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pastradAnyone no the status of alsa on beagleboard in Precise?09:31
ogra_didnt change much09:31
ogra_(if you have a fix we'll happily pull it into an SRU)09:32
XorAwhats up with beagleboard?09:32
ogra_iirc UCM profiles are missing09:32
ogra_so you have no sound by default09:32
XorAah right so no-one made them I guess09:32
XorAdo you have abug#?09:33
* XorA thinks this would take me approx 10s next week09:33
pastradOk. Didn't find a bug in launchpad, so I wanted to check09:33
ogra_bug 92509409:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 925094 in linux "No audio on omap (beagleXM) system" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92509409:34
XorAI shall look at that next week if I get time09:34
ogra_cool, thanks !09:35
XorABTW love the way they persuade me to upgrade x86_64 to precise :-D09:35
pastradThanks for the info!09:35
ogra_who persuades you ?09:35
lilstevieis there a sample config for live-build09:36
lilsteviethat will build an ubuntu image that is09:36
ogra_there are docs somewhere in debian09:36
lilstevieheh "somewhere" :p09:37
XorAogra_: apt-get upgrade last night on oneric broke something bad, Xorg is iffy and flash a total no-go :-D09:37
ogra_pfft, flash09:37
ogra_use html509:37
XorAogra_: I havent tracked it down yet09:37
XorAwell I think flash is just a symptom of whatever broke09:37
ogra_and who needs X, a console is enough for everyone *g*09:37
XorATBH more likely I shall precise over the weekend anyway09:38
XorAif I can work out how to enrypt disk09:38
lilsteviealso, what is the deal with armel, avoid at all costs? cause I am thinking about compatibility with tegra accel drivers09:38
ogra_armel is currently not supported09:39
lilsteviecause on my prime I am running armel precise that was upgraded via update manager during the beta period09:40
hrwXorA: upgrade to 12.04?09:42
lilsteviebut generating an image doesn't seem like it would be as easy09:42
hrwXorA: 12.04 is past - upgrade to quantal09:42
ogra_quantal quetzal09:43
XorAIm waiting for Zooshing Zebbedie09:43
XorAnot Quetzecotal :-D09:43
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asmokhi there, i'm newbie with CuBox/armhf. But i managed to install Linux-3.3.3 and 12.04 in CuBox: http://www.solid-run.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=4&p=2170&sid=9a2ead3c48531a1ce5e28a83d2342c01#p217016:51
asmokis it possible to get usb webcam to work with webcam program?16:52
asmokroot@CuBox:/dev# webcam16:52
asmokreading config file: /root/.webcamrc16:52
asmokv4l2: open: open(pathname = "/dev/video0", flags = O_RDWR) failed, No such file or directory (2, ENOENT) because there is no "video0" regular file in the pathname "/dev" directory16:52
asmokcan you show me any howto for that?16:53
scientesasmok, check the dmesg18:28
scientestail -f /var/log/kern.log18:28
asmoksorry for noise - i re-compiled linux-3.3.3 with v4l - root@CuBox:~# v4l2-ctl --list-devices18:28
asmokUVC Camera (046d:0990) (usb-orion-ehci.0-1):18:28
scientesand the unplug and replugin the camera18:28
scientesoh wait18:28
scientesdont use root18:28
asmoki can use 'cubox', too18:28
scientes"because there is no "video0" regular file in the pathname "/dev" directory"18:28
scientes>regular file18:28
scientesits not a regular file18:29
scientesthat program is not expecting a device file18:29
cehhGrueMaster: regarding the problem I was facing earlier this week retrieving packages...20:36
cehhit seems like the issue was that the installer was ignoring the proxy settings in the preseed.cfg file20:37
cehhafter doing export HTTP_PROXY on the console, the installer was able to retrieve the packages20:37

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