AaronCampbellOn my laptop, post 12.04 update, ctrl+alt+up maximizes a window.  On my desktop it doesn't...instead alt+f10 does.  Holding Super shows this.  What's different?00:21
bazhang#ubuntu   AaronCampbell00:23
cordovalmy machine crashed on an install01:57
cordovalnow gives me git id unknown or similar01:58
cordovalon bootup01:58
cordovalwhat can i do?01:58
rippsIs there any way to intergrate Unity's HUD with Gnome302:12
DaekdroomPrecise support is now at #ubuntu02:13
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psusiis anyone else unable to zsync the final release from releases.ubuntu.com?  my download keeps aborting02:30
Daekdroompsusi, Precise support is now at #ubuntu02:33
Fyodorovnapsusi, you can zsync the daily they are the same right now02:37
Fyodorovnapsusi, here is the 32 bit live cd.  zsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/precise-desktop-i386.iso.zsync02:39
psusihrm... I've got the 64 bit from the other day, I usually update to the final release from releases.ubuntu.com, but it isn't working for some reason... I guess I'll try the daily-live again if it still matches the release...02:40
holsteinpsusi: you can upgrade what you have02:41
holsteinyou dont need to download a new iso and reinstall02:41
psusiI have, I just want to update my iso image to the final release so I can seed it on bittorrent02:41
psusiit seems like there's something wrong with the release servers though02:42
DaekdroomToo much traffic is what's wrong.02:42
taxmani just downloaded 12.04 from the canonical server. no problem02:43
Fyodorovnapsusi, I have all six release on torrent open on deluge right now peers drawing.02:43
taxmanit's smooth like a charm02:43
psusitaxman, via zsync?02:44
Fyodorovnano peers that is02:44
taxmanpsusi, no, by http02:44
psusiyea, it seems there is just a problem with zsync02:44
cordoval_someone help please03:17
cordoval_my ubuntu upgrade was going smooth until the graphic environment crashed past the starting of the installing process03:18
cordoval_and i went and reboot it because i did not see anything on screen03:18
cordoval_now it gives me some message like git id not found or unrecognized or unknown03:18
cordoval_this does after starting some services03:18
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tsimpsoncordoval_: support is now in #ubuntu03:25
cordoval_oh no03:26
cordoval_can you help me please?03:26
cordoval_I am downloading the iso but can it be that it can be fixed without it03:26
cordoval_just some commands?03:26
cordoval_beg you03:26
tsimpsonjust ask in #ubuntu03:26
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marcmwell, I've checked out Ubuntu 12.04 on the server.... what a dissapointment06:35
marcmseems like Ubuntu pushed this release out the door06:35
rymate1234marcm, how come?06:39
marcmrymate1234 it was rushed out the door....06:40
marcmrymate1234 for example:06:40
marcmrymate1234 if you install Ubuntu 12.04 under KVM or Xen-HVM and don't uninstall AppArmor during the install you can't properly boot06:40
marcmrymate1234 then MySQL 5.5 - this is a MySQL release that no serious Enterprise player has touched yet06:41
marcmrymate1234 Still patching the default PHP with Suhosin, even do Debian has been talking about how bad of an idea this was, and the PHP devs hate Suhosin, not to mention that it's a crap-shoot06:42
marcmrymate1234 Nginx 1.20 has been released 4 days ago, which is the final version, yet Ubuntu 12.04 shipped with beta 1.1906:42
marcmrymate1234 Where the hell is Apache 2.4?06:42
marcmrymate1234 Can't install Grub 1 (aka Grub Legacy) - which is a must if I want to make Xen PV templates06:43
marcmwhat can I say, it's ... beta quality06:43
micahgmarcm: Debian Import Freeze was almost 4 months ago, importing anything after that required someone requesting it, Debian hasn't packaged nginx 1.1.20 yet and we have that package unchanged from Debian, apache2.4 came after feature freeze06:59
marcmmicahg It's all good, I'm sure it's a great Desktop release do :)07:00
micahgmarcm: and about apparmor under kvm and xen, if you have a test case, please file a bug07:00
micahgmarcm: it's meant to be a great release all around, unfortunately, the timing of release of some upstream projects was incompatible with being in precise07:01
marcmmicahg I do, and I will07:01
micahgmarcm: thanks07:01
micahgalso, there are plans for a backport of apache2.4 to precise since it won't break any of the 2.2 packages07:01
marcmmicahg it would have been cool to ship Precise with MySQL 5.1 and have 5.5 as a backport07:02
marcmmicahg MySQL 5.5 is harder to tune, not to mention that it's not yet as mature as 5.107:03
micahgmarcm: mysql 5.1 would probably not be  supportable for 5 years07:03
micahgand since we seem to be pushing new versions of mysql for security updates lately, as it matures, everyone will benefit ;)07:04
micahgif you need 5.1, lucid is still supported on the server until 201507:05
micahganyways, this is all offtopic, since this channel is for Quantal support (which no one could probably even install yet :D)07:05
marcmmicahg I have learned the very hard way to balance features and reliability on the server side... in other words, as much as I like to be bleeding edge, I have to abstain... 10.04 LTS will have to do for now07:07
htorquemicahg: not install, but: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/quantal-changes/2012-April/thread.html :-P07:13
micahghtorque: yes, there were a few uploads :)07:17
marcmmicahg how do you decide when to freeze a debian tree?07:27
micahgmarcm: we have a release schedule :)07:30
marcmmicahg your release schedule is pretty agressive07:31
Edicohow can I see if I still use a beta version or the final release?07:42
Ian_Corneif you updated07:42
Ian_Corneyou're running the final release07:42
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fishcookerwhere can i see the list of bug of PP?08:46
electronics-catare we there yet?10:12
snadgeyep.. now its all about 12.04 + 1 :p10:16
electronics-catis there a beta out for 12.04+110:17
electronics-cati downloaded ubuntu10:17
snadgei dont even think it exists yet10:17
snadgeneed to let the shockwaves from 12.04 settle a bit first10:17
snadgebefore diving back into updating and breaking stuff again ;)10:18
electronics-cati like shockwaves10:18
electronics-catnothing breaks in linux10:18
electronics-cati need to get new HDD for ubuntu10:18
head_victimIt's usually around UDS that things start kicking for +110:20
head_victimFunny though, that I've had a great experience with the +1 on virtualbox until the day before release suddenly whene ver 3d is enabled it freezes within 30 secs of boot with no apparent error. Timing was perfect, now at least I have a good reason to put it on the metal.10:21
electronics-cati like vmware10:24
taxmanis time to talk about 12.10?10:24
head_victimFirst issue I've had with vb and only installed it on a whim ages ago. Might look into the issue, if I can't fix it in 5 minutes I will probably try vmware10:25
taxmanwhy not qemu-kvm?10:26
taxmankvm is the best choice for linux10:26
electronics-catgnu plus linux10:45
frybyehi - what extension of the command "ps" do I need to get it to list for (e.g.) skype???11:07
frybyeI have of course tried to use    man ps   but it returns far too much info for me to figure out what I need...11:08
BluesKajwhynot just man skype11:08
frybyeI need the process number for skype in order to be able to kill it?11:09
frybyewhen it has hung up...11:09
ajfHey uh11:09
ajfwith Additional Drivers11:09
electronics-catfrybye: just try incremental numbers until you get it11:09
ajfdo I install FLRX, FGLRX post-release updates, or both?11:09
BluesKajfrybye, system monitor should have a PID option11:10
MrChrisDruiffrybye; kilall skype ?11:10
frybyeperhaps I am expressing myself badly - there is an extension/  ie  -xyz type ending for command ps which will list all processes for a given application ???11:11
frybyeI am a disabled war veteran with a damaged memory.. I have known the answer to this previously but just can't remember the command right now... jeez11:11
frybyeis it killall skype or really kilall skype?11:12
frybyeie kil or kill?11:12
BluesKajfrybye, well , why not just try the system monitor ..btw your memory is probly better than mine . I can't recall the command either11:13
ryefrybye: "pidof skype"?11:13
frybyeBluesKaj: I am not aware of a system monitor in ubuntu?11:14
frybyerye: you serious?11:15
frybyerye - sorry - I see now that that really does work - amazing....11:16
frybyejust too easy - well even a bit un-linux like.. heheh11:16
electronics-catyeah i never knew of it11:16
frybyeand BluesKaj: so where is this system monitor - how to get it up?11:17
electronics-catthe ubuntu software centre may have your answer11:18
electronics-catif my copy had installed i'd have a look11:18
BluesKajfrybye, alt+f2 , system monitor11:18
electronics-catso thats built into the ubuntus11:19
electronics-cati'll have to try it11:19
BluesKajit should be installed by default ..I use kde so I"m not sure where it's located in the menu in unity or gnome11:20
frybyesystem monitor does not seem to be installed as default - but the sw center has found it...11:23
frybyewhat I have found is ksysguard11:24
frybyepart of KDE base workspace module11:24
ryefrybye: gnome-system-monitor11:27
frybyerye: thanks pal - thats the one..11:32
frybyebye for now - thanks all...11:35
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BluesKajwhat's the fix for the update manager not showing a release is available? ...getting tired of all the probs with that damm thing not working12:04
Ian_Cornewhen I try to ugrade, it wants to remove lzma12:04
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astraljavaBluesKaj: It does show Precise for my on my Xubuntu 11.10 box, though, so which release are you on when you try it?12:28
BluesKajastraljava, the qusetion wasn't for me, it was for ppl I'm trying to help over at #kubuntu and yofel pointed out that if users want to upgrade to 12.04 they have to set the update manager to normal then update/upgrade in 11.10 first before trying the do-release-upgrade to 12.0412:32
astraljavaBluesKaj: Yeah ok. Well, LTS-to-LTS upgrade path will be supported on the first point release. Other than that, upgrading is possibly only between consecutive releases.12:33
BluesKajuhmm...yeah , but there was a bug in the update manager that was preventing the release upgrade , so updating/upgrading before do-release-upgrade fixed the problem12:35
astraljavaBluesKaj: Oh ok.12:36
astraljavado-release-upgrade downloads necessary stuff for the dist-upgrading to commence, so perhaps there was just a glitch in that toolchain or something.12:37
BluesKajthis bug was in the update manager , it was showing no releases available when the notifier was set to normal, before any commands where tries afaik12:44
BluesKajwere tried12:44
Picihm.. looks like quantal is already getting new packages.12:48
BluesKajPici, really ?12:49
Picigcc | 4:4.6.3-1ubuntu5 |       precise vs. gcc | 4:4.7.0-5ubuntu1 |       quantal12:50
astraljavaBluesKaj: Well... I don't understand it, then. If update-manager has been fixed now, what more fixes are needed, then?12:51
BluesKajastraljava, ppl aren't updating /upgrading in 11.10 before they try to upgrade to 12.0412:53
snadgeerr.. firefox is out of date already12:54
snadgewtf :p12:54
snadgemy freebsd install has firefox 1212:55
snadgeand freebsd sucks12:55
astraljavaBluesKaj: Hmm... wonder if it should be recommended in the release notes in the first place.12:55
snadgehow can freebsd have a newer version of firefox than the latest version of ubuntu.. this is a tragedy ;)12:55
micahgsnadge: Firefox 12 was pushed out already :)12:56
snadgeit was?12:56
BluesKajastraljava, probly a good idea12:56
micahg!info firefox12:56
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 11.0+build1-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 17450 kB, installed size 36714 kB12:56
micahgbah :)12:56
snadgei know right!?! wtf.. freebsd!?12:56
snadgeits dead already ;)12:56
snadgenetcraft confirmed it centuries ago12:56
snadgeoh 14 hours ago.. wtf.. my mirror hasn't synced yet.. fail ;)12:57
micahgsnadge: no, it's really updated, I pushed it out12:57
snadgesomeone ring up internode.. and spank their bottoms12:57
snadgehow can something that was released 14 hours ago.. not be in their mirror yet.. fail12:58
snadgelucky i have a shell script which switches my repo to the main ones13:00
snadgeso i can get the latest crack fix13:00
snadgemaybe i should help out with the mirroring system.. my bet is its a hodge podge of scripts and based on rsync13:01
snadgeand heavily depends on the amount of fail the repo maintainers feel like failing13:02
yofelastraljava, BluesKaj: to be precise, it was software-properties-kde that was broken13:02
snadgeparticularly with security updates.. these should hit the mirrors the minute they're released13:02
yofelupdate-manager is fine, but was using wrong settings due to the bug13:02
BluesKajyofel, ok thanks13:02
snadgelol 30k/sec of archive.ubuntu.com .. *cries*13:03
snadgemaybe this is why the mirror systems are failing :p13:03
snadgetoo many crack addicts13:04
glosolianyone can remind me a hotkey and scroll combination to change Transparence of current Window ?13:04
snadgeneed a better content delivery system13:04
yofelsnadge: actually, the mirroring system is a matter of installing apt-mirror, configuring it, and configuring the http access13:05
snadgeyou guys should probably do some consulting with people like akamai and edgecast13:05
snadgenobody should have access to the main content source13:06
snadgethe mirrors should have unlimited super high speed access to it13:06
snadgeand everyone else should be forced to use mirrors.. and the updates pushed to the mirrors immediately13:06
snadgeproblem solved ;)13:07
snadgealso high traffic porn sites know how its done :p13:08
snadgepeople are hammering the main servers because a) they're stupid b) the mirrors are stale (probably because of a)13:09
snadgeyeah.. well my isps mirror doesnt have firefox 12 yet13:10
snadgeit was released 14 hours ago13:10
PiciThey're hitting the main servers because they never botehred to change the defaults.13:10
DaekdroomI was using the main server.13:10
snadgeso i've switched to the main swerver.. because of that.. and now im getting dialup speeds13:10
snadgeyay ;)13:10
DaekdroomUntil I realized I couldn't install 2,2MiB worth of packages.13:10
DaekdroomThen I changed to my country's mirror and yay, new Firefox!13:11
snadgeyeah i could probably use au.ubuntu.com13:11
ubottuA list of official repository mirrors and their statuses can be found at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors13:11
snadgebut internode (my isp) has free traffic13:11
snadgeso my complaint is probably more accurately directed towards them13:11
snadgeyay there it is13:12
DaekdroomThat page is awesome!13:12
snadgeInternode http ftp rsync 1 Gbps Last update unknown13:13
snadgei knew it .. aarnet is the only australian mirror known to be up to date13:14
snadgeand they're a university.. i should dob them in to the government for wasting tax payers money13:14
DaekdroomThere are mirrors that have only 10Mibs :o13:14
snadgeLOL optus is 10mbps13:15
snadgei remember back in the 90s.. when i had a 10mbit coax network13:15
DaekdroomThere are 7 university mirrors in my country.13:15
snadgei can imagine thats what optus are using.. maybe a terminator fell off one of the t pieces13:15
DaekdroomEvery single one of them is government-funded and owned.13:15
DaekdroomIt's also interesting that most mirrors have only i386 and amd6413:16
BluesKajhere , the smaller U's seems to be up to date13:21
snadgebetter drink some more moonshine13:25
BluesKajsnadge, watch that liver :)13:38
mneptokikonia: at your leisure, sir.13:49
ikoniaoooh there you co13:49
ikoniaguys, we're going to clear down #ubuntu+1 until the 12.10 development cycle gets moving13:50
mneptokOK folks, the new Ubuntu is out. time to ask you all to leave so we can clean the counters.13:50
BluesKajok , I know when I'm not wanted :)13:51
=== mneptok changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1, the channel for discussion of pre-release versions of Ubuntu. This channel is currently unused, awaiting meaningful merges until Quetzal is fit to be discussed.
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