elkybradm, things fell over therefore you could not possibly have?00:26
elkySurely infinate bandwidth magically fixes everything00:27
bradmelky: indeed00:31
bradmeven with increased bandwidth, there was a lot of interest in this release00:31
lifelessbradm: perhaps because we don't talk in public about it ?00:42
lifelessbradm: not in any detail, so folk cannot grok whats up00:42
bradmlifeless: guess so00:42
lifeless(I'm not questioning whether we should or shouldn't, just saying that you are in a privileged position to know :))00:43
lifelessI doubt most of our *staff* know if we do/don't.00:43
lifelessbradm: ^00:45
bradmlifeless: yeah, I see all the servers melt :)00:46
elkyThere's also the matter of assuming in good faith.01:06
lifelesselky: that would be nice01:17
lifelesselky: buuuuut01:17
elkyI know :P01:21
Kalidarn:( http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120426/14505718671/insanity-cispa-just-got-way-worse-then-passed-rushed-vote.shtml01:59
iktdidn't even get close to a TB uploaded 04:11
iktuploaded 126GB in total04:11
iktbut half of that was in the first 3 hours04:12
sagacihead_victim: pingety ping ping ping09:56
sagacithe power of the ping09:56
md_5my mouse back/forward keys work in firefox but not nautilus09:56
md_5what is this shit :(09:56
* head_victim isn't here, please leave a message after the PING09:57
sagacihead_victim: how does one import ical exports but retain their local time10:13
head_victimYou have an ical you've taken from point A, you want to install in another program in point B that is in a different TZ to point A?10:14
head_victimWhich program are you importing from/to? Can you just add a different TZ?10:15
sagacigoogle cal10:15
head_victimCreate a new calendar in the account with a different time zone and copy?10:16
head_victimAnd just pick which one to show at any one time?10:16
sagaciyeah, seems to be the easiest way10:16
head_victimHell, you could even just share the private link with yourself10:16
sagacisince it seems that you can't delete a week of events10:16
head_victimThat way whatever you change in one is updated in the other.10:16
head_victimComplete mirror10:16
sagacihead_victim: so what kind of throughput do you get copying big files over your network10:51
head_victimNever really checked with decent hardware to be honest10:51
head_victimHang on, I'll mount a windows share on the wife's PC and rsync to see10:53
* benonsoftware nearly screwed his EC2 server updating to 12.0410:53
head_victimsagaci: forget that, apparently I need to log her out to set up file sharing. 10:59
sagaciah ok, just wanted to see what kinda speeds i'm missing out on11:00
head_victimProbably not much11:01
head_victimI don't even know what I should be expecting11:01
head_victimCurrently though I just realised everything is hanging off an old 8 port 10/10011:02
head_victimThe 10/100/1000 is sitting down in the dining room11:02
sagacigoing to play it safe and copy everything over to 2GB sticks11:03
head_victimUpdating now?11:03
sagaciclean installing the netbook with lubuntu11:04
sagacibut it has around 10GB of data I want to keep and around 20GB data on the windows 7 partition that I'm about to wipe11:04
head_victimAh I'm going to "clean" install on this machine but keep /home11:04
head_victimAssuming I can work out how to do that in the partitioning.11:05
sagaciit's not hard but I get annoyed with having to do it all right11:05
sagaciand I prefer a clean /home with default configs11:06
head_victimTrue, I could move /home to a spare drive and only suck back what I want11:07
sagacichoices, choices!11:07
sagacia student is going to try out ubuntu tomorrow on his toshiba laptop11:09
head_victimrsync -av --progress /home /new/place ftw11:11
sagaciso theoretically I shouldn't have to reinstall this netbook until 201711:28
head_victimI've been going LTS to LTS on my desktop. 11:29
head_victimWas more concerned with Unity but it's proven pretty good now so happy to make the change11:29
sagaciit's pretty McPolised11:33
sagacijust about to blow windows away11:33
head_victimSo if I back up home and etc I should be pretty safe11:44
jaddi27sagaci, Updated to 12.04 now. Looking good so far11:53
head_victimkvm or virtualbox?11:54
sagaciI rarely use vms these days11:55
sagacijaddi27: yep, just reinstalling lubuntu now11:55
sagacion the netbook, might try kubuntu on the desktop for a while11:55
jaddi27head_victim, actual laptop, not a vm11:55
head_victimI do it for anything I don't want to put on my main machine. Either dev releases or projects11:55
jaddi27sagaci, reinstalling already? or updating to 12.04?11:56
sagaciclean installing to 12.0411:56
sagacinetbook was on 11.10 for the full cycle, which is pretty rare11:56
jaddi27yeah, i did a clean install also, but kept my /home partition11:56
sagaciusually I reinstall periodically but I didn't use the netbook much over my laptop11:56
jaddi27looks like a few of the people from last night are still here - it is the longest list of people i have seen on the channel for a long time11:57
sagacilooks like they removed those test packages, translations dropped back down to 350012:00
jaddi27That is a better number12:00
jaddi27I have not had time to finish off the untranslated strings, but should get back to it soon12:01
jaddi27There were a lot of unnecessary packages based on the emails recently to the translators list12:01
sagaciquantal translations won't open for a couple of months so 3500 should be a knockover by then12:04
jaddi27yep, it should be fine to get done by then12:08
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