jdmcancerHello. I see that today we have the newest version of Ubuntu available and I was just wondering does it make a difference if I upgrade from the  update manager or would it be better if I upgraded from a disc?01:39
holsteinjdmcancer: personally, i do neither.. i get a disc, and i reinstall01:43
jdmcancerI'm new to LInux and when I first got it someone else installed it for me, so what is the difference?01:45
sebsebsebjdmcancer, re installs tend to be much cleaner than an upgrade for all Linux distro's01:50
jdmcancerWhere can I get a disc?01:51
sebsebsebjdmcancer, for Linux distros you can download the ISO02:03
sebsebsebor possbily buy a disc02:03
sebsebsebdownload the ISO, burn contents to CD, boot computer up from it, good to try a few distros as well :)02:04
sebsebsebjdmcancer, and it's good to check the ISo downloaded properly md5sum/sha1sum02:07
jdmcancerOK thanks02:07
sebsebsebin Windows that can be a bit confussing since got to use some program for it, in a Linux distro you do it  on the terminal02:07
sebsebsebanyway that checks that it downloaded properly if not you shoudn't burn it02:07
sebsebsebif it passes the code is correct, then it's fine02:07
jdmcancerCan I upgrade from the terminal?02:08
sebsebsebjdmcancer, yep02:09
sebsebsebjdmcancer, don't try and upgrade now02:09
sebsebsebsince to many other people will be02:09
sebsebseband things will be really slow probably02:09
jdmcancerIs it easy to do through the terminal? And how reliable since a lot of people seem to prefer a clean reinstall from a disc02:11
JoseeAntonioRIt's pretty easy, just a command02:12
jdmcancerWhat commmand do I use?02:13
E3D3I was 'to brave' to upgrade to the Beta-version but couldn't work with it. So I waited for the RC. Will I have my good trustworthy Ubuntu back when I let Update-manager download another 700 MB ? Is that all I have to do ? 4.3-1ubuntu4 --> 4.3-1ubuntu5 ?02:14
holsteinE3D3: ?02:15
holsteinE3D3: im not following.. you have some testing verision of 12.04 installed?02:16
holsteinyou wont get "back" to anything going forward with updates02:16
E3D3holstein: Yes, 12.04 beta if I remember well.  I want back to trustworthy, not to the same version.02:17
holsteinyou want back?02:17
holsteinyou want back to trustworthy?02:18
holsteinim not sure what you mean02:18
holstein12.04 is "stable" now, though likely similar in "trustworthiness"02:18
E3D3The beta-version was an experiment, and failed, to buggy. So I didn't/couldn't use it. I know it was my own fault to try a beta version. Now I'm already started updating/downloading and will see if that helps, so nm. Sorry that I express myself so bad and thanks for your help.02:23
holsteinE3D3: well, there are no beta or testing versions now.. so i say, update what you have if you are having problems, and you can troubleshoot from there02:24
E3D3Okay, I try that and will see. Thanks again and good bye.02:27
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jackyIs there any way to upgrade over the command line to a new version?05:20
philipballew_jacky, yeah!05:20
jackyI couldn't do it thus forcing to wait until KDE told me to.05:20
* philipballew_ finds link05:20
* jacky hopes it's not a HTTPS link.05:21
philipballew_jacky, just do what this says. though its 11.10, its the same iirc05:22
jacky\o/ thanks philipballew_; i'll try it.05:22
* philipballew_ tackles jacky 05:24
jimmieIs anyone else having an issue with their unity launcher never going away with 12.0407:17
Fyodorovnajimmie, you have compizconfig settings manager installed, there is a unity plugin and control in the first tab07:21
jimmieIm "sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager" -ing as we speak07:21
jimmieCheers pal07:21
jimmieIts configured to autohide on CCSM but its still there, taunting me.07:28
jimmieIs there any other way to change its behaviour other than CCSM07:33
Fyodorovnajimmie, are you in 2d?07:35
Fyodorovnacan you change the size of the panel in that plugin?07:36
jimmiewith ccsm?07:36
Fyodorovnathe unity desktop has a 2d version as well07:36
jimmieim not lure anymore I did "unity --reset" about 2 mintues ago, ow anthing i open, opens behind every other window and cannot be retrieved07:37
Fyodorovnajimmie, yeah in ccsm for the panel width resize07:37
jimmiePlease excuse the horrid typing as well. Its changed my preferred keyboard from Dvorak to Qwerty. Which nade logging in a hoot.07:38
Fyodorovnajimmie, alt-f2 unity --replace will restrt compiz07:38
jimmieit is now completely teal.07:40
jimmieTell a lie07:42
jimmieI now have 2 unity launchers07:42
Fyodorovnajimmie, should of been compiz --replace     the command you ran should not of hurt anhything07:42
jimmieOne which stays and never leaves07:42
jimmieAnother, teal coloured one, which comes when summoned07:42
Fyodorovnajimmie, you probably just need a reboot or a logout compiz is tempermental if you mess with it.07:43
jimmieFor added annoyance, all the icons are vastly different sizes, so you open three things at once if you click it07:43
jimmieYeah ill try that again. Cheers again.07:43
jimmieStop saying again*07:44
jimmieNope. Changing the CCSM unity panel settings merely creates a new launcher that does autohide07:50
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ray_bioterror , I am running Ubuntu 12.04. It took me a while because I had to install a microwave first, then I couldn't get Ubuntu 12 installed from USB which I have done before with another version of Ubuntu, so I made a CD09:42
ray_When I was testing Ubuntu 12.04 from CD I couldn't connect to the internet, but after installing I was able to connect09:43
ray_Now to work appearance09:43
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sk1speciallots of traffic here...09:57
r4yNo kidding.09:58
r4yI am wondering about Ubuntu 12.04 and using this command: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell09:58
r4yCan I still switch back to Unity?, vice versa when ever I want after using this command?09:59
r4yWill the apearances of both stay out each others way?, And so forth09:59
Unit193Should have the option in Lightdm.10:00
Unit193Both being gnome, I'd think overlap would happen though.10:00
r4yI like the options for appearance better with Gnome10:00
Unit193Login manager.10:01
sk1specialidk..gnome shell killed my desktop.. but thats because i was messing with the compiz  ccsm stuff that i have no idea how to do via online posts on how to install matrix 3d desktop cube :]10:01
r4yMy brother was trying to get me into using compiz fusion but it was slowing things down so I ditched it.10:02
r4yI got TV-out working so that 2 individual windows were open, one on the monitor and the other on the tv10:03
r4yWhich from what my uncle said I couldn't do with my graphics card10:04
sk1specialwait tv out? you mean just dual monitor screen on a tv that has pc in right?10:04
r4yNormally tv out works as twin view by default for me10:05
sk1specialah and you made it extended?10:05
sk1specialor landscape or xcinema view or whatever10:06
r4yUh, I can't remember if it panned out. I remember it being difficult though10:06
r4yRight now tv out is there, but the screen is flipping on the tv over and over10:07
r4yI haven't tried the graphics card driver yet though10:07
sk1speciallol. i have nvidia geforce something cheap. all kindve issues..its a compromise tho. depending on which effects i enable other things mess up or work better..10:08
sk1speciallike i have good working dual screen extended atm..one to a tv in.. but my menus look like win 98 and i cant drap and drop between workstations.10:09
r4yI know it wasn't stretched as far as normal looking goes, but I can't remember if was extended10:09
r4yI am happy with my graphics card for what I can afford. It's a NVIDIA 7100GS10:10
r4yIt could be better, but I can play N64 games10:10
sk1specialahh.. i have a ..hmm. to google the command for displaying that info..10:10
r4yI don't understand?10:11
sk1specialah i just had to look up how to find out the graphics card via terminal.10:12
sk1specialits lspci -nn | grep VGA10:12
sk1specialand i have a GT218 GeForce 21010:13
r4yI haven't yet backed up my files, I made notes for that kind of info10:13
r4yI am new to Unity as you must know10:13
r4yI had a feeling I would be likely switch back to Gnome10:14
r4yI wonder how long, or if they are even going to keep gnome10:15
sk1specialah cha. im new to all linux so sall good. i feel like im cathing on pretty fast..3 days down and i have a 3d matrix video desktop and both monitors are at least on so im happy10:15
sk1specialidk .. been on windows till now10:15
r4yWow, cool10:15
r4yIs this the nick you are going to be using in the future?10:16
r4yyour irc name = nick10:16
sk1specialcatching* and yeah im this cross platform10:16
r4yI will make note. I can share info with you sometime. I need to back up soon10:17
sk1specialah okay..thats whats up10:17
r4yOK, I made note of your nick. I hope you find something useful when I share sometime.10:18
r4yIt would be better if I could share a folder10:19
r4yI've never used cloud before. Is it free?10:19
r4yI think so10:19
sk1specialyeah thats why im just waiting in chat . learn what i can till i can fix my stuff. and from what ive seen no. theres a trial period i think of like a day where its free. but i believe they charge you for it beyond that10:19
sk1specialokay juts checked. its free for one hour not one day10:20
r4yDoes it require a credit card?10:20
r4yThat's messed up, O well10:20
sk1specialdoesnt look like it10:21
r4yLOL, may some other way then10:21
r4yI'll be back10:21
r4yI am wondering if anything that worked for me before will work on Ubuntu 12.04, I need to back up and I want to test10:30
r4yI meant everything10:31
r4ynot anything10:31
r4yAre you having trouble with anything?10:31
sk1specialam i ?10:33
r4yya, what's up?10:33
sk1specialyeah. the window menus look like windows 98  ( ie grey blocky ) and i cant drag and drop windows between workstations and i get a RANDR missing error when i try to do somethings10:34
r4yAre you stuck in fail safe?10:34
sk1specialno everything else is working normally. i know its a nvidia thing tho. because depending on how i change my monitor set up. ill have either one screen working perfectly. or one screen working perfectly and the other as just solid grey light and a x for a mouse cursor that doesnt do anything.. or how i have it now with the win 98 looking menus and no drag n drop10:35
r4yI wonder what's up with that10:35
r4yYou might want to ask the people on the #ubuntu channel. There are more people there10:36
r4yIt's packed though10:37
r4yor was10:37
sk1specialyeah they just ignore me when i ask that question. which i assume means it either takes to long to explain or they dont know.10:37
r4yYou are using 2 graphics card on one computer?10:37
sk1specialno one graphics card. just dual monitors.. one via the dvi port one via the vga port10:38
r4yI've never done that10:38
r4yI use s-video which is not as good. In fact the tv is hard to read words off of from the computer10:39
r4yBut games are decent10:39
r4yI wonder if there is a graphics card related channel?10:40
r4yI found #nvidia10:41
r4yNot that I know when people are there10:42
sk1speciallol ill join it just i ncase. most things i can find online.. but not help with this. i had it fixed the other day ..but idk what i didi. i just kept reentering shit and one time it worked...then i did a fresh install of the new version because that video shit killed my desktop10:45
r4yYa it's crazy sometimes. I've had many good times. Some hard times, but I knew it was worth the trying.10:47
r4yI need to reboot. I will be back10:48
sk1specialeh. its frustrating because it leaves my system very unstable.. i dont feel comfortable actually saving anything important. but i have a laptop too so sall good to use this to learn new stuff. and mmk10:48
r4yYou might want to get an external hard drive if you can afford it.10:49
r4yI'll be back10:51
sk1specialyeah i have a spare..but its half the size of my main. next major purchase is  upgraded pc. n mmk10:52
jimmieHas anyone discovered a solution to the launcher never autohiding in 12.04 (even with adjustments to CCSM)10:56
sk1specialis that supposed to be possible?10:57
sk1specialjust scroll down a lil ways and they tell you how to do it11:00
bobweaverhello there I am looking for the lead contact for this group who might that be ?11:00
bobweaverI am putting it in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning#preview11:00
bobweaverby the section    Affiliates & Key People11:00
bobweaverNeed to know who to tell people to contact.11:01
jimmiesklspecial: Yeah the unity sidebar always used to bugger off after a while11:01
jimmieNow it just sits there, mocking me.11:01
sk1specialyeah. that site i posted shows you how to do it11:02
jimmieOnlyfor 3d apparently11:03
jimmieIll give it a go, cheers pal.11:03
sk1specialyeah theyre  trying to disable  being able to do that as a normal thing i guess. goodluck11:06
jimmieWhy. The thing is unsightly11:06
jimmieI dont see the advantage to not being able to hide it11:06
sk1specialmaybe with unity ( which i guess is a new environment for this ? ) it makes the desktop unstable for the launcher to be moved around. *shrug*11:08
jimmieUnsettings doesnt work for making it autohide, I have set ccsm and unsettings to autohide and it wont go away11:08
sk1specialscroll down the page a lil to Get unity dodge windows autohide back11:10
sk1specialtheres one download for *how it used to work*11:10
sk1specialand one for mazimized windows11:10
sk1specialis the *how it used to work*11:11
sk1specialis the maximized windows..11:11
sk1specialand it says have to log out and back in after11:11
jimmieThats confusing.11:11
sk1specialhttp://www.webupd8.org/2012/04/real-window-dodge-unity-launcher.html additional info :]11:12
sk1speciallol. alot of this stuff is confusing..especially with me coming off of windows. but apparently its a big improvement from older versions..and its confusing so it can be truly customizable/open11:12
jimmieBefore when you maximised a window, unity was just goneand you were left with your huge window.11:14
jimmieNow the launcherhangs around for a wee while11:14
jimmiethen goes11:14
jimmieSo much for the relentless march of progress11:14
sk1specialhmm. that would be nice.. but i bet with my screensaver background running it would crash me too. so *shrug*11:15
sk1speciali was just reading the head guys blogs..and he was talking about while theyre always striving to move forward..theyre also attempting to bridge the gap between super tech user ..and your avg person11:16
jimmieYu cant please everyone, so why try?11:16
jimmieAlso 12.04 has disregarded me setting my keyboard todvorak ages ago11:17
jimmieand is now forcing me to use qwerty, and its entirely unchangable11:17
sk1special? should have had all those options during the install i did. gave me like a million different layouts11:22
pip__I notice the new (12.04) images are over 700Mb - DVDs from here on in then?11:23
jimmieI set ti like that last time I did a fresh install11:23
jimmieI just upgraded to 12.04 and it thinks dvorak doesnt exist11:24
sk1specialgo to system settings . keyboard . layout settings11:24
sk1specialthey have a few options there11:24
sk1specialandd.. dvds / cds? usb drives with swapable sd card clor. 4 dollars with shipping on amazing for the usb drive. another 5 bucks for a 16gb microsd card :]11:25
sk1specialand i typed that all fucked up but you know what i mean11:25
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jimmiesklspecial: I can change thise all I want, wont leave qwerty12:05
jimmieThink im going to use my 11.10 live usb12:05
spornitzHi - trying to override the default "alt-click" behaviour in 11.10 - I need alt-click to do something very specific in eclipse and the "move" action is associated by default16:25
spornitzany tips? thanks16:26
geirhaspornitz: There used to be an option in the mouse or window preferences; to choose between Alt and Super for that, but it seems it's removed in 11.1016:47
geirhaspornitz: You can remap it with ccsm (CompizConfig Settings Manager) though16:47
spornitzgeirha: where in the ccsm? thanks16:48
geirhaBrowse down to the "Move Window" plugin and map it from <Alt>Button1 to e.g. <Super>Button116:48
spornitzgreat thanks very much16:48
ToxinWhat now17:55
bobweaverHey yo17:55
bobweaverdpkg-query -l | grep ndis*17:55
bobweaver-l is a l like in llama17:56
ToxinA List is there17:56
bobweaver|do you see ndiswrapper ?17:56
bobweaversudo modprobe ndiswrapper17:57
bobweaverlsmod | grep ndiswrapper17:57
ToxinFatal: Module ndiswrapper Not found17:58
bobweaverdid I spell it right ?17:58
bobweaverndiswrapper -l17:58
bobweaverlong list ?17:59
ToxinDriver installed blublub17:59
bobweavergezz why is the mod not loading17:59
Toxinwg311v3 : driver installed device (11AB:1FAA) Presseamt17:59
ToxinNot more18:00
bobweaversudo iwlist scan18:00
bobweavercan you see networks ?>18:00
ToxinLo Interface doesnt Support Scanning. Eth0 Same18:00
bobweaverbut no wla0 ?18:01
bobweaversudo -i18:01
jimmieIm trying to make an 11.10 live usb. Should the usb stick be in FAT32 or?18:02
bobweaverwait on what ?18:02
bobweaverjimmie,  you should think about ext18:02
bobweaverext3 or 418:02
ToxinJust New batteries in mice18:03
ToxinOk i hav done Sudo -i18:03
bobweaverecho ndiswrapper >> /etc/modules18:03
bobweavermake sure you tyoe that right18:03
bobweavertype *18:04
bobweavermodprobe ndiswrapper18:04
jimmieDoes it make any difference, ext3 or 4?18:04
bobweaverjimmie,  not sure I use ext318:04
bobweaverToxin,  did you do a exit18:05
bobweaverToxin,  do you have internet connection to that computer18:05
jimmieDoes it have any advantages over fat32 or nfst (or whatever the scronym is)18:05
bobweaverthat is for windows jimmie  not linux18:05
ToxinYes ans nö18:05
bobweaverfat32 and ntfs18:05
ToxinExit yes, Internet no18:06
bobweaverToxin,  iwconfig18:06
bobweaverwlan0 ?18:06
bobweaveror whatever wifi is18:06
bobweaversudo apt-get --purge remove ndiswapper && sudo apt-get --yes install ndiswrapper18:08
bobweavercheck spelling ^^18:08
ToxinNo Internet?18:08
bobweaverlooks good to me18:08
bobweaverfoh shit18:08
bobweaverhow did you get it there in the 1st place ?18:08
bobweaverapt-cache policy ndiswapper18:09
ToxinPacket ndiswrapper cannot be found18:10
jimmieStartup disk creator says no to using my newly formatted usb stick to put 11.1018:10
bobweaverToxin,  sorry18:11
bobweaverapt-cache policy dump ndiswrapper18:11
jimmieIt has been used before as a liveusb for 11.10, before my idiotic switch to 12.0418:11
bobweaverjimmie,  fire up gparted and format that sucker18:11
bobweaverdo you know how to do that ? jimmie18:12
holsteinjimmie: this has nothing to do with 12.0418:13
holsteintry unetbootin.. try DD'ing the iso... try formatting the USB stick as bobweaver suggests before using the startup disk creator18:14
bobweaver o/ holstein18:14
holsteinif you are using ubuntu 11.10, you want ubuntu 12.04... maybe on one of the derivitives, you could argue that its not that important18:14
holsteinthe improvements to unity are well worth any hassle you come across18:15
bobweaverand filing bugs18:15
bobweaverlightdm ect18:15
bobweaverhow to file bug in 12.04 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=495V7FokwBU&webm=1   can not belive how easy it is18:16
bobweaverjust had to make a video about it18:16
bobweaverToxin,  ?? take picture if you need too :>)18:16
bobweaver!screenshot | Toxin18:17
ubot2Toxin: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.18:17
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Guest44335Hello, everyone!20:17
haqkinghello Guest44335 so what is your USB question20:22
Guest44335I'm attempting to locate my USB drive via Terminal. I cannot identify the proper method in order to locate this. What is the correct method to proceed?20:24
haqkingin terminal type cd /media20:25
haqkingdo ls and it should show your drive if its been detected20:25
Guest44335DId you research this while we were communicating prior? Ha ha ha.20:26
haqkingGuest44335, no im a Linux user hence why im on here ;)20:26
haqkingi also said the same thing in other channel20:26
haqkinghas it worked for you ?20:26
Guest44335I did not recognize this in the prior communication channel. I attempted to type letters and was not successful.20:27
Unit193Locate, being..? You can type  `mount` or `lsusb`20:27
Guest44335I typed sudo dmesg.20:27
Guest44335Now, my typing is limited to utilizing numbers.20:28
haqkingGuest44335, type cd /media20:28
haqkingfrom terminal prompt20:28
Guest44335I attempted to. I cannot type more than numbers.20:28
haqkingare you in a linux terminal and at your usual terinal prompt ?20:29
Guest44335Isn't Linux a different OS than a Mac?20:29
Guest44335If so, I am utilizing a Mac.20:30
haqkingmac is hardware that runs OSX20:30
haqkingso your not in Linux then20:30
Guest44335No, no I am not.20:30
haqkingif your question is Mac related then i suggest going to a mac support channel ;)20:30
haqkingUbuntu is Linux and nothing to do with Mac or OSX20:31
aRn0Hi all. I got 2 gigs of RAM. What is the exact swap size I need to enter when partitioning: 2000 MB or 2048 MB? Does it matter?21:30
nlsthznI doubt it matters but I always go for 2048...21:32
nlsthznJust feels right :)21:32
aRn0Alright, me too. Does anybody know for sure if it makes a difference or not?21:34

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