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klimenserhi all, how to install support for ntfs drives?02:43
klimenser ñåòè02:44
holsteinklimenser: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:44
corvus_I upgraded to Lubuntu 12.04, and "Additional Drivers" doesn't let me install the Nvidia drivers. Any idea why?02:51
corvus_It's not even an option.02:51
holsteincorvus_: do you need the driver?02:52
corvus_I was using the proprietary driver in 11.10. Worked great.02:52
corvus_Would prefer to use it, yes.02:52
corvus_When trying to install it in Synaptic, it gets flagged with a red "!" and won't let me install.02:53
corvus_Packages break whenever I try.02:53
holsteincorvus_: what packages.. how?02:53
holsteinmaybe its not supported in 12.04 yeat?02:53
holsteini say, if its working, just use it02:54
holsteinyou dont get 3d02:54
holsteinyou wanting you play games?02:54
corvus_Oh, I know. Proprietary just seemed to be a little smoother than nouveau.02:54
corvus_Nah, no games really. Nothing newer, anyway.02:54
holsteini would make sure you are up to date with updates02:55
holsteini would pull any error messages and post them here, and in the forums or a bug report02:55
holsteinyou can also just give it a few days and see if something trickles in02:55
corvus_Will do. Thanks.02:56
corvus_Are you using 12.04?02:56
holsteinnot at the moment02:56
corvus_Ah, ok.02:56
holsteini tried it live on my nvidia hardware02:56
holsteini do not plan to use the proprietary driver02:57
corvus_Is Nouveau still actively developed?02:57
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woutboundI swiched from ubuntu 11.10 to lubuntu 11.10.  My desktop settings don't seem to be persistant (i.e., desktop background, clock settings)03:46
woutboundI'm also a noob03:46
woutboundthe files and shortcuts on my desktop stayed the same from ubuntu to lubutu, oddly.03:47
woutboundany pointing in the right direction would be greatly appriciated03:47
holsteinwoutbound: its a different environment... you'll need to change the wallpaper, and then it will be the same next time you use LXDE03:48
woutboundI've found that not to be the case, that's exactly my problem03:48
holsteinwoutbound: what session are you choosing at login?03:49
woutboundI can change it, but once I logout, it chages back03:49
holsteindid you install LXDE or lubuntu-desktop ?03:49
holsteinthough the settings should work, you might try installing lubuntu-desktop03:49
woutboundah, sorry03:50
woutboundI actually have both03:50
woutboundproblem is the same on both03:50
holsteinwoutbound: not sure what the issue is.. you can try making another user and see if the issue persists03:51
holsteinTBH, i dont know if ive ever changed the wallpaper in lubuntu ;)03:51
woutboundhow about the clock, from 24h to 12h?03:51
holsteini dont have it in front of me, but i'll look into it.. did you file a bug?03:51
woutboundI didn't because I'm not shure the problem isn't between keyboard and chair03:52
woutboundright.  So, I've done  that, and it changes to 12 hour, but when I log out, it's 24 again03:54
woutboundthat's my problem03:54
woutboundsettings don't persist between sessions03:54
woutboundis it maybe a permissions thing?  is there a way to change the clock setting as root>03:55
woutboundI'll try it as a new user, brb.04:01
woutboundsettings are persistant for my new user04:07
woutboundwhat does that imply?04:07
seekwillwoohoo. 12.04! :D04:14
holsteinwoutbound: not sure, but its config... something in your user account.. permissions is an idea04:25
Unit193You could chown it all to your user, and/or delete .config/04:27
woutboundthanks, I'll try that.  Have fun!04:35
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woutboundusing chown on  .config/lxpanel/LXDE worked well, thank you so much.05:02
Aminuxi need some help setting up sound on lubuntu07:27
Aminuxi have 2 choices07:27
Aminuxrealtek onboard and usb sound07:27
Aminuxi want to use the usb speakers07:28
Aminuxi've already installed the alsa mixer07:28
Aminuxbut how do i switch from the onboard sound to usb sound ?07:28
Aminuxi have the the exact problem07:41
enzotibhi, Shift-Ctrl-C in LXTerminal has a double behavior: copies and send an "intr" char (as Ctrl-C)07:50
enzotibit was not so in 11.10, how to fix?07:50
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 971918 in lxterminal (Ubuntu) "Ctrl-Shift-C issues a Break command" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:41
gordonjcpurgh, this screensaver lock thing is infuriating09:15
gordonjcpI wouldn't mind quite so much if the lock screen wasn't so bloody ugly09:16
jozefkhello, is there any difference between Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit with LXDE and Lubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit?10:18
Unit193Default config and selection of programs.10:19
jozefkis it a big difference?10:19
head_victimjozefk: it's mainly an issue if you're on limited hardware, if you install Ubuntu and then Lubuntu you still have a lot of processes running. If you don't mind that it's fine10:23
jozefkthen it's better to just go for lubuntu10:24
nothingspecialIf you want lubuntu then yes, and you can install whichever programs you like sane as ubuntu10:25
jozefkis it also LTS? the 12.04 64bit Lubuntu?10:26
head_victimjozefk: there is no LTS support for Lubuntu currently. There is a lack of developer resources to commit to a 5 year support cycle.10:27
head_victimIf you know anyone wanting to volunteer though...10:27
micahgthere was the option of a 3 yr LTS as well :)10:54
MrChrisDruifI don't know the rest of this conversation, but I think it's about why Lubuntu isn't a LTS?10:55
dove_ghi ppl11:26
half-duplexhi dove_g11:26
dove_gcan't boot in lubuntu after installing a pure lxde11:26
dove_gby pscyocat instructions11:26
dove_ganyone maybe know how to login in cli as root and there try to do something11:27
half-duplexwhat do you want to do get lubuntu back?11:28
drlabanAnyone using vim in lxterminal? I can't seem to make the cursor change shape by the use of Escape-control characters and I have no real idea of how to go about doing this...11:37
dove_gi would like to boot in lubuntu12:06
dove_gi have successed to start shell12:06
dove_g1hi again12:35
dove_g1any advice?12:35
valdur55!help > dove_g112:36
ubottudove_g1, please see my private message12:36
dove_g1ok tnx sorry12:36
valdur55dove_g1, what is your problem?12:36
dove_g1after installing pure lxde to Ubuntu 11.10 cant boot up to Lubuntu12:37
dove_g1pure lxde -> from psyhocat12:37
valdur55dove_g1, simply install lubuntu 12.04 over 11.1012:38
valdur55Because 12.04 is now stable Long Term Support version12:38
dove_g1i succedded ;=12:39
dove_g1i remove acctuall purge nvidia-current12:39
valdur55yea. good, you fallbacked to noveau drivers12:39
valdur55or vesa...12:39
phillwvaldur55: lubuntu 12.04 is not an LTS12:49
valdur55phillw, damn... it is based on LTS ubuntu version.12:51
phillwvaldur55: indeed, so all the kernel updates will be guaranteed as an LTS. Just the lx stuff has 18 month support.12:52
phillwwe will have had 3 new releases by the time we retire 12.04 (we'll be on 13.10). As lubuntu is changing so rapidly, it is simply too much to ask our small team to look after 12.04 for 5 years.12:53
gordonjcpis lubuntu the sort of thing you'd actually use as an LTS, anyway?13:08
gordonjcptbh I'd really only use Ubuntu LTS on a server, which is likely to be X-less in any case13:09
phillwindeed, the idea for LTS is for the servers, people always want the latest desktop :)13:10
gordonjcpI could see using an LTS as a desktop OS for something like an office13:10
gordonjcpbut that's likely to be a highly custom spin13:10
dihi28hi all, dumb question.  I'm running 12.04 beta 2...how do i update to the release?13:45
phillwdihi28: have you been regularly updating your beta?13:46
dihi28yeah, thru the update manager13:46
phillwyou have the final release :)13:46
dihi28now way...how do i check that?  the last update i ran since the release was like only 1 file and a few hundo K13:47
phillwthat would be expected, once we approached the RC the changes were few & small.13:47
phillwFor example, the RC dated 23rd April was the Final Release.13:48
dihi28sweet, but can i pull up the version number just to check, you know for the hell of it13:48
phillwwhen I went to zsync up the secondary server iso images, there were no updates :)13:49
dihi28ok i see it13:49
dihi28system profiler13:49
dihi28thanks all!13:50
phillwyvw, thanks for testing the beta 2 :)13:50
dihi28np phillw, the pleasure was mine13:50
phillw12.10 starts in about a month..... yikes!13:51
phillwalthough the -release team are already busy with stuff ready for the pre-alpha daily builds!13:51
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killerhi....can anyone help me to install wireless drivers for bcm4312/.....i m currently using proprietary drivers14:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 904386 in LXKeymap "Please add support for multiple keyboard layouts" [Wishlist,Fix committed]15:03
aklshow can I get it to work?15:03
aklsany testing ppa or something?15:03
aklsI'm on 12.0415:03
aklsseems like the last lxkeymap build is already in 12.0415:19
aklsbut there's no support for multiple keyboard layouts15:19
aklsor is it.. hidden??15:19
pcroqueakls: I don't know about 12.04, but on 11.10 I modified /etc/default/keyboard to get multiple layouts.15:20
aklspcroque, I understand, I was using workarounds for a year already15:21
aklspcroque, but it says that a fix was commited to this bug15:21
aklsand in release notes it says that "multiple keyboard layouts support was added"15:21
aklsnow the question is..15:21
aklsWHERE IS IT?15:21
aklswell.. I understand.. but just..15:22
aklswhere is it?15:22
phillwakls: if it is not there.... raise a bug :)15:22
eNepperhi. I have just installed XBMCbuntu which is based on Lubuntu 11.1015:36
eNepperWhen i try to mount a cifs share after I changed the mtu to 9000 (Jumbo frame) it goes cold, Im able to press ctrl + c to cancel the mount15:37
phillweNepper: I suggest heading over to http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=339 I'm only on nodding terms with CIFS / Samba shares at the moment.15:57
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k013dear experts, with respect to wubi based installation, during booting it says - error prefix not set - i have done a web search for this and not found a solution - is this problem unsolved?16:38
phillwk013: I've just had a quick look on the forum. It has been raised, but no reply as yet. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=196680816:43
phillwIt may well be worth raising a bug report about it. The lubuntu team are not involved in Wubi.16:44
k013phillw - ok, i'll also put the question up on the ubuntu channel, then raise a bug report! thank you for the help!16:45
phillwwubi was tested with lubuntu & found to work. So, I'm not sure what happened since then :/16:46
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Silverlionaloha folks!17:10
* Silverlion sets S.O.S Flag17:11
Silverlioni need a supporter ... asap ;)17:12
gordonjcpSilverlion: don't ask to ask17:12
Silverliongordonjcp: i havent asked to ask ;) i stated to need help with installation ;)17:13
Silverlionthe think is: downloaded the Lubuntu 12.04 LTS this morning and burned it. works perfectly on "live" conditions etc. MD5 checks out, CD check itself showed no errors. but when install 12.04 on my 2003 AMD x86 during the installation process i get a black screen and am not able to move the mouse or the keys17:14
eNepperI have installed XBMCbuntu which is based on lubuntu 11.10, But when i try to mount a cifs share after I changed the mtu of eth0 to 9000 (Jumbo frame) it goes cold, Im able to press ctrl + c to cancel the mount17:29
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a_b0yhow do i set it so that in 10 mins of being idle my monitor switches off?18:35
a_b0yhow do i set my monitor to turn off after being idle for 10 mins?19:11
a_b0ysomeone in the Linux Mint channel told me to use "xset s 600 s blank" and it worked but it didn't save the settings after reboot... and i prefer not to use the terminal19:13
Unit193Isn't the config in xfce4-power-manager-settings?19:15
a_b0yUnit193 oh yeah it is19:16
a_b0ybut why doesn't it shut off after 15 mins19:16
a_b0ydoes it matter that i have xchat running even if i'm not typing anything?19:18
JohnDoe_71Rusa_b0y: xscreesaver?19:18
a_b0yJohnDoe_71Rus i have that setup too, should i turn that off?19:19
a_b0yi set both the screen save and monitor to go blank and shut off in 10 mins19:20
a_b0ybrb  in 10 mins :P19:20
holsteinlol.. you *could* test with a minute set there19:21
a_b0yyeah, but i have to go poop :P19:21
JohnDoe_71Rusrefused to xscreensaver. to disable the use xfce4-power-manager-settings. After turning on the screen, it seems darker than immediately after loading.19:21
KM0201why isn't lubuntu 12.04 LTS?19:22
Unit193Not enough devs.19:22
a_b0yok it worked, but a couple seconds later it turns on and goes into the blank screensaver19:33
a_b0yso i guess i should disable screensaver, but then how do i set up password protect19:35
a_b0yso how do you set up screenlock, with the screen saver disabled?19:52
phoenixandthorOkay, has anyone already downloaded the new Lubuntu 12.04 and had a chance to mess whith it?20:03
KM0201phoenixandthor: i downloaded it back during beta 120:04
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phoenixandthorSo, would you guys say it's ready for general use? No serious bugs?20:05
holsteinphoenixandthor: what are you using now?20:06
phoenixandthorI'm using the previous version, 64 bit.20:06
holsteini can give you my opinion as to if you should..20:06
holsteinif it aint broke..20:06
phoenixandthordont fix it20:07
Unit193I last tried it back in the betas, but others are using it now.20:07
holsteintheres not reason not to get it either...20:07
holsteinnot a reason*20:07
phoenixandthorOf course, since it's not for my main machine, I say fix it until is broken, then fix it again.20:08
phoenixandthorSo does 12.04 transer to a flash drive with Unetbootin okay? Any problems with casper?20:09
Unit193The only big reason I can think of to say is that the repos are being slow as many are using them now.20:09
iczesmvDoes anyone know what the md5sum for lubuntu 12.04 desktop i386 is?20:16
bioterror0fc9564b8fde8ff56100c3d7814fa884 *lubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso20:19
iczesmvThank you let me check real quick.20:20
iczesmvlooks like my torrent went smoothly.20:21
bioterrormostly it does20:21
KM0201i never check the md5sums..lol, ever20:23
bioterroryeah, my life is too short for ejecting usb pen drives and checking md5sums20:24
jr_ctvjust upgraded from 11 to 1220:24
jr_ctvand now openbox does not want to read $HOME/.config/openbox/menu.xml20:25
jr_ctvunless i explicitly tell it to in $HOME/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml20:25
jr_ctvwas 11.1020:25
jr_ctvnow 12.0420:25
jr_ctvtook some digging to find that the menu it does read is /etc/xdg/lubuntu/openbox/menu.xml20:26
holsteini would probablyjust move that config out of the way for a bit, and test20:26
holsteinif that were to make me uncomfortable, i would temproarily make another user account and test20:27
jr_ctvi "fixed" it by changing20:27
jr_ctv<file>/usr/share/lubuntu/openbox/menu.xml</file> I fixed this here? JR -->20:27
jr_ctv    <file>$HOME/.config/openbox/menu.xml</file>20:27
jr_ctvwhich is weird since it seems never to read /usr/share/lubuntu/openbox/menu.xml20:28
jr_ctvmy mistake, openbox does read  /usr/share/lubuntu/openbox/menu.xml if it is there (in favor of $HOME/.config/openbox/menu.xml (which is think is a bug))20:35
jr_ctvbut it will read $HOME/.config/openbox/menu.xml if i move /usr/share/lubuntu/openbox/menu.xml out of the way20:36
AmberJ_Quickie question: What's the keyboard shortcut to switch virtual desktops?20:58
bioterroralt+alt + arrows20:58
bioterrorctrl+alt + arrows20:58
Unit193Scroller on desktop too.20:59
AmberJ_What if I want to bind it to other key combination?20:59
bioterrorthen you bind it21:00
bioterroredit lubuntu-rc.xml21:00
AmberJ_I guess I need something along these lines: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#I_want_to_bind_a_key_to_lock_my_screen.2C_how_do_I_do_it.3F21:01
AmberJ_Thanks a lot!21:01
umbroCould someone help? Both my CD and USB installations of minimal Lubuntu freeze when I choose Install or Command-line install21:03
AmberJ_Which key does key="W-F1" refers to? Win+F1?21:04
AmberJ_Isn't Win key supposed to be Super_L and Super_R?21:05
Unit193umbro: I'd say switch to a TTY and check logs.21:05
AmberJ_Nevermind. I guess both.21:05
aRn0Hi all. I got 2 gigs of RAM. What is the exact swap size I need to enter when partitioning: 2000 MB or 2048 MB? Does it matter?21:37
GridCuberecomendation is about the same as your ram, but thats a recomendation, i use 6gb of swap21:39
aRn0What do you guys enter, just 2000_21:39
GridCubei like to use 10¹⁰21:39
rawfodoglol whats wrong with the lubuntu updater ?22:13
gordonjcprawfodog: the Ubuntu servers are on fire22:14
rawfodogI tried going to 12.04, and man my laptop is alll messed up now. There was a ton of packages that were "broken", way to many to list, and the updater (after leaving it on ALL NIGHT) quit/xkilled lol22:14
rawfodogSo I restarted my laptop ....22:14
rawfodogand now the login screen has no art, and my login doesnt work XD22:14
rawfodogLuckly I have backups and stuff, but man did my laptop ever just take it lol22:15
rawfodogShould I just download the is or something ? I guess I should fresh install this22:15
rawfodogluckly this months issue of linux pro came with a trusty knopix cd :)22:17
Unit193Switch to a tty and try running  sudo apt-get install -f; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a22:17
Unit193(Order may need tweaking)22:17
rawfodogGreat idea Unit19322:18
Unit193Mine are typically stupid.... ;)22:18
rawfodogWe have login :)22:18
rawfodog"could not resolve" etc22:20
rawfodoglol guess this means ubuntu is popular now ?22:20
rawfodogOr is this microsoft DDOSing ubuntu ?22:20
Unit193Try dig archive.ubuntu.com22:21
aklshow can I change lubuntu artwork back to 11.10 ?23:21

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