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_kubuntu 12.04 crashes my laptop with 2 monitors :/05:28
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ds500ssfound some irritating bug in rubygems, here's the report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rubygems/+bug/98945407:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 989454 in rubygems "rubygems lacks a bin directory on default install" [Undecided,New]07:56
ds500sscan someone check this out?07:59
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lillemanIs there something I can do to make someone interested in fixing this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/88162814:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 881628 in unity "Bad performance after a few minutes" [Undecided,New]14:31
lillemanCan I supply more information somehow?14:31
RobinJ1995I reported a bug on Launchpad, how can I help get it fixed quicker? This is really starting to piss me off...15:06
DaekdroomRobinJ1995, bug #?15:06
RobinJ1995On another note, how the * did you manage to make the so-called "stable" release buggier than beta 2Nµ15:08
FlimFlamManupgrade to 12.04 on my System76 Darter Ultra results in no wifi and no touchpad... any suggestions for fixing either?15:08
RobinJ1995Daekdroom, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/98499115:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 984991 in pulseaudio "[Latitude D620, SigmaTel STAC9200, Speaker, Internal] Sound disappears" [Undecided,New]15:09
RobinJ1995.... the cameleon buttons on the unity launcher are borked as well....15:11
RobinJ1995and they work again, lol15:12
RobinJ1995seems to be related to my wallpaper :/15:13
DaekdroomWhat is wrong with the buttons?15:13
RobinJ1995if i choose a certain wallpaper the dash button becomes orange and all the rest becomes a dark brown15:13
lillemanI have the same question on how I can speed up work on a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/88162815:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 881628 in unity "Bad performance after a few minutes" [Undecided,New]15:14
DaekdroomRobinJ1995, The rest of the launcher or the rest of the icons?15:14
RobinJ1995the chameleonic icons that is15:14
RobinJ1995but i've been messing around with unity's dconf so that could be it :p15:15
RobinJ1995the sound issue is more important15:15
DaekdroomEvery chamaleonic icon (and Dash) should look the same color, but the background is darker.15:15
RobinJ1995might also just be my screen settings, by the way. http://www.imgdumper.nl/uploads5/4f9ab84e317ef/4f9ab84e12420-Screenshot_from_2012-04-27_17%3A15%3A44.png15:16
RobinJ1995oh wait... probably because i turned the light of inactive icons off. that may be why the dash button is brighter15:17
RobinJ1995Daekdroom, just checked, that's indeed the cause. but back to the sound issue (there are also huge performance issues it seems ....)15:18
RobinJ1995what a suprise... performance issue is mount.ntfs, so not a real surprise15:19
RobinJ1995but what about the sound issue?15:20
DaekdroomIt looks to me that there's enough information in the bug report15:20
DaekdroomAlthough it doesn't make it clear whether it's an alsa or a pulseaudio issue.15:21
RobinJ1995i don't know. i just guessed it was pulseaudio15:21
RobinJ1995didn't really think of it15:21
RobinJ1995if i see one more of those "Ubuntu has experienced an internal error" boxes, I'm going mad.... :@15:23
RobinJ1995so far i'm incredibly disappointed :/15:24
ogra_RobinJ1995, thats why upgrades only get enabled for the .1 release usually ;)15:24
RobinJ1995ogra_, didn't update15:24
RobinJ1995this is a fresh installation15:24
ogra_but you also didnt wait for the .1 iso :)15:24
RobinJ1995no, i didn't15:24
ogra_so help finding and fixing the bugs before .115:25
ogra_but note that all devs are pretty exhausted after working 20h days for two weeks to make the release happen15:25
RobinJ1995or just try to bring it to the dev's minds to NOT RELEASE BUGGY STUFF WITH A "STABLE" LABEL15:25
RobinJ1995it was the same with mint 1215:25
ogra_the .1 is the stable laebl15:26
RobinJ1995they just call every release stable15:26
ogra_and i wont start about mint or their disabled security15:26
RobinJ1995the beta's are usually more stable somehow xd15:26
RobinJ1995well, gotta go15:26
ogra_in any case, file bugs and be patient, someone will get to your bug eventually15:27
normatifI'm doing do-release-upgrade from 12.04 from 11.10, and I get several warnings/errors. Is there a place interested in observing such info? this chan?15:43
normatif*from 11.10 to 12.0415:43
EvilResistancewhich warnings/errors?  and tbh, I've gotten errors during every in-place upgrade i've ever done :P15:43
normatifE: Error: BrokenCount > 0run-parts: /etc/update-motd.d/90-updates-available exited with return code 25515:44
normatifdpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/etc/etc/bash_completion.d': Directory not empty15:44
normatifdpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/etc/etc': Directory not empty15:44
normatifrmdir: failed to remove `/var/lib/libreoffice/basis3.4': Directory not empty15:58
normatifdpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/usr/share/doc/uno-libs3/demo': Directory not empty15:59
normatifE: namespace:121: cannot remove /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/lazr/__init__.py16:03
RobinJ1995ogra_, hopefully before i decide to throw ubuntu out16:04
RobinJ1995btw, can i change the priority myself, or not?16:04
ogra_you need to be member of the bugsquad i think16:04
RobinJ1995so delete it manually?16:04
RobinJ1995ok, i'm not :p16:04
ogra_well, as i said above, for the last two weeks everyone worked like 20h days for 7 days/week16:04
ogra_so all devs are currently rather in recovery mode, thats what i mean with "be patient"16:05
RobinJ1995if you can't get things stable in time, then why not postpone release? it will spare people a lot of freustration16:05
ogra_next week it should be better again16:05
ogra_RobinJ1995, well, you are free to wait for 12.04.116:06
RobinJ1995no i'm not, it's already on here16:06
RobinJ1995just don't release beta software under a stable label16:06
ogra_12.04 isnt supposed to be bugfree16:06
ogra_it is stable in the sense that it doesnt change beyond getting bugfixes16:07
RobinJ1995bugfree? i'd like to see that. i'd already be happy with "just working"16:07
RobinJ1995it seems things have only been getting worse since beta 216:07
ogra_12.04.1 will be stable enough that it will be the release for enterprise users ... which is the reason why the update-manager will only offer that to LTS users16:08
RobinJ1995can anyone help me try and find a temporary solution, then?16:08
ogra_while things might have gone worse for you they only have gotten better for me since beta16:08
ogra_there are millions of ubuntu users out there which likely have the same experience as me16:09
ogra_and theer are surely also users out there which have the same experience as you16:09
RobinJ1995whatever, can you try and help me find a temporary solution? if this isn't fixed in a few days my mother'll probably just switch back to windows (and to be honest, who can blame her?)16:09
ogra_ugh, you installed 12.04 for your mom ?16:09
ogra_you seriously should have waited for .116:10
ogra_(i certainly do before upgrading my moms computer)16:10
ogra_anyway, you had issues with sound ?16:10
RobinJ1995how should i know? if it's only beta quality than why not put a huge banner on the site "DO NOT INSTALL THIS, IT'S BETA QUALITY SOFTWARE"16:10
RobinJ1995i played around with the volume control a bit, and then the sound disappeared16:11
ogra_so go to #ubuntu-kernel and see if diwic is still around, he is a sound expert and can probably help16:11
ogra_(though he is european and might want to finish the day soon)16:12
RobinJ1995i'm european as well16:12
RobinJ1995* [diwic] barjavel.freenode.net :Paris, FR << i thinjk that should be the same timezone as i'm in16:12
RobinJ1995oh wait that's the location of the server, isn't it? >.<16:13
RobinJ1995meh, i'll see16:13
RobinJ1995doesn't seem to respond anyway :(16:13
ogra_well, we all had long two weeks with last minute fixes and image tests16:14
RobinJ1995don't kill me if i'm getting the wrong impression, but it seems this whole community-based development process is just a mess most of the times :/16:15
ogra_if your sound worked in the beginning, there is always the option to reinstall and not fiddle with the volume controls indeed :)16:15
RobinJ1995reinstall? i've installed it 3 hours ago >.<16:15
ogra_thats why i said that ... you wont have much personal data on it yet16:16
RobinJ1995yeah i have16:16
RobinJ1995well nothing that's not backupped16:16
RobinJ1995ok now i'm going crazy16:16
ogra_before your mom has to live without sound that might be the quicker option than having to wait til monday when devs show up again16:16
RobinJ1995Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error16:17
RobinJ1995"send report" -> apport crashes16:17
RobinJ1995very nice...16:17
RobinJ1995kinda defeats the use of crash management16:18
RobinJ1995oh well, let's try to reproduce it on my laptop again (shouldn't be hard)16:20
* ogra_ vanishes into the well deserved weekend ... 16:21
ogra_RobinJ1995, good luck16:21
* RobinJ1995 has an idea16:22
normatifwhoa... inplace upgrade horribly failed16:54
normatifI'm typing from windows now16:54
normatifat some point the window manager died, then upgrade stuck at flash-plugin installer16:55
FlimFlamManany recommendations for figuring out why my laptop touchpad does not work since 12.04 upgrade?16:56
RobinJ1995FlimFlamMan, known problem since 11.10. install all updates and reboot twice. usually solves it16:58
normatifflash plugin can never download because at that point network connection was gone too (along with WM), so I switched to console, it said System Restart Required, I restarted, logged in16:59
normatifapt-get update did not work (Still no network), apt-get upgrade told me to run dpkg --reconfigure a17:00
normatifso I did it, WM died again, lots of errors/warnings, I restarted after reconfigure finished, and... no grub menu, nothing, just blinking cursor17:01
normatifsee you after the point release, bye17:03
ahayzenHi is this the correct place to talk about bugs in Ubuntu?17:22
hggdhahayzen: yes, if you have doubts on how to triage one17:35
hggdhor general questions about bugs in Ubuntu17:35
ahayzenwell I have found a bug... and found tht it is already reported (bug 979266) so I have confirmed it... but I feel that it is a very important bug and therefore needs attention.17:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 979266 in gobject-introspection "Can't import GConf from gi.repository Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97926617:36
ahayzenhggdh: Basically when using Python you can't access GConf it just thinks its not there17:37
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jtaylorhm I can't reproduce it17:38
ahayzenjtaylor: Are you on 64 bit?17:39
jtaylorahayzen: yes17:39
ahayzenis there any code I can run to find the issue?17:39
jtaylorahayzen: does ldd -r /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gtk-2.0/gconf.so 2>&1 | grep -v Py17:39
jtaylorshow any undefined references?17:40
jtaylorahayzen: please do this: python -v -c "import gconf" | pastebinit17:41
ahayzenjtaylor:  import gconf works correctly17:42
jtayloroh what does not then?17:42
ahayzenits from gi.repository import GConf that doesn't17:42
hggdhahayzen: isn't it 'gconf', lower case?17:43
ahayzenhggdh: on 11.10 GConf was used when using the new GI packages eg Gtk317:44
* hggdh is not an expert on GTK, any version17:44
ahayzenotherwise you get some gobject error.... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/950357/17:44
ahayzenthey conflict or something17:45
jtaylorthat affected update-manager once17:45
jtaylorit was fixed by using gsettings ...17:45
jtayloris this really valid in gtk3?17:46
hggdhI cannot even test, the archive is sorta slow...17:46
ahayzenjtaylor: is what valid?17:46
jtaylorfrom gi.repository import GConf17:46
ahayzenit was in 11.1017:46
jtaylorsee https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/1:0.152.317:47
ahayzenso how would i, as a developer, use gsettings?17:48
jtaylorlet me try in 32 bit17:48
jtaylorwhich packages are needed for that?17:48
ahayzenfor GConf.... supposedly.... gnome-python  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/gnome-python17:49
ahayzenwhich includes 'python-gconf: Python bindings for the GConf configuration database system'17:49
ahayzenmaybe we are supposed to be using GSettings now then?17:51
ahayzenfrom gi.repository import Gio17:52
ahayzenthen Gio.Settings but it is odd that GConf was included in 11.10 and now it has gone =-O17:52
jtaylordoesn't work in 32 bit for me either17:54
ahayzenthere are some Gnome articles suggesting migration ... http://live.gnome.org/GnomeGoals/GSettingsMigration17:55
ahayzenso maybe GConf has been removed in GNOME 3.2 (is that wht we are on now)17:55
ahayzenjtaylor: ok so if that is true was should i do with the bug report?17:57
jtaylorwait for a reply by someone who knows this gnome crap17:58
ahayzenok :)17:59
ahayzenjtaylor: Thank you very much for your help ... i think i've have a look into the gsettings thing and wait for a reply as u stated for the bug report18:00
ahayzen*i'll have a look18:01
mfischanyone seen any issues popping up about DNS resolution being flaky?19:26
mfischin 12.0419:26
alo21hi all19:31
alo21I have to report a bug about cooling system19:31
alo21could someone tell me what package manage it?19:32
FernandoMiguelwhy is +1 in invite only!?20:31
dlentzFernandoMiguel, Ubuntu 12.04 was just officially release, so there is no #ubuntu+1 release right now..20:32
FernandoMigueldlentz: yes there is :) 12.10 ... I'm using it already20:32
FernandoMiguela bunch of us were yesterday20:32
FernandoMiguelDescription:Ubuntu quantal (development branch)20:32
dlentzit actually has its own repos with stuff in them right now?20:33
FernandoMiguelit has them for over 24h now20:33
Nafallodlentz: it's just a copy of release-1 initially.20:35
arandFernandoMiguel: They often keep the channel as forwarding to #ubuntu for a while before the +1 cycle really get's started, and that leads to the invite-only thing if you are already in #ubuntu.20:36
FernandoMiguelarand: I know20:36
FernandoMiguelI expected it20:36
FernandoMiguelbyt 12.10 repos were already open yesterday20:39
_kubuntu 12.04 wont recognize my second monitor (it refers to it as a laptop) so i cant extend the displays, is this fixable?20:40
roadmr_k: so the displays tool shows two screens, or just one?20:42
_kit shows 2 screens20:42
_kboth labeled laptop20:42
_ki have an ati radeon hd 3670.  everything worked for me in 11.10. this is a fresh install20:44
_kactually sorry, now it only shows one, not detecting the other20:46
_k(it showed 2 'laptop' displays when i unchecked 'mirror')20:47
roadmr_k: m, do you have the proprietary drivers installed?20:48
_klast time i did that with 12.04 it would crash, so i think i may try installing he fglrx drivers from the previous version20:49
_k(12.03 versus 12.04)20:50
roadmr_k hmm..20:50
roadmr_k for the record I have no idea what the problem may be :/ sorry heh20:50
_kok.  i do think it's driver related and i have an open bug. just figured id ask here before risking another complete system reinstall20:50
_kthanks tho20:50
_kseems like i lot of monitor issues so far though with 12.04.... worst case i go back to 11.1020:51
NurseDadnot sure I do this here but I was just sent here from the main channel.  I was wanting to request that BZFlag be updated to the newsest version23:05
micahgBug #55538823:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 555388 in bzflag "Update Package: BZFlag" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55538823:07
arandNurseDad: At this stage it's probably something that would have to go in through backports..23:14
arandNurseDad: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports has more info regarding that.23:15
arand(I'm assuming you are referring to Precise here...)23:15
NurseDadarand yes23:21
NurseDadI found a ppa with the latest23:21
NurseDadcan I post the link here for you to look at?23:21
arandNurseDad: I'm not the person to speak to, I'm just trying to point you in the right direction ;)23:24
micahgNurseDad: once quantal has been updated, you can use the requestbackport script in ubuntu-dev-tools to request a backport to precise23:26
NurseDadok thank you23:29

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