theserenepoetهل من أحد هنا12:10
seiflotfyhey guys17:10
mgamalhey seiflotfy17:10
seiflotfyhow r u gus17:10
mgamalfine, how are you?17:10
Crommywassup guys17:18
seiflotfymgamal: i am fine17:20
seiflotfymgamal: lots of work17:20
seiflotfylot of stuff happeneing in GNOME17:20
mgamaland how's GSoC going?17:20
mgamalare you mentoring any projects?17:20
seiflotfyyeah mentoring 2 projects17:21
seiflotfygnome-clocks and journal17:21
mgamalWazery here actually got accepted17:22
Crommyso what you guys actually do in the team17:22
mgamalhe's working on digiKam17:22
seiflotfymgamal: i can assist at kde since i am registered as a mentor there too17:22
seiflotfyWazery: will u be at akademy17:22
mgamalCrommy: Well, we just do what we can to spread Ubuntu and open source in Egypt17:23
mgamalCrommy: We organize events and establish ties with other IT communities to achieve this goal17:23
seiflotfyCrommy: eventually also contribute to Ubuntu and GNOME and KDE in code, bugs etc...17:23
Wazeryhi guys17:23
Crommyhmm i have a small knowledge about programming , can i join your team?, i need to learn more17:23
Wazerysorry I wasn't here17:23
seiflotfyCrommy: you dont need to be a programmer to join opensource17:23
KhaledSalehspeaking of kde, is there anybody here interested in Qt17:24
Crommyso whats the reqs?17:24
seiflotfyprograming is a gateway into an opensource community, but eventually out of experience you get promoted in opensource communities due to your negotation and community skills17:24
Wazeryseiflotfy, do you mean my college?17:25
seiflotfyaKademy is the annaul KDE conference17:25
seiflotfyi think all SoC student get invited (at least in GNOME they get invited to GUADEC)17:25
mgamalCrommy: You don't have to be a programmer to join ubuntu-eg. For more details, you can take a look at our wiki17:25
Wazeryaha, no I will not be there, since I have no invitation17:26
seiflotfyi dont htink the invitations are even out17:26
seiflotfyWazery: ^17:26
Wazeryhow I can get it?17:26
seiflotfyi think they will announce or someting17:27
seiflotfyi am not sure17:27
seiflotfyagain i can ask around for you17:27
Wazerythanks seiflotfy :)17:27
seiflotfyi am not invloved in the organization stuff of KDE17:27
seiflotfyjust pure community and development work17:27
Crommyso you guys teach linux codes to new members?17:29
mgamalCrommy: It's not what we exclusively do. We do all kinds of advocacy for open source, that includes but is not limited to programming17:30
mgamalWe have a development focus group that is still work-in-progress17:30
Crommyso lets say i joined the team, what i will actually do for you guys, and what will i learn17:31
mgamalwell, we are working on a new team structure17:32
mgamalwe are divided into focus groups17:32
mgamalyou can join anyone of them and contribute to them17:32
mgamalonce you have contributed much, you can apply for official membership of the group17:33
mgamalwhat I recommend17:33
mgamalis that you go to http://www.ubuntu-eg.org17:33
FaisslCrommy: define "linux codes"!17:33
mgamalsubscribe to our mailing list17:33
mgamaland start speaking to members17:34
mgamalFaissl: I think he means development under Linux17:34
Crommyyup :D17:34
seiflotfyCrommy: you want to develop?17:34
Crommyyeah if i can17:34
Crommyi have a small knowledge, i need that push you know17:35
FaisslCrommy: which language?17:35
CrommyPhp or java17:36
FaisslCrommy: php is a for web, you can do with java17:36
Crommyi know , thats why i wanna join the team, to learn more about linux17:37
seiflotfyCrommy: so are you ready and open to learn new programing languages17:37
seiflotfyu familiar with js ?17:41
seiflotfyr u using gnome or unity17:41
=== ma7moud is now known as mhmodibrhm
Crommy@seif nope17:46
meetingologyCrommy: Error: "seif" is not a valid command.17:46
Crommynever used anything like that17:46
Crommyonly php and some pawno for samp17:46
Crommya little VB scripts17:47
ComputeristGeekAssalamu Alaikum17:54
mhmodibrhmAlekom el salam17:55
Tux-Tnhello guys :D17:55
Tux-Tnwhy the channel is full ? x)17:56
Tux-Tnyou have a meeting ?17:56
ComputeristGeekYeah, I just saw the post on facebook17:56
ComputeristGeekToday(27/04/2012) we will be having our first membership meeting on the IRC at 8pm.17:56
Tux-Tn<ComputeristGeek> Yeah, I just saw the post on facebook <- why you use facebook ?17:57
ComputeristGeekWhat social network do you recommend?17:57
Tux-Tna free one17:57
mgamalyep, we do hav a meeting today17:58
Tux-Tnidenti.ca or dispora17:58
ComputeristGeekdiaspora is incomplete17:58
nspiritI am here too for the meeting :)17:58
ComputeristGeekAlso, I wasn't aware that it actually got launched...17:58
Tux-Tna one which protect your privacy17:58
Tux-Tnand don't sell informations about u17:58
Tux-Tnand don't support CISPA like facebook ;)17:59
mgamalok, so we are nopw missing jonathan and anas for the meeting18:00
ComputeristGeekinteresting, I'm looking at http://www.thediasporaproject.com It seems like it's finished18:00
ComputeristGeekSorry http://diasporaproject.org/18:01
mgamalexcuse me guys, we will be starting the membership meeting right now18:01
mgamal#startmeeting Ubuntu-eg membership meeting18:01
meetingologyMeeting started Fri Apr 27 18:01:51 2012 UTC.  The chair is mgamal. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.18:01
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired18:01
mgamalchair ashams Wazery18:02
mgamal#chair ashams Wazery18:02
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Wazery ashams mgamal18:02
mgamal#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Council18:03
ashamsare we going to meet ppl now ?18:04
mgamal#info Meeting Agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Council18:04
ashams# topic Membership meeting 00118:05
ashams#topic Membership meeting 00118:05
ashamsI suck at meetingology18:05
seiflotfyashams: "/topic Membership meeting 001"18:05
mgamalJonathan will not be available18:05
mgamalso he is not joining the meeting18:06
ComputeristGeekseiflotfy, that would change the actual topic18:06
mgamalAnas is coming within 5 minutes18:06
thelinuxerI guess you have time to check the commands before the meeting actually starts18:06
ashamsI know when Anas say 5 mins what does it mean! :P18:06
ashamsthelinuxer, It needs op status to change topic :)18:07
ashamsdo it to mgamal or me temp18:07
ComputeristGeekso you guys are going to vote upon islam, mhmodibrhm, nspirit and Abdullah's memberships18:08
mgamal#topic Membership18:08
mgamalwhat's wrong with meetingology!18:08
mgamalComputeristGeek: yes18:08
mgamallet's try something out18:09
mgamal'#chair thelinuxer18:09
mgamal#chair thelinuxer18:09
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Wazery ashams mgamal thelinuxer18:09
mgamal#unchair thelinuxer18:09
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Wazery ashams mgamal18:09
thelinuxer#topic Membership meeting 00118:09
mgamal#chair thelinuxer18:09
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Wazery ashams mgamal thelinuxer18:09
mgamaltry again thelinuxer18:09
thelinuxer#topic Membership meeting 00118:09
thelinuxermgamal: pelase try now18:10
mgamal#topic Membership18:11
thelinuxer#subtopic Membership18:11
thelinuxergrrr I think it's broken or something ..18:11
mgamallet's start over18:11
meetingologyMeeting ended Fri Apr 27 18:11:49 2012 UTC.18:11
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-eg/2012/ubuntu-eg.2012-04-27-18.01.moin.txt18:11
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-eg/2012/ubuntu-eg.2012-04-27-18.01.html18:11
ComputeristGeekHow about #meetingtopic ?18:11
mgamal#startmeeting Membership18:12
meetingologyMeeting started Fri Apr 27 18:12:01 2012 UTC.  The chair is mgamal. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.18:12
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired18:12
ashamsit doesn't echo it's actions18:12
mgamal#chair ashams Wazery18:12
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Wazery ashams mgamal18:12
ashams#meetingtopic Membership Meeting 00118:12
Azzurrio#topic Memebership meeting 00118:12
seiflotfyso i wanted to apply for membership18:12
seiflotfyashams: where and how do i do that18:12
seiflotfyi have my wii18:12
seiflotfyand launchpad pages18:12
mgamalapply in the next meeting seiflotfy :D :D18:13
ashamsseiflotfy, just add your info to the agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Council18:13
mgamal#subtopic thelinuxer's membership18:13
ashamsyalla ba2a walla eih?18:13
thelinuxerok I am ready18:13
mgamalI don't know what to say since you're actually one of the LoCo founders :D18:14
ashamshi thelinuxer, don't you think I'll exploit the situation wala 7aga! :P18:14
thelinuxerashams: sure :)18:14
thelinuxerso I am ready to start ...18:15
thelinuxerquestions ?18:15
mgamal#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/thelinuxer18:15
ashamsso, thelinuxer I have one question if you ask18:15
mgamalplease take a look at the application18:15
mgamalif you have any questions please proceed :D18:15
Wazerythelinuxer, good application :D18:16
thelinuxerthanks Wazery :)18:16
ashamsthelinuxer, what happened with those ArbNet flyers that no one wished to share spreading?18:16
Wazerythelinuxer, :D18:16
thelinuxerashams: no people volunteered18:16
ashamsI know :D18:16
ashamsbut what happened18:16
ashamsafter that, I mean18:17
thelinuxerI don't actually understand your question ..18:17
Wazerythelinuxer, I see a lot of testimonials18:17
thelinuxerWazery: these are the old testimonials I got 2 years ago for the official ubuntu membership18:17
ashamsthelinuxer, AFAIK, ArabNet required that ubuntu-eg spreads it's flyers in the local community as part of the community partnership18:18
ashamsso, have we spread them or we drop the contract?18:18
thelinuxerashams: and I said it happened, people volunteered to do so18:18
mgamalWazery: do you have any other comments or questions?18:19
mgamalsame for ashams18:19
Wazerythelinuxer, What are the biggest challenges, you see?18:19
ashamsno more questions18:19
Wazeryashams, there is one there18:19
thelinuxerWazery: I think your talking about the community work18:19
thelinuxerWazery: I think the biggest challenge we are currently facing is that most activity happens in Cairo and Alex18:20
thelinuxerthat's why we started that new initiative for different release parties in the different governorates18:20
thelinuxerand it's going pretty well until now ..18:20
thelinuxerAlready one of them is done and can be found in the past events page18:21
seiflotfyok i put up my applicaiton in the wiki18:21
mgamalgreat seif18:21
mgamalthelinuxer: so did you get any feedback from the Sohag release party?18:21
ashamsseiflotfy, great dude :)18:22
Wazeryok, I have no more questions18:22
thelinuxermgamal: not sure what you mean by feedback18:22
seiflotfyi sadly dont do much community stuff18:22
thelinuxerbut they already posted a few photos on facebook for the event18:22
mgamalI mean did the organizers give any feedback about the event18:22
seiflotfymost of my community work goes in gnome, zeitgeist and developer related projects :(18:22
thelinuxermgamal: no they didn't18:23
mgamalhow it went, how many people atteneded ... etc. Or are they completely on their own?18:23
thelinuxerseiflotfy: can we postpone this please ?18:23
seiflotfyyeah sure18:23
seiflotfyping me when you got time18:23
mgamalok, great I have no further questions18:23
thelinuxermgamal: the organization was totally independent from the core team18:23
mgamallet's vote?18:23
Wazerymgamal, mee too18:23
Wazerylet's vote18:23
ashams#vote Should thelinuxer  get Ubuntu-eg official/Core Membership?18:23
meetingologyPlease vote on: Should thelinuxer  get Ubuntu-eg official/Core Membership?18:23
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)18:23
mgamal#voters ashams Wazery mgamal18:24
meetingologyCurrent voters: Wazery ashams mgamal18:24
meetingology+1 received from mgamal18:24
meetingology+1 received from Wazery18:24
meetingology-1 received from ashams18:24
ashamsbut I love you man :D18:24
meetingologyVoting ended on: Should thelinuxer  get Ubuntu-eg official/Core Membership?18:24
meetingologyVotes for:2 Votes against:1 Abstentions:018:24
meetingologyMotion carried18:24
mgamalGenius: please note that voting is for council members for this meeting :)18:24
mgamalcongrats thelinuxer18:24
thelinuxerthanks mgamal :)18:25
thelinuxerthanks everyone :)18:25
Wazerycongrats thelinuxer :)18:25
thelinuxerthanks Wazery :)18:25
ashamsCongrats thelinuxer18:25
ashamselli ba3doooooo18:25
nspiritCongrats thelinuxer18:25
seiflotfythelinuxer: please smile for the camera18:25
thelinuxerthanks nspirit ashams18:26
mgamalIslam Hassan18:26
thelinuxerseiflotfy:  :D18:26
mgamalis he here?18:26
mgamal#subtopic Islam Hassan's membership18:26
Geniusplease can anyone tell me how thelinuxer succeed ?18:26
Geniushe got only one +118:27
mgamalhe got 218:27
thelinuxerGenius: majority18:27
mgamalfrom me and Wazery18:27
Geniusthere was -1 from ashams18:27
thelinuxerGenius: again majority18:28
ComputeristGeekcongrats thelinuxer...I still can't comprehend this18:28
thelinuxerGenius: can you please tell us who you are ?18:28
ComputeristGeekbut congrats nonetheless18:28
ashamsGenius, so it's a +1 after all :)18:28
ashamsso, Islam Hassan isn't here18:28
GeniusOkay I got it18:28
Geniuscongrats thelinuxer18:29
seiflotfythelinuxer: now you need to go to the presidentail palace and take a picture with mubarak18:29
seiflotfy(oh crap he is gone)18:29
mgamalok, so since Islam is not here, let's move to the next item in the Agenda, perhaps he'd show up later18:29
mgamal#subtopic Mahmoud Ibrahim's membership18:30
mhmodibrhmi am here18:30
mgamal#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mahmoud%20Ibrahem18:30
mgamalagain a core founder :)18:30
mhmodibrhmi am ready .....18:31
mgamalok, so let's speak a little about your efforts in CU Engineering18:31
mgamalwe know you organized a Linux course for engineering students about 3 years ago18:31
mgamalestablished the iShare community18:32
mhmodibrhmok, i was tworking on spreading Ubuntu in the FECU18:32
mgamalso how is it going now?18:32
mhmodibrhmi confused18:32
mhmodibrhmyou are asking me to talk about it at all18:32
mhmodibrhmor how is it now?18:32
mgamalhow is it now :)18:33
mhmodibrhmi was preparing for a new release paty but the doctor wasn't in Egypt18:33
mhmodibrhmso i hadn't been able to reseve a place18:33
mhmodibrhmso i decided to postapone it18:34
mhmodibrhmto another time18:34
mgamaldo you know when?18:34
mhmodibrhmi know that it could be on the summer because18:34
mgamalthe doctor will be back at this time?18:35
mhmodibrhmno one will attend if we make it close to the exams18:35
mhmodibrhmthe doctor will be back in a week18:35
Wazerymhmodibrhm, what is the focus group that fits you most?18:35
mgamalI see18:35
mhmodibrhmand there is another18:35
mhmodibrhmi still don't know what is the final focus groups18:35
mhmodibrhmand btw , there is another stident activity18:36
mhmodibrhmtalked to me to be with US18:36
mhmodibrhmthey are IEEE CUSB18:36
ashamsgr8 so far :)18:36
mhmodibrhmthey are interested to share with us in any Event18:37
mgamalthat's cool18:37
ashamsI have no questions to mhmodibrhm18:37
mgamalwhat about past iShare activites, has there been anything going in the past six months?18:37
mhmodibrhmwazery, it will be so nice if you told me the final core focus groups18:37
Wazerymhmodibrhm, you can find the focus groups here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/FG18:37
mhmodibrhmyeah we hold a 3 workshops18:38
mhmodibrhmit was talking about linux system calls18:38
mhmodibrhm2- pyshare: was talking about python18:38
mhmodibrhmand finall linux spark: it was about how to use linux18:39
Wazerymhmodibrhm, great18:39
mgamalI've got no further questions18:39
Wazeryme too18:39
Wazerylet's vote18:39
mgamal#voters ashams mgamal Wazery18:39
meetingologyCurrent voters: Wazery ashams mgamal18:39
meetingologyPlease vote on:18:39
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)18:39
mgamal#vote Mahmoud Ibrahim membership18:40
meetingologyPlease vote on: Mahmoud Ibrahim membership18:40
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)18:40
mgamalsorry guys, still getting used to meetingology18:40
meetingology+1 received from mgamal18:40
meetingology+1 received from Wazery18:40
meetingology+1 received from ashams18:40
meetingologyVoting ended on: Mahmoud Ibrahim membership18:40
meetingologyVotes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:018:40
meetingologyMotion carried18:40
mgamalcongrats mhmodibrhm18:40
mhmodibrhmthanks mgamal :)18:41
mhmodibrhmthanks everyone :)18:41
ashamsCongrats mhmodibrhm18:41
Wazerycongrats :)18:41
mhmodibrhmthanks ashams :)18:41
mgamalnext Iterm: nadin-spirit membership18:41
mhmodibrhmthanks wazery :)18:41
mgamal#subtopic nadin-spirit membership18:41
nspiriti am here18:41
thelinuxercongrats mhmodibrhm :)18:41
mhmodibrhmand i hope to see you all guys soon isA :)18:41
mhmodibrhmThanks thelinuxer18:42
mgamalnspirit: nice application you've got there :)18:42
nspiritcongrats mhmodibrhm18:42
thelinuxermgamal: link to application ?18:42
mhmodibrhmthanks nspirit :)18:42
mgamal#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/nadeen-spirit18:42
mgamalso tell us a bit about TROSC18:43
mgamalwhat you're doing there and how you're helping spread Linux18:43
nspiritIt's a technology team created from a year a go, give sessions18:43
mgamalwhat does TROSC stand for?18:44
nspiritNow i am the team leader18:44
nspiritI gave sessions a bout Linux18:44
nspiritnow many colleagues are using Linux18:45
nspiritand ask me for it18:45
Geniusmgamal, I think it stands for "تروس"18:46
nspiriti'll make workshop on Monday to teach them how to install it by themselves18:46
nspiritاها تروس18:46
nspiritبالعربي بنقولها تروس18:46
mgamalaha, got it18:46
mgamalwhat about the upcoming release party?18:46
mgamalare arrangements going smoothly?18:46
ashamsmgamal, gr8 question18:47
nspiritvery smoothly :)18:47
nspiritI arrange everything with my team18:48
nspiritwill give every one a CD, and helping him how to use Ubuntu18:48
seiflotfynspirit: read your applicaiton, WOW i really really really love your enthusiasm :D18:48
nspirithhhhhhhhh, thanks seiflotfy18:49
Wazerynspirit, I just want to make sure if you are willing to participate in any of the focus groups18:49
mgamal_sorry guys18:50
nspiritwazery, sorry? i don't get what you said18:50
nspiritfocus group such as ?18:51
=== mgamal_ is now known as mgamal
Wazerynspirit, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/F18:51
Wazerynspirit, take a look here18:51
Wazerynspirit, sorry https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/FG18:52
ashamsready to vote on nspirit 's application?18:52
mgamal#chair mgamal18:52
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Wazery ashams mgamal18:52
Wazeryashams, ready18:53
mgamal#voters mgamal Wazery ashams18:53
meetingologyCurrent voters: Wazery ashams mgamal18:53
mgamal#voter nadin-spirit membership18:53
mgamal#vote nadin-spirit membership18:53
meetingologyPlease vote on: nadin-spirit membership18:53
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)18:53
meetingology+1 received from mgamal18:53
meetingology+0 received from Wazery18:54
meetingology+1 received from ashams18:54
meetingologyVoting ended on: nadin-spirit membership18:54
meetingologyVotes for:2 Votes against:0 Abstentions:118:54
meetingologyMotion carried18:54
meetingologyNo vote in progress18:54
mgamalcongrats nspirit :)18:54
ashamsCongrats nspirit :)18:54
thelinuxercongrats nspirit :)18:54
mgamalnext item in the Agenda18:55
nspiritthanks mgamal , ashams, thelinuxer18:55
mgamalHodieb's membership18:55
nspiritthanks ComputeristGeek18:55
mhmodibrhmcongrats nspirit18:55
mgamal#subtopic TheNightPhoenix membership18:55
nspiritThanks mhmodibrhm18:55
mgamalso, Hodieb, are you here?18:55
Wazeryhe is not here :(18:55
ashamshe's not here18:55
WazeryI will ping him on gmail18:55
mgamaljust did :)18:55
mgamalhe'll be here in a minute18:56
ashamshey TheNightPhoenix18:56
TheNightPhoenixsorry for the delay18:56
TheNightPhoenixi just got back from Alex18:56
mgamalwelcome welcome :)18:56
mgamalok, I have no comments on the application18:57
mgamalbut I have one question18:57
mgamalwhich Focus Groups would you feel you'd want to contribute to18:57
mgamal#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TheNightPhoenix18:58
TheNightPhoenixand maybe art18:58
mgamalok, I've got no further questions18:58
WazeryTheNightPhoenix, cool18:58
mgamalWazery, ashams you've got any questions?18:58
ashamsfine by me18:59
ashamsno questions18:59
ashamsready to vote18:59
mgamalgreat, let's vote18:59
mgamal#voters ashams Wazery mgamal18:59
meetingologyCurrent voters: Wazery ashams mgamal18:59
mgamal#vote TheNightPhoenix membership18:59
meetingologyPlease vote on: TheNightPhoenix membership18:59
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)18:59
meetingology+1 received from Wazery18:59
meetingology+1 received from mgamal18:59
mgamalashams, please cast your vote18:59
meetingology+1 received from ashams18:59
ashamsI did :)18:59
meetingologyVoting ended on: TheNightPhoenix membership18:59
meetingologyVotes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:018:59
meetingologyMotion carried18:59
mgamalcongrats TheNightPhoenix19:00
TheNightPhoenix:) thanx :D19:00
ashamsCongrats dude :D19:00
nspiritCongrats TheNightPhoenix19:00
thelinuxercongrats TheNightPhoenix19:00
Wazerycongrats man :)19:00
TheNightPhoenixthank u guys  :)19:00
ashamshappy end :)19:00
seiflotfywhen will the next membership thingie open19:01
ashamsit's biweekly, but I wish if it can be weekly19:01
thelinuxerashams: seiflotfy added his application19:01
mgamal#subtopic seiflotfy's membership19:01
thelinuxerI think he needs at least a guide19:01
ashamsI saw it19:01
mgamal#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeifLotfy19:01
ashamsok, I don't mind now19:02
seiflotfyso sadly i never did much ubuntu-eg contribution19:02
mgamalwell, you do havea solid development background19:02
seiflotfybut i do alot of work upstream for ubuntu/gnome/kde19:02
Anasاسف جدا علي التأخير19:02
mgamalAnas finally arrives19:02
mgamal#chair Anas19:03
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Anas Wazery ashams mgamal19:03
Anasبجد لسه مخلصين وواصل الشركة19:03
ashamsseif great19:03
seiflotfy12.04 uses 2 projects i have started19:03
seiflotfyzeitgeist and the privacy manager19:03
TheNightPhoenixnice :)19:03
ashamsseif how can we help the egyptian floss community to contribute ?19:03
TheNightPhoenixi still didnt update my pcs19:03
seiflotfyashams: i already mentioned before that the best way to contribute is to start with ourselves19:03
seiflotfywhile i admire giving sessions and talks, i think we talk the talk but don't walk the walk19:04
ashamsbut it's quite hard :D19:04
ashamshehe yeah :)19:04
mgamalseiflotfy: how do you think you can help the LoCo?19:04
mgamalare you also aware about the new team structure?19:04
seiflotfymgamal: i am aware of the current team structure and the FG19:05
seiflotfysince i am remote and i dont live in egypt19:05
seiflotfyi want to help ppl who are memebers already do code/bug contirbution to ubuntu and gnome19:05
seiflotfyi cant reach out to alot of people19:06
mgamalthat's great19:06
mgamalI think this is exactly what we need19:06
thelinuxerMay I suggest something ?19:06
TheNightPhoenixi would love to take a part in that :D19:06
seiflotfyout of experience i usually like to mentor 1 or 2 ppl for a year or so19:06
mgamalsure, thelinuxer19:06
* ComputeristGeek would like to take part in that too19:06
nourharidygood evening19:06
thelinuxerI think we all trust seiflotfy especially with his technical abilities19:06
seiflotfyuntil now all my SoC students have fulltime jobs at Canonical or Collabora19:06
thelinuxerI think he can contribute in the dev FG ( whether be manager or not)19:07
nourharidyam i missing something19:07
thelinuxerI think he can guide lots of people in gnome/ubuntu  development19:07
mgamalnourharidy: this is a membership meeting19:07
nourharidyi know19:07
Wazerythelinuxer, you are totally right19:07
mgamalthelinuxer, please carry on19:08
ComputeristGeeknourharidy, the chairmen are discussing seiflotfy's membership19:08
thelinuxerseiflotfy: can you arrange for that ? do online session ? assign bugs to teams members ..etc ?19:08
seiflotfyi would also like to join ubuntu-eg so i can learn how to contirbute to the egyptian community19:08
nourharidybut what are we supposed to do in a membership meeting19:08
seiflotfyi would assign bugs or even help memeber develop skills into growing communities19:08
ComputeristGeekwe watch, they speak :D19:08
thelinuxerseiflotfy: So I think you have a gr8 way to contribute to the Egyptian team19:09
thelinuxeryou can start a call for volunteers for the dev FG19:09
thelinuxerand start doing the work19:09
seiflotfyi would like to learn how to communicate with non-technical people and I see ubuntu-eg excelling at that19:09
seiflotfymost of my time i work and build technical communities19:10
thelinuxerok, that ends my suggestion. It's all up to you :)19:10
Anasyou mean non developers or non system admin19:10
seiflotfynon both19:10
seiflotfyanas i mean ppl who have no idea of linux or opensource19:11
seiflotfyhwo to reach out to them and help them use linux and so on19:11
seiflotfyI can help with contribution19:11
seiflotfybut i cant help reaching out19:11
seiflotfyi know my limites :P19:11
seiflotfyespecially because i am in germany19:11
mgamalguys, do you have any comments or questions?19:11
ComputeristGeekmakes everyone silent19:13
mgamalok, I will take that as a no19:13
mgamal#voters ashams Anas Wazery mgamal19:14
meetingologyCurrent voters: Anas Wazery ashams mgamal19:14
ashamsComputeristGeek, not a problem, it's great to have everyone speaking :D19:14
mgamal#vote seiflotfy's membership19:14
meetingologyPlease vote on: seiflotfy's membership19:14
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)19:14
meetingology+0 received from mgamal19:14
meetingology+1 received from ashams19:14
Anascan i say note to saif ?19:14
mgamalsure Anas19:14
AnasArabic lang ok ?19:14
seiflotfyyeah sure19:14
ashamslooks like19:15
Anasدلوقتي انا اسمع عنك من زمان جدا19:15
ashamsElnabi 3arabi ya 3am el7ag19:16
Anasفعلا ربنا يبارك فيك - سمعتك طيبة و سبقاك كويس جدا :) بجد سعيد اني اعرفك و عاوز اقابلك لما تيجي مصر19:16
Anasبس دلوقتي19:16
Anasاحنا الفريق المحلي لدعم اوبنتو هنا : يعني شغلنا اكتر محلي19:16
Anasسواء كان اون لاين او اوف لاين19:16
Anasوجودك في المانيا - لو يمكن يعني تدعم اون لاين - سيشن اون لاين - سوشيال ميديا19:17
Anasيعني - يمكن تعمل سيشن لفريق اوبنتو لايف ستريم مثلا19:17
ashamsgr8 :)19:17
Anasمش لازم دعم اوف لاين بس19:17
Anasمش لازم تنزل بنفسك مصر كل شهرين معانا احتفالية19:17
Anasدلوقتي انا بصنف حد زي حضرتك كخبير سبقتنا بكتير جدا في المجال ده19:18
Anasوجود حد زي حضرتك يدي من وقته كل شهر او كل شهرين ساعة سيشن للفريق19:18
seiflotfy‏please no ‫حضرتك19:18
Wazeryit can be a g+ hangout :D19:18
seiflotfyAnas: i could do once a week19:18
thelinuxerseiflotfy: lol typical Anas :)19:18
seiflotfyi only work 28 hours a week19:18
Anasبيدعم بشكل قوي الفريق تقنيا و علميا و بيضيف نقطة تسويقية قوية ان احنا مش كلنا19:19
seiflotfyso have lots of itme on my hand19:19
Anasشباب صغير لسه خريج او لسه طلبة19:19
Anasبيدعم ان احنا معانا خبراء و فيه سيشن غنية تقنيا ك فترة كل فترة من اكتر من حد19:19
Anasوصلت فكرتي ؟19:19
seiflotfyi would love to give sessions19:19
Wazeryseiflotfy, so can we agree on a g+ hangout19:19
NourHaridySorry for DC-ing19:19
Anasده حلمي - فريقنا يكون وصلة بين اصحاب الخبرات في الاوبن سورس و بين المبتدئين19:20
ComputeristGeekg+ is annoying, there are better websites19:20
Anasعضوية اوبنتو نفسها - لاي دعم19:20
ashamsg+ hanouts is limited to 10 ppl19:20
Anasبس اظن احنا عملنا عضوية اوبنتو ايجي لدعم مستخدمي اوبنتو في مصر19:20
Anasو الدعم ده ليه اشكال كتير19:20
ashamsnot the thing now19:20
NourHaridyHow's g+ annoying19:20
ComputeristGeekThere are radio streaming websites....or websites for video conferences...or websites or online education19:21
thelinuxerComputeristGeek: cool we will discuss this later :)19:21
ashamsI'm ready to vote on seiflotfy application19:21
Wazeryseiflotfy, ok I will manage this session even or g+ or any other channel19:21
thelinuxerashams: you already did!19:21
ComputeristGeekAlright, sumanda19:21
mgamalI already casted my vote19:21
NourHaridyMaybe we could setup a xmpp server with jingle extension19:21
ashamsah, I forgot :D19:21
mgamalAnas, Wazery, would you like to cast your votes please?19:22
meetingology+1 received from Wazery19:22
mgamalAnas صوتك أمانة19:22
Anascan i see link ?19:22
NourHaridyWhat are we voting on19:22
NourHaridyWho are they19:23
ComputeristGeekInvalid Question19:24
NourHaridyI ddn't even know we've already voted for chairmen19:24
mgamalNourHaridy: We're the Council members, we approve memberships :)19:24
TheNightPhoenixlol we are anonymous we are legion19:24
thelinuxerI think even if Anas gave him -1 he will still get it, right ?19:25
NourHaridy ...19:25
Anasi read it19:25
mgamalok, Anas, your vote?19:25
thelinuxerAnas: your vote please19:26
mgamalthelinuxer: I believe so19:26
Anas:( -1 but after we can handle live stream sessions with saif from german - next meeting i think my vote will be +119:26
thelinuxerAnas: just write the vote19:26
mgamaljust say -119:26
meetingology-1 received from Anas19:26
meetingologyVoting ended on: seiflotfy's membership19:26
meetingologyVotes for:2 Votes against:1 Abstentions:119:26
meetingologyMotion carried19:26
meetingologyNo vote in progress19:26
thelinuxercongrats seiflotfy :)19:27
mgamalcongrats seiflotfy19:27
ashamsCongrats seiflotfy :D19:27
nspiritcongrats seiflotfy19:27
Anasده الديمقراطية19:27
TheNightPhoenixsory guys i gtg19:27
thelinuxermgamal: end meeting ?19:27
Anasya welcome saif19:27
mgamalcongrats to all our new members19:27
mgamalnspirit, thelinuxer , TheNightPhoenix, mhmodibrhm, seiflotfy congratulations19:28
meetingologyMeeting ended Fri Apr 27 19:28:25 2012 UTC.19:28
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-eg/2012/ubuntu-eg.2012-04-27-18.12.moin.txt19:28
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-eg/2012/ubuntu-eg.2012-04-27-18.12.html19:28
seiflotfythanks alot19:28
thelinuxermgamal: thanks man19:28
nspiritThanks  mgama19:28
mhmodibrhmthanks mgamal :)19:28
mgamalsee you in the council elections19:28
nspiritThanks  mgamal *19:28
ComputeristGeekAction items none?19:29
mgamalنتعهد بتسليم السلطة19:29
Wazerymgamal, loool19:29
mgamalComputeristGeek: none19:29
NourHaridyسلمها بالخل19:29
ComputeristGeekيسقط يسقط حكم الكونسل19:29
mhmodibrhmmgamal, loool19:29
thelinuxerComputeristGeek: looooool19:29
NourHaridyسلم السلطة بالحل19:30
mhmodibrhmthe most omprtant thing is to be far from the brotherhood19:30
Anasيسقط يسقط حكم الكاونسل19:30
Anasانا عاوز استقيل يا جماعة19:30
mgamalso guys19:30
thelinuxerAnas: enta men el council yabny :D ?19:30
WazeryAnas, nawy 3ala enklab19:30
mgamalfeel free to chillout and speak about almost anything that pops into your mind19:31
NourHaridyالشعب يريد اسقاط الكاونسل19:31
Anasبجد شباب اوبنتو ايجي النهارده في المعرض كانوا هايلين19:31
Anascairo ict19:31
Anasبجد عملوا مجهود رائع بجد19:31
mgamalيا ريتني كنت معااااااااهم19:31
ashamsI wish I could be there :(19:31
ComputeristGeekICT was smaller than expected19:31
nspiritashams: I have a question19:31
ashamsnspirit, shoot19:31
ComputeristGeekI attended on Thursday and kept looking for Security Kaizen and Ubuntu-eg members...19:31
NourHaridyI don't like official memberships so much19:32
nspirit ashams:19:32
nspiritهو طالما النبي عربي زي ما قولت .. ليه كنا بنتكلم انجلش :D19:32
Anasin fixed solutions booth19:32
Anashall 419:32
NourHaridyI prefer keeping everything simple19:32
mgamalnspirit: مش عارف :)19:32
NourHaridyYou guys see i mean19:32
ashamsnspirit, I have no idea19:32
thelinuxerNourHaridy: unfortunately it's not always simple19:32
ashamsI wish ueg speacks arabic one day19:32
ComputeristGeekI only saw 2 halls...the one on the right and the larger one on the left with two entrances19:32
thelinuxerNourHaridy: I even had to sign legal papers in case of partnership19:32
ashamsbut it looks like we read, study, understand and even think in english19:33
Anasi have great news19:33
ashamsnspirit, It looks easier to speak english than arabic :(19:33
ashamssince we think with it19:33
Anasاقول ؟19:33
ashamsLa2 :P19:33
ComputeristGeekGo forth19:33
mgamalدوس يا أنس19:33
nspiritashams: ops leldaraga d!19:34
nspiritsay it Anas19:34
NourHaridyWhen i *used* to play a role in telecomix, it was a big network composed of many people, but w/o leaders or authority or even members19:34
Anasاحنا اول فريق اوبن سورس في العالم علي ما اظن يعني عنده19:34
Anassms alert دلوقتي19:34
NourHaridyIt was just a group of friends19:34
ComputeristGeekwhat is sms alert?19:35
ashamsAnas, ya3ni eih?19:35
Anasanyone want to know our news and update, send (ueg ) in text msg to this number 0111770424519:36
Anasand get sms for free (علي حسابنا احنا ) with our updates :D19:36
WazeryAnas, cooooool19:37
Wazery7elwa deh :D19:37
Anasyalla eshtreco19:37
ashamsI wish if Google Voice was active in Egypt, we could even have our own answer machine :(19:37
ashamsAnas, bekam?19:37
Anaswe have free package from our friend on hgi company19:37
Anasany subscribers will just pay the first msg with code just19:38
ashamsAnas, how can I subscribe from outside egypt?19:38
ashamseih yabni?19:39
Anassend (ueg ) in text msg to this number 0020111770424519:39
ashamshahahaha :D19:39
ashamsok cool19:39
ComputeristGeekwhen you're calling from outside, you remove the first zero19:39
ashamsComputeristGeek, ya ragel19:40
Anasi am very very tired now and have reports about cairo ict19:40
ashamsok will try both :D19:40
ComputeristGeekno need for apologies19:40
Anasegypt code +0111770424519:40
mgamalComputeristGeek: out of mere curiousity, what's your real name? :)19:40
Anasi know it :)19:41
ComputeristGeeksince this channel is logged, I sent it as a notice19:41
Anas@waziry can you prepare thanks design for our team in cairo ict19:41
meetingologyAnas: Error: "waziry" is not a valid command.19:41
WazeryAnas, gahza mn el sana elly fattet19:42
Wazeryhab3thalak w enta ektb el asamy :D19:42
AnasNo i think we need new design ba2a19:42
meetingologyComputeristGeek: Error: "waziry" is not a valid command.19:42
WazeryComputeristGeek, ?19:42
ashamsComputeristGeek: out of mere curiousity, what's your real name? :)19:43
ComputeristGeekno, just testing to see if it responds only to chairmen19:43
WazeryAnas, ok hagded feh19:43
ComputeristGeeksent it in a notice too19:43
ashamsComputeristGeek, can I share it with everybody ? :D19:43
Anasok thanks19:43
ComputeristGeekIn notice and pm please :D19:44
Anasi should go plz can i go ?19:44
ComputeristGeekAnas, you're too polite19:44
ashamsme too19:44
ashamssee you later :D19:44
ashamsCongrats to everybody who got the membership :D19:44
ComputeristGeekseiflotfy, does your website mention anything about your experience?19:45
mgamalok guys19:46
ComputeristGeekfor example, how you started developing for gnome etc.19:46
ComputeristGeekadieu, mgamal19:46
ComputeristGeekheh, nice experience...although people chat in bursts only19:47
meetingologyComputeristGeek: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.19:48
meetingologyComputeristGeek: Admin, Channel, Config, MeetBot, Misc, Owner, and User19:48
ComputeristGeekoh, it works in pm too19:48
thelinuxeryes like any other bot19:49
ComputeristGeekneat, I will get to know it some more ;)19:49
thelinuxerComputeristGeek: be my guest :)19:49
ComputeristGeekdo you guys have a lot of online meetings?19:50
ComputeristGeekother than membership meetings19:50
thelinuxerwell I tried to get this online meeting thing going19:50
thelinuxerbut there is a lot of resistance19:51
thelinuxerhope it will wear off soon19:51
ComputeristGeekInternet...connects people....more geeky....more anonymity....more comfortable19:51
thelinuxerbos it has some drawbacks bardo19:52
ComputeristGeekyes, social side19:52
thelinuxercommunication is a little bit harder19:52
thelinuxer+ the social side which we care about :P19:52
ComputeristGeekYes, we care about it and cherish it very much -.-'19:52
thelinuxerwe are social creatures whether we admit it or not19:53
thelinuxerwe are part of a community dude :D19:53
thelinuxercommunity -- social we keda :D19:53
ComputeristGeekI weap for all introverts and nonsociable geeks out there19:53
ComputeristGeekI'm usually reluctant about anything that requires leaving the computer19:55
thelinuxeryes it's not just a computer thing, we hate any activity that requires us to leave the chair19:56
ComputeristGeekindeed indeed19:56
ComputeristGeekThe Chair19:56
Anasanyone can attend tomorrow to ict plz call me ok ?19:57
NourHaridyOr the sofa19:57
ComputeristGeekOr for some people...the bed19:57
thelinuxerI use all three ,,19:57
NourHaridyMore like +100019:57
ComputeristGeekI bet you have great exp points19:57
Anasi should go ,it's nice to meet  my team bye  now19:58
thelinuxersalam Anas :)19:58
ComputeristGeekadieu, Anas19:58
thelinuxerComputeristGeek: I don't do MMORPG :(19:58
ComputeristGeekthelinuxer, I don't either but exp points applies to anything19:58
NourHaridyNeither do i, not anymore19:58
ComputeristGeekIf we can convert human's experience into exp points, that would be awesome19:59
ComputeristGeekImagine a CV with exp points19:59
ComputeristGeekKnows PHP 1019:59
ComputeristGeekKnows C++ 10019:59
NourHaridyIf i could buy that exp points with money...19:59
thelinuxeryeah and imagine job ads "A developer with X xp points required" bas keda19:59
ComputeristGeekLife would be so much simpler19:59
ComputeristGeekI could work on raising my exp19:59
ComputeristGeeksome would look for bonuses20:00
* ComputeristGeek wanders off in thoughts20:00
thelinuxerwe fel nos tela2y msg bet2olak you've reached your limit "DIE KNOW"20:00
NourHaridyThis is nearly what they call.. IQ points20:00
thelinuxerNourHaridy: IQ doesn't mean you're good at something specific20:01
ComputeristGeekNourHaridy, not really, IQ measures approximate intelligence20:01
ComputeristGeekThe best thing if there was exp for social stuff20:01
thelinuxerwhat would be like ?20:02
ComputeristGeekCommunication with Others (General): -10020:02
thelinuxeroh you'd find a girl that says she only dates 100s20:02
ComputeristGeeklol, yes20:02
thelinuxerwell they already have that scale from 1-10 :D20:02
ComputeristGeekI do not know of that scale...now I'm worried20:03
thelinuxeryou should be ...20:03
thelinuxergenerally geeks are 4s or 5s at most20:03
ComputeristGeekSocial Knowledge acquired: +1020:03
thelinuxerNew challenges unlocked ...20:04
ComputeristGeekI will go now, best of destiny, congrats again20:06
ComputeristGeekAssalamu Alaikum20:06
ComputeristGeekSocial Status: -1020:06
thelinuxerComputeristGeek: thanks man catch u later isA20:07
thelinuxerI will go too aslan20:07
cobra-the-jokerفي حد راح Cairo ICT في الاحتفال ؟23:48

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