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Dave_HuntHello all16:16
Pendulumhi Dave_Hunt 16:24
Dave_HuntOh, hi, didn't hear you at first.  Just installed the full release of 12.04; trying to get things talking right.16:25
DomasoFanhi all.19:33
DomasoFananyone knows an accessible twitter client for ubuntu?19:37
colonelqubitWhat's the preferred method for running gnome magnifier under ubuntu? (11.10 or 12.04)20:57
colonelqubitOrca runs pretty well on both, and I especially liked the ability for me to run it off of a 12.04 b2 live-cd.20:58
colonelqubit Theoretically there's a magnifier component to orca, but I don't see a tab for it in Orca preferences. Thoughts before I file a bug?20:59
DomasoFananyone knows a accessible twitter client?21:05
colonelqubitDomasoFan: what have you tried so far?21:06
DomasoFancolonelqubit: well i tried gwibber but that seems not to be that accessible.21:07
colonelqubitSomeone mentioned empathy, but I can't find the page right now21:08
DomasoFanwell its preinstalled with ubuntu 12.0421:08
colonelqubit(and I've never used empathy w/twitter... not sure about that)21:08
DomasoFancolonelqubit: as an audio player i currently use audacious. its quite nice21:08
colonelqubitDomasoFan: Are you using orca?21:09
DomasoFancolonelqubit: my main pc still runs windows but my old laptop runs ubuntu now. testing ubuntu now a few years.21:10
colonelqubitI'm trying to help a friend start using ubuntu, but I have several hurdles (she has poor vision, she has basically no computer experience, and she's a few thousand miles away)21:11
DomasoFancolonelqubit: *lol*. cool. never thought that some people can get so fsat ahead.21:11
colonelqubitI don't usually use a screen reader, but I've been trying to understand the technology so I can help my friends.21:14
DomasoFancolonelqubit: so you are fully sighted? thats cool that you are helping.21:14
colonelqubitI can work in gedit and the terminal a little bit, but I get lost in firefox21:14
DomasoFanwell its different cause orca does things different. it creates a virtual buffer where it stores the site.21:15
DomasoFanwith the arrow keys you can go through the page and with tab you can jump to links formfields or other focusable elements. with h you can navigate to headings. with 1-6 you can go by the different heading levels. there are many more keys you can use21:16
colonelqubitdomasofan: yes, I'm fully sighted (nearsighted, actually). Some of my friends are older, and are experiencing macular degeneration, or have lost their sight from diabetes.21:18
colonelqubitah, cool. A virtual buffer makes sense.21:18
colonelqubitI wish that there were some kind of interactive tutorial for using Orca. Like "press Ctrl+h to enter the help learn mode"...and then a "good" confirmation when you've done that step.21:20
DomasoFanyeah. there is insert+h. then you can hit keys21:20
DomasoFanthere is also orca help on http://live.gnome.org/Orca21:20
colonelqubitI know that a lot of modern videogames have interactive in-game tutorials for teaching people how to use the controls21:21
colonelqubitit seems like these are more intuitive methods for training, rather than just a manual or a set of key combinations.21:22
DomasoFanthere are some orca videos on youtube and some podcasts. but the most things are in the manual. oh and there is a mailing list for orca and for the ubuntu accessibility in general21:23
colonelqubitdomasofan: I know that one of my friends  is really interested in getting online so that they can send email. What email client do you use?21:24
DomasoFanok. let's help you here. how is the computer connected?21:25
DomasoFanor does the computer actually has a connection to the net. so can you open the browser and it shows a website?21:26
colonelqubitDomasofan: They're all set with a connection21:29
colonelqubitbut I'm considering preconfiguring a machine and then shipping it to them (because they're so far away)21:29
DomasoFanok. do you have skype or something?21:32
colonelqubitdomasofan: I try to avoid skype, but I do use empathy for audio/video chat.21:39
DomasoFanhmm. wonder if i can do that wirh miranda. is empathy using jabber?21:39
colonelqubitdomasofan: Do you hang out in #ubuntu-accessibility often? I might need to run off soon, but I'd really like to talk to you later21:40
colonelqubitdomasofan: yes, by default empathy audio/video chat is running over jabber.21:40
DomasoFansometimes i am here. via audio would be good cause then you can hear whats going on and i can hear whats going on at your side.21:41
DomasoFanmy jabber address is domasofan@jabber.ccc.de21:41
colonelqubitcool. I'm qubit@jabber.org21:43
colonelqubitdomasofan: i'll ping you to make sure I have the right address21:46
DomasoFanyou are added.21:46
* colonelqubit thinks "great minds think alike..."21:46
colonelqubitdomasofan: thanks for all of your advice and help. 21:49

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