpg: key 291D760B: "Launchpad PPA for Lekensteyn" not changed21:49
Roeyso it did have the key.21:50
BluesKajRoey, then I dunno , maybe you need to find the packagenames you want and install them like any other21:51
Roeywith package=version ?21:51
RoeyTried that..21:51
Roeyii  xserver-xorg-input-wacom 1:0.11.0-0ubuntu2        X.Org X server -- Wacom input driver21:51
RoeyBluesKaj:  the PPA version is -0.13.something21:51
BluesKajfind what package name is and sudo apt-get install nameofpackage21:52
RoeyI did21:52
Roeyit refuses to upgrade it.21:52
Roeysays it's already the latest version.21:52
BluesKajthe packages must be listed on the guys ppa site21:52
Roeyyou tell me what the package is?21:53
RoeyI tried "linux-wacom".21:53
RoeyAnd apt-get says it can't find it.21:53
BluesKajRoey, https://launchpad.net/~lekensteyn/+archive/wacom-tablet/+files/wacom-dkms_0.12.1-0ubuntu1~ppa4_all.deb21:55
Roeyperfect thanks!!21:56
Roeygosh.. I don't know why that thing wasn't clickable for me.21:56
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BluesKajRoey, I clicked on "View Package details"21:57
Roeyfor me it was not clickable21:57
Roeyprobably because I had noscript and requestpolicy blocking it21:57
Roeythanks so much :)21:57
guest12345does anybody have any experience setting up ffserver?  I previously had this working under archlinux, but cannot get it to work under kubuntu 12.04...  The main problem seems to be my feed1.ffm file never gets larger then 4K, but my MaxFileSize is set to 4M.  The only error message I have to go on is: Feed '/mnt/ramdisk/feed1.ffm' stream number does not match registered feed21:59
guest12345 21:59
ggrohmanninstalled kubuntu 12.04 64bit today and cannot install seamonkey22:00
ggrohmannapt-get does not find  any package.22:00
PrestoJeffBluesKaj, that fuser/dpkg command seemed to clear most things up, I have rebooted, but kpackagekit's SW Updates pane still has no 12.04 link.  There are no updates waiting for me, AFAICT.  I have been able to Refresh.22:00
guest12345ggrohmann:  type 'aptitude search seamonkey'22:01
ggrohmannok mom please22:01
BluesKajPrestoJeff, ok forget kpackagrkit for now , sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade , then sudo do-release-upgrade22:03
PrestoJeffAll right, I'll try that, thank you for your help!22:04
BluesKajguest12345, aptitude is longer supported , use apt-get22:04
ggrohmannok guest12345 aptitude found it22:04
BluesKajno longer supported22:04
BluesKajit's ok for search , but not installing or removing22:04
BluesKajtime to go ...dinner22:05
Roeyand thanks!22:06
ggrohmannsorry I got 11.10 running, installed that today again22:06
ggrohmannon 11.10 it installs on 12.04 it does not22:06
GH0Hey, so I just finished my update to 12.04, and went to restart. Now when I reboot, I get the following message(s):http://i.imgur.com/YGsxT.jpg & http://i.imgur.com/boUtG.jpg If I choose Previous Linux Versions or Recovery Mode, I am still presented with the Error: No partitions found.22:07
RoeyGH0:  was it painful?22:07
Roeywhat did you pudate from, 11.10?22:07
GH0Yes. Followed the directions exactly.22:08
Roeyand it was painful, I see.22:08
RoeyI always have to f--- with it every single time I do-release-upgrade.22:08
GH0Followed this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades/Kubuntu22:08
Roeysomething always bareaks..22:08
GH0THat was the link Riddell gave to me yesterday.22:08
RoeyGH0:  I'd offer to help but I'm heading out22:08
RoeyGH0:  BluesKaj is insanely patient and knows his stuff22:09
RoeyGH0:  he went to dinnner22:09
GH0Alright, so I just need to hope he gets back from dinner soon. :)22:09
GH0Cause going without my music is KILLING ME INSIDE22:09
RoeyI know how you feeeel22:09
ggrohmanncan anyone check if apt-get install seamonkey works?22:10
guest12345GH0:  How many hard drives do you have installed on your computer?22:11
GH0Uh.. 7?22:12
GH0I think.22:12
GH0Maybe 8 actually.22:12
GH0/boot is on the same physical drive as /.22:12
guest12345GH0:  when your bios is loading, you should be able to click f12 or f11 or something to select the boot device.  Try every hard drive, one will work.  Then set that hd in the bios as the first boot device22:12
guest12345GH0:  *click->hit22:13
GH0Just as a heads up, this occurs AFTER Grub boots. The drive itself is loading the proper boot drive.22:14
guest12345GH0:  Yup, I had the same problem...22:14
GH0So what happened then? Did /boot change?22:15
guest12345GH0:  I don't know the details of what changed, but I had the same problem in 11.10 and 12.04 upgrades22:15
guest12345I liked the earlier versions of grub better, simpler22:16
guest12345GH0:  If you find the correct hd to boot from, it should work22:17
pider /msg NickServ pider gunnar2522:18
guest12345does anybody have any experience setting up ffserver? I previously had this working under archlinux, but cannot get it to work under kubuntu 12.04... The main problem seems to be my feed1.ffm file never gets larger then 4K, but my MaxFileSize is set to 4M. The only error message I have to go on is: Feed '/mnt/ramdisk/feed1.ffm' stream number does not match registered feed22:20
GH0guest12345, none of them actually boot up. :(22:29
guest12345GH0:  you tried all 8 already?22:29
guest12345GH0, your best bet is probably to try to boot a live cd/usb and reinstall grub then22:30
kubuntunice - love kubuntu 12.04 so far.22:37
tdaviesBluesKaj, thanks for all the help, I have 12 installed now and just copying over my backed up /home22:48
sfearstdavies, you figure everything out?22:48
tdaviesafears : seems like it.22:48
tdaviessfears, I deleted the linux partitions and let the install manager make them and install22:49
tdaviesthe issue was making htem first in the partition manager for some reason - weird22:49
tdaviessfears: no harm is copying over my /home folder from 11.10 (including the hidden '.' folders is there?22:50
sfearsnope, you probably want those hidden folders.  Those are a lot of your settings and configs.22:51
tdaviesthat's what I thought - sweet - another 10 minutes and I should be 90% back to where I was 3 days ago ;)22:51
sfearsat least no major harm, if there were any misconfigurations copying them over could be a pain, but nothing creating a new user wouldn't solve22:51
avihaywhy does amarok sometimes just stops playing at an end of a song for apparently no good reason?22:52
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spaceneedleIs there a tool that will uninstall an old kernel like ailurus(which doesn't work)?23:06
spaceneedleBtw, Kubuntu 12.04 is working fantastic on my laptop--far less buggier than ubuntu 12.04. Great job!23:08
DorkVaderyeah, 12.04 is going great for me as well23:11
PhilRodhow is kmail in 12.04? I had trouble with it in 11.1023:15
phoenix_firebrdi like to try gnome3, what is the package name?23:22
phoenix_firebrdcan i use this ppa gnome3-team/gnome323:23
GH0BluesKaj, are you available?23:28
GH0Just repasting it from earlier, Roey mentioned you might be able to help - Hey, so I just finished my update to 12.04, and went to restart. Now when I reboot, I get the following message(s):http://i.imgur.com/YGsxT.jpg & http://i.imgur.com/boUtG.jpg If I choose Previous Linux Versions or Recovery Mode, I am still presented with the Error: No partitions found.23:29
phoenix_firebrdGH0: hi23:30
GH0Hey phoenix_firebrd23:30
phoenix_firebrdGH0: i think grub is installed in the wrong drive23:31
phoenix_firebrdGH0: My best guess is that there are 2 grub installs in 2 drives23:32
GH0It isn't, we already went over this. I attempted to boot directly from 8 different drives, and one brought Grub up, with the message above. Another just sits there with _ blinking but doesn't load anything, and every other one asks me to restart because the disk doesn't contain a bootable partition.23:32
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phoenix_firebrdGH0: did you reinstall grub?23:33
phoenix_firebrdGH0: Thats the best solution, i had that problem , i did this and it got solved. The proper way is very difficult23:34
GH0I would rather do it the proper way if possible.23:35
phoenix_firebrdGH0: both yeals the same result23:36
phoenix_firebrdGH0: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling_GRUB223:38
DorkVaderyo, anyone have any advice on how I can mount an NTFS partition?23:39
phoenix_firebrdDorkVader: using dolphin filemanager?23:40
phoenix_firebrdDorkVader: or using bash?23:40
DorkVadereither I suppose, ah, I see there is a mount.ntfs binary23:40
GH0Would it be better to have a Kubuntu 12.04 disc when doing that? Or is a Kubuntu 11.10 disc fine?23:41
DorkVaderso I suppose there is built in NTFS support nowadays?23:41
phoenix_firebrdGH0: while installing using a command or while using the boot-repair tool?23:42
phoenix_firebrdGH0: incase of a command , any version is ok'23:42
GH0While using the boot-repair tool/23:45
DorkVaderso dolphin has apparently let me mount my ntfs drives with just a click, they all show up in the side bar23:46
phoenix_firebrdGH0: it is available for both 12.04 and 11.10 so use can use any ubuntu version23:47
penalizacjahi :)23:49
phiscribeok fresh 12.04, fonts are horrific, is there some antialias or true type tuning availalbe?23:51
phiscribeok inside rekonq the fonts are fine, the desktop is rendered very poorly, they strain my bifocals23:53
phiscribein this app they are horrible, (quassel irc)23:53
phiscribetake that back some are ok in rekonq23:54
Chaserphiscribe, system settings -> application appearance -> fonts ? I see an antialias option23:56
phiscribei turned it on and rgb hinting, but nothing, might have to log out23:57
phiscribegonna try that23:58
penalizacjahmm no telepathy in 12.04 ?23:59

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