bacbenji: would clint's idea of snapshots really help us?  it seems like he meant they could be re-used in the context of a given bootstrap/destroy-environment cycle, not across them.  we'd need long-lived snapshots and a way to load them at the next deploy12:09
gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb call in 1 or 212:09
gary_posterjoining now12:10
gary_posterthe context was long-lived12:10
gmbgary_poster, I'm trying to join, but it's just spinning atm.12:11
benjigary_poster: did you want to talk about... something that I don't remember right now13:14
gary_posterbenji, I do, and sure :-)13:14
* frankban -> lunch13:15
bacgary_poster: btw, synaptic cleared up my upgrade rash yesterday14:19
gary_posterheh, cool14:19
frankbangmb: nice hint the FakeLogger one, thank you!14:47
gmbfrankban: Happy to help :)14:51
bacbye all.  have a nice weekend and/or trip to california15:01
gary_postergmb: headdesk on juju?15:07
gmbI mean, I know they're trying to help... I just keep having to explain this from first principles :)15:08
gary_posteryeah :-/15:09
gary_posterI talked with hazmat.  will share at some future date :-)15:09
gmbAlso, niemeyer's "well, your experience isn't my experience" was unhelpful.15:09
gary_postergmb, +1 on brainstorming with niemeyer?  it might be difficult, but it might also be productive, long and short term.15:12
gary_posterIt could only hurt for a very short time :-P15:13
gary_posterand it would be you hurting, not me!15:13
gmbgary_poster, Agreed :). I can survive a little pain.15:13
gary_posterso I'm all in favor :-P15:13
gary_postercool, good luck15:13
frankbangary_poster: it seems the buffer overflow has been fixed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/98891815:26
_mup_Bug #988918: buffer overflows possible in liblxc <verification-needed> <lxc (Ubuntu):In Progress by serge-hallyn> <lxc (Ubuntu Precise):Fix Committed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/988918 >15:26
gary_postergreat frankban.  yet to be released, but should be soon15:27
gmbgary_poster, Nicely put over in #juju :)15:48
gary_postergmb, thanks, trying for my next reply. :-) the "no need to rehash" apparently fell on deaf ears ;-)15:48
gmbgary_poster, You could always deploy "patches welcome" as needed... Tell him I'll be happy to help him get set up...15:56
gary_postergmb, lol15:57
gary_postergmb, that always seems much closer to "F*** you" than I'd like ;-) but maybe that's my isolated perspective15:57
benjigary_poster: I thinkoed the dates for my week after next leave, canonical admin has me out all next week; I'm submitting a new one and you should reject the one that is 02/05/2012 - 07/05/2012; it will instead be the 9th to the 14th16:01
gary_posterack benji16:01
benjithe Buildbot subunit bits are starting up in EC2 now, if anyone wants to pre-review it, the diff is at https://pastebin.canonical.com/65162/16:05
frankbangary_poster, benji: have a nice weekend!17:04
gary_posteryou too frankban!17:04
* gary_poster has adjusted kanban board17:09
* gary_poster goes to lunch17:09
gary_posterbenji, I was trying to figure out what to ask Sarah to change for your vacation and realized I'm still confused17:14
gary_posterlet's talk soon :-)17:14
benjigary_poster: any time is good17:14
benjiI think you just need to reject the one and approve the other17:15
gary_posterbenji oh ok.  let's go to the horde really quickly17:15
gary_posteronce burned, twice shy ;-)17:15
gary_posterhttps://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/_/extras/canonical.com/goldenhorde when you get a chance benji17:16
benjigary_poster: having hangout problems just now, one sec17:17
* gary_poster restarts18:30
gary_posterGary had UTF8 for his default encoding in terminal, and there was much rejoicing19:08
benjigary_poster: take a look at this and you might have a bit more rejoicing to do: http://ec2-107-21-150-90.compute-1.amazonaws.com:8010/builders/lucid_lp/builds/219:10
gary_posterbenji, wow!19:11
gary_posterheh, I was going to ask where the failures log was ;-)19:11
gary_posterLet's kick off another one--can't be too hard to get a failure ;-)19:12
gary_posteryay benji!19:12
benjithat run had two small fixes to the (untestable) buildbot integration points that I have put on the branch, but we haven't had a real, honest to goodness run with only code pulled from bzr yet19:13
benjigary_poster: therefore, I'm going to kill the master, rebuild it and then start another run19:13
gary_posternice email gmb19:13
benjiat that point I'll do an MP and look for the next thing to pick up19:14
gary_posterok cool sounds good benji19:14
gary_posterAn MP of what benji? ;-) unfortunately we are changing the real lpbuildbot branch :-)19:14
gary_posterwe could have a review of the pastebin you gave earlier19:14
gary_postermight not be a bad idea19:14
gary_posterbut it is retrospective I think19:15
benjigary_poster: nope, that's on bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~benji/lpbuildbot/add-worker-logging/19:15
gary_posteroh, cool benji.19:15
* gary_poster goes off to record green test run19:15
gary_posterbenji, tests in testrepository pass if I only remove stopTest from it's implementation of TestResultFilter.  If I comment out _filtered, tests fail19:46
gary_posterSo _filtered is doing something, and apparently the right thing, at least as far as the tests are concerned19:46
gary_posterbenji, IOW, this seems like the only thing needed: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/950663/19:47
benjigary_poster: right, _filtered was there in the begining, it was just one or two lines, we added the call to _get_concrete (or whatever it's called) and an increment to testsRun19:47
gary_posterbenji, no, that's a diff to testrepository.  Wanna hangout for speed?19:47
benjigary_poster: I'd be surprised if that works, but... yes, hangout good19:48
benjihmm, I haven't rebooted yet; I don't know if this'll work19:48
gary_posterI can try out your terminal sharing if you like :-)19:49
gary_posteror use old versionm19:49
gary_posteror just share screen19:49
gary_posterI can also wait for you to reboot while I go get some water and prepare19:49
gary_posterbenji ^^ what's your poison?19:49
benjigary_poster:  how about I reboot and we go from there19:50
benji___gary_poster: another clean run, I added it to the result log20:32
=== benji___ is now known as benji
gary_postercool benji, great20:32
* benji snips his tail.20:32
gary_posteroh :-)20:32
benjiit ocurrs to me that if we want the worker logs to be in sorted order we can: when adding a worker log make sure that all "lower" worker logs have already been added and if not, add them (in order)20:33
gary_posterbenji, good idea20:40
gary_posterbenji, I was also thinking it might be nice to add the failure log initially20:40
gary_posterthat way it will be in a known place20:40
benjigary_poster: behold: https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/lpbuildbot/add-worker-logging/+merge/10394120:57
gary_posterbenji, awesome, looking20:58
* benji goes afk to lay out shrubs, but will be back in a bit20:58
gary_posterbenji, I need to leave @5:15 fwiw20:58
gary_posterbenji, approved, with two changes requested (comment, and making sure to close the logs).  If you disagree and/or just want to land it, just mention that in the MP and I'll make cards for the other work.21:14
gary_posterHave a great and safe trip benji21:14
* gary_poster goes to get boys from piano21:14
benjigary_poster: all excellent points/suggestions; I will have very little time between now and Monday night so I suggest landing it as-is and making cards for the follow-up21:36
gary_postercool benji thanks bye21:53

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