akgranerjcastro, sent you the link to the interview from today00:35
akgranerI'm fixing the description and annotations and I'll email download link to Daviey in the am sometime00:36
akgranerI'm making it CC-by-SA so you all can just use the parts you want too00:37
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jo-erlendI still don't like situations as this one: http://askubuntu.com/questions/125791/ubuntu-11-10-not-suspending-automatically05:13
jo-erlendit would be nice if we had some way of signalling that this is a bug report, maybe a good one, and that someone more experienced with that should make contact.05:14
bkerensaomg label printing on ubuntu is easy... who knew05:28
dholbachgood morning06:46
bkerensagood morning indeed06:59
dholbachhi bkerensa :)07:09
bkerensaoh sorry I got lost in github07:19
bkerensareading up syncing bzr with git :D07:19
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bkerensaczajkowski: How was the UK release party?08:15
czajkowskigood fun thanks08:15
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czajkowskiyes it was a bit loud08:24
akgranerDaviey, jcastro - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3GYwGe552g - it's public now and I've added details to the description and some annotations11:59
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s-foxHi komputes , how are you doing?13:28
jo-erlendwouldn't it be nice to have a Unity Dash implementation for byobu? It would list your most frequently used commands, most recently used directories, etc. ;)13:58
mhall119jo-erlend: IIRC, kirkland discussed that, not sure if he was serious about it or not though14:00
jo-erlendmhall119, well. If two geniuses comes up with the same idea independently, it has to be good! :)14:01
jo-erlendbut I think that might be nice.14:01
jo-erlendand indicators, of course.14:02
mhall119jo-erlend: since it's all available on dbus, it's technically possible14:02
jo-erlendI've actually been toying with the idea of making a GTK implementation for use with Gnome Panel.14:03
jo-erlendmight be a fun way to explore how they work in more depth.14:04
mhall119gtk implementation of what?14:07
jcastromhall119: heh, nice work (G+)14:42
mhall119haters gotta hate, fact checkers gotta ruin their parade :)14:43
Davieyakgraner: eeek14:44
akgranerDaviey, why eeek?14:44
Davieyakgraner: video public :)14:46
akgranerDaviey, yep - that was the purpose :-)  we live streamed it yesterday so it was public from the first minute14:47
akgranerDaviey, do you not want it public - if so tell me now before I blog it14:48
Davieyakgraner: no, it's fine :)14:48
akgranerok :-)14:48
akgranerdon't worry me like that :-P14:48
akgranerDaviey, remember I'm fragile14:48
akgranerDaviey, also where ever you were sitting yesterday is like the perfect background.  That should be printed to just hang behind people.14:50
paultaghahaha, oh man14:50
paultagI needed a good laugh14:50
jcastroooh, we demo daying today?14:50
paultagakgraner: you're anything but fragile :)14:50
akgranerpaultag, dude let me live in my fantasy world for a few minutes :-P14:51
akgranerpaultag, you remind me of my kids; they "keep it real"  as well.14:55
paultagakgraner: I am still pretty young :)14:55
akgranertoo funny   - well back to work for me - thanks for the laugh - Daviey I'll get you the link to the blog when it's ready - were you able to pull the video from my people page yet?14:57
akgranerI'll delete it from there once I know you all have it14:57
dholbachhey jono15:00
dholbachjono, team call time?15:00
jonodholbach, jcastro, balloons, dpm, mhall119 yup, team call!15:00
jonodholbach, jcastro, balloons, dpm, mhall119 https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/extras/canonical.com/horsemen?authuser=0&hl=en&shxp=1&eid15:01
dpmjono, I'll be 2 mins. It seems kernel update == webcam not working :/15:03
dpmrebooting, brb15:03
komputesdelayed hi s-fox , good good. had a great release party last night.15:49
balloonsjcastro, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/9b3d9438d601bc2d4f24e96f1eee8d7989ec0edd?authuser=0&hl=en-US#15:55
jonomhall119, just responded to Jan's G+ thread16:10
mhall119jono: I'm sure that'll settle things :)16:19
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dholbachalright my friends16:31
dholbachhave a great weekend everyone16:31
dholbachtake some time to celebrate the release :)16:31
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dholbachxwax just got the ability to display (and sort by) BPM data, so I'll play around with that a bit: http://www.pogo.org.uk/~mark/tmp/xwax-bpm.png :-)16:32
dholbachsee you!16:32
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PendulumIdleOne: so are you going to be quetzal next?16:49
* mhall119 just got Jan Wildeboer to publicly state that Fedora has forked Gnome. My work here is done.16:50
IdleOnePendulum: someone else has that nick16:50
IdleOneI think I'll stick with this one for now16:50
Pendulumfair enough16:50
IdleOneI was thinking of maybe using PendulumToo16:50
IdleOnebut that might cause confuzzles16:50
mhall119IdleOne: how about QuantalOne?16:50
IdleOnegot over 4000 highlights this past cycle. think I need a break16:51
s-foxjcastro http://serial-coder.co.uk/blog/2012/04/ubuntu-forums-monthly-report-april-2012/16:54
IdleOnemhall119: btw that stat was just for #ubuntu I didn't count all the other channels I am in17:00
jcastros-fox: cool, I'll G+ it17:05
jcastros-fox: will this hit planet?17:05
s-foxYou better believe it :)17:05
jcastrocprofitt has been a member for a while now right?17:06
jcastroballoons: your boy effenberg is on that list!17:06
s-foxjcastro,  we'll still do the wiki monthly report , but this seemed a bit more fun :)17:07
pleia2s-fox: nice! added it to UWN :)17:21
s-foxjcastro,  pleia2  Thanks :)17:25
jonojcastro, lets do the G+ thang17:26
jonoand balloons, did you want to join17:27
balloonssure.. wrangle us up a hangout partner17:27
jackys-fox: you installed Ubuntu on your laptop yet? :P17:30
jo-erlendI thought I'd make a complete demo from install to desktop. For that, I need to simulate having a Windows install. Will Ubiquity handle this the same way if I just have an NTFS partition?17:30
s-foxjacky, No, I need to back up my data17:30
s-foxI haven't used ubuntu since unity wasn't polished. It sort of put me off. It will be good to see for myself how it is now,17:30
jcastrojono: says I'm not invited17:31
jonojcastro, balloons oops, try now17:31
jo-erlends-fox, oh! I envy you :)17:32
* balloons not seeing it17:32
s-foxjo-erlend,  I don't think i understand17:32
jo-erlends-fox, you'll be impressed. :)17:33
s-foxjo-erlend,  I have been known to be happy sitting in a cli only environment. It it uses more than 50mb ram i will be upset :)17:34
jo-erlends-fox, when you live with it during development, you loose the ability to experience the "WOW" that others do when they see it for the first time. :)17:34
balloonsjono, jcastro g+ shows nothing on etheir of you17:35
jonoballoons, try again17:35
jonoballoons, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/extras/canonical.com/horsemen?authuser=0&hl=en&shxp=1&eid=17:35
cjohnstonjcastro: are we usign guidebook/17:36
s-foxOMG - I'm on planet ubuntu again. \o/17:37
jcastrocjohnston: no clue, mhall119?17:38
mhall119jcastro: I passed the info along when requested, but haven't heard anything17:38
cjohnstoncan I say no and just use the mobile theme17:38
mhall119does the mobile theme work now?17:38
cjohnstoncan we please follow up quickly? I don't want to fix bugs that we arent going to use17:38
cjohnstonplease try it17:38
cjohnstonthe more that try it the better17:39
jonojcastro, balloons ok I just talked to Michael, he is confirmed to be IS POC for the Forums Council, and has agreed to have a monthly call18:03
jonojcastro, balloons I am going to email the forums council and copy you in, can you please coordinate this monthly call with everyone?18:04
balloonsjono, not a problem18:07
bkerensamhall119: LoCo.u.c has been throwing this a lot when people try to rsvp for events " An attribute required for logging in was not returned (nickname)."18:10
bkerensaI have had probably five people so far tell me they cannot register at all18:10
cjohnstonbkerensa: i have posted to the bug what they need to do18:10
bkerensacjohnston: do you have a bug #?18:11
cjohnstonbkerensa: it atleast for 3 or 4 of them were people who had just joined launchpad, and hadnt joined a loco team18:11
bkerensaoh k18:11
bkerensaso they have to be a part of our loco? :)18:11
cjohnstoni dont remember.. but it was a few things to try18:12
cjohnstoni dont believe anyone has responeded18:12
cjohnstonsaying they tried them18:12
jonojcastro, balloons email sent18:13
mhall119bkerensa: they don't have to be part of your loco, they just have to have a launchpad profile18:16
bkerensamhall119: ok I will check and see if they had one or not18:17
mhall119and that profile has to be synced with single signon, which can sometimes take a while18:17
bkerensa^ lol18:17
cjohnstonmhall119: the ones I saw had created an account and tried logging in within an hour18:17
mhall119yeah, I don't know how often SSO syncs with LP, but I would imagine it's on the order of hours rather than days18:18
balloonspleia2, so, I failed to get my clipper card on time -- is there somewhere in the airport to buy one on the spot?18:23
pleia2balloons: yeah, the terminals have information booths where you can buy them18:24
balloonsawesome.. ;-018:24
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/PublicTransit#Clipper_Card has a picture of one18:25
pleia2balloons: SFO?18:25
balloonsI'm staring at that page and that pic pleia218:25
balloonsI now see the third bullet line18:25
balloonsSFO airport has information booths where you can pick Clipper cards up and add cash to them18:25
balloonsi seriously scoured that page looking for that info18:25
* pleia2 went on reconnaissance mission last time she was at the airport18:26
mhall119pleia2 rocks18:27
mhall119California LoCo team is the second best LoCo team ever!18:28
balloonsmhall119, 6-^18:29
* balloons fatfingers ftw18:29
cjohnstonbkerensa: Talking to ISD I am told it is ebcause they dont check the box saying that ltp can have their nickname18:41
cjohnstoncan you have someone try that please18:41
bkerensacjohnston: sure will do18:42
bkerensacjohnston: yeah that fixed it18:47
cjohnstonbkerensa: ty18:47
cjohnstonwould you mind commenting that on the bug18:47
cjohnstonim swamped right now18:47
bkerensacjohnston: sure I will18:48
bkerensawhats the project name so I can find the bug #18:48
cjohnstoni think its the newest reported bg18:49
forestpiskiejcastro: well I would never have found that metapackage info - thanks :)19:23
jcastrome either19:24
jcastroman dude, I am pretty sure he fixed that like 2 years ago or something like that19:24
jcastroI had no idea the official wiki had that either19:25
jcastrono wonder everyone was confused19:26
forestpiskieI hope you noticed I edited my answer before you did so as not to spread falsehood :p19:26
jcastroit's all teamwork bro19:26
forestpiskietoo true19:26
jcastrobummer when we fix things like that and then never tell people, heh19:27
forestpiskieI've got wiki on thebrain at the moment with getting the tutes'n'things ovber to the wiki19:27
forestpiskieyea - I have never seen that written anywhere19:27
jcastroI should blog it19:28
forestpiskiethe last thing of ' that' sort was either you or jono with the /home partition business19:28
jcastrobut then people won't believe me19:28
forestpiskieha ha ha19:28
jcastroI was arguing with some guy on reddit last night over seperate /home partitions19:28
forestpiskielong time since I bothered - perhaps 8.04 or so19:28
jcastroit's awesome because Evan tells people all the time19:29
jcastroand no one believes him19:29
jcastro"screw you guy who wrote it, you're wrong!"19:29
forestpiskiebut I try to get that across on the forum given the chance19:29
forestpiskieyea - such is life ...19:29
forestpiskiejcastro: must say I'm quite enjoying posting on askubuntu - didn't think I would :)19:30
jcastrotimestamp: Wed 2008-06-25 12:11:46 +020019:33
jcastrothat was fixed 4 years ago19:33
jcastrohah, I am lol'ing how this whole time no one realized this19:33
forestpiskiehome or metapackage?19:33
forestpiskieaah the metapackage thing then :D19:33
jcastrothe metapackage19:38
jcastroimbrandon: how many heads did we peak at?19:49
jcastroakgraner: around?19:49
jcastrojono: doing anything right this minute?19:49
jcastroI HAVE IDEAS19:50
jonojcastro, about to head to the dentist19:50
jonowhat ideas?19:50
jcastrojono: oh, well maybe when you come back I was thinking19:50
jcastrolet's do a hangout19:51
jcastrojust like, a friday afternoon talk about 12.0419:51
jonojcastro, cool19:51
jcastroand invite everyone19:51
jcastrolike, impromptu ask bacon19:51
jcastrobut with all of us19:51
jonojcastro, lets do it when I get back19:51
jonoshould be back at 2pm or so19:51
jcastroand we'll basically talk about 12.0419:51
jcastroswap stories19:51
jonobring it!19:51
jcastrocool user things, etc.19:51
cjohnstonget akgraner to do a hangout on air19:51
jcastrodude i am spent today, I wanna share with the planet19:51
jcastroSomething fun!19:52
jonoback soon! :-)19:52
* jcastro plonks amber19:52
* jcastro tosses stuffed "HP cloud" swag at akgraner 19:52
* jcastro tosses prototype ARM boards in akgraner's general direction19:53
cjohnstontoss stuff here too19:53
pleia2cjohnston: think you could install ntp on the classbot server? (it's running a bit fast)19:57
cjohnstonntpdate right?19:58
pleia2no, ntp19:58
cjohnstonntpdate is installed, tis why i asked19:58
pleia2ntpdate is a command you run manually, ntp is the ntp daemon19:58
pleia2yeah, I logged in to check :)19:59
cjohnstonits installed19:59
pleia2thank you19:59
cjohnstonlooks like its 1.5 to 1.75 minutes fast am I right?19:59
atsihi can in have a program like us vodafone mobile broadband manager im ubuntu?20:00
cjohnstonIf someone creates it20:00
jcastrocjohnston: run ntpdate first to set the clock, and then ntp just installs the daemon that keeps the clock right20:01
cjohnstonpleia2: I believe its update20:10
pleia2cjohnston: looks good, thanks :)20:12
jcastroakgraner: around?20:14
jonojcastro, hey20:19
jonoI cancelled20:19
jcastroI can't find Amber20:20
jcastrobut if she drops by we should do it20:20
jcastrojono: so I was thinking, the friday after release20:20
jcastrowe call it "The Ubuntu Listening Party"20:20
jcastrolike bands do with a new record20:20
jonocool :-)20:20
jcastrohave engineers popping in throughout the day20:20
jcastroanswer user questions, etc.20:20
jcastrobasically your Jono ustream thing20:21
jcastrobut ++'ed20:21
jcastroman, why didn't I think of this before today20:21
akgranerjcastro, yep20:39
jcastroI think jono is on a call20:40
jcastrobut it likely won't last too long20:40
akgranerjcastro, ok20:40
akgranerwant me to get it all set up?20:40
jcastrothen we'd just have to give people the youtube URL right?20:40
jcastroand then just ask them to interact with us via #ubuntu on twitter and G+20:41
akgranerone sec and I'll invite you20:41
jcastroto like ask questions and stuff20:41
jcastropopey: you about?20:46
jcastropleia2: around?20:50
jcastrolet's do an impromptu release G+ hangout and stream it20:51
jcastrowe can talk about stuff, etc.20:51
pleia2ok, but I don't have a camera here so it's voice only on my end20:51
jcastroit'll be like Chelsea Lately, but for ubuntu!20:52
balloonsjcastro, stream it!20:52
jcastrowe are!20:52
jcastrobut I need to find people to invite first20:52
* pleia2 digs microphone out of mess-that-is-desk20:52
jcastrobkerensa: how about you?20:52
jcastrogot a headset handy?20:52
bkerensasure why not20:52
jcastrocjohnston: yo yo, wake up20:53
jcastrograb a headset!20:53
cjohnstonI don't have a connection for a.hangout20:54
bkerensajcastro: do you have a url for it20:55
jcastrobkerensa: she sent you an invite20:56
jcastrojono: ok we're all set!20:58
pleia2er, so.. hangout?20:58
jcastroit's up20:59
jcastrodid you get the invite?20:59
jcastroakgraner: ^20:59
pleia2can I get an invite?20:59
jonook one sec21:04
cjohnstonmarcoceppi: ping21:07
s-foxThanks for the +1 jcastro, just added google+ to the share option on my blog posts.21:14
* pleia2 back to work!21:30
pleia2thanks all21:31
cjohnstonwork? whats that21:31
cjohnstonsays the guy who doesn't currently know how many jobs he has21:31
s-foxi was busy all day at work procrastinating. <3 Fridays21:35
* nlsthzn is currently @ work >.>21:37
cjohnstonbkerensa: I sent you the email after we spoke correct?22:05
bkerensacjohnston: idk I will have to check in a few22:05
MrChrisDruifWhy is my LinkedIn request for the Official Ubuntu Members taking so long? (Just curious)22:08
bkerensaMrChrisDruif: because a guy who is no longer involved in Ubuntu is the admin for it22:08
bkerensaso it can take a month or two22:08
bkerensaor longer22:08
MrChrisDruifSo....why is he admin?22:09
MrChrisDruifShouldn't that be changed somehow?22:09
cjohnstonhe would have to give it up22:09
MrChrisDruifAt least to someone who is involved in Ubuntu?22:09
bkerensaMrChrisDruif: Ask the CC?22:09
MrChrisDruifGood idea22:09
pleia2he offered it to me but I don't have time (or linked-in fu), I can follow up with him if you want22:10
bkerensaMrChrisDruif: We have people who run the Official Subreddit on Reddit who are not involved in Ubuntu and sometimes enforce the CoC22:10
bkerensapleia2: I used LinkedIn a lot22:10
pleia2bkerensa: want me to ask him to pass it to you?22:10
MrChrisDruifWhat a difference a letter makes22:10
bkerensapleia2: sure22:10
pleia2ok, will do22:11
cjohnstonprobably best if the whole CC can be added as admins22:11
pleia2cjohnston: please no22:11
pleia2we are too busy22:11
bkerensamore work for our overburned CC22:11
bkerensa: burdened*22:11
pleia2leadership != do everything22:11
MrChrisDruifHurray for progress ^_^22:11
* MrChrisDruif loves getting things done =D22:12
MrChrisDruifOn a completely different note: Who is going to The Avengers tomorrow?22:13
jcastroakgraner: get us VANHOOF!22:15
akgranerjcastro, on it22:16
czajkowskikiko rocks22:24
akgranerjcastro, are you happy now :-)22:31
akgranerjcastro  - I gotta run in like 20 minute gotta go pick Pete up :-) but I think it will still stream if I drop off  hangout22:33
slangasekman, you and your bluetooth problems22:41
slangasekthat's a pulseaudio problem22:41
slangasekharrass the desktop team instead ;)22:41
cjohnstonjcastro: who is making the morning roundtable meetings?22:42
cjohnstonthey probably need to be done since stuff is being scheduled22:42
Amozoh hai cjohnston :)22:42
cjohnstonhey Amoz22:43
bkerensaslangasek: mtp says its not pulseaudio22:45
bkerensaslangasek: he thinks it is bluez22:46
slangasekis that cyphermox?22:46
s-foxHey jono, thanks for the email.22:46
jononp s-fox22:47
s-foxwe've just had a comment on an old launchpad bug that starts with something like "i assume the update is completed now", lol :D22:47
Jens-fox: haha22:48
s-foxThe bug is nearly 2 years old Jen :)22:49
JenOh dear22:49
* nlsthzn was wondering about that mail?!22:50
jcastrothat was awesome!!!22:50
jcastroakgraner: ^^^22:50
bkerensaslangasek: yeah thats cyphermox22:51
jcastrohow long does it take to get it into video?22:51
bkerensaslangasek: he said it needed to go to bluez but I have no idea how their bug reporting works ;P22:51
slangasekbkerensa: well, bluez or pulseaudio, but not a hardware bug AFAICS given that you successfully paired22:51
akgranerabout 24 hours22:51
slangasekbut maybe I'm wrong22:51
s-foxnlsthzn,  i replied, short and concise22:51
akgranerit renders in google's cloud22:51
jcastroakgraner: woo!22:52
jcastrothat was sweet22:52
jcastrowe're def doing that again22:52
nlsthzns-fox: k, cool :)22:52
akgranerI'll send you the link when it's ready22:52
akgraneroff to get Pete now22:52
jcastrowith like, different people dropping in and out over the day22:52
jcastrothanks akgraner!22:52
akgranerjcastro, happy to set it22:52
jcastronot bad for last minute!22:52
akgranerjust let's plan in advance for next week :-)22:52
bkerensaslangasek: well maybe you can have a look on Sunday? :)22:53
slangasekI suppoooooose22:53
slangasekif I'm not drinking too much free beer22:53
bkerensaSomehow I think I am going to end up having to supplement the amount of pizza and keg of beer we will have22:54
marcoceppicjohnston: hey23:15
pleia2bkerensa: MTecknology is the fellow who currently runs the linkedin page, he said he'd send you a message to walk you through the process he uses for handling the group23:20
bkerensapleia2: sounds good23:21
jonoanyone want to help me test a PPA?23:29
jonojcastro, want to be my victim?23:30
cjohnstonmarcoceppi: does bug #922819 still cause you problems?23:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 922819 in summit "When trying to login using my LaunchPad account I'm told it's already in use" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92281923:36
bkerensapleia2: ok I am good to go on linkedin and OMG are there a lot of pending requests23:48
pleia2glad we got that sorted :) thanks for handling this23:48

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